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2:06 AM
Q: In Estranged (2015), what relation was the butler to the protagonist?

Detective ChimpThis movie is a tense thriller, and my question spoils the mystery. Why is the butler sympathetic and why does he help? Further... The writing seems a bit loose on motivations and what not, but I still feel like there was something the writers were including that I missed.

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5:22 AM
@AnkitSharma who's there?
an extraterrestrial
extraterrestrial who?
@NogShine Wait! How many extraterrestrial you know? ;P
5:53 AM
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10:28 AM
@NogShine Ever noticed @Ankit has blue skin and an unusually big head?
Picturing @Ankit as Will Ferrell
thanks for including the t in his name.
Also, can you have a look over here if you ,the know it all, know bash? stackoverflow.com/questions/57539640/…
Know-it-all? You certainly haven't seen me chat often
yeah that was nonsense
did you seriously think I would call you that ? ;)
cmake is frustrating at first
@M.A.R. not that old
@ankiiiiiii Some cakes are just too sweet like that.
I also can't stand saccharine.
10:42 AM
@M.A.R. cmake as in software, am I missing something?
I'm just making a joke
10:55 AM
Old man jokes :p
11:32 AM
@AnkitSharma Adjusts hearing aid WHAT DID YOU SAY?
@M.A.R. fix your glasses old man
hearing aid is fine
I am not able to build the software sobs
I dont want to have a 11 GB xcode sitting there idly, only to help build software while the code is done in VScode
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1:39 PM
Q: "Hable con ella"/"Talk to her" Why doesn't Benigno admit his crime to Marco?

LiviuIn the Almodóvar's 2002 movie "Talk to Her" (Spanish: "Hable con ella"), the Benigno's crime remains ambiguous to the very end: the audience is not shown, nor his best friend, Marco, ever directly told that the author is Benigno. It cannot be another and he is also convicted in the end (modern DN...

Q: Heaven Sent - Does the doctor die every day?

Emin EryilmazThis story takes place over an outstandingly long period of time, seeing the Doctor stuck in a recursive cycle during which he repeatedly perishes and comes back to life. In the following episode, Hell Bent, it is estimated that this cycle lasts for four and a half billion years, My question is...

watching Border Security and this passenger is getting all their souvenirs taken because they are prohibited (high powered laser, knuckle dusters, etc.) and he's acting like your typical tough guy bogan like swearing every third word and going "i'll knock you flat mate"
anyway one item was this phone that's not a phone that he said was a torch, it's really a taser and when Customs told him that he's trying to be a smart ass going "show me how it a taser". i wanted the Customs officer to show him by using it on him
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6:16 PM
Q: In-universe explanation of sex life, dating, reproduction of Smurfs

Quora FeansIs there any in-universe explanation for the disproportionate low number of female Smurfs? This seems a recurrent problem in stories for children, so, How can they smurf children? Do male smurfs smurf around with other male smurfs? Do they aspire to smurf a female smurf some smurfing day?

7:01 PM
@MovieReel Harharhar 6/10.
@Memor-X I take issue with such shows normally. I haven't seen this Australian thing, but if they're trying to prove customs officers are normal people, they're right. If they're trying to show how they're usually (always?) right, they're very wrong.
Either way, it's something with an agenda, and once I recognize that, I don't like the idea being inculcated into my brain one bit
Oh hi @M.A.R. !
you weren't offended right?
@ankiiiiiii \o
@ankiiiiiii Offended by . . . smurf reproduction?
by any of my recent messages
No not at all
What were your recent messages? Squints
7:10 PM
We tend to get elected nowadays.
That is one angry sigh.
@Mithrandir yeah yeah mod troubles
9 hours ago, by ankiiiiiii
did you seriously think I would call you that ? ;)
Alright, I promise I'll be offended next time. Writes in to-do list
8 hours ago, by ankiiiiiii
@M.A.R. fix your glasses old man
@M.A.R. such a low bar to get into to-do list
What, haha no man. Those messages are cool.
If you get close™ enough chances are I'll use the same humor on you, so I'm totally OK
7:11 PM
@Mithrandir hi! did you drop message in wrong room?
@ankiiiiiii No. It was a joke about Smurf reproduction.
I get offended over things that are offensive. But I usually don't think whether I'm offended then. Too busy shouting.
@Mithrandir Ohh right! Wait, that and your chat blue name . . . Um.
This conversation got awkward.
@Mithrandir oh, didnt watch the movie(s)
@M.A.R. how is that!!
AJ is also blue
so okay
Imagining @Napoleon . . . No wait, god stop it, stupid wandering mind
You can ask @Mith BTW. I love poking jokes at him.
I know nothing about Smurfs either. But "Smurf" was a SFF nickname for a mod, due to the blue name in chat, so... never mind. Joke failed, apparently.
7:14 PM
He pretends he doesn't turn red.
@M.A.R. I blame you. It's probably your fault somehow.
no u
@Mithrandir you're welcome!
For ruining it. Real culprit found.
Kick at your discretion, blue face.
@M.A.R. mithrandir wants to talk to the manager
@M.A.R. #metoo
7:15 PM
He was already awkward when I got here Pleads innocent
Anyway, they really turned the story around.
The real nice guy is Gargamel.
@ankiiiiiii ...
@Mithrandir we want to talk to the manager.
like that
He just wanted some mushrooms for his soup, but there is blue vermin infestation eradicating mushroom species.
me too movement for boys will be decades later.
The whole jungle is in danger because of that.
7:17 PM
anyone experienced with gcc versions ? Xcode and brew separation.
...but joking about MeToo in the context of a joke about a chat kick joke is probably a bad idea.
@ankiiiiiii At this rate, we'll get it before 2020.
@Mithrandir I wonder how meta can we get.
I should probably go get dinner before the tuna cans explode.
@M.A.R. rate visible by?
Type [meta] and find out ;)
@M.A.R. there's no fungus there right?
7:19 PM
They did. Twice. Just FTR.
It was spectacular.
@ankiiiiiii Not when I take showers often.
in tuna cans
@ankiiiiiii No, olive oil. I'm not a weirdo.
if you shower with tuna cans, thats a different case
@M.A.R. As long as it isn't Surströmming
hi @loong! (another blue named loong creature )
@Mithrandir #mybad <- thats what boys have been doing for long. \s
7:21 PM
@ankiiiiiii hi :-)
@Loong either of us is new here
> "Loong" "new"
may I ruin another of your jokes @Mith?
@Loong most probably me.
7:34 PM
Too bad, movies.stackexchange.com/q/102678/63559 asked on SFF would have been on-topic and I'd have been able to answer. But we shouldn't migrate crap, and a copy-paste of a single image and "what is this from" is certainly crap.
Q: Why did Dumbledore offer Licorice Snaps to Harry in GoF?

CCCCIn Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry discovered that the 3rd man in his dream was Barty Crouch Jr after he saw one of (Dumbledore's) preserved memories in the Pensieve. Also, it was only after this that Dumbledore gets a strong hint that there is now another man active in Voldemort's tea...

7:52 PM
@Jenayah aren't there any guidelines you could point OP to, about asking a good question?
or at least not a bad question
Well there are, but it's a bit "please shape your question to be specifically on-topic for SFF, since I'm telling you it's a sci-fi show, but not answering yet"
happens to all of us
@Jenayah How is that a rant.
Or are you ranting that it's not a rant
a bit more to more serious users
Bit fuzzy on that one
7:57 PM
@M.A.R. how was tuna?
Still having it
It tastes like fish
@Loong Yeah. I hate Surströmming. That guy is a total jerk.
@ankiiiiiii You kidding? Eye of @Loong was almost portrayed in Tolkien's work but it was deemed too awesome for most of the audience to handle.
@M.A.R. Well that's a surprise.
@M.A.R. it's a rant about some lost soul who got lost where it's off-topic, when it would have been on-topic had they been lazying around on SFF
@M.A.R. that's odd!
@Jenayah Still not a rant
8:01 PM
Beginning of one
A baby rant
Can I read Hamlet's preamble and call myself a Shakespeare expert?
Yes. I totally can.
Well you're not trump
Now, did I nullify my previous point or not.
@ankiiiiiii Shakespeare was a democrat. He hates his guts.
Q: Is there definitive proof that general UFO phenomenon is fake or real?

Travis WellsIntroduction It is widely believed by skeptics that UFO phenomenon is a figment of our imaginations or some other natural cause. Many have debunked UFO phenomenon, but fail to actually disprove or prove the phenomenon in general. Notable Claim is that the Pentagon researched UFO's ufo-cnn As a...

8:55 PM
Q: What was the purpose of the "naughty" words list?

YasskierIn episode 3 of the "Mindhunters", Holden and his fellow teacher talk about the "deviant terminology": Holden - I've, uh, done a bit of thinking about some of the things that we're teaching. In particular, the list of deviant terminology. Kenneth - The cuss words? Right. Holden -Well, I...

2 hours later…
10:38 PM
just realised that flagging a thank you comment deletes it instantly.
deleted some more, flagged some, reached daily flag limit.
10:53 PM
Q: Why does public show no reaction to killings in John Wick 3?

eYeThe entire movie felt like there's been a bit of a disconnect from the surrounding world every time John Wick was fighting. So what really bothered me were a few scenes where he is slashing foes in public while everyone around seems to be just walking by showing zero emotion or concern almost as ...

11:14 PM
@M.A.R. well i'm not sure about the ones you might have seen but the Australian one is focused at the airports either catching people who either didn't properly declare goods or people people who don't have the right Visa (generally it's that they have a tourist Visa but intend to work) or finding an item which is suspicious and find it has drugs in it
with the latter they never show when they are wrong which i expect and given they drill into stuff to check and get samples it gives me that paranoid fear that a figure i buy shows up as suspect when it's not and they drill a hole in it
with the former, with people bringing in undeclared stuff it's generally that they have huge bags of food and didn't declare and they have to be reminded that they signed a legal document which clearly states (in their native language aswell) that if unsure declare it, if unsure what is asked of them get staff to help and they fully understand everything on the card
with the Visa stuff it's never shown how they pick people and it's more asking them questions on what they will be doing in Australia, if they have the funds and questioning any suspect messages about wanting to work ie. one guy had a USB with various resumes and modeling portfolio photos yet was coming on a tourist visa
you get the occasional drug smuggler or convicted person who failed to declare their criminal history but it's generally "oh look, this Nelson Mandela wood carving has drugs in it", "you applied for a tourist visa but your here to work, explain yourself" or "WHY DIDN'T YOU DECLARE THESE 3 SUITCASES OF NOODLES!"
very often it's the later and boy how much food people try to bring in, it doesn't make sense. is Australian cooking that shit that you have to bring your own week supply of goods?

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