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9:41 AM
@FailusMaximus Hiiii...!!!
@Green Hello..How are you..?
@Bellerophon Hello...!!
hello again Malavika
How are you...?
well, I'm sick
so could be better
:( What happened..?
nothing, just that I got some bacterial infection in my throat
so I'm on antibiotics
9:57 AM
@Malavika Salutations.
@Bellerophon Yes tell me....How are you....?
@FailusMaximus Take rest... :) Everything will be fine....:-)
10:34 AM
@Malavika I'm alright, how are you?
@Bellerophon Me always fine..... :-)
11:25 AM
@FailusMaximus In which country you belongs to...?
Czech Republic, central Europe
@FailusMaximus Okay...what is the official language there..?
it's kinda similar to other slavic languages(Polish, Russian)
okay........ :-)
What was that map you posted here...?
12:04 PM
well, map of an island that's central to the story I'm writing)
there's a really good custom map making tool: azgaar.github.io/Fantasy-Map-Generator
I'm using that to map out the world
oh..! I see...!!!
@Mithrandir24601 That's pretty cool.
@Bellerophon Yup
And it can only improve with time :)
12:33 PM
hey there @Mithrandir24601, good to see you back!
1:21 PM
Q: Why is SE removing links and community ads about legal issues?

JNatStack Exchange staff will actively remove links to a legal fund campaign from user profiles and posts, as well as community ads surrounding Monica's situation and reinstatement. Why? [This post was originally posted by Juan M but ownership was changed with a post-dissociation tool so that the ac...

@Shalvenay thanks :) summer... wasn't the greatest, so I haven't been as active - pretty much just keeping up modding and not much else
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

Incognito"What advantages would slow magic have over fast magic" There are 2 forms of magic in this world, the first of which is performed through a series of steps. A mage sits in the center of a drawn invocation circle, surrounded by the various ingredients needed to perform the spell. The mage then ut...

1:59 PM
@Feeds We've had questions on slow/fast magic before... Somewhen...
you guys watch south park?
2 hours later…
4:22 PM
@FailusMaximus Only 1 episode ever, IIRC
2 hours later…
5:58 PM
@FailusMaximus I watched the early seasons..maybe 1-5 solidly.
6:28 PM
@James Apparently they have started finding their edge again. The one episode I saw was the recent one "Banned in China", and they didn't hold back on criticizing China or the American companies that are willing to give up all forms of morals or ethics to deal with China...
Saw a bit of "internet outrage" about the last one. I guess it was about trans athletes, and biological males competing directly against biological females in physical sports, and maybe that's not the best thing?
nah, it was a good episode
just a small minority of people are overly sensitive, and most of them are offended on behalf of someone else
6:45 PM
@FailusMaximus Statistically well educated urban white people. Most of whom are actually more racist than the people they are angry at.
my gf didn't see the episode yet, so if she does later, I'll ask her if that offended her
but knowing her, I'm almost sure not
The only people who seem to get offended by things like that are people who either (a) have no detectable senses of humor. (b) need to feel that they are the great white savior, standing up for the weak and defenseless POC's and other groups. (c) want everyone around them to see how great they are. Or (d) all of the above.
7:07 PM
so, where's your badge, comrade
referencing an old czech joke from the communist era:
Two random men meet in front of the National theatre:
1: Do you know what difference there is between us and the National Theatre?
2: No.
1(points at western door): The National Theatre has escape to the West, while we still didn't.
2. Oh. And do you know what difference there's between the national theatre and you?
1. No.
2(takes out his secret police badge): The theatre will stay here, while you'll come along with me.
1: I see. Do you know what is the difference between you and me?
7:22 PM
@AndyD273 My cousin mentioned an arc they did maybe 2 seasons ago about PC culture that was apparently excellent.
you know that south park is free to watch, right?
@FailusMaximus Yeah its just a matter of you know...time at this point in my life.
I can understand that
7:39 PM
So, I just found a subreddit, called r/GamerGhazi, and it's...
@Mephistopheles A nice place filled with reasonable people clearly articulating complex scenarios and having a reasoned discussion on the difficulty of the human condition?
@James Yes, if it's backwards day.
well it rhymes with kamikaze
or maybe it doesn't
@FailusMaximus It reminds me of of Gaza... which is a good summary of its state. Funny though how all extremists are the "We live in a society" type. Some just aren't aware of it yet.
8:15 PM
9:10 PM
@FailusMaximus Thankfully they don't have that much power yet, and there are signs that their religion is imploding. So that's good
9:46 PM
Can you help me with fixing this question?
Q: Could such self-sustaining bunker be built in WW2?

MephistophelesIn an alternate universe, Hitler hated Fegelein instead of minorities, and so, hadn't had them killed. However, in exchange for every person he didn't kill (directly or indirectly), his IQ decreased by 1. So, we have a babbling dummy in a bunker, who can't even find Berlin on a map, and the Sovie...

It's gonna be hard to fix that one.
I mean for multiple reasons
First is that including non-genocidal 1940's Nazis in your setting almost stinks of Holocaust denial.
An alternative universe is the ALTERNATIVE universe of another
Reverse card!
I know, but believe me, you're not gonna get people who will want to help you with that question
I acknowledged holocaust's existence with that detail
especially, since your question is stated in a way that makes it sound like Hitler was the only nazi who wanted to exterminate minorities, which he wasn't
it was basically key point of Nazi ideology
second, question is needlessly confusing
if this wasn't public civil chat, I would tell you something about where you should put all your uno cards
and you wouldn't like it
9:53 PM
I guess I'll have some work to do
your question is so confusing
you need to structure your sentences to make the key points intelligible
"Now this bunker would just happen to be perfectly self-sustaining (given that it gets energy through the barrier), but would it actually have been possible for the Germans to build it?"
What does that mean?

Would germans be able to build a bunker? Yes, why the hell not?

Would Germans be able to build self sustaining bunker? Now what the hell do you mean by self sustaining? Also, your barrier, where is it placed. Is the place around the bunker within barrier suitable for farming? How about sunlight, does it get through?

Would germans be able to build a bunker with magic barrier? No.
Your question sounds like it was written by someone who was tripping and unable to keep his thought for long enough to properly express it - that is reality of your situation and why the question is on hold @Mephistopheles
1 hour later…
11:06 PM
How is everyone?

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