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12:00 AM
@FailusMaximus Upvotes on questions are now retroactively worth +10 rep, not +5, the same as answers. If you go check your reputation, it will probably have increased (assuming you have asked questions).
I see
that's why my rep jumped some 160 points
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6:01 AM
Q: Is something broken about the “necromancer” badge?

SRMNecromancer badge is for good answers to old questions. I was looking at who won it lately: https://worldbuilding.stackexchange.com/help/badges/17/necromancer None of the dates are right. It says Ozymandias most recently earned it on October 28. But the link is to an answer Ozzy wrote on Feb 17, ...

Q: How can unconditional physician-assisted suicide be approved for anyone 18 or older?

Melissa Yue WallaceI don't think How can unconditional physician-assisted suicide be approved for anyone 18 or older? was closed rightly? First, these two comments are dead (pun intended) wrong, but got upvoted. Alabama has never officially considered adopting a death with dignity law. The state has, in fact,...

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12:22 PM
@FailusMaximus Hello...
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1:38 PM
@Malavika hi!
hi Green, hi Malavika
2:00 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

Incognito"how can a personality develop separate from the soul" The human soul is the spirit of a person and is the seat of an individual's personality. Emotions, memories, logic, etc, are all housed in the soul and is what makes a person "them". Demons are spiritual entities that exist in a parallel pla...

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3:52 PM
@FailusMaximus hi!
4:38 PM
Can anyone thing of an economic reason to actually start settling the solar system or at least mining bits of it? At the minute I can't see it being viable even if launch costs decreased.
5:11 PM
Q: Make [simulation] a synonym of [virtual-reality]

Starfish PrimeMost of the few questions we have tagged as simulation are really about immersive virtual-reality, a much more common tag. There's one question asking about a software tool (and was closed as off-topic) and one interesting question about making an artificial sky but otherwise leaving people more...

5:52 PM
@Bellerophon Lets say launching a mining ship and supplies costs 100 million (I believe it's less than that, but going for extreme case). You start mining 1 asteroid, and you're bringing billions of dollars worth of minerals back. Those minerals are already in orbit, and don't need to be launched from earth. You use them to make orbiting factories, and make more mining ships, and to make fuel and air and water. Food is still needed, until you can make orbiting greenhouses, and maybe lab grown meat.
So from a single asteroid the project has paid for itself, and bootstrapped an industry, which will go out and find other asteroids, which will bring in more resources.
Here is a hard sci-fi book about asteroid mining that I highly recommend:
I really like him as an author. His Daemon series is one of my favorites of all time.
Thanks. I might look into that book at some point.
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7:06 PM
@AndyD273 40.8k... What? Just like that? I look up on the standard "we need u to enable js, goyim", and see beneath it that they've changed the rep system. It's so out of the blue.
@Mephistopheles 40.8k across all networks. I did get a bit of a boost, but only a few thousand.
@AndyD273 It was from ~3000 to 7040 for me.
Pretty sure I only got about 350.
7:31 PM
I wanted to use an Tabletop RPG system to help simulate certain parts for a story. Problem is I'm also porting the content from D&D 5e to GURPS 4e and decided to relocate some points from that ridiculous STR 30 of my ancient dragons to DX, I mean, AC is basically dodge/plot armor. It makes little sense to have an AC of 22 (20 is already rare) with a DX of 10. But again, there's also SM (size modifier) in GURPS, so the "gargantuan" part needs to be trashed as well.
How am I supposed to manage this conversion nightmare?
7:42 PM
oh my, the rep change is a very nice thing
8:19 PM
worldbuilding.stackexchange.com is erroring out for me. Womp womp.
same here
so Green
any opinion on that map?
@FailusMaximus What's the mobility of the groups that form Hathamia? What's their cultural cohesion? Are the white areas impassible moutains?
not completely impassable, but hard to pass
That's a HUGE swatch of land to govern.
8:28 PM
Wait. Wait. I missed the scale. I thought this was a continent sized landmass, not an island. Sorry.
it's a large island
32 000 km^2
about 40% area of Ireland
How long ago did those groups show up on the island and how many people? If the population density is high enough, the groups will naturally merge.
which groups? you mean tribes?
tribes appeared like ~500 years ago, when the curse reached the island and broke down then already shattered civilization
@FailusMaximus yep, the tribes. Also, what are the road networks like? Is there lots of trade with other islands.
originally, this was haven where mostly children and a very few adult guardians of Skrit were sent when advanced Skrit civilization was defeated
800 years ago
then around 500 years ago, the curse found its way on the island when one cursed Skrit slave survived shipwreck and ended up on the beach of the island
loss of magic led to furter falling apart of society, first many organizing in violent groups, and then slow transition to auroch herders
since then, they mostly live in tribes of around 200-400 Skrit
tribes living close to each other usually have some disagreements, but are more wary of outsiders
so they most of time keep certain connections among tribes
exception are two city-states, that live off hunting in magic dungeons
9:15 PM
@FailusMaximus based on all that, your map looks plausible to me.
9:43 PM
@Mephistopheles Wait, how did you more than double? Even if you've never posted an answer, your rep should only double.
10:31 PM
@Gryphon-ReinstateMonica If you got a downvote for every upvote you would have gotten 3 rep so far. After doubling the upvote worth you are now at 8 instead, which is more than doubled.
@SecSE-clearMonica'sname Oh yeah, downvotes weren't doubled. OK, that makes sense now.
10:42 PM
Any developments on the Meta front?
@Ranger Monica's going forward with litigation, SE is still maintaining it's incredibly loud and voluminous output of complete silence on the issue. So nothing much has changed.
SE has no response to the feedback they requested in their CoC FAQ?
@Ranger As far as I know, the second one is identical to when it was put up. I'm not sure if you know they switched the first one out for a better, but still problematic one.
Yeah, I know they did a 2.0, then created an "question" for feedback for the 2.0. Last I heard they hadn't acted on/responded to/even acknowledged 95% of that feedback.
@Ranger Yeah, as far as I know, they haven't responded to any feedback on the 2.0.
10:55 PM
Looks like it was asked 3 weeks ago.
SE really needs to get their act together.

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