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12:32 AM
That's at least the second time he's used the word "channel".
Anyway, I think I'll just punch myself repeatedly in the eyes instead.
12:57 AM
@Aaronut Wait, isn't this IRC?
2 hours later…
3:15 AM
Anybody else want to vote to close that "processed food" question and I'll be happy to cut it short; to me it's violently off-topic but I'd like to see at least 2-3 close votes first...
3:31 AM
@Aaronut done
4 hours later…
8:00 AM
@Jefromi No, I can't kick you :(
1 hour later…
9:01 AM
I suck at making cookies :(
9:14 AM
Oh, perhaps I don't.
1 hour later…
10:16 AM
No, I don't!
@rumtscho my cookies didn't crack :(
Q: Is it safe to eat a non-refrigerated store-bought pizza base?

Adam ButlerWe bought some pizza bases the other day and I just realized the package says to store below 4°C (39°F). We didn't store them in the fridge. Will these be safe to eat? They contain wheat flour and yeast.

I edited a bit.
But I'm not sure what the original meaning was (either he didn't store it in the fridge, or the store where he bought it didn't).
But I don't think it makes a huge difference?
2 hours later…
12:14 PM
I made two edits. the second edit is the one i meant to send: cooking.stackexchange.com/q/22462/8305
12:26 PM
It's already approved/improved by mr. Aaronut :)
@Sobachatina if you are curious, my C-code is finally going well :p
But it's a really really low-level language.
I tried it first in python and tried to 'translate'
but that wasn't a very good plan :p
12:49 PM
How do y'all feel about Microplane graters?
1:03 PM
Hi @Cerberus.
I don't have one but I think I could use one.
OK. I got one for my b-day this weekend.
But I have to run. Bye!
Oh, happy birthday!
Flagged this as not constructive(poll) cooking.stackexchange.com/q/22468/8305
if anyone else want to get more flags for the badge
I vote to close
I'm not supposed to flag questions anymore
But not because it's not constructive, but because it's off-topic.
I guess it's both.
yea its both
1:18 PM
I think it's because we have two other language-related questions.
but i think its slightly more of a poll than it is off-topic by just a hair since its in the context of cooking terms. But im just being silly :)
@Mien which ones are you referring to? I assume one of them is the translating terms across different countries one
and the other is about UK vs US English
@Mien oh, why isnt that closed as a dup?
the one I just mentioned is about English.
The one you mention is about English and other languages
Translation is relevant, pronounciation isn't.
@Mien do you have a link to it. im curious
i honestly don't think that its on topic. Im going to flag it. let the mods decide
1:23 PM
Q: Translating cooking terms between US / UK / AU / CA / NZ

JoeThis post is an attempt to keep track of the terms that differ between dialects of English or exist in some dialects but not others: British / Australian / Canadian / American / etc. It's a community wiki, so feel free to edit and clarify or add additional items. The comments are getting long, s...

@Mien yes that the first one i initally mentioned. Which other one are you talkinga bout
I thought you meant this one:
Q: What international cooking terms sound similar but have different meanings?

rumtschoI am not the only international user here, and I bet that others are just as confused as I am when we read something on an American-centric resource and the corresponding translation in our language turns out to mean something entirely different. There are also examples in the other direction, w...

ahh ok
havent seen that one yet
so I did a quick search of just "english" and found some offtopic questions. One of them is the one above where someone is specifically asking for translation of english equipment into italian
Haha, Jay, did you give me an upvote and then said you disagree? :p
@Mien nope that wasnt me lol
1:36 PM
Oh okay.
i was actually contemplating downvoting it but didnt because I didnt want to downvote you
Well, I got an upvote on that answer this last 30 minutes.
Oh, how sweet of you ;)
Darn, these cookies are good :(
I'll have another one :p
Good thing I had a lot of dough.
what kind of cookies
1:45 PM
@Mien Yay! Congratulations!
@Sobachatina Haha, thanks :)
Well the hardest part (or I think it is) is done.
But I have to get ready :) movie time
@Mien in less than two weeks ill be back in classes and then i can watch movies in the middle of the day if I want too!(if i dont have classes at the time)
make your kid smell like bacon?
is that a real product once upon a time or is that a troll ad joke
It's a joke. Fresh cut grass and gas?
1:55 PM
@Sobachatina fresh cut grass smells good
I agree.
@dpollitt not the gas smell tho
oops caps lock
unless you are into huffing them
Although babies do have a distinctly "sweet" smell (when they are NOT taking a shit)
Arrg, I hate the way they switched to doing out performance reviews a few years ago. The scale is the same 1-5, but now they consider anything above 3 to be freaking amazing and are required to always give at least one 2. So even 3.1 and above is considered a freaking amazing score even though 3 is "meets expectations". There's a only a handful of people that even end up at a 3.
2:10 PM
@rfusca That is annoying.
have to love performance reviews
@rfusca - at my last job, i asked the VP what it would take to get a 5 on my review and he said "cure cancer". and he was pretty much serious. he was a dick :)
@dpollitt ya, we've been told to get a 5 we'll have to 'radically effect the day to day business'
@Sobachatina ya, it is...and the items are weighted in an unknown manner....if you just average all your items, you don't get your total score.
ha nice, keeping it transparent
when they made the policy change to 'grade' like that a couple of years ago, they made several managers go back and re-review their people lower. So we had one manager that gave his employees their score and their 'real' score....ya he's not with us anymore
ha nice
2:19 PM
but I got a good enough review, that I think i'll end up with at least a cost of living raise
crosses fingers
@rfusca whats a cost of living raise? just a raise over time for inflation?
@Jay yes
@rfusca well good luck. they should give you a cost of baby raise
yea raises suck. im usually just glad im not getting fired in this economy
2:38 PM
@dpollitt raises suck? as in you dont want a raise? lol your like the capital one baby who doesnt want 50% more cash
no, I want raises. just the process of giving them, how they are given, the decisions on why to give them... etc - that part sucks
@dpollitt it should be worth all that trouble for the raise tho :)
"If I am president, I shall give everyone more money!" i remember some kid saying that in grade school during a presentation about how he would cahnge the country if he were president. Kids are so cute and naive :)
@Jay I get a 'baby bonus' at least
@rfusca Ooh is that what that 1k deposit you got was for, last week?
damn it cap lock
@Jay nope, that was just a normal bonus
i'll get another one next week :)
2:52 PM
@rfusca YAYAYAY! (these caps are intentional this time)
I should make a baby, maybe then ill get a bonus too
thats a scary thought. scratch that idea
@Jay Thank goodness.
@Sobachatina hey... lol
is it weird that I find shaving fun now
2:58 PM
@Jay starred
@rfusca lol... glad i dont since i dont get to do it that often
@dpollitt thanks for the star-love :)
@rfusca Depends how fun.
The baby slept all the way through the night. It feels weird.
@Sobachatina more than a root canal, less than disney world a rollercoaster making bread
We woke up this morning in a panic and had to make sure he was ok.
@Sobachatina first time?
3:01 PM
Maybe the second or third.
But still unexpected.
ya, i remember those days...they're coming back sigh
nod ya
@rfusca Then no, not weird. It would be weird if you crossed the really-satisfying-ear-swabbing level of fun.
Been considering getting one of these to help the wife relax
@Sobachatina ooo, so true
I'm only willing to click that link because it is you and not @jay that posted it. :)
3:04 PM
Do sleeping babies move every 20 seconds?
It seems like false positives would be even worse than not having it.
Or can it actually detect breathing movements.
@Sobachatina pretty sure they're supposed to breathe that often...
That looks like an awesome product. I'll have to look into that if we ever have another one.
At least one mom claims the alarm went off and she ran and found her baby not breathing and was able to rescue it
I made truly horrible burgers this weekend. :(
@Sobachatina thats no good
3:06 PM
The meat had good flavor but was dry. The buns were dense, too sweet, and too big.
Everyone liked them but me. I couldn't finish mine.
do anything diff?
It's not something I've experimented much with so I don't have a control case.
I think I cooked the meat for too long at too low a temp.
Q: Should language/translating type question be moved to Meta?

JayThere are several existing questions that is on the edge of being off-topic but is kepted around because it is constructive in helping clear up other questions which is ambiguous due to a language block between different countries. Specifically I am referring to: What international cooking term...

The buns- I just don't know what good buns are supposed to be. What kind of bread are they?
i see
3:08 PM
I tried just using my normal bread recipe and it was terrible.
people like different things...i've had good buns that were broiche to english muffins to pretzel rolls
Any thoughts on my meta post?
The questions you cite as examples are about cooking and not about the site.
On the other hand they are about talking about cooking.
I don't feel like they necessarily belong on Meta but I agree they are borderline off-topic on the main site as well.
one of the main reason why i brought it up is because of this question
Q: What are the most commonly mispronounced cooking terms?

jontycNot working in the industry and hearing terms used, it can be quite embarrassing describing an ingredient, dish, technique or even piece of equipment and be corrected on pronunciation. So which cooking terms are commonly mispronounced? Or pronounced radically differently in different regions, i...

it falls literally in the same category but its closed because it isn't constructive as a reference to other users in reference to this site
and specifically aaronut's comment: I'm not sure how this is constructive; the "false friends" question is meant to help members and contributors here understand how to interpret other people's posts (and know how their own posts might be interpreted). What's the benefit of this question considering that pronunciations can be trivially looked up in any dictionary?
For me the line between those is hard to describe.
It seems like the two we kept are borderline because they are actually useful. This new one strikes me as just silly and unanswerable.
I don't necessarily agree with Aaronut's comment but based on that comment alone I would agree that the other two questions should be moved to meta.
3:20 PM
I dont know, maybe im just stirring up something that isn't really a problem.
But of course, when those two exist on the main site, more users might ask similar but note constructive to the site questions like the one that was closed
2 hours later…
4:58 PM
So literally, i think @rumtscho is the glue that keeps everything running in this chatroom. This room is dead this week and it seems the main missing component is @rumtscho. Hurry back. This chatroom is my main entertainment during work :(
I was going to be entertaining but I have work to do
Jay obviously doesn't. Say something entertaining, @Jay
5:14 PM
@Shog9 lol i do actually have work to do too :(
but i like coming in here once in a while and saying inappropriate things :)
So something entertaining... well i was in the bathroom earlier and i saw this guy coming out of the bathroom from taking a shit and he didn't wash his hands.
I think we have radically different notions of entertainment.
Not really entertaining... but it really does surprise me how disgusting some people are. I might sort expect this from a public bathroom
but not really from the type of place where i work
Ok, that ruined my appetite. Someone post pictures of food.
@Jefromi yea Ive been reminded time and time again by almsot everyone
@Shog9 haha sorry about that forgot it was around-ish lunch time
some pho anyone :D
although the rib-eye slices are a bit rarer than i would have like. i would probably submerge them longer
hm I made chiles en nogada this weekend but I didn't photograph, sorry!
5:24 PM
That's more like it
@Shog9 What kind of food do you like? Do you have a favorite food?
I can honestly say pho is my favorite food
@Jay I don't know that I do... I'm pretty partial to eggs, but I don't think that counts.
@Shog9 yea thats an ingredient and not a dish
what kind of preparation for eggs do you like?
Fried, scrambled, poached, soft-boiled
Although those are short sausages. I prefer mine to be longer ;)
5:29 PM
My favorite food is pretty much whatever I'm hungry for at the moment.
Right now, I could really go for some noodle soup
egg noodles, chicken stock, some veggies...
I have none of those of course
@Shog9 PHO! :) is there a vietnamese rest around?
@Jay hmmm... There is! I wasn't aware of it though.
However, I already planned to head down to a local tavern for a fish fry today, so gotta eat light for now ;-)
@Shog9 fish fry? like fish and chips?
@Jay Exactly like that
beer-battered cod, crispy potato slices, coleslaw...
all you can eat
's good stuff
if you're hungry
5:37 PM
which I intend to be
@Shog9 :D
@Jay basic idea. But thicker potato bits and darker beer in the batter
Actually, its better to eat a really big lunch early
not eating all day will actually make you eat less because your stomach shrunk
By eating a large lunch early, you expand your stomach AND the food will be digested and gone by the time you want to go to th all you can eat buffet
Just something i learned the day before I went to a all you can eat brazilion steakhouse
1 hour later…
7:00 PM
Holy crap im tired. someone say something before i fall asleep
This question sucks.
Q: What foods/spices can be used to make natural food colorings?

JerI've been experimenting more and more with "natural" food colorings - meaning spices and other ingredients that naturally impart color as opposed to a commercial food dye made specifically for this purpose. For example, I've let scallops (among other things) sit in a beet puree, and they get a b...

Sucks less after @Aaronut cleaned it up
7:24 PM
tell me something insightful and thoughtprovoking so i can stay awake
@Jay so, what'd you make a baby out of? I suggest cheese. Cheese can do everything.
i'd be too tempted to eat my baby then
I dont want to give people the wrong idea... im not a hamster or anything
@Jay well, since you're not a cheese as far as we know, eating your cheese-baby would not be cannibalism. So it'd be OK. Just make sure you get the bonus first.
yea im not sure if the baby bonus really works that way
@Jay well, its not like the cheese will be wasted, so you should try it and find out.
7:31 PM
so cute
although the carrot is a bit suggestive
Hmmm, that is cute. It could replace the Interwebs infatuation with cats.
but to be honest, if i were an animal i would be a hamster
i have pretty huge cheeks
i can fit a lot of food inside my mouth
mouth cheeks mind you
although ive been told i have perky butt so maybe my other cheeks too
@rfusca Yes, that is another thing you could do with a cheese baby, sell it to a wealthy gentleman.
@rfusca my attention span allowed me to read the first paragraph before i zoned out
7:34 PM
@Jay its a famous essay, educate yourself
@rfusca i is vary edukatid
@rfusca yes, though I managed to post it here before :-P I beat you too it.
@derobert ah :P
@Jay wait, shouldn't that be edyoukatekid?
@rfusca Oh, btw, I haven't gotten around to photographing knives with the macro yet. Someday. Maybe this weekend.
@derobert no yoo is stoopid. that no spel rite
7:37 PM
sometimes I wish I could kick people out of the room
oh yea today is both my mom and my dad's birthday
@rfusca :'(
@derobert i've got the stuff to do it, I just need to
@Jay no, the 13 year old in photo room
@rfusca well, depends on who you want out. You might be able to do it with the heat control.
@rfusca o lol ok
@rfusca I'm surprised as a photo mod you can't kick someone out of the photo room.
7:39 PM
as far as I can tell, you don't boot somebody
nor would really without grand cause
(unless its @Jay)
oh, looks like I can
what are some things you are able to do when someone is belligerent or actively trolling
didn't notice that before
i can even kick out of this room
really? is it permanent? or is it just temporary
don't know, should we find out?
7:40 PM
... that message?
@derobert hmm?
@rfusca or rather, that person, I should say...
do you know how tempting it is to kick @Jay, just to see what happens
@rfusca holy crap that guy is even more annoying than i am hahah
@rfusca well, let's make a test room, and we can see what happens. You could even use your mod powers to summon him to the test room, only to kick him.
Or, I guess, someone could just check if its documented somewhere, but that'd be boring.
Q: Remove the kicking command, or improve it

badpKicking in chat is pretty useless and/or pointless. Everything that happens when you are kicked is, you are sent to the room list. There's no kick message, no "kicked by" message, no kick reason, nothing. For all a user knows, it's either a transient bug or a network hiccup. How is that useful? ...

7:44 PM
did you just kick me?
can you get back in?
i got into the main chat section where it shows all the chatrooms
yep, useless
so i can read but cant write anything
type something else in there
7:47 PM
mainly, now there's a chat room gonna show on the main page called that Muwahahahaha
Even better than a tag.
ill be famous!!!
Now i just got to figure out a way to change the title of the chatroom to Jay is awesome
Hmm, I could always rename that whole room 'jay-is-not-awesome'
Wow, wonder how long it'd take for all of us to be banned if we just started creating tens of rooms arguing over where Jay is on the lame-awesome scale
@derobert HAHAHA
7:50 PM
It could go down in SE history as the 'rogue photo moderator incident'.
Maybe we could get our own meme on meta
Or the JayIsAwesome incident
@Jay ya, not gonna happen buddy
Young Wild and Free is such a good song. Quite catchy
Testing how mobile chat works.
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