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1:31 AM
@Jefromi I was thinking the same thing... even fajitas take me about an hour.
2:28 AM
second day in a row my house has been egged :(
3:17 AM
@rfusca Sounds like you need to sit up tomorrow night... With a griddle and some bacon
@Shog9 lol
well i've got a motion camera up in my window now
10 hours later…
1:24 PM
@rfusca You need to stop being such a mean old man then. lol
Do you know why they are egging you?
Or are they just stupid teenagers with nothing better to do?
1:36 PM
@Shog9 i LOVE bacon and eggs... especially at night. I dont know what it is about eating at midnight that makes any food taste better. probably becuase i know i shouldnt be eating that late...
@Jeroen its usually quiet in here until about 10:30
But hello
hello :)
my first SE chat experience
was gonna thank someone for putting my palindrome Q on Twitter
haha too bad you didnt come in at a awkward time
we sometimes "stray" from cooking topics
np, guess that's what chat's for :)
1:42 PM
@Jeroen Im actually not sure who puts questions on twitter
Maybe its random users but i have a feeling its an internal resource at SE
I read somewhere that it's automatic
based on votes etc
But I do really like your palindrome question
:D thx
very interesting
gonna try the first answer tonight
1:43 PM
I'd be very unwilling to actually drink it after spending so long making it
nerds and cocktails, a great combo :)
even if you can make another?
haha it is.
hmmm maybe if i take a lot of photos
Are you making it because someone said you can't or its just an idea that popped up that you wanted to try, or you are making it to impress a nerdette
or all of the above combined
Someone mentioned European palindrome day on 12-02-2012 a while ago, just when we were planning a cocktail party, so that was 1+1 in my mind.
1:46 PM
ahhh :)
But I would not be unhappy if it happens to impress the ladies too lol
although 12-02-2012 isn't a true palindrome :/
err you're right :S
But its still cool nonetheless. I want to do that now... have a palindrome party
where everyone has to wear palindrome colored clothes
21022012 was the date then probably?
1:48 PM
drink palindrome drinks
ahhh right
oh yea european date with the day ahead of the month
so the party already passed
well i'm making it nonetheless!
anyways gtg, duty's calling again
nice talking to ya!
haha while you are at it, make a time machine too
lol bye
@Jay ya I don't know who they are and as far as I know, I haven't offended anybody
but THEIR ASS IS MINE TONIGHT if they try it. There's a motion tracking camera in the window, that triggers two cameras out by the street to start recording where they're running off to. :)
@rfusca LOL sounds fun. Post the video on youtube and put up a bounty for their heads
2:00 PM
I think @Sob would appreciate the solution. When the commercial software on the camera inside starts recording because it detects motion, it beeps. SO there is a msp430 with a microphone and a transmitter that waits for the beep....when it hears the beep it sends the signal to the mailbox msp430 and triggers the other cameras (because there's no motion tracking for them). Luckily this was all parts sitting around my house.
@Jay Actually, the cops are involved and said they'll prosecute if they find em - they think its the same people that were egging cars a few weeks ago around the same area
@rfusca REALLY?
what were you building? or do you randomly have those parts around just because
@rfusca stupid kids
I did stupid things when i was younger but I never did anything that was destructive towards other peoples properties
that's just malicious
@Jay really
@Jay just stuff laying around
Are you actually a spy?
sup bitches
not sure why I said that
but the sentiment is real
@Jay i could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you
2:10 PM
cause you were feeling belligerent, its k. we love you
btw, in your cake answer, also tell the OP to add more vanilla extract
1 tsp isnt that much for a vanilla cake
and I dont think you really answer his question that well in terms of converting to other types of cake
Yeah, I'm in the process of adding the various bits in now
Hit submit accidentally
o ok
Yea I was thinking it was a bit short ^^
But i guess you hear that often from your wife
Yeah, when I show her your photo
@ElendilTheTall ah aha aha no
Hmmm I would probably even omit the coconut milk or change it to something else, I feel like the coconut flavour would fight with say a vanilla cake or a lemon cake
lemon and coconut just sounds weird
You know what, ill just write my own answer :)
yeah everyone knows you put the lime in the coconut
2:40 PM
How long is @rumtscho's presentation thinger. Is it a several day thing or was it just yeterday?
3:01 PM
@rfusca That is awesome. Now all you need is a targetable water cannon and software that will track the trajectory of a flying egg and shoot it out of the sky.
@Sobachatina if I have a targetable water canon - it would not be aimed at the eggs lol
anyone watch "the walking dead"?
i've seen one episode
pretty awesome season finale this past sunday.
i finished watching the entire MacGyver series last night
3:15 PM
that is quite an accomplishment. how many season? like 12?
nah, just 7
but by season 4 he'd already had an encounter with big foot and aliens, in season 6 he pretty much time traveled - so it was really hard to finish - especially since each episode contained less and less MacGyverisms
so you are saying the real crafty episodes are in seasons 1-4?
bleh i hate when answers like this is accepted because it is the only answer: cooking.stackexchange.com/a/22412/8305
it is semi-right but doesnt deserve the accept
Specifically I think he didn't really understand what he was saying. The "(Be careful with the heat)" comment is quite indicative of this. I think he was referring to the smoking point of butter and vegetable oil... but thats irrelevant in baked goods.
@Jay you're smoking crack
if I make a good with veg oil and a good with butter - the butter one browns/burns much faster
3:26 PM
well, i think it deserves to be accepted because obviously the question asker wanted a quick "im cooking right now tell me what to do!" - and this answer worked for them.
@rfusca i have never notice a difference. i will have to experiment...
@dpollitt but the thing is the OP didnt even use what the answerer said.
good point, i missed that
the answer talked about butter and the OP used shortening
@Jay So edit it then.
@Shog9 that would change the essence of the original post
like almost entirely
3:31 PM
@Jay You're saying the answer is incorrect? Or unclear?
If it's unclear, edit to clarify. If you feel it's unsalvageable, then just post your own answer. "Accept" isn't final, and doesn't really mean that much anyway.
Btw who is Tristan?
Tristan (Latin/Brythonic: Drustanus; ; also known as Tristran, Tristram , etc.) is one of the main characters of the Tristan and Iseult story, a Cornish hero and one of the Knights of the Round Table featuring in the Matter of Britain. He is the son of Blancheflor and Rivalen (in later versions Isabelle and Meliodas), and the nephew of King Mark of Cornwall, sent to fetch Iseult back from Ireland to wed the king. However, he and Iseult accidentally consume a love potion while en route and fall helplessly in love. The pair undergo numerous trials that test their secret affair. Tristan...
lol not that. i was mistaken. There was a announcement about Tristan in my chat but it from from the gaming chatroom, not for here
@Jay oh, i know :)
@rfusca You dont know everything. dont lie
Oh wow i am such a noob... i just found the review page: cooking.stackexchange.com/review
For some reason i thought only higher rep users can get to that
3:46 PM
I'm trying again.
trying what again
If this also devolves into an emotional pseudoscience festival then I will give up.
A: Can soured raw milk be used to make yogurt?

SobachatinaBased on your edit to your question, and with some additional thought, I'm going to answer this differently. Soured milk differs from what you called "spoiled" milk in only one way- what wild bacteria reproduced faster: bacteria with tasty waste products or bacteria with disgusting waste product...

I realized that the question isn't bad if you remove the word "raw"
The fact that the milk was raw has nothing to do with anything really.
And it was that term (along with homogenization) that seems to cause the crazies to come out of the woodwork.
oh my, you and rumtscho are intending to write books for answers
specifically i saw a answer, and kept scrolling and scorlling and scrolling until i got to the end of the answer and saw rumtschos name
I don't go as far as she does.
3:57 PM
yea, those are some seriously long answers
But in this case they don't seem to get it and more words are necessary.
The part that drives me nuts in particular is how they keep implying that "soured" milk is somehow just normal milk reincarnated and not due to bacteria.
you guys seem to know a lot about milk. are you a farmer?
@dpollitt No but I've done some reading and experimenting with yogurt, cheese, etc.
3:59 PM
well he has his own chickens
that's farmer enough by my standards
@rumtscho just knows everything.
@Jay That's a shame but it seems like that mentality is the majority.
@Sobachatina shes a robot, what do you expect
Chickens are so easy and useful that it pains me that people now see them as weird.
@Sobachatina i dont think a lot of people around here have the place or time to raise their own chickens
mostly space
It's a recent development. It seems like 50 years ago they were less weird.
4:02 PM
if I were to raise several chickens in my backyard and had a date over, i think he/she would be freaked out. lol
@Jay This is true. I don't think I could live in an urban setting again. There's no where to put my experiments.
but anyways im going to lunch. hungry as a hippo
we aren't allowed to have chickens in my city
@Jay Unless they were chicks then she would love you.
@Sobachatina true... lol
4:02 PM
i wouldn't mind having some, but i would have to move to do so
@dpollitt When I lived in the suburbs we could have 5. City ordinances vary.
actaully i dont know if i want to go out to eat
maybe ill just skip lunch
i dont feel like moving
yea screw lunch.
@jay - order in
@dpollitt that's true... hmmm gotta look up the address of my office lol
packing my bags for vacation. i think i might have "too many" cameras this time
i didn't think it was possible, but i might have hit the mark
4:06 PM
@dpollitt how many is too many
1.dslr 2.underwater p&s 3.gopro 4.rangefinder 5.iphone 6.ipad
yes i know the idevices are a stretch, but they do capture pictures, and I will use them for video
i already left out my regular high end point and shoot
that would have put me at 7
I just have... my phone :)
and it has ummmm auto focus. the end
nothing wrong with that
yea thats pretty much all i can say about my camera haha
A: Is the iPhone 4S camera good enough to serve as one's "everyday-carry"?

dpollittThe iPhone 4s alongside iOS5 makes a very compelling argument against a standard point and shoot camera in addition to a phone. The backside-illuminated CMOS sensor included in the iPhone 4s(iPhone) is the same sensor found in the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and the Xperia Neo. Both of these camera...

4:08 PM
its a HTC HD7. The camera is decent if I use my autofocus correctly
check out those examples
i actually saw that post arleady
well, you don't need a high end camera :)
just a camera
I am a creeper and check out people porfiles and top answer/questions
Then i print out a picture of their face and stick it on my voodoo doll
oh cool
4:09 PM
You know... the usual
@Jay windows phone.. ouch. sorry to hear that
And yes i do have a voodoo doll of you. Now i just need to figure out a way to get your hair
@dpollitt haha i dont mind it. But there are several apps that i want that is only on android and iphone
specifically pandora app and my TD bank app
pandora is nice
surprised they dont have one for windows
yea... they are stupid i was pissed when i found out their didnt
especially after i subsribed for the yearly fee
i use spotify
not sure if they have a windows app though
4:13 PM
there is slacker radio on my phone
but i dont really use it much
its pretty similar to pandora as far as i know
Man I kinda hate you. i want to go to belize too :(
But ill be stuck here
make sure to take ALOT LOT LOT LOt of photos so i can live vicariously thru you
uuuuuu suuuuuuucccckkkkkk :( lol
stop gloating haha
Do becareful tho
You dont want to end up in jail there
Its quite lawless in the less tourisy places
i dont know how i would end up in jail
the resort is 15miles by boat to the nearest city
no roads, you cant walk to anything else but 1 other nearby resort
its on an island
@dpollitt lol anything can happen. you are still young
Im pretty sure i am going to be by a pool/beach with no option to get in trouble for 1 week :)
4:20 PM
are you not going to drink? lol
drinking = trouble in most cases
'eh i'll drink quite a few pina coladas
some beers
nothing wild
haha I like how you quickly added and beers to redeem your manhood
it's k. girly drinks are fun to drink
well we will see what the local beer tastes like, i dont think they have anything that im used to drinking. and i dont particularly like red stripe
well my 2 favorite drinks are manhattans and pina coladas. so take that as you wish
4:22 PM
my favorite "dessert shot" is dirty girlscouts
@dpollitt what kind of manhattan.
or rather whats your favorite preparation of the manhattan
when i make it at home? i use crown royal, argosta bitters, 1 cherry, and sweet vermouth
when the bartender makes it, i let them decide what is best
i prefer mine with makers mark and 2 cherries
thats right! 2 of them!
oh snap
im such a rebellious person. i dont know how i do it
i also would like one with makers. i just have a nice 1.75l handle of crown right now that it has been what works for a while
i dont drink very often these days
4:28 PM
I find that whiskey and bourbon make we want to puke nowadays too
mostly after my halloween debacle
where i tried to have a shot taking war with my 250+lb russian roommate
in about 15 minutes we drank over 10+ shots of jack daniels
oh god i want to puke thinking about it
i think it was 100 proof too
either 100 or 120
not sure but i know it was above the normal jack
and the terrible thing is, the only reason we stop drinking more shots is because my other roommates stopped us... otherwise we would have been stupid and tried to finish the whole handle between the two of us because neither want to quit or admit defeat
So note to self, never do shot wars ever again
Or drink tequila shots... those are evil and puts people in the hospital
yea those sound like good college days
i am out of my prime for sure
@dpollitt oh stop it, you are still young. stop making it sound like you are 30
ill be 28 this year
close enough
4:34 PM
last year i didnt drink for like 8 months when i was training for my marathon
thats good
not drinking at all for 8 months really lowers your tolerance
yea definitely
for some reason, i can take like 10 shots and be alright
but after the first shot i am bright red and tipsy already
its weird
its like i have a low threshold but high tolerance
sounds like you are in full form
top of your game
4:36 PM
not really something i should be proud of
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