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12:01 AM
(I don't see the benefit of adding "how do I" to the front of everything)
12:18 AM
@Jefromi The benefit is that it helps people who see the front page understand that this is a Q&A site and not a forum - and that we expect some effort to go into writing posts.
It's fine that you made the question more specific (I guess - I didn't think it was that bad in the first place) but changing a well-formed sentence into a sentence fragment?
I also don't see how it needed to be changed to be specific to scallops... food colouring is food colouring.
@Aaronut Okay, by all means, change it back halfway. I think that a lot of people do tend to focus on titles when answering, though, which is what leads to answers like the existing one which makes a list (which can't be complete) and doesn't talk about the colors the OP really was interested in.
Insisting on question marks sounds a little like bikeshedding to me but I'm not opposed to it, if it doesn't clutter the titles overly much.
Q: Would the Stack Exchange network be better if titles contained complete, grammatical questions?

Joel SpolskyWe have had quite a few discussions here in the past of whether titles should be phrased as complete questions. For example: Should question titles be phrased as questions? (A straw poll) What's in a Title (line)? How can we get more people to make their title a question? Our guidance is a li...

There's a bit of controversy around that...
Some folks think they should, because it looks professional and makes it clear that it's a... *question*.
Some folks feel they shouldn't, because the extra words are just noise - you're already on a Q&A site, *of course* it's a question.
Most folks don't know what they're asking and/or can't form complete, grammatical sentences anyway.
I think that a lot of the benefits cited there are also benefits of clear, grammatical, concise phrases.
@Jefromi Yeah - getting useful information into the title in a way that doesn't make eyes gush blood is a pretty good first step regardless of where you go from there.
If you write a phrase that's a grammatical question if you prepend "how do I" you've pretty much done all the "hard" work.
"Coloring scallops blue or green without food dye" vs "What natural ingredients can be used to color food blue or green?" - the thing that really strikes me is that the important words are all at the end in the question form.
so it takes a little more effort to skim the question page
Oh, I see, apparently I agree more with Jeff.
12:33 AM
@Jefromi You're in the "random" camp
@Shog9 Ah. Looks like my scroll wheel finger tires too easily.
(Jeff likes question marks)
Well, he said the "how do I" bit
anyway, if you google [pasta dough multiple times machine]
the title is too long, so you get "What happens to pasta dough when it is run multiple times through..." and it doesn't actually manage to say machine in the snippet either...
so I don't think density of information is entirely useless.
@Aaronut The reason I changed it to scallops is that I figured, based on examples given by the OP, some things might be both flavor and color, and maybe some blue things would taste really bad with scallops.
13 hours later…
1:27 PM
@Shog9 Ohhh so thats what you are. Just a random floating head. I see.
1:53 PM
Coffee is so magical. What would I do without it
@rfusca, when you made the recipe of cinnamon buns from the BBA, did you make it exactly like the recipe said? I think it's a bit too lemony
I'm going to make it with 1/2 tsp lemon extract instead and put in 1/2-1tsp vanilla extract in the dough
And for the sugary topping I'm going to use just vanilla extract. I like the freshness of the lemon but it was just too much
But other than that my test run was delicious! So soft and moist and it rose beautifully
And my roommate said something else really dirty without meaning to. She said, "I really like your buns, especially with that white stuff all over it."
2 hours later…
3:47 PM
Wow, I've never had someone criticize me for explaining a downvote... cooking.stackexchange.com/a/22477/1672
4:24 PM
@Jefromi I was just reading that
That question is just not that great
Especially in its wording
But this comment the OP replied to you, made me go" HUH WTF?"
"neither, as I know relatively little about the practice of cheesemaking and have yet to attempt it. But I was referring to concocting a cheese from scratch."
Your original comment was asking if she was trying to make her own cheese or flavoring cheese
So shes saying, "no im not making my cheese or flavoring cheese, Im just making cheese." Or am i just not understanding correctly
Heh, apparently people like silly questions.
I'll ask a new one in an hour.
5:11 PM
hi @hobodave
hi @Mien :)
How are you?
I'm spiffy, how are you?
I'm oblivious of the word "spiffy". Else I'm fine :)
@Jay I think that she meant she was asking how one would do it, not how she would do it.
5:12 PM
it's just a fun and unusual way to say "great"
And now I'm a bit smarter.
Anyway, bbl, time to make pastry cream.
@Jefromi not really sure what the big difference is
How would a person who actually makes cheese concoct a chocolate cheese from scratch, not how would I make it?
None, basically.
But she thought she needed to point it out, so there we are.
@hobodave Oh, I thought that it meant "in the manner of Spaceman Spiff"
This is actually cooking-related:
5:16 PM
image not found
Odd, it showed up just fine for me...
Our hero, the valiant Spaceman Spiff, is marooned on a strange world... "I'll set my mertilizer on 'deep fat fry.' "
Or from wiki: "The Death Ray Blaster had various cooking-based settings ('Shake-n'-Bake', 'Medium Well', 'Deep Fat-fry','Liquefy' and 'Frappe'), yet they prove useless against every enemy Spiff faced."
5:43 PM
@derobert, did you seriously create a new tag called just for that question? that seems silly
@Jay sure, if we get more shredded beef questions, it'll be used, otherwise the system should automatically purge it
@derobert it just seems like one of those tags that are too specific that it wont really ever be used
@Jay maybe, especially with how small we are. But I doubt it does any harm in that case.
i didnt say it would do harm just that it was silly
Oh, that could be. I don't expect to get any taxonomist badges out of that one!
5:52 PM
@derobert Does SE actually delete tags with low questions
I think tags that don't see any use for X days are purged
Ahh i didnt know that
Lemme go check meta to see if I can find a definitive statement on that.
it thought it was something mods did manually
mostly because i've seen aaronut manually go through bad tags and edit and etc
And by seen I meant I've seen the results of that in the "active" section, not that I watch him do it through his window or something creepy like that.
Well, there are several ways a tag can expire. One of them is to have no new questions tagged that for long enough (and, apparently have few enough questioned tagged that)... but that takes 6 months, it seems
Another way is to have 0 questions under the tag for 24 hours
5:57 PM
@derobert ah ok that sounds reasonable
So, when someone puts in a bad tag (because its a meta tag, or otherwise unwanted), @Aaronut (and anyone else with edit privileges, really) remove it from questions, to get it the quick 24-hour cleanup
@Jay I'd assume you'd check Aaronut's activity by visiting his profile page. Much less risk of arrest than peeping through his windows.
@derobert not as good a view though
And, since he's Canadian, I bet he doesn't own more guns than fingers. So its safe. Except for the mounties.
@derobert lol
Wow, this is good cream ^^
6:02 PM
@Mien I think your arrows are pointing towards Jay. That is worrying.
@Mien those are smiley eyes!
learn you damn emotes
Ugh. Why does Five Guys so often have stale ketchup?
@derobert stop eating your burgers with ketchup then... especially fiveguys burgers
@Jay what about the fries?
i love me some onions and mushrooms and cheese on my fiveguys burgers
@derobert get cajun fries and screw the ketchup
6:06 PM
I do have cajun fries. But ketchup makes them even better!
And mustard. Ketchup and mustard.
@derobert bring your own ketchup into the five guys?
i like honey mustard. I dont like reg mustard
Well, I got it take out, but yeah, I'm tempted to bring my own ketchup in.
I must avoid posting an answer, "consider getting a robot body. Inquire with either the Galaxy Railways or @rumtscho."
@derobert i edited it to become less poll-ish but there i still a lot of "bad" answers because of the original wording
Yeah. It could still use a little more focus. Though I'm having a hard time coming up with anything that can really replace the flavor of freshly-ground black pepper. (Though, I guess, if you're used to pre-ground, cardboard could work)
@derobert card-board might be an upgrade
6:28 PM
@Jay well, I added a real answerish thing as a comment
and you should put tht as a answer rather than comment
its better than any of the existing answers
@Jay Nomato is the person asking the question...
And yeah, I guess I should put it as an answer, otherwise I can't get teh reps
i like pictures, add pictures to the answer
@derobert I'm not sure what was worrying about that.
@Mien i think he was worried i was going to make a comment on the cream
since cream sounds inherently sexual
6:35 PM
@Jay And I was quite surprised you didn't.
@derobert Hey! I have self control too! I just don't always use it
@Jay yes, but this is, I think, one of the few times I've seen you decide to on #TheFryingPan. Odd.
@derobert Oh i've used it on several occasions
You probably just thought i was afk on those occasions
@Jay Ah, that could be. I assume whenever you're AFK, you've actually found someone to play with, so the dirtyness level is actually increased.
A: How can I spice up ground beef without using pepper?

derobertJust to be clear, you're talking about black peppercorns (Piper nigrum) not chili peppers, correct? If so, are you also allergic to pink "pepper" (Schinus molle or Schinus terebinthifolius)? If not, those would probably be your closest substitutes. Depending again on what exactly you're allergi...

There. I posted it as an answer.
@derobert To be fair to Jay- this sounds like your imagination might actually be dirtier than he is IRL.
6:43 PM
@Sobachatina I'm a mushroom. I live in the dirt. What did you expect?
And @Jay- this may be the first time I have stood up for you being not as dirty as people expect. Don't spoil it by proving me wrong. :)
@derobert Good point. I'm glad that you are behaving consistently- that is the definition of integrity.
@Sobachatina I think the easiest way to do that is just to not talk for the next couple minutes :)
@Jay That's what I meant. Thank you. :)
@Jay But wait, then you'd be AFK, and doing who knows what.
6:45 PM
@derobert I'm at my work office in a cubicle... what could i be doing...?
Although one time.... wait no. Stay clean jay stay clean
@Jay Hmmm, you could be trying to advance your career.
Both my managers are super straight married men
Super-straight? That's a thing?
As in not-even-a-little-bit-gay?
Pegging out the scale in some non-gayness meter?
@Sobachatina As in they openly perv when we go out to lunch and stuff
When they see a attractive women,they would make lewd comments that make me blush
So- super-straight but not super-married then?
6:47 PM
well they dont say anything to the women, just comments between the boys
But their wives are super hot, so they really dont need to look elsewhere. And they are great guys, I can't really see them cheating
i actually have a small crush on one of them hah
have anyone had boss fantasies before?
Oooh. See if he recoils in horror when you ask him out. Well, I guess not, if you want to stay employed.
@derobert Nah he actually asked me if i wanted to marry him(after i brought in pie haha)
LOL, pie-baking is apparently a valuable skill.
@derobert it was for my last job too and it seems like it is for this current job
But, did you tell him, you're not ready to settle down yet?
6:51 PM
when you bring goodies, people around you like you and it makes you look good
@derobert No i told him he wasn't a mormon
@derobert I actually have a feeling he just used too less salt.
@Mien yea, i think more salt would help. pepper doesnt affect meat taste as much as he is making it sound
@Mien that is a good idea, he could try more salt. Might cover up the "off" taste.
@Jay that depends on how much pepper you use—personally, I like a lot.
I'll write an answer myself.
You never know.
6:56 PM
@Mien hah, this will be the reverse pattern. I'm answering first this time :-P
Ohh i might get the 200 rep limit today on gaming
@Mien go ahead, I won't swipe your salt suggestion from you. That is a good idea, especially with it being "bland"
@Jay It wouldn't work anyway, even back when we did have multiple wives, we didn't have wives and husbands.
@Sobachatina Then I'm going to just join a hippie camp and do whatever i want!
@Jay That's always a good strategy. Good luck.
6:57 PM
@Jay wait, you're not already a member?
This is the first time i wrote a @rumtscho length answer: gaming.stackexchange.com/a/57561/16007
@Jay Well done! And it looks like you are getting the rep for your troubles too.
@derobert no i think a prereq is to smoke at least 10 kilo of weed before you are allowed admittance
I wonder if people see walls of text like that and think "I'm not going to read all that but he must know what he's talking about so upvote!"
@Sobachatina ahahaha its possible
6:59 PM
@Jay Ah, yeah, that could get expensive. And you're clearly not mellow enough to have already gone through 10kg.
Makes me want to write a really long nonsensical answer that almost seems wise- just to see if anyone reads it enough to vote it down.
@derobert i haven't had any yet in this life time so i would have a lot of catching up to do
I think Aaronut would ban me if I did so. Answers are no joking matters.
@Sobachatina You should do it with dadadodo or similar, sort of like that published paper from a while back.
@Sobachatina write a really really long answer with the first 2-3 paragraphs that makes sense and the last 2-3 paragraphs that makes sense but put gibberish in the center couple paragraphs and see if anyone notices
7:00 PM
@derobert Answered. And I also added a few standard suggestions.
@Sobachatina Or they upvote because the writer went through that much trouble of writing something as long.
@mien- pie twice! Genius.
Hahaha :D
Ugh. The problem with the "standard" suggestions is it turns the question into a poll on "what are your favorite herbs to add to ground beef"?
There wasn't a single pie question.
And I'll be making tart tomorrow.
@Mien I wonder if I would get extra rep if I wrote it in iambic pentameter.
7:02 PM
Oh, I haven't checked that tag.
@Sobachatina You would from me!
@Sobachatina Iambic pentameter is definitely worth an upvote. Add in a few Shakespearean insults and I'm sold.
@derobert I'll give it a try sometime then.
@derobert you're cheap.
@Mien How much do you charge for clicking the up arrow?
strange i wonder why i didnt get enlightened badge on that question. first answer, 10 upvote and accepted. i guess thre is a delay. But i got the nice answer badge almost immediately
7:04 PM
@derobert Hahaha
That's a secret between me and some users here.
@Jay Where you the first?
Both answers are '2 hours ago'
@Mien well, at least, I hope you're having fun selling your vote.
@derobert Sure I have :)
I'll let you know when I'm on sale.
@Jay have your purchased @Mien's vote yet?
@Jay you wouldn't need to buy many to get edit privileges
@Mien yuo it was about 15 minutes earlier
@derobert purchase votes?
Is "docking" the correct and often used term btw?
I never heard of it.
7:11 PM
@Mien i never heard of it either
@Mien docking? Where?
@derobert in her pie question about poking holes on top of the crust
Yes that is the correct term.
I've heard it before, too, in that context
It isn't "often used" because how often do you actually talk about blind baking pie crust?
7:14 PM
the only docking i know is with boats
But when I do talk about crusts- that's the word I use.
But it's clear enough to leave the term in the title?
@Jay but, Wiktionary tells me there is another meaning you should know
Cutting of tails?
Or heads?
@derobert im aware of it :) i am exercising my self control
7:15 PM
I forgot
I don't want to know.
@Jay and that was Wiktionary. I'm not brave enough to check Urban Dictionary
@Mien Definitely. You wrote it correctly.
Okay :)
@Mien anyone who knows the answer is probably going to know the term, so, should be fine.
@derobert heh. I dont really understand what that actually does for someone... I can think of better places...
@derobert thats not necessarily true. I didnt know the term but i knew the answer
7:18 PM
@Jay No clue. No experience myself in this area. Mushrooms lack all of those parts.
@derobert I'll make a mushroom bath tomorrow btw.
Want to join?
@Mien Hmmm. What'll the water temperature be?
Yup, I host a weekly mushroom pool party in my stock pot too. Care to join?
@derobert I think it will be a cream bath.
It's good for your skin!
ive never had creamy mushroom soup before
7:20 PM
@Mien cream bath? Sounds nice. But, it seems like you're avoiding the other half of that question.
i usually throw it in some stews
@derobert A nice 100 degree. I'll leave it to you to find out if i meant Fahrenheit or Celsius ;)
@Jay I hear Europeans always use °C.
@derobert For the most part i think we also use C for liquids
i dont even remember what boiling is for F off the top of my head. 212?
or.... rankine!
@Jay Really? I'm pretty sure most folks in the US—outside the sciences, sous vide cooking, and possibly baking—use °F for everything.
7:22 PM
@Jay If by "we" you mean the US, then no, it's all Fahrenheit. You're just unusual.
@Jefromi possibly
but i take that as a compliment
I mean, really, the biggest success in metric-ification of the US is drug dealers :-P
Why would you only use C for liquids? :s
@derobert :D
@Mien Cause im unusual!
@Mien I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline your 100°C cream bath. A little warm for me. And, @Jay, shouldn't she be simmering that at maybe 85–90°C anyway? But still too warm.
7:25 PM
@derobert Well, I wanted to say that. I don't think it'll boil.
@Mien good news is, I think those Costco mushrooms will be fine with it.
just remember to heat gently. Wouldn't want to scorch the cream (or the glass shrooms)
@Jay Pool parties held in stock pots are always too crowded.
oh ok i got my enlightened badge now
just a delay
@Jay yeah, a lot of badges have delays for some reason. Guess it was easier to implement.
30 more rep for 200 limit! whoo, keep on upvoting my little pretties!'
<frantically downvotes @jay's posts wherever he finds them>
7:30 PM
@ElendilTheTall hah
Would you lose a badge you already earned if someone did downvote it below 10 upvotes?
or is a badge permanent
It's like a brand
if you look on the sole of your foot, you'll see your SE badges
a brand
gotcha like a cattle brand
no wonder they call you The Bullet
7:32 PM
well i was wondering why there is burn marks shaped like S and E on each of my ass cheeks
that's it
damn it, my internet connection is one step above two cups on a piece of string
An hour and a half for the Ps CS6 beta
that sucks. you have dial up still you said right?
@jay ADSL
Oh then it was someone else who uses dial up
i think @sobachatina
Good ol' down home Texas dial up
7:48 PM
Don't talk about it. I'll shoot myself.
There's a reason I only participate in this chat during work hours.
@Sobachatina lol
Better yet I should find an AT&T executive to shoot- that would be more productive.
#@!#@!@ A machine I administer just chucked three disks. Out of six. UGH.
yea thats why i could never make myself move to bumblefuckville. expensive crappy internet
@Jay I knew what I was getting into. Poor internet and long commute were the biggest downsides in our decision making.
7:51 PM
@Sobachatina but you get to have your own chicken in the backyard and lots of space for your other projects
@Jay Exactly- the upsides outweighed those downsides so we bought the house.
what do you grow in your gardens?
Right now just peas and spinach but they aren't doing well. It takes a couple years of trying (or a LOT of money) before a garden is really productive.
I hope I get a lot of tomatoes and peppers but the main product of the garden this year will be from the compost piles.
@Sobachatina o okie
i bought about 5 lbs of tomatoes yesterday and was going to make so pasta sauce but i forgot to buy tomato paste. technically i can make the sauce without the paste but i like it better with the paste
@Sobachatina You're in a nice environment for it, you should add some fruit like strawberries. So much better when you grow them yourself. Or corn.
7:55 PM
@derobert Very true. They're on the list but they are waiting until I get the garden planned out and the soil much improved.
The native soil around here is very alkaline and dense clay. Luckily we have a ton of oak leaves and chicken manure to fix the soil but that will take a while.
I need to find a way to do some strawberries at my townhome (in a pot on the deck, I guess)... No way I could do corn, unfortunately.
ok i need to focus on work for the next hour or so now. laters
8:22 PM
I put my cat in a box but apparently he doesn't like that.
so, apparently, he didn't mean black pepper, he meant chili peppers
or maybe both
and possibly the entire nightshade family
Sounds like both- which explains the username.
Nomato. Clever.
He has defined himself around a dietary restriction. How sad.
Nice nick indeed :)
Well, I think it's more funny than sad.
But I'm not Nomato.
That's a weird allergy. Both nightshades and black pepper? They're not even that related.
I didn't think they were related at all.
8:32 PM
Well, they're both plants!
and angiosperms!
Good point.
Of course, so is mustard, which he's OK with.
I bought a lot of cheese today ^^
I have wild nightshades growing in my pasture. I had to take the kids out and explain that they should never eat the little yellow tomatoes.
@Mien Awesome! Congratulations! Why?
@Sobachatina it sounds like you want to keep your kids.
8:34 PM
@Sobachatina Well, the price was - 1 euro if you bought for at least 8 euro.
@Mien errr, what?
@derobert I think the warrant is expired anyway.
@derobert Well, if you bought for like 9 euro, you only had to pay 8 euro.
There was a coupon!
That was the word I was looking for.
Oh! €1 off if you buy €8 or more?
that's how that'd be phrased around here.
8:36 PM
Here it wouldn't have to be phrased in English ;)
But, now you know how to hawk cheap goods in English.
(and of course, the "on purchase of €8 or more" should be in smaller print)
No it was quite big :-)
/me wonders if he has a compose entry for €. There is one for ₠, but hmmm...
compose entry = short key?
And I've got no idea what that second sign is.
sweet came back and got 3 more upvotes. i think im at 190 daily. Im almost sad... i hope people stop upvoting and wait until tomorrow lol
8:39 PM
@Mien under X11, you can have a key that you hit to indicate that the next several keys you press should be put together in one character
@Mien so, for example: compose, ~, n = ñ
@derobert Never heard of it :)
Ah I see.
I've heard of that ;)
But we don't press the compose key.
We press ~ and n
I don't have a compress key.
To type € I type alt gr and e at the same time
I don't think you need to put € on top of something
@Mien yeah, that's a "dead key", a different method. There aren't any dead keys traditionally on a US keyboard. Or a compose key for that matter. But there is a caps-lock key, and that works for one.
@Mien So... An emacs user then?
@Mien ₠ was part of the Euro transition, I believe
@Sobachatina I'm not sure what you mean by that.
You're asking if I use Linux?
But emacs is a text editor (I just read that :p )
8:42 PM
@Mien That's ok. It's a dumb, nerdy joke. Emacs is a popular text editor that makes use of insane key combinations to do advanced tasks.
@Sobachatina Oh, I get it :)
Unfortunately, I'm not that nerdy.
@Mien compose is nice, you can customize it with your own bindings, for any Unicode character. So e.g., I press compose R R and get ℝ
But if I was, I'm sure I would be rolling on the floor laughing.
@derobert Nice, I think.
I don't really have a use for it.
BTW- I think I'm the first person to mention Chuck Norris on the site. I don't know if I should be proud or disappointed.
But I normally use just the regular letters/symbols.
8:44 PM
At least the search didn't find another instance.
@Sobachatina :o
@Mien Don't worry, it wasn't actually that funny, because alt-e isn't nearly complicated enough to be an emacs combo.
It surprises me that hobodave didn't mention him.
Well, then I'll mention Chuck Testa.
Just to be sure.
Ooo! I'll upvote that.
Its no fun until you find a way to mention Wardenclyffe
8:47 PM
I think we have the most important people now.
Well, I have computers named after the first two.
But who's the third one? Was that a Sailor Moon vilian?
@derobert Probably compose = c
I think Mien would make a good Sailor Moon villain.
=e seems to work too.
8:54 PM
@Jefromi indeed, € and € do work
and so does the other order
and uppercase
and so would a currency deadkey + e, if I had a currency deadkey.
@derobert Yeah, they tend to be as general as possible.
grep of the Compose file answers all questions :-P
But you have to type the character to grep for!
@Jefromi nah, you can copy & paste it. Or have perl print it from its name.
and normally its spelled out in the compose file anyway
@derobert Haha, yeah, I wasn't entirely serious there.
8:57 PM
anthony@Zia:/usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8$ grep € Compose
<Multi_key> <C> <equal>                 : "€"   EuroSign # EURO SIGN
Now we know your hostname!!!
@Jefromi yep. That's my second machine at work. Old one was Tao. Don't have an Esteban yet.
Here come the hackers. I'm going to sell this info to devious Eastern European computer experts. Like @rumtscho.
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