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@AviD Well, the edit does make it better.:)
1:49 AM
@TerryChia Yea results are a bit disappointing :(
@D3C4FF Meh, it will rock for ultrabooks. A new Macbook Air with Haswell is tempting....
@TerryChia All i care for are desktops :P
Fuck this tablet/portable 'revolution'
@D3C4FF I love my desktop but I can't exactly lug it around school. ;)
But yeah, fuck tablets with x86. Those should stick to ARM..
Aint nuffin' replacin' 'ol big bertha here...
1:57 AM
@TerryChia I just came a little
@D3C4FF Just a little?
@TerryChia Okay, i might a towel...
I guess that won't fit in my backpacK: madshrimps.be/files/images/articles/…
@TerryChia It is now my goal in life to buy one of these.
@D3C4FF I think @AviD needs one. Perfect for his underground lair....
@TerryChia I neeeeeeeeeed one. NEED.
The 1510 looks like it'd be totally awesome to mod the hell out of as well :D
2:13 AM
@TerryChia reminds me a bit of that navigation seat from Alien where they found the remains of the ancient astronaut :)
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Game of thrones. Srsly. -_-
2 hours later…
7:11 AM
@D3C4FF What happened?
@TerryChia oh sure. I already have two, His and Hers.
but DAAAMN yeah I want one...
wow, the entire internet is talking about last night's GoT !
So I ask a question in SF because I think it's more server-related than security-related. And the advice I get is... well, SF people don't spend much time thinking about security.
Q: What to use instead of FTP

tylerlI get this question all the time from people who run Windows-based web servers. FTP, while ubiquitous, has numerous flaws shortcomings, not all of which can be solved simply by slapping SSL/TLS on top of the existing FTP protocol. So is there a protocol, configuration, or other solution that a W...

serves me right, I guess.
7:28 AM
Not may people think seriously about security, even security profesionals.
@tylerl not going to answer there, but SFTP is the right answer for you. Even though it is related to SSH, SFTP does not give you shell access (tbomk).
@AviD yes, I know SFTP is a separate subsystem which typically uses SSH to securely tunnel its connection. But with respect to implementation, it's difficult to find the one without requiring the other
Though if there's a solution that makes that simple to set up, that's what I'm after.
ah, I wouldnt know about that.
Specifically, SSH server will typically create a login shell, and therefore SSH clients assume a shell is active, which means you have to fool the client into thinking that it can run a small set up of commands (the command "sftp-server" in particular, but sometimes others for extended functionality). Which is why rssh exists.
8:16 AM
@this.josh What's security? Is that something I should know about?! ;)
@Adnan The usual. People dying etc. I'll rant about it once @AviD has finished watching :P
9:14 AM
@tylerl On my server, I have normal SSH with SFTP enabled. Then I have a set of sftp users in an group and deny then anything but SFTP.
@D3C4FF Spoil it for him. After all, spoilers don't matter anymore
@Adnan well... I'm about a season behind on Dr.Who, and the shock of who River Song is was a bit... muted, having heard it already... Same for a few of the other big reveals there.
10:02 AM
@AviD I don't like pets.
@AviD Yeah, animals I have to feed and, in the current social context, people would get upset if you eat them.
@Adnan Honestly, if you spent half as much time on your makeup as you do on your stupid comments, you'd be so pretty.
@AviD I am fucking pretty. Also, which comment are you talking about?
@Adnan hehe, I've been saving that retort. But I have no idea what pets you're talking about.
oh, is that a thinly veiled spoiler?
do they eat the direwolf?
10:09 AM
@AviD It was just a general statement. I don't like pets.
Also, I need to start going to the gym more often. 0.5-1 times a week isn't enough
I don't know what's with this song but a couple of nights ago it helped me. In a way or another, @Lucas, you wingmanned me. Thanks.
I am going to do a little 3rd-party repwhoring now, just because I think the answer to my question deserves it:
A: Criteria for Selecting an HSM

MichaelSome technical factors that may be relevant: Performance - across whatever matters for your application (if any): encryption/decryption/key generation/signing, symmetric, asymmetric, EC, ... Scale - is there a limit to the number of keys it supports, and could that limit be a problem? Redundanc...

@Adnan wow - haven't heard that in a loooong time
Have a watch of this - guy in my team has a mellow prog band.
@RoryAlsop Lucas linked to it a few days ago. I kind of liked it, and listened to it a several times. Apparently, it's a good song to play when have a lady over.
@Adnan hahahahaha 'apparently'
10:24 AM
@AviD Jesus! That's a great answer! That guy/girl is gewwd.
@Adnan I know, right? That's the way a question like that should be answered.
IMO some of the most constructive types of questions / answers. And a great way around product recommendations...
May 30 at 11:35, by Terry Chia
@RoryAlsop Some really relaxing melodies.
He should have more views
heh, no, I meant it's a good solution to a real problem. When you need to select a product you've not got before, you need guidance. Asking for a specific product is not a good fit, for obvious reasons. This way, on the other hand, provides a great deal of value, and solves those problems. It gives me the tools to select my own damn product...
Teach a man to fish....
... and he'll waste all day drinking beer.
@AviD and he'll keep nagging you with fishing questions.
this looks like a pretty cool game
looks like a bit of Portal flavor, but with punching and rewiring things.
Perfect for @Polynomial.
10:31 AM
@AviD Looks like it requires some thinking; it's definitely not for me. I only like brain-numbing games.
one of the coolest bits I've seen in a game, there is a Defenestration skill.
I used to like this game.
Uplink is a video game released in 2001 by the British software company Introversion Software. On 23 August 2006, it was made available for purchase on Valve's Steam service and on 24 March 2011 it was made available for purchase from the Ubuntu Software Center. It is best described as a simulator of the cinematic depiction of computer hacking. Plot In the game, the player assumes the role of a hacker in the year 2010, who begins work for the Uplink Corporation, which is a worldwide company providing work for hackers. The player amasses money, software, gateway hardware and skill in th...
It's a game about hacking as much as Hackers is a movie about hacking.
@Adnan so, its about boobies?
ahh I do love uplink
@Adnan I got the full Intoversion package a while back. Never got really into Uplink as much as Darwinia and Multiwinia
10:36 AM
it runs on linux too
@lynks It's great, isn't it?
@Adnan yeah, from a gave designers point of view it had a very clever mechanism: it was like...two games. you start off by doing the missions, slowly working your way up in terms of hardware, but the second game starts when you realise you can hack banks.
hacking a bank was pretty much the only way to buy all the best stuff. and only when you had all the best stuff you could start working on the 'storyline'
@lynks Oh yes, hacking banks was great. Good thing you can get intels about high-profile accounts from previous missions.
@lynks The most difficult thing in the game was hacking LANs from outside.
@Adnan yeah i remember the lans from late storyline missions
@RoryAlsop Hmmm.. Same here, but I never played Darwinia or Multiwinia. Perhaps I should check them out.
@lynks But have you noticed that the storyline is a bit different every time you play the game?
It's so great that the storyline is determined by your choices
10:45 AM
@Adnan remember Choose Your Own Adventure books...?
@Adnan yeah I like games that do that. Love the telltalegames ones, even if they are a bit formulaic
10:58 AM
Yay! 2nd Great Answer badge!
@TerryChia link me repwhore
A: How can I punish a hacker?

Terry ChiaYou don't punish the hacker. The law does. Just report whatever pieces of information you have to the police and let them handle it. However, it is very unlikely that the attacker will be caught. The IP address you posses most likely belongs to another system that the attacker has compromised an...

@TerryChia pfff, amateur. come back when you get a +200 :P
@lynks I'm a complete amateur - my best answer only got 45 upvotes, and my best question only 50... :-(
@RoryAlsop just fill your answers with schneier quotes, the longer the better, even if they are irrelevant. screenshots of his book covers with freehand circles helps too.
11:07 AM
@lynks ahh - moar freehand circles. Got it :-)
@RoryAlsop speaking of freehand circles, for me this justifies me spending £97 on a mouse: the first two were with my good mouse, the second two with my mouse at the office. meta.security.stackexchange.com/questions/1283/…
they should add "better freehand circles" to the marketing blurb.
the curvature on the lower half of that first one is worth a million upvotes
Ahh - I have an A5 tablet just to the right of my mouse at home, for precision circles
but my gaming mouse is pretty good - it's a flash logitech thingy
google.com/shopping/product/12432039975162802615 $2000 is worth it for all the upvotes your flawless freehand circles will earn.
@lynks See, if it's flawless no one will know it's freehand.
@TerryChia hmm, maybe add a disclaimer to all affected question, with a link to a video of you using the tablet.
11:15 AM
I think you can just buy circles in bulk at WalMart...
can we make this guy a moderator? youtube.com/watch?v=eAhfZUZiwSE
@RoryAlsop Damn walmart... putting the honest average circle drawer out of business....
> Welcome to Walmart. Get your sh*t and get out.
@lynks Damn, there is a world champion for every single thing out there....
@lynks hehe. I had a math teacher like that in highschool. One day one of the other math teachers had to fill in, and drew a circle like a normal person. We made fun of him that we weren't learning about hexagons....
11:22 AM
I think we should add freehand-dashed-line-drawing to mandatory upvote status youtube.com/watch?v=l789l6np-qA
the entire concept of classroom blackboards is a broken idea. How can you teach with your back to the class?? (Or how can you write on the board while facing the class...?)
@AviD we had a particularly dangerous game we used to play at school. when the teacher turned their back to write on the board, one person would stand up, eyes closed, with their middle finger up at arms length while someone else timed how long they stood there for.
a truer test of mettle there never was.
hehe, sure, because nothing adds to a good education like a healthy amount of disrespect for the educator.
@lynks we used to throw stuff at the teacher, and try to avoid disclosing the thrower by the trajectory.
@AviD if I remember correctly, this was in religious studies.
Except when we all threw stuff at the same time...
like papers, chalk, orange peels...
11:32 AM
ahh school days...
12:04 PM
@tylerl Well that was brave! :) What requirements do you have? I think it's not entirely clear from your question. While you say why some of the possible solutions are a no-go, I think you should list your requirements as well. E.g. do you need your users to be able to edit access rights to files and directories they have access to? Would, for example, Samba cover all your needs?
12:20 PM
Would somebody double check this for me please?
Q: How is a website determining my location even via VPN?

Paul484I'm currently in China, and accessing the Internet via a VPN in the USA. When I access Google maps or other location-based web services, they all show my location as that of the VPN server. However, when I accessed a web site - http://www.ikea.com - the site redirected me to the local China site....

I'm unable to reproduce the OP's situation.
Is your browser language english?
@copy Yup. Same as the OP's.
My browser (Firefox) shows 2 languages: en-US and en. — Paul484 1 hour ago
That's what I don't trust in. Maybe some JavaScript reveals the OS language
@copy Okay, I've just made another test. I manipulated navigator.language and I changed it to zh-CN (for simplified Chinese) and I've modified the HTTP Accept-Language header to zh-CN,zh. IKEA still took me to the default locale selection page.
I've also made sure that there's only one request. There's no JavaScript redirection
12:36 PM
Yeah, an english Firefox also doesn't reveal my OS language anywhere
@copy I've given the IKEA website a pretty damn good inspection. I cannot see anything that could reveal the locale. The only time they automatically chosen the local for me is when I connected from China. I see no other explanation, they only depend on the IP address.
@Terry Any reason to copy your answer from an original question to a dupe question which you marked as dupe?
It's alright. You don't have to answer.
@Adnan Some US based service providers are known to provide such services for China based clients only, it could be the VPN's IP belongs to one of those ranges, or it's even registered to ASN managed by a Chinese company... I know I have a few of those in my database. It would be interesting to know his VPN's IP, if that's not too much to ask (probably is).
@Adnan Repwhoring, what else? ;) Seriously though, I answered it about 2mins before I remembered I already had a duplicate.
12:51 PM
@TildalWave I've considered that as an offshoot possibility. But I never thought it's actually used. Thanks for the info
@TildalWave btw, any reference for that?
one very good afternoon to all
@LucasKauffman A well deserved high five!
@Adnan I'll try and find it.. should be something on riskyinternet.com also in some article, if you can try finding it yourself... I'll look through my "geo filters" to see what info I used to decide which to put where
One such provider is for example sinovpn.com
> SinoVPN only serves clients in China. We understand the realities of foreign businesses and individuals living in China when it comes to internet access. Our support team is also based within China.
1:13 PM
> VyprVPN has servers all around the world to help you bypass location-based IP blocking. Use VyprVPN to access blocked sites from within China. Connect to our U.S., European or Asian VPN servers and appear as if you are browsing from any of these locations. VyprVPN encrypts the data you send over your Internet connection and keeps it safe.
1:25 PM
@RoryMcCune Ah, I'd been wondering. Thanks.
@ScottPack Heh. I wouldn't say "friends". I just follow him on Twitter & Untappd. "Screenie" = slang for "screenshot.
@Adnan You're thinking it could as well be a coincidence? Say a bad, not updated GeoIP database that just so happens to locate the OP's VPN IP to China, even though it's actually somewhere else? It probably wouldn't be the first time either, I've seen some pretty bad GeoIP databases out there
1:40 PM
@TildalWave Hmm.. actually, that's reasonably possible. Do you think I should add it to my "answer"?
@TerryChia Congrats! You've just got a Great Answer badge for not recommending to punish a hacker :))
@Adnan Meh, dunno. It's all too speculative IMO, I'm just curious what you think. It's too many different ways to assemble all of them in a coherent answer... not sure it's worth it
oh I think we just have a little problem as to why humanity still exists and the majority of children isn't born with STDs. All I am saying is that your comparison doesn't compute ;) ... at least for me. If it works for others, fine :) — 0xC0000022L 17 mins ago
Time to throw some facts at him
@TildalWave Agreed on the last part.
God damn it! I'm getting annoyed by this Derfder guy
@TildalWave Thanks. :)
I've already told him to use SFTP. He keeps whining about his FTP security.
1:53 PM
@Adnan linky?
@LucasKauffman It started with this
I told him to use SFTP and KeePass.
Is the recent internet buzz on Game of Thrones about the Red Wedding?
@Lucas He wasn't convinced about KeePass, and wanted to save his password somewhere and use copy-paste to avoid saving it in FileZilla, which is obvious from this.
also he wasn't convinced about SFTP, instead of using it he asked his host to restrict FTP access to his IP address, in case somebody steals his plaintext username and password
you can see that here
@Adnan sounds like a jackass
@Iszi And I just received it....weird.
2:11 PM
@ScottPack You mean, like just now?
Sometime within the last hour. I had left my cell phone sitting on my desk.
@ScottPack That's uber-weird. Do you have problems with cell coverage in your area? There's only one other guy I have had that much delay (and it hasn't ever been that long) in getting texts to, and cell coverage in his home area is crap.
@Iszi No. Hell, even in this building's elevator I have full 3g service. We have LTE in town, but I don't have an LTE phone.
@AviD Oh, that will be interesting. Do mentions inside of hyperlinks work?
2:16 PM
@Iszi I assumed. hey @RoryAlsop, did it work?
Quick question. An FTP client that stores your password in a configuration file in an encrypted form. Is it really secure? My opinion is that if the encryption key is available to the application running under the user, isn't it available to any application running under the same user (say, a malware)?
@Adnan Sounds about right
@Adnan I wonder what that guys threat model really is. He seems overly paranoid for no good reason.
@Adnan Let's back up a bit. FTP client? Using actual FTP, or is it just a multi-protocol client you use for SFTP or similar?
Which FTP client stored encrypted passwords on WIndows? Currently I am trying KeePass. I need to figure out hoe to add apsswords t oFilezila from Keepass. — Derfder 5 mins ago
@Iszi Doesn't matter. A client, anything that stores your credentials on your disk and uses them later.
@TerryChia I'm out!
2:23 PM
@Adnan heh.
My answers already tells him how to do that! He's just...
I don't think he should be configuring anything given his level of reading comprehension..
@Adnan Ok, then take FTP client entirely out of the question or you'll get responses like "it doesn't really matter - you're sending them over the wire in the clear anyway".
@Adnan Of course it's not. It still uses FTP.
@AviD Jesus Christ! You too?!
2:25 PM
@Adnan ME?!? Haaaave you seen FTP?
@AviD Consider it an Ultra Super Awesome SSL Secure FTP
Would you consider sending passwords over HTTP secure, no matter how they're kept on disk?
@AviD Duuuuude! My question is regarding encrypting the password.. it has nothing to do with sending it!
I just said FTP as an example
@Adnan And my comment has nothing to do with your question!
3 mins ago, by Iszi
@Adnan Ok, then take FTP client entirely out of the question or you'll get responses like "it doesn't really matter - you're sending them over the wire in the clear anyway".
2:26 PM
@AviD I really expected this from @Iszi, but not you.
@Adnan that's stoopid, you should be using SFTP.
FTP was a good proof of concept when the Internet consisted of 12 computers. It all went wrong when someone decided that it should ship as a production protocol.
@Adnan yeah, saw his comment as I hit enter....
@AviD Are you trolling me? Please just tell me if you are, my nerves are hitting the ceiling right now!
@Xander To be fair, FTP is still a good enough protocol to use IF you are hosting a public ftp server which doesn't require login.
@Adnan I think you need some coffee. It's @AviD. Of course he is trolling.
2:27 PM
@TerryChia @Adnan exactly. His question is "how did the passwords leak", most likely has less to do with his client than the fact that he is using FTP.
@TerryChia Yup, true.
FTP is known to be whorish.
@TerryChia lol, lil bit, yeh.
@Xander back when bad guys didn't exist. FTP plain is still a good protocol as long as you don't need authentication. For instance Ubuntu repositories
@AviD Who cares about that question?! I wanted to know if AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA client was saving your credentials
@TerryChia I don't drink coffee. And I'm really not in a mood to take trolling. I usually am, but not now!
@Adnan that's a stoopid name for a program, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA client?
2:29 PM
FTP is good for unauthenticated, read-only access. Allowing write access over FTP is stoopid.
I still host a FTP server local to my machine for sharing files to my VM anyway. Its useful since I don't have to configure a shared folder each and every time.
Yup.. that's it. I'm officially in no mood for this
@Adnan you wanted the truth???? You can't handle the truth!
@Iszi So's your face. ;)
@Adnan dont think of it as trolling, think of it as poking. with a stick.
or holding my finger 1.5 inches from your eyeball, and telling our mom that "I'm not touching him!"
2:30 PM
Now to calm the rumours down: think of boobies
Quiet pause while everyone thinks of boobies...
I think he's just cranky because of my comment this morning about him being pretty.
@Xander With all the @RoryA's age teasing around, I feel rather awkward now remembering those first moments of WWW (not ARPANET, I'm not THAT old! LOL)
@TildalWave duuddeee you're olldddd
@TildalWave I mean, I was alive then, but I don't remember much
@lynks He is practically a baby compared to @RoryAlsop. We all are.
2:34 PM
side note: this is an interesting set of results google.com/search?q=www
@lynks hehe well I remember TCP/IP baby steps ... but I was a geek already by then, and since then time has stopped and it's all the same, just more jackass teenagers poking it at the same time
@TildalWave Yeah, I'm right there with you.
@TerryChia @RoryAlsop was there when Doctor Who just started travelling around. not the show, the character.
@LucasKauffman Yeah, it has it's uses, for sure. I just don't like it. :-)
@LucasKauffman I'm watching GoT. Does that count?
2:40 PM
@lynks Heh. One of my friends has +1'd www.facebook.com.
Everything is better after a beer.
@Ladadadada that's just spiteful.
@Adnan s/beer/bear/
@AndyMac By the way, thank you for being the only one who actually attempted to answer my question.
@Adnan no probs!
@Adnan oh, if you actually wanted an answer - it is possible to make it "pretty" secure, by requiring the user to put in the password (to derive the key from it), isolating the app, integrity levels, blocking clipboard, etc. However it is likely that none of that is done.
unless you're using a dedicated password app, like keepass, passsafe, etc.
2:47 PM
@AviD My question (if you looked a bit more carefully) is specifically about applications that just encrypt your password and decrypt it with a key stored somewhere (maybe in the application's code itself, or somewhere else). If it makes you happy, think Skype.
@AndyMac The wine is becoming clearer and clearer everyday. We're gonna have a mid-summer company party on Friday, and I decided to drink it while still young. It's a shame, I know, but at least we'll get to enjoy it in a pretty good party.
@AviD I'm still blushing!
I've found a house to live in rather than a flay! Will be looking at making some wine/beer over the Winter months now that we've the space.
flay should be flat
@Adnan no, your question was about whether the application that encrypts your password, is necessarily insecure. you didnt specify that the key is stored, you assumed it.
and you know what they say about when you assume... you make an ass of yourself. ;-)
@AndyMac I was wondering....
@AviD I thought the saying was "ass of you and me"? So you are an ass as well.
@TerryChia Ditto!
@TerryChia no, that's just stoopid, why would it have an affect on me??
2:53 PM
@AviD Because you're an ass, duh!
@AviD What @Adnan said. ;)
Well, speaking of asses, Imma go get my ass kicked now.... My Krav Maga teacher asked me to be his crash test dummy for a self-defense class he's giving in the neighborhood. Folks, its been real.
on the upside, its women only, so I'm going to have 15 women kicking me in the nuts while I writhe around on the ground.
@AviD If you die, at least you have a cool quote attributed to you.
@TerryChia which one?
@AviD This needs to be pinned. @ScottPack @RoryMcCune.
2:54 PM
lol, noooo....
May 30 at 16:14, by Terry Chia
> Security at the expense of usability, comes at the expense of security. - Avi Douglen
The article is old, but in the discussion i found a solution. But the problem is that even the quickconnect are stored in the xml. That's insane! How can such popular software be so insecure? — Derfder 1 min ago
Hehehehe.. he unaccepted the answer and downvoted it
@Adnan I'm guessing he still hasn't clicked on your keepass link?
@Adnan Maybe he asking questions for the sake of ranting rather than wanting any answers?
@TerryChia @AndyMac He's simply incompetent. I'm trying not to say anything bad about him.
3:07 PM
Alex Miller on June 03, 2013

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #48! Our guest today is Jorge Castro, member of the Community Team at Canonical (of Ubuntu fame). We also have Robert Cartaino, our very own Director of Community Development, here at Stack Exchange, as well as the usual suspects – David Fullerton, Jay Hanlon, and Joel Spolsky..  Our guest Jorge Castro works on Ubuntu, at Canonical. He says to pretend it’s double Os instead of U’s: Ooboontoo. (David, Jay, and Joel work on Stack Exchange, at Stack Exchange.) …

3:26 PM
@RoryMcCune @AviD This is a wacky device! theverge.com/2013/6/3/4390708/…
3:37 PM
@AviD Heh - I refer you to the answer given in the example :-)
@AviD Oh, and yes - it worked perfectly
@AviD Did you guys know I was out? So I'd come back to a flurry of pokes in the transcript :-)
@TerryChia ahem - done
@RoryAlsop Can you remind me which phone you've upgraded to?
@ScottPack Galaxy S3
@TerryChia ooo - clever
@terry looks cool I just wonder how readable full hd is on 11.6 inch
does it do both things well, or each one like a pile of ...
@RoryA lol :p
I wonder how much it will set you back
3:47 PM
@RoryAlsop Both the wife and I have Inspire 4Gs right now, and are set to upgrade. That's one on my short list, though even with a new contract it's a big pricier than she wanted. What do you think of it?
@RoryAlsop Wait, stratch that. They currently have a "web only" thing for $30 for a refurb model. What's your opinion?
@RoryAlsop Well, the hardware itself seems decently enough specced... I just wonder how the concept pans out in practice.
I really like it - battery life is really good (although I do take a battery pack if I am going to be spending all day Ingress-ing), the screen is responsive, signal strength is better than my previous HTC Desire HD on the same network, and it is well constructed
I have hacked it a bit, as I didn't like some of the Samsung extras - so I used a canned variant of Cyanogen, but it makes it very easy to install whatever ROM you want
@RoryAlsop We have the US version of the Desire, so I figure yours will be the most relevant experience.
I'll want to root and/or unlock it, but she would probably be just as happy to use the standard rom. How was the usability transfer from sense?
Afternoon All
@ScottPack Dead easy - for the UI on my Desire HD, my wife's Desire, and my new S3 I have used the Go Launcher and it is literally a checkbox once you install the interface you want. Sense was okay, but even the stock Samsung one is better. Very intuitive, although some of the config options will be in a slightly different place)
3:59 PM
@TerryChia ooh interesting. I'm expecting quite a few things like that 'cause of computex
@ScottPack Go for the HTC One or S4 with stock android. :P
@ScottPack the Xperia Z has been quite good for me so far. Only caveat is that it really needs a case or the screen scratches pretty easily.
@ScottPack the main reason to get it would be if you need/want a waterproof phone
@ScottPack although even absent that party trick it's a nice phone
@TerryChia We're not either of us willing to shell out $200 for a phone.
@ScottPack ahh don't get the Xperia Z then :op
I want to use that liquid to waterproof my phone :-)
and my guitars
and my amp
hang on, what else can I waterproof
4:03 PM
@Roryalsop waterproof all the things!
waterproof all the things!
@RoryMcCune I might be willing to talk myself up to $100, but even that hurts a little to think about.
@ScottPack hmm tricky one. not sure how many androids come in around that..
@RoryAlsop children!
@RoryMcCune After extensive testing I can confirm they are waterproof
@RoryMcCune HTC One VX for 50, Refurb Galaxy S3 for 30 (nonrefurb for 100), HTC One X for 100.
@RoryAlsop I would call children water proof up to about 1 meter (depending on age) and water resistant beyond that.
4:06 PM
@ScottPack How much testing have you done to confirm this theory?
@TerryChia I refuse to answer.
@ScottPack Although I have a rather strong dislike for Samsung products, I guess the S3 is the best of that bunch.
Man this sucks, I think my Westone 4 cable is dying on me....
Oy, lunch time.
I'm sat in the airport waiting for my plane back home. two interesting pieces of travel knowledge for UK types, that I learned today. 1. Easyjets android app seems to work ok for boarding passes and changing flights (although it's not as cheap as turning up early to see if there's a free seat on an earlier plan) and 2. the Benugo in Luton airport has power points :)
@RoryMcCune Useful tip to add to Foursquare :-)
4:16 PM
@RoryAlsop but then I would need to install foursquare. on another note, ooh smurf portal in departures
@RoryMcCune hahaha - geddit
5:09 PM
5:39 PM
So I just read what the subject of last night's GoT episode was. That'll be fun to watch.
1 hour later…
7:03 PM
oh - @rorym - I was only partially right:
Q: Is there a limit to the XM I can get in a short span of time?

KappeiYesterday, while hacking an enemy portal, I was blasted and lost 300 XM. Even though the portal was packed with XM and I was sitting right on top of it, my XM didn't replenish itself as fast as I expected, getting absorbed in waves. Is there a limit to the XM I can get at the same time or was it ...

this is how more than one person can gain the same XM at the same time...
7:22 PM
@Gilles Awww damn it! I always criticize others for answer dupes, and now I've done it myself.
@RoryAlsop Ahh I was going to say, looks like there's a decent range of Ingress related questions over on gaming.SE
7:41 PM
But is there one about faking your GPS location?
@TerryChia seriously? 8 stars, and a pin?? because its about me gettin my arse whupped?
@AviD Specifically because it's not about your ass getting kicked.
@RoryAlsop lol, good answer
@ScottPack heehee, yes, it turns out that women find nutkicking to be incredibly humourous.
@RoryAlsop same....
@AviD That seems to be not unexpected.
I did get to use pads, though. so it wasnt really painful.
but I did have about a dozen women standing around talking about my privates, so that was fun.
7:46 PM
@AviD are you trying to get two pinned posts in one night?
@RoryMcCune gawd no.
luckily I didnt get pinned to the post tonite, there wasnt time for that.
damnit, google apps
@avid BTW you going to be watching the Intel Haswell keynote tomorrow?
why so dumb, to let this blatant spam get to a user's inbox: pastebin.com/bACpkxEg
will be interesting to see what they have to announce..
7:49 PM
@RoryMcCune naw, I'm not that interested.
and even if I was - a keynote, really?
@AviD but but , shiney ultrabooks with extra-long battery life ...
@RoryMcCune I dont see how they would be announcing anything past what was in that review @TerryChia linked...
yeah I prob. won't watch they keynote really but will be refreshing engadget all day
@RoryMcCune heh, yeah, but no different from what there is now - just a tiny bit more so.
@AviD well they're promising 9+hours active live and like 2+weeks standby
which would be nice
and almost tablet like.
7:51 PM
that is interesting
but not really revolutionary... especially lacking any other details.
it is possible to do that today....
I'll be holding out for my dream ultrabook though. Light like a macbook air, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, High Res screen (touchscreen convertible for preference) with a docking station so I can plug in external monitors
if I get all that I could replace my laptop, desktop and tablet with one device
w00t, 200 score on my xkcd answer. and to think, I almost didnt bother answering it, because there were enough proofs of the maths...
8:19 PM
Q: my websites got infected with a malware i cannot get any info on

memicalwe have a server, on which we host about 30 sites. these are test sites for our customers. most of them are not even indexed by google. some run on php, some on nodejs, some on ruby. all of them that run on php have been infected. on 27 and 28 of may in a lot of directories (not only the root o...

@RoryM what about a Lenovo z series?
@LucasKauffman Z series? not heard of those the X1 carbon touch is close
but not quite there
just needs 16GB instead of 8 and 512GB SSD instead of 256GB
and a good battery life :)
@AviD I'm not quite sure how is that a good thing in your case.
@RoryM the y series is also with touch (can't link I'm on my phone)
@Iszi I VTCed as TL
8:33 PM
@LucasKauffman I should read better Y series ain't the yogas is more gaming laptops..
@LucasKauffman ahh found the Z too, you're in ideapad territory rather than thinkpad :)
Yea tweakers had the idea pad as best buy for last quarter
I love the think pad though unfortunately it's very very ugly
@LucasKauffman yeah but thinkpads are (generally) nice robust laptops :) they are an "acquired" taste though
problem with most gaming laptops is that they're way heavier than I'm looking for
Yea our new pentest laptops at work are the dell Inspiron 15r with i7, 8 gb memory and 256 gb ssd, thinking of buying one myself considering they are about 700 euro
The only thing I wanted on them was a bigger battery
@LucasKauffman If I were you I'd wait for the haswell refresh to see how much it helps battery life. If it's "not much" then get the likely discounted ivy bridge ones, if it's "loads" then get the haswell :)
Ooh good idea :p
8:41 PM
Four votes on that now. Who wants to play moderator?
Me me me
8:56 PM
@RoryM haswell requirements look impressive on paper, 7 days of standby
9:56 PM
The last GoT episode had a nice plot twist
10:20 PM
@LucasKauffman OMG
just saw it...
what is wrong with that writer??
10:37 PM
@AviD Hates typing a lot of long and complicated names for longer than a few seasons? Didn't get used to Office Clipboard yet? Doesn't get paid by the number of characters? He's a sword swallower? There's any number of explanations, and your question is not constructive :P
one thing I'll say for sure, its not a feel-good show.
seriously, why does he hate good people?
Aussie politicians are funny... found this one (yeah, it's old news):
@AviD dunno but I'm not sure I appreciate it where it's going either with too much of the unnatural powers at the one end and then trying to balance that with realities of life shockers
is it password day today?
10:56 PM
@Gilles hmmm I'm pretty sure that's a duplicate
@TildalWave which one? If you mean the latest question, I evidently agree
@Gilles yeah... you do, but I don't see it with any close votes, you think it's worth keeping it open?
@TildalWave do you mean security.stackexchange.com/questions/36895/… ? I did vote to close, and the asker just deleted his question
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