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3:04 AM
Wow. The sidebar is still dominated by tits. Are they that amusing, or is this place just that dead?
3:17 AM
(You may consider the first portion of that question rhetorical.)
8 hours later…
11:33 AM
I've noticed that we tend not to star very frequently.
@ScottPack well, still not a huge number of folks come in here. If we had the volume SO has we'd have to behave better :-)
I'm not sure I would want SO volume.
SO has gone so far past critical mass that you can fart and gain a few hundred rep.
12:13 PM
@ScottPack Ouchies.
@ScottPack By the way, did you ever join the Twitterverse?
12:36 PM
This one looks like it might be better placed in SF.
Q: Moving from a one tier to a two tier Microsoft Certificate Authority heirachy

BradRight now we have a single Microsoft Enterprise Root CA which issues certificates to our VPN users for two factor authentication. We're planning to extend use of the CA to issue certificates for RDP and also Dell Open Manage (systems management application). Most of the reading I've done so far...

Every time I see this one though, I'm a bit frustrated that I can't up-vote it and @RoryAlsop's answer again.
Q: What is the difference between a penetration test and a vulnerability assessment?

SimWhat is the difference between a penetration test and a vulnerability assessment? Why would you choose one over the other? What deliverables would you expect to receive and how would you rate the quality of them?

12:51 PM
@Iszi Aww - cheers!
We did put an awful lot of work into that one. Me, other Rory, Dave, folks from banking, CREST, other vendors, random peer reviewers
PTES will be concentrating just on the "how to" bit, but we hope they stick within the same sort of framework as it does seem to go down well
So you never got Dave to change his name?
We tried.
@Iszi No, I was going to over the weekend, but someone always managed to find yet another chore.
We are attending a small con hosted by another Rorie this summer. If only we could get Dave to change his name that would be 4 Rories :-)
Maybe we should refer to him as "Rory{\sub 2}" anyway
12:56 PM
5 or 6 years ago when Rory and I worked for the same employer, everyone just referred to me as Rory 1 (as I was there first) and he was Rory 2. With the new gig, he grabbed Rory 1 first...so I went all Asimov and my sig is Rory 0.
I'm a bit sad, ain't I :-)
Hi @Andy - always good to see new faces in here.
Not really. I tend to think of you as Rory'
@ScottPack very good
I suppose it would be too much to ask that chat supports \LaTeX.
I seem to recall that the functionality exists - doesnt the LaTeX stackexchange chat support it?
So does math
If you'll excuse me, I need to play in something resembling a kitchen.
2:01 PM
@ScottPack Sounds like it won't:
A: Latex in Stack Overflow?

Jeff AtwoodThis is implemented on http://math.stackexchange.com -- you can check it out there. It will never be on Stack Overflow, though, as it is an extremely heavy dependency. Info here: http://meta.math.stackexchange.com/questions/2/tex-math-markup-is-sorely-needed

1 hour later…
3:18 PM
It figures.
So, I assume you will understand this, @RoryAlsop. I thought having a child would be bad for my health, what with the whole hiking thing not happening as much.
We just came back from the park and jeebus...that thing wore me out.
3:43 PM
I hear ya! Taught my youngest to ride a bike yesterday. She picked it up first try, but in feeling a tad protective I found myself running with her for about 30 minutes. Absolutely knackered
and she's only 4
4:19 PM
We tried to put her on a bike yesterday, but it didn't go so well. No real interest in the whole "pedaling" thing.
We figured we would try again in 6mo-1yr
2 hours later…
6:07 PM
This is stupid. I can look up any number of court cases and traffic citations online. I can even pay a traffic citation online. But when it comes to Code Enforcement, not so much. The most you can do is download a spreadsheet of all the current open case numbers and associated addresses. Anything more has to be done the old-fashioned way. What the heck?
I run into the same problem here.
Good News: If I call the code enforcement office then the (singular) guy has completely grokked the entire code book and is capable of answering any question you have immediately.
Bad News: One must call in during municipal employee hours and there is no way for me to self-determine if it is even necessary to ask.
@ScottPack Code as in building codes? Noise? Internet Code of Conduct?
General municipal codes. Building included.
@ScottPack What he said. In my case, someone complained about a car I've had sitting unused in the driveway for awhile. As it turns out, the sticker on the tag is expired even though I'm pretty sure the registration itself is up to date (I just forgot to put on the new sticker).
Which reminds me...
Who cares if the registration expired. Just don't drive it.
6:26 PM
@ScottPack Code Enforcement cares. They take it as evidence that the vehicle is "abandoned, inoperative, discarded or in an evident state of disuse"
Ah, and that's a no no in your neck of the woods, eh?
I seem to recall hearing about something like that here. I wonder how it's defined.
Of course, where I came from when we got tired of our cars we just pulled em into the yard around back and walked away.
7:08 PM
In related news, it's also interesting to discover that you can request a replacement vehicle registration online but if you want the decal you have to actually go to your local tax collector's office.
So, it seems I'm going to have to burn a day of PTO (which I'm running horribly short on, thanks to the bug I'd caught a couple weeks ago) to take care of this mess.
@Iszi Now if only we had better tracking and Code Enforcement of software that is "abandoned, inoperative, discarded or in an evident state of disuse" ....
I knew we could find some relevance to the channel in this conversation.... It was so close! :)
@nealmcb Did it hurt, stretching for that one?
@Iszi Oh no - that felt good!
I still note there's one or two mentions of boobs in my sidebar. Nice to see my fluxcapacitor joke made it though!
Does anyone else find this sadly unsurprising?
New report says 65% of enterprises have no IT security measures or are inconsistent, more @InfoSecurityMag http://ow.ly/4pRTa
7:24 PM
@Iszi That tweet is actually a misquote. They're talking about measurements and metrics, not IT security measures (i.e. practices) of any kind.
@nealmcb Yeah. Noticed that. Still...
@Iszi Indeed - depending on how low the bar is for an "enterprise", that is disappointing....
Hmm - and the "survey" describes itself badly also. They didn't survey organizations, as described at their page (sensage.com/company/2011/…) nor enterprises, as the news article says. They surveyed attendees at a conference. I hate that kind of misleading pr and reporting.
8:07 PM
@nealmcb Hm. Frustrating indeed.
Anyhoo, I'm gettin' gone. Cya.

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