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12:07 AM
@Xander Did you ever taste the beer "La fin du monde"?
Is there any way to skip all those intros in Borderlands 1? The game would freeze every now and then, not sure why, but the most annoying thing is that it takes minutes to reload and it's not loading that's slow
OK found it, apparently I have to remove / rename intro videos and it'll do the trick
@Xander Cool! That's what I'm drinking right now.
A 750 mL bottle #yolo
@Simon Nice! It's a fabulous beer. Of course, just about anything Unibroue makes is fabulous. One of my favorite breweries, easily. But that one is particularly good.
@Xander It looks like we got some sweet brewers here.
12:40 AM
@Simon In Quebec? Oh yeah, for sure. McAuslan is another one. They have just about the best Oatmeal Stout on earth.
@Xander Cool I'll check 'em out
I was expecting La fin du monde to be a lot harsher since it's 9% but not at all!
@Simon Yeah, it's really well done.
@Simon This is the McAuslan Oatmeal Stout, in case you see it: mcauslan.com/en/beer-facts/?brand=st-ambroise-en&id=446
It's under their St Ambroise label.
Smooth and creamy and not at all bitter. It's yummy.
Hum, I don't think I've ever had oatmeal stout.
I should try that out.
2 hours later…
2:17 AM
@Xander I considered getting one of those the other night.
3:12 AM
Hi all
4:04 AM
This question appears to be off-topic because only David Houde can answer it. Would you two boys like to rent a room? — TildalWave 1 min ago
well that's a first
Q: David Houde some informations please

0cTeTHi david (if you see this post), you answered to this post : Hack into a computer through MAC and IP address The hack isn't insteresting me, bu i want to understand how it works. Can you explain me with more details the procedure ? Or simply delivery me some sites which will help me to improve m...

@TildalWave The question that linked to is fun...
It took me a couple of minutes to figure out the whole community was screwing with him...
yup I remember it
@TildalWave facepalm
4:08 AM
@TildalWave The "redacted formula" was just great... A bit of math...
I genuinely felt bad for that guy
well what's odd is that nobody flagged that whole thread so it would be deleted ... a bit of harmless fun and having it there a day or two like usual, but that's from April
Q: Hack into a computer through MAC and IP address

user45016Can I hack into someone's computer if I know the MAC address of his modem and his public IP address? Is this possible? What kind of stuff would I be able to access?

^ cc @RоryMcCune @AviD probably best if both these two questions are deleted before David gets in trouble, god knows how many didn't get it he's just mocking it
@TildalWave Perhaps the bears wanted to waste the time of some more would-be hackers?
Or at least didn't mind other people wasting their time...
Although, in the defense of the poser, he never did ask HOW to break into someone's computer. He just asked if it could be done...
Hey, @TildalWave, how did you do that?
edit your message, that is
@KnightOfNi up arrow on your keyboard, then edit away
also, I'm a mod I can edit anything
@TildalWave Not working for me...
not that I want to, mind you
there you go
4:17 AM
never mind, I was clicking on things...
got it
there's also a menu to the left of each post if you hover with your mouse over it
Now I'm going to spend the next several hours fixing every grammatical mistake I've ever made on this chat... Bless you
you can't, non mods can only edit for some time, dunno what the grace period is I think 2 or 3 minutes
@TildalWave So... this is hell...
that's been said a few times before for the DMZ
4:21 AM
@TildalWave I am very ready to believe that... People around here have way too much fun.
And I mean that, of course, in the best possible way.
Never having been the object of the fun.
2 hours later…
6:14 AM
1 hour later…
7:34 AM
@DavidFreitag cool!
@StackExchange Randall does have a point there ...
At least the kids are writing at all, without having to force them.
Which is more than can be said about my generation and older, for the most part.
A: Could a third party access my system - particularly browsing history?

dog hatOh, yes, it is possible in this modern society. In my opinion, it is quite common to put some malicious files on your machine by email attachment. Then, concerning about your colleague accesses your computer, I heard that there is software like Micro Keylogger http://goo.gl/K9upwS can be used to ...

more Micro Keylogger spam disguised as an answer ... well, almost ... if it actually was something more than useless generic crap
Can we please ask devs to add a custom spam filter (it's possible) for "Micro Keylogger"?
^ cc @roryalsop @avid
7:59 AM
@TildalWave Flag it as spam and it'll go away
I'm pretty sure @TildalWave has already flagged it.
But I'm wondering if they aren't astroturfing
But spam flags are sadly not all too effective for prevention.
Not directly
But the devs can use it to write filters
More effectively than just waiting for someone to complain
Hence why @Tildal is asking for a filter addition. ;)
8:01 AM
And they have access to the logs which could allow them to identify the source and shut it down (for a day or two)
Sorry, I mean that it's more efficient just to flag it as spam and let the whole process work than trying to shortcut it with direct requests
Or so I believe :P
Not that it's of terrible importance anyway :)
There is no "process" that raises spam flags to dev attention. At least not remotely as fast as it should be. ;)
That I don't know
The "process", in fact, is usually just "get a mod to ask a dev".
But for a web site this big, spam has to be an issue
So I imagine there are some stats created from spam reports
Or you just might be right :P
There are spam stats. But they're usually not helpful for finding patterns.
You have different kinds of spammers, different ways of avoiding detection ... Usually it's easier for the community to figure that out, than for a statistic to reveal it.
8:05 AM
Because, ultimately, we do spot it through patterns ourselves
Although we so have somewhat more brain power than the average Bayesian analysis tool ;)
Yes, patterns that lead to "Hey, this {keyword} keeps showing up in those posts, maybe we can get a filter against that!"
A computer will tell you "Each of those posts contains the word 'have'! Try banning that!"
You're getting way too simplistic
Not really.
Imagine you have two different spammers.
One posts about 'Micro Keylogger' all the time, the other about, I dunno 'Download HBO Game of Thones'.
How does the system tell those two apart?
Without sacrificing patterns?
8:08 AM
But using URL shortening service might lead to "posts containing links to goo.gl are likely spam)
Yes, but shortened links aren't inherently bad. Could be a twitter quote.
That's where the flag spam comes in handy
Sure it could
It's a question of stats
Any given keyword (or any element of a post, really) can be weighted against how often it appears on "ham" and how often it appears on "spam"
And the ones that overwhelmingly show up in spam but not ham can be used to created automated filters.
Bayesian filtering, in other words :P
Yes, and now compare that to the amount of posts made at any given time throughout all of SE.
Then you might also have network-wide spammers, or site-specific spammers.
Which could give false-positives in either direction as well.
You'll have to segragate by site, obviously
Sorry... have to run: conf call in 5 and I haven't read the doc yet
"HBO Game of Thrones" would likely identify spam on Ask Ubuntu or InfoSec. On Movies & TV, it might be a perfectly valid post. On the other hand, a random blog might be spam absolutely everywhere, and also posted absolutely everywhere. The network is too complicated for accurate spam identification.
8:32 AM
@Stephane definitely astroturfing if you wanna call it like that (too polite?), we had loads of such posts all containing one "goo.gl" link to where you can purchase licence for it (not that anyone here would be that stupid anyway) and wrapping it all with some basic stuff about computers and internet in general as "an answer"
8:56 AM
@Stephane and what would be the problem with that?
the only reason link shorteners aren't blocked is that there's a new one born every minute
@Gilles It wouldn't be a problem :)
(Damn... I'm chatting during a conf call again)
4 hours later…
12:51 PM
anyone know @terrychia's github?
1:04 PM
@deed02392 Ayrx
Anyone around?
Need helpz
@ManishEarth hello
@JourneymanGeek x86 vs x64
What about it?
cheers @ManishEarth
1:05 PM
I used to have an AMD64 comp, now I have one with i7
x64 is bettererer
I have Dreamspark Windows
@ManishEarth: No question - x64
However, there is an x86 and x64 version
@JourneymanGeek Okay, because i7 is listed as x86-64 :p
And the Ubuntu site says this
PC (Intel x86) desktop image
For almost all PCs. This includes most machines with Intel/AMD/etc type processors and almost all computers that run Microsoft Windows, as well as newer Apple Macintosh systems based on Intel processors. Choose this if you are at all unsure.
64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop image
Choose this to take full advantage of computers based on the AMD64 or EM64T architecture (e.g., Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon, Core 2). If you have a non-64-bit processor made by AMD, or if you need full support for 32-bit code, use the Intel x86 images instead.
1:07 PM
Lets start with the thing no one seems to know (Unless you do, in which case you are awesome)
for windows 8 and I think 7, the keys are the same
@JourneymanGeek I know that :)
If you have 3.5gb or more of ram, you're wasting ram with a 32 bit os.
I have keys. I need to download
@ManishEarth Directly installed or in a VM?
1:09 PM
If you have a core i7 and less than 8gb of ram, you're an idiot, and need to go out and buy more ram now
I know what x86 means, and the difference between x86-64 and x64
@ManishEarth it's the same. Different people use different names.
but I don't know what MS means when they say "x64" and "x86"
@CodesInChaos sorry, x86-64 and x86-32
1:10 PM
AMD64 is the 'linux' arch name. EMT64 is the intel name, and x86_64 is the AMD name
there's no x86-32
AMD64, x86-64 and x64 are the same thing. Unlike IA-64 / Ithanium which is something different (rarely used)
@JourneymanGeek ?
well ,32 bit
@ManishEarth: actually you NEVER see that
x86 is implicitly 32 bit.
Calling it x86-32 because I'm too confused right now
1:11 PM
Practically linuxes are compiled for i386 (rarely!) or i586
@JourneymanGeek 8GB. Lenovo Thinkpad x520
@ManishEarth: Just think of it as x86 (eww) and x86_64 (new hotness!)
@JourneymanGeek ah, there we go
As main OS, use a 64 bit OS.
@JourneymanGeek lol
I want to use a 64 bit OS
but, when I have a 64 bit chip using the x86 arch, it gets confusing
1:12 PM
Historically AMD extended x86 for 64 bit first
Intel did that silly thing they do every few years and developed a VLIW processor, and planned to use that for 64 bit
So x64 means "64 bit", and x86 means "XXXX86 architecture"? Way to screw up nomenclature
@ManishEarth: cause x86 is intel. x86_64 is AMD developed and intel licenced and extended.
Oh, also, on a brand new Ubuntu install, shrinking a 500G partition by half from a live disk won't break stuff, right?
Or is it a grab bag?
and x86 is an abstraction for many generations of chips and microarchitecures
@JourneymanGeek Bah, competition
1:14 PM
Resizing is always chancy
@ManishEarth: competition is glorious
(note, I haven't mentioned via, who no one seems to know about)
Intel originally developed another 64 bit instruction set called IA-64, but it didn't catch on.
they may or may not be making x86/x86_64 chips any more
Also, the modern x86_64 chip still supports some 16 bit instructions IIRC
1:18 PM
x86e/64 are amazing
If you want a 64 bit VM, you'll probably need to enable VT-x in the bios.
Took me some time to figure that one out.
@CodesInChaos: I wouldn't buy a processor without it.
(right down to my older atom system and my new bay trail celeron)
wee woo wee woo
It's the nurdz alert
If I was building a box for virtualisation, I'd want vt-d too
(or IOMMU, though, there's very few processors from AMD that interest me)
@Simon: gee, what are you doing here then? ;p
@ManishEarth: Its usually safe, but a backup never hurt anyone.
@JourneymanGeek fresh install :)
nothing to back up
1:26 PM
Also, installing windows after linux will stomp all over your bootloader.
@JourneymanGeek @Simon is a closet Nurd. You know how it is, the one's who decry it most, love it most
You'll either need to fix the linux bootloader after that or get your windows bootloader to chainload linux
(and I'm a geek. And I love hardware in general)
@JourneymanGeek Oh for fucks sake, geek is the new way for hipsters to refer to themselves as nurdz.
@Simon: That would assume I give a shit about ever being cool.
1:29 PM
@Simon The word geek is older than you
@JourneymanGeek You care, you're a swaglord.
@CodesInChaos It was BARELY used.
@CodesInChaos but not older than @RoryAlsop
@Simon WTF is a swaglord (or is that one of those young people things that I wouldn't understand?)
@RоryMcCune It's a lord. Of swag.
@RоryMcCune Don't ask these kinds of questions. It will shatter any hope you may have sheltered for the next generation.
@Simon but this isn't swag in the sense of things someone has stolen from a house right.?
@ScottPack me.... hope..... I've been in Security for 15 years! that ship has long since sailed :op
1:32 PM
@RоryMcCune Hell no, it's swag like "You've got some swag, brah!".
I would have been a good cool kid.
@Simon I'm am loosely aware of that definition (I've watched Teens react on youtube, sounds like the kind of thing they would say), just checking you weren't referring to master criminals..
If anyone calls me a bra, I will take it as an insult.
And consider feeding the person through a muffin monster, feet first.
@RоryMcCune This is different.
Where I come from "Muffin Monster" is something you tend to not put your feet in.
1:36 PM
@ScottPack: Oh, you wouldn't want to put your feet in that either.
@ScottPack says you.. 15 years in security and I've lost any hope in the whole of humanity let alone the latest generation of "swaglords"
1:59 PM
@deed02392 Looks like you got the info. May I ask why you were asking? :)
2:26 PM
@RоryMcCune "accounting"
@RoryAlsop I, however, maintain my position as an idealistic cynic.
1 hour later…
3:32 PM
@Simon That sounds like one of Kalmah's tracks..
@DavidFreitag My new favorite track is one of ACTI's, it goes "I'll beat that bitch with a bat".
With an aggressive bassline.
@Simon I think I just died a lot.
@DavidFreitag It's amazing <3
@Simon Why would anyone hit a poor defenceless dog with a baseball bat?
Also, the "bitch" is a woman, lulz.
3:38 PM
@Simon How is that better?
@TerryChia We all wanted to beat a bitch with a bat at one point.
@Simon No.
@Simon I don't know how they do things in Canada, but I've never felt the need to bludgeon anyone.
Maybe shoot them a few times, but never a baseball bat.
3:41 PM
@DavidFreitag I got a bat near my bed, I hope I'm gonna use it one day.
@Simon What's your address? I'll just hire one of those canadian mercenaries to come and trash the place a bit.
@DavidFreitag It's 123 Donut Street.
@Simon "Look eh, I got paid to wreck the place eh. I'm sorey eh."
2 hours later…
5:23 PM
6:03 PM
I have the weirdest followers...
Like, there's a bunch of writers in there for whatever reason.
And VPs of tech firms ...
And I keep thinking ... Until a week ago I hadn't tweeted in months. Why the heck are people following me? What on Earth are they looking for in this empty stream of nothing?
Don't be a donut. They found you through the people you follow.
So I was at a client today when suddenly out of nowhere I get a nerfgun dart shot at me, the project manager hands me a gun and asks if I felt like playing until the next meeting
@LucasKauffman Please tell me you said yes.
6:12 PM
they even had one of these youtube.com/watch?v=F9uGpN94Ppk
@Simon played for 20 minutes
@LucasKauffman Hahaha, wise choice!
@LucasKauffman Those things are awesome
We call them the nerfling gun
6:42 PM
DUUUUUUDE. I just realized that Cmder is so much cooler than i thought it was.
7:07 PM
@FEichinger I've come to the conclusion that a lot of people using following as a marketing technique. Like when over the course of a week three people from the same company followed me, and then unfollowed me, and then followed me again, and then unfollowed me again.
@FEichinger That was the most obvious case, but I've had similar things happen to me so many times (including random people following me for no apparent reason) now that the only thing I can think of is that they're using the follow notifications to get their company/product names and blubs in front of me.
@Xander talking products, wheres your vid?
@LucasKauffman Oh, my poor head. So many things to keep track of. I'll see if I can do it tomorrow. No promises though.
@Xander You disapoint me.
@Xander I will call you panzy for a whole month if you don't do it this weekend.
7:15 PM
@Simon Oh, I promise I will do it. I just don't promise when.
@LucasKauffman Ok, I will make every effort to get it done this weekend.
That's me after the weekend.
You don't see me in the picture but I'm there holding your legs to make sure you won't run away.
I also got a donut in my mouth lulz
Has anyone used a real ice bucket for the ALS challenge? If it'd be cold enough you wouldn't even get wet. And if you do it fast enough you can put the ice back into the freezer for whisky without anyone even noticing :D
7:22 PM
@TildalWave And afterwards, your whisky would taste extra peaty.
@Xander not if you do it in the bath it wouldn't
or directly over the ice freezer
@TildalWave I just used a bucket where I poured in a lot of ice cubes
It's labor day on Monday @@@
Yeah we didn't have any ice where we shot my challenge but I still got a shock from really cold water. It would technically have the year average temperature here, about 10 degrees C, maybe less since there's this creek nearby that can't have water over 8 degrees we used to jump in it during some previous challenges and you turn blue pretty soon if you stay in it :)
Blue like a donut?
7:31 PM
actually, one close by tavern uses a cave entrance for their cold beer storage
@Simon yup ... blue lips, can you say doooooooooonut?
7:55 PM
@TildalWave Dude, nutella on a chocolate glazed donut is heaven.
8:16 PM
Q: Down with FizzBuzz... LOL

Mat's MugThis post is the result of reading through and following the LOLCODE Specification 1.2, and writing and executing my code on compileonline.com. My "hello world" was going to be a fizzbuzz. I like it because it nicely illustrates the basics of a language - variables, operators, looping, condition...


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