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12:16 AM
@Simon This is a joke right? @Simon talking about people being annoying as hell? :P
12:37 AM
@LucasKauffman so many rules they should be paying you to be there, not the other way around
5 hours later…
5:37 AM
@TerryChia Just because one is an annoyance to others, does not mean that they themselves are immune to annoyance by others.
1 hour later…
6:43 AM
@LucasKauffman hahaha - love the final one
morning ^^
Hmm - yes, Question of the Week. Think we need to get volunteers encouraged again!
Q: Requests for Question of The Week blog posts

Rory AlsopSince starting the Security Stack Exchange Blog on 15 July 2011 we have some excellent blog posts, and a large number of these are from our Question of the Week posts. Going forwards, it is probably simplest to post your favourite Questions of the week as answers on this question, and vote for yo...

7:03 AM
"volunteers", he says.
@RoryAlsop I'm actually doing a blog post but not a QOTW :(
@LucasKauffman even better!
@FEichinger well, I have no way of paying anyone :-)
@RoryAlsop Free sec.se shirt for every post? ;)
@TerryChia .......
(you crazy fool)
@RoryAlsop free shirt for every 5 post?
7:17 AM
@RoryAlsop I believe a T for every 5 posts would be appropriate
Morning All
@LucasKauffman I see what you did there - you have 6 posts published on the blog :-)
@RоryMcCune aye aye
@LucasKauffman yay - I'd get 8 t-shirts!
@RоryMcCune Morning
@RoryAlsop You shirt-whore
@LucasKauffman that sounds like it should be incredibly offensive/rude...but isn't
7:24 AM
@RoryAlsop How many do I have? 3 or 4 right?
@RoryAlsop you'd have liked the place I was out at last night. Described itself as a "gin palace"
@TerryChia 6
@RоryMcCune oooh - sounds good
@RoryAlsop Yay! I get a t shirt as well!
@RoryAlsop yeah they had a wide variety of gins and gin-based drinks was nice
7:33 AM
@RoryAlsop is there any way to obtain SE shirts actually?
@LucasKauffman Conference packs I think?
Poking Tim Post drops loot if you have the right stick. Elections drop loot.
I'm not going to brucon this year because I need to attend an internal training :(
7:34 AM
@FEichinger Not site-specific loot anymore.
@FEichinger Elections don't get you site specific shirts though.
@TerryChia: they do, on some sites.
@TerryChia They used to.
@TerryChia Unless they changed that in the last few months, they still do.
@FEichinger Last one I was in, I didn't.
7:34 AM
Most of the elections I lost were site specific shirts
@FEichinger Also, poking with the right stick...? That a euphemism?
Yeah - now conf packs are the only way to get site specific swag, as far as I am aware
@TerryChia Maybe.
but bigger sites - I have AU and SF shirts from elections
@FEichinger Hmm, last sec.se one got me a generic SE shirt.
7:35 AM
I got site-specific shirts for participation on RPG.SE, Sec.SE, and Gaming.SE. All I got for running in the Sec.SE election was a generic SE pack.
@RoryAlsop: that might make me a sad panda. I kinda want a replacement SU shirt, since mine's getting ratty.
@AviD did you get a promo pack?
@AviD how much beer would a shirt cost me?
@LucasKauffman supposedly its on its way....
@LucasKauffman Just one... in Tel Aviv. ;-)
Maybe Sec.SE doesn't have loot right now for some reason?
@FEichinger It's probably because the shirt whore @RoryAlsop took them all.
7:38 AM
My guess would be that they're cutting down on the election loot, to keep the con packs intact.
He might have that "right stick" you mentioned earlier.
I know this year AU still got shirts.
I got a SE shirt, but that's because I asked for one.
@TerryChia Many have passed through my hands, and are now with deserving security people I have met
Most of my site specific shirts are for contributing. I have a couple from elections though.
I have to say, the swag packs are better than just the T-shirts, though
@FEichinger seems reasonable
@RoryAlsop yeah, last year they sent a big pile of flashlights.
and stickers.
Bicycles.SE gave me some excellent water bottles
and you can't beat Travel.SE's towels
7:46 AM
@RoryAlsop Are you saying that if I visit you in Scottland I can get a shirt?
@AviD are they still giving out those mini-question cards?
I'm sorry, but Bicycles.SE just reminds me of this.
@RoryAlsop uh
@LucasKauffman Erm...no...unless I get some more in. But you can have a torch: I have one left
dont remember
dont think so
@RoryAlsop do you brits call it a "fleshtorch"?
7:47 AM
I still have three of them. I kept the @Thomas satellite attack one :-)
@AviD ಠ_ಠ
@AviD ...light, I think
@FEichinger seen on twitter....
I'm not a connoiseur, but I would imagine using the US-ian terminology is correct
7:47 AM
Yeah, right.
I have a wife you know...
what, no Monty Python fans in today?
I have added another option to the QOTW list:
A: Requests for Question of The Week blog posts

Rory AlsopI think Jack's question "Can my IT department read my Google Hangouts chats while at work?" is definitely interesting. We have various questions on privacy expectations at work, and the answers on this one are nice and clear. Another example: Can an employer access Whatsapp messages if you are ...

@RoryAlsop @AviD bought a #shinymac, grew a neckbeard, starting working at a Silicon Valley startup, learnt Kotlin and still hasn't got around to writing the blog post he promised 2 years ago.
@TerryChia dammit.
after the holidays, I promise
@TerryChia That's so super hipster!
@AviD Which holidays of which year? ;)
7:54 AM
@TerryChia heh
Jewish holidays, finish around mid October.
things should settle down here by then.
'course which year is still a good question....
amusingly, adding that qotw was very difficult. SE said my post was too trivial and converted it to a comment
@AviD slacker
@RoryAlsop Shame on you and your low content posts!
@FEichinger yup. I was hoping it might be a more relaxed rule on meta
8:12 AM
@RoryAlsop It should be even less relaxed on meta!
If you're not posting at least five paragraphs of 200 words each, you're a terrible human being and should be permanently postbanned on meta.
@FEichinger lol
With the QotW posts, I'd like to just post the link to the proposed question, and one sentence describing why
A: Where are my hats?

FEichingerLast year's hats have vanished. This year's Winter Bash is a different event with new hats.

@Arperum I don't think any meta post of mine fulfills my criteria.
Maybe my "What's wrong, Ask Ubuntu?" series. Maybe.
@FEichinger I picked one of the shorter ones.
8:23 AM
@FEichinger Indeed. But I wasn't goign to plow through every single of your posts.
@Arperum lol
@FEichinger and accepted :-)
@RoryAlsop Self-accepted. So it's cheating.
9:19 AM
@Arperum probably :-)
4 hours later…
1:36 PM
One day, I'm gonna get Sec.SE swag like nobody's business.
@Simon :-)
> I don't think I've ever had a day on the job that was more stressful than a normal interview. What other artificial adverse conditions will it benefit to test under? Fatique, near drowning, sleep deprivation, intense pain? "But can you code if I rip one of your fingernails off?" -- JeffO on workplace.se
That's a lot harsher than that scene in Swordfish.
1:51 PM
@Simon that's how all job interviews go in Infosec
@RoryAlsop Now I get why it interests a lot of people.
@Simon you should get into this industry - it's fun and sec.se
@RoryAlsop lawl
I have no idea how I'd get the opportunity to get into it though.
Considering that I still have a ton to learn.
@Simon same way many folks do it - through IT and just drop in by accident :-)
@RoryAlsop Yeah, that could definitely happen.
2:06 PM
user image
@LucasKauffman I have many friends who need inner piss.
Although I'm not sure they qualify as "friends" anymore ...
They must be donuts.
2:50 PM
How can you prefer women, when gender is not an issue on SO? There is always the chance the pretty blonde damsel in an avatar is in reality a 50 yr overweight truck driver. (But him having an SO account is again a plus.) — Jongware 21 hours ago
What does everyone have with 50yo truckers? Geez, it's almost like an obsession.
@FEichinger It's simply a stereotype but yes, some truckers are damn creepy.
@FEichinger that's weird, I literally picked that stereotype at random... must be more stereotypical that I had thought...
3:11 PM
@RоryMcCune I blame Jeremy Clarkson: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1082712/…
@RoryAlsop good call, blaming Clarkson is usually a good plan :)
Now why would you do something like that? Just go and link the Daily Mail ... tsk!
Oh come on, everyone but Clarkson.
@FEichinger I googled and grabbed the first link. I'm working here - not got time to browse all the links - tsk
You should already have mentally blocked out any Daily Mail link!
3:14 PM
@RoryAlsop He can't understand, he's a PHP dev so he has a lot of time on his hands.
3:34 PM
Of everything one could desire in a fantasy world, he chose to speak German?
"The Germano" - his power is that he speaks German!
Even Germans don't want to speak German.
That's why they mangle the English language so much.
hehehe yeah it does seem like that sometimes
would be a terrific b-movie tho
> "Following a road accident, Broca's area of his brain was replaced by a German counterpart by a mad scientist. He now speaks German and seeks justice as nobody is willing to listen to him any more" :)))
3:57 PM
Well, that's one way to analyze the user base. (NSFW) www.pornhub.com/insights/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/pornhub-duration-desktop2.pn‌​g
(Other results here www.pornhub.com/insights/os-battle/, just as NSFW.)
thanks for the warning, thought it may also want giant neon signs as to how NSFW it is
or possibly even make it a non-link that someone has to manually assemble
Hey, you never know who's foolish enough to star it without the warning ... Or click the link that clearly reads where it's going.
@FEichinger Don't tempt me. :P
3:59 PM
Yeah, I mouse-over'd the link.
@FEichinger maybe you should bit.ly it
just for fun
@AJHenderson Are you Dr. Evil?!?
@AJHenderson You have a weird idea of fun.
You made it worse.
@Simon of course not... mwahahahahaha
4:02 PM
Now add in spaces around the dots, @AJHenderson!
@FEichinger or change it to (dot)
Or even replace dots with (dot)!
I just wanted to avoid active linking for something that NSFW
@FEichinger Is that a PHP best practice?
@TerryChia Actually, it is. Disappointingly.
4:04 PM
Because PHP loves pointless spaces.
@TerryChia no, PHP best practice is to do SQLExec($userinput);
Whitespace everywhere.
(lol @ PHP having best practices)
or atleast that's what code on the internet seems to indicate
4:05 PM
@AJHenderson That's an existing function?
Yup, it is, neat. Fuck PDO, that's my new favorite function.
In PHP, SQL injection is a feature.
@Simon oh I'm sorry, that one was actually part of a library, I should have said mysql_query($userinput)
Oh, I saw it in a library too, whoopsies.
@TerryChia well, preventing SQL Injection WOULD make the code less usable to hackers
so we can't have that
@AJHenderson I'm not sure that's true at all... There's always XSS or CSRF.
4:08 PM
@TerryChia yes, but that makes it so much harder to manipulate the DB for fun and profit
@AJHenderson Nah, just use the username and password embedded in HTML comments.
who cares if we can hijack users or their account if we can't make the system fail catastrophically by dropping db
@TerryChia oh come on now, don't you think the web admin was smart enough to limit queries to localhost
@AJHenderson Erm...
clearly we should give the DBA some credit
@AJHenderson "Why do we need DBAs? Can't we just install xampp?"
4:13 PM
because I can't install MySQL on my shared hosting plan that costs $3 a year
and includes a domain name
and we'll give them the benefit of the doubt they are marginally competent at hosting then, even if we probably shouldn't
@dakami @tqbf I guess the question is: what do you do when the centralized authority betrays you?
@matthew_d_green @dakami In DNSSEC? You make a new Internet.
Basically, yes.
Maybe we can even fix some of the errors as we do.
4:29 PM
What I don't get why people blame DNSSEC for that. It's an inherent problem in having a central registry managing a TLD.
@CodesInChaos yeah, DNSSEC doesn't change the fact that your DNS server isn't authoritative unless that same central authority says it is
DNSSEC just lets you say, "no, I really AM the authoritative DNS server, I have proof"
You can add betrayal detection, but DENIC/the German government can force a transfer of a .de domain. In many cases that's desirable, for example to enforce trademarks.
If you want no central authority, add a separate TLD with different rules. Such as .onion or namecoin.
4:50 PM
Really listen to the last part of the song
I almost pissed myself laughing
5:03 PM
Woohoo, I successfully contributed to a real project on GitHub. I fell accomplished.
@DavidFreitag was it a PHP repo?
'cause then it doesn't count.
@LucasKauffman C++
Q: Does microwaving a CD erase it?

JonathanI just read the question: Does microwaving a hard drive erase it? and now I am curious too... does microwaving a CD erase it? My initial thought is that some data would remain, but that it would largely corrupt the data.

Someone should go make another question with a different item, it's the cool thing to do now!
The first one was posted less than 40 mins ago.
5:19 PM
@Simon It does destroy them though. Mythbusters FTW
@Simon There ... actually ... You know ...
Right at the start!
Hang on, posting "Does microwaving a USB key erase it?".
Fucking hilarious.
@Simon Does microwaving @Simon erase him?
VB/Python have ruined me for life, I keep forgetting semi-colons.
@DavidFreitag NO
5:34 PM
@Simon What language are you programming?
@LucasKauffman PeeHPee
Evenin' All
Afternoon you donut.
No Doughnuts for me tonite but I do have chocolate raisins
You know what the last 2 days have taught me? mod_proxy sucks. mod_rewrite sucks. I'm going to assume that leads down to mod_security sucks.
And google is completely failing me when I'm trying to find a reverse proxy/waf distro.
5:50 PM
hmm don't think I've heard of an actual WAF distro before...
sounds like a fun project for you then :op
There are lots of commercial tools, but not really seeing much OSS.
this week I am having the novel experience of working in a company where I'm definitively not the geekiest person there (by quite a long way)
@ScottPack But at least I still love you.
@RоryMcCune dem nerds be nerdin' a lot?
5:52 PM
@Simon if you mean my fellow professional security consultants... then yes
I did find this, it's a Qualys project that's intended to be an open source project. ironbee.com
I see code commits going back to 2011. That's helpful.
@LucasKauffman Shame on you for not posting the video as well!
@FEichinger video?
34 mins ago, by FEichinger
5:54 PM
@RоryMcCune I demand you to investigate their life to see if they have none.
@Simon I'll get right on that... kinda doubt the lack of life if the quantity of alcohol they put away last night is anything to go by...
@RоryMcCune lulz I see
I was called a "nerd" by the lady this week, it felt very offending.
@Simon you were talking to her about PHP... weren't you.
@RоryMcCune No, I was showing her my muscles :(
@Simon Ouch!
5:57 PM
I knooow.
@Simon The things we find the most offending are often the most true.
@DavidFreitag I knoooooooooow.
Rut row, kitty went bye byes
6:04 PM
@AJHenderson Eh?
though I'm not quite sure if I can handle it
I might change it back to the kitty
@AJHenderson Do I no longer understand English or this makes no damn sense?
@Simon F5 you donut.
>no longer
6:07 PM
@DavidFreitag I hit ctrl+R, I hope you'll forgive me.
it is far more creepy seeing me staring back at me in the corner of the chat window
gud gud gud track
though I suppose within the next week or so it will become a baby anyway
ew babies
6:09 PM
@Simon IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!!!!one!11
ok, I'll give Cole some time as my gravatar before it is replaced with babay
who da fuk is cole
@Simon Have you been listening? Cole is his baby, you donut.
no, cole is the kitty
the other kitty
the baby is still coming soon
Ah, so I'm the donut.
6:13 PM
@AJHenderson He looks like a Christmas donut.
I figure it is only fair to let Cole have some facetime since Shadow got so much before baby takes over avatar photos
@AJHenderson Make sure to flood your FB wall with at least 5 pictures of your kid everyday.
@Simon that would imply using facebook
my kid has his own website
why would I use facebook?
@AJHenderson +1
I mostly use it to follow artists.
6:17 PM
@Simon yeah, I started a rule a long time ago, I don't follow any artist I haven't personally met
That'd be a dumb rule for me considering most of the artists I care about are located in NL.
though I do sometimes make exceptions if I a) really like them and b) know someone who has worked with them that can vouch for them being good peoplez
Also, following them offers a chance to meet them since you'll know if they are in town.
I follow Brennan Heart because he has a G+ and because he releases tracks through youtube and G+
Particularly WE R Hardstyle.
That's his label, isn't it?
6:19 PM
I'm old school, my facebook is still a contact list for people I actually know
@Simon Yep
When I get tired of HS Top 40/ HWS I move to that
it isn't a spam everything I'm doing and it sure as hell isn't a fucking arcade
@AJHenderson I never even made one. I was anti facebook before it was cool.
@DavidFreitag I made my thefacebook account before it was cool
because it was the simplest and cleanest of the available platforms at the time
Can anyone get openwaf.com to load?
6:21 PM
apps (and even follows for that matter) can go die in a fire
pages I marginally accept
@ScottPack Bunch of redirects
@ScottPack redirects looked to be heading somewhere non latin scripty...
@RоryMcCune Thank you all for acting as my webapp security team. :)
sigh nevermind. Apparently that project shut down in 2011.
6:37 PM
analytics.twitter.com is kinda interesting to see some of the data they're pulling out of peoples twitter activity..
6:48 PM
Dude. Holy shit. It's september already.
@RоryMcCune That is interesting. I know have hard evidence that I'm exactly as popular on Twitter as I suspected I was. And that level of popularity can roughly be described as: "pleasantly anonymous."
I'm a sucker for data.
@Xander and shiny graphs!
@RоryMcCune Yes!
I wonder how habit forming melatonin is
7:04 PM
@Xander if you use windows you might find this tool interesting then... glasswire.com
is very shiny
also potentially quite useful
@RоryMcCune So shiney!
@RоryMcCune Oooo...That does look like it might be useful. Going to try it out.
Maaan TI really wants me to use their MSP430
@Xander yeah I've looked enviously at mac'ys with their little snitch for a while and this seems like a possible windows equivalent, albeit in beta at the moment.. I'm planning to install it on the home laptop first to see what it's like.
7:27 PM
@ScottPack Does playing P&P RPGs online work well?
I just had to build a faraday cage to test a mobile app at a client tomorrow because they have a Juniper appliance which is programmed to disrupt any wireless networks in its vicinity it doesn't recognize
@CodesInChaos Gobs of people do it. This will be my first time.
@LucasKauffman I hope their site is big enough that it doesn't interfere with other peoples networks!
@RоryMcCune I hope so too, took my colleague half a day to find out what was happening to his access point
Geography can be tough. Here’s a guide for Russian soldiers who keep getting lost & ‘accidentally’ entering #Ukraine http://t.co/RF3H4IXGSp
@LucasKauffman sigh customers :op
7:36 PM
@LucasKauffman CANADUH
@RоryMcCune Especially when they're a 3 hour drive away and you get a last notice warning :p
1 hour later…
8:45 PM
Woohoo, USB Condom PCBs are here.
9:00 PM
@DavidFreitag if you are talking about USB Condoms, I highly doubt you will need one.
9:39 PM
Parts and stencil are on the way for the USB Sentinel cc:\ @RоryMcCune @TerryChia
@LucasKauffman Geography can be tough. Kaliningrad? What's that?
10:19 PM
@Gilles The city of Mikhail Kalinin? You know, bolshevism and oligarchy going hand in hand :))

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