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3:14 AM
Namaskar! Since the current mod team is not much active, handling of flags may take time. I will be checking on sundays. You can ping me here if there's any spam/rude post that needs to be handled urgently. Thanks.
3 hours later…
5:47 AM
@Pandya Sure thanks for informing
I wonder whether they lose their interest after all.
Q: Shiva showering gold coins, which form of him is it?

TheLittleNarutoIn this picture Shiva is shown showering gold coins just like mother Lakshmi is shown in many pictures of her. Which form of Shiva is it? I think God and Goddess who are receiving golds are Kubera and Mother Lakshmi.

6:47 AM
@TheLittleNaruto - hows it going ? are you sure the best way to handle sv going on a bounty handing spree is by waiting for other members to respond on the meta question posted by Rickross
i am asking because you plan to stand for elections and it will help to know whether there will be bias for action from the new mod coming in . Please note that i am not asking you to post against or in favor of sv, but asking whether it is not something that mods should intervene and let their position be known
Hello everyone
I might not be aware of it but why people think user SV is a menace?
1 hour later…
8:04 AM
@Carmensandiego Hey
@Carmensandiego TBH He may be trying to make mess of the site, because he started this bounty donation right after his ban is over.
That is my understanding.
@Carmensandiego But I am expecting to see response from other users too.
@Mr_Green Are you aware of his recent ban?
yeah but not aware of why was he banned
me neither, but there was an incident which happened here in chat right before his ban. But that conversation alone can not be the reason.
May be one of mod can respond to that, generally that communication happens between the banned user and the mods
So we will not know full story :)
Maybe carmen or rickross know it. as I feel they are pretty irritated by SV
Yeah possible.
Rickross wouldn't join this chatroom, so if we want to ask anything to him, we can ask under his meta post.
I might not be better person to ask. As I see they think I am backing sv. But actually I am just stating facts. I also feel there is some nitpicking war going on and sv succeeded in irritating some opposite users.
Just a theory of mine, for now
8:18 AM
in ­Trash, Nov 7 at 21:09, by sv.
Is the astrologer wrong or astrology itself?
He shared one tweet in which an astrologer predicted that Trump will become president again.
@Mr_Green Sharing this conversation, just to support your theory :P
hehe cool
Also before you read this conversation, you must know our guy @SwapnilDas is learning astrology. And he has better understanding of it than us including sv.
So commenting just like that is not good.
Was the discussion started right with sv or was there more conversation between them?
I mean earlier
@Mr_Green I guess there was more to it.
Also read the transcript upto next day
@Mr_Green He was making nonsensical comments on Jyotish. As I started studying Jyotish as a skeptic myself, I calmly wanted to make him understand that it is natural to doubt the subject due to the ill-interpretations of the very subject by pseudo-intellectuals of the field. But instead of showing any desire to learn, all he wanted is to test people and Jyotish itself. So I flagged his comment for mods and kicked him out of the room. Subsequently, he served a 15 days ban from the main site.
8:29 AM
IIRC it was 7 days only
@TheLittleNaruto Nope, 15.
Okay if you say so. Guess my eyes interpret 15 as 7 xP
@TheLittleNaruto Wait, when did that conversation happen?
If Diwali was next week, then 7 is correct.
@SwapnilDas Which conversation?
@TheLittleNaruto Mine and sv's.
Nov 7, and Diwali was in Nov 22 or 23 I guess.
So, I'm correct.
Because I nicely remembered that his ban will be over on Diwali only :P
8:34 AM
@SwapnilDas damn lol
@TheLittleNaruto Yeah, nice mnemonic isn't it? Lol.
after many days I posted one question.
@SwapnilDas oh ok
He shouldn't have targeted you being a high rep user.
@TheLittleNaruto Oh nice.
@Mr_Green Well he didn't know I'm an RO lol.
Q: Why Hindus do not accept Jehovah as god?

Pasham Vishnu Vardhan GoudWhy Hindus do not accept Jehovah as god ? As Jehovah is without arishadvarga As Jehovah is better than lord Vishnu and Shiva who are struggle with arishadvarga What bad qualities are there in arishadvarga

8:38 AM
even I didn't know till I read the transcripts :D
when did this happen?
I thought little naruto is RO
@Mr_Green He is.
you both are RO?
@Mr_Green Who remembers long time ago xD
@Mr_Green Yes. He's silent one and I'm violent one :P
^ I think this should be you but not him
8:40 AM
lol both are you only.
for me at least
I never saw you - silent one
you kicked SV - violent one
kills @Mr_Green for showing my inner violence
@Mr_Green Lol.
He's a calm man, I can tell you that.
Like Shri Ram of HSE lol.
As per me, naruto talks a lot
I see notifications from him just pinging me randomly
@Mr_Green Heinn really xD ?
yeah lol
8:43 AM
Ohk :P
@Mr_Green That's true because I have some hidden intention.
Also guys silent != calm @SwapnilDas @Mr_Green
@TheLittleNaruto Ya ya ok. This HSE not Philosophy SE.
8:58 AM
@SwapnilDas Hinduism is full of philosophies :P
Ok fine :P
9:49 AM
@TheLittleNaruto - I just found the story in Skanda purana , Will update the answer. See above screenshot of skand purana , will read the whole story and will update later.
@SwiftPushkar Oh nice. Thanks for the efforts
@SwiftPushkar loved the verse 160
@TheLittleNaruto Yes , there is one question " why all the names of kubera are so dark " I think we can answer this question by this as well.
@SwiftPushkar I think there one more form by name bhairav or something similar. I'll see if I can find the reference to that, will post an answer then.
@SwiftPushkar Great! Go ahead and post already :)
@TheLittleNaruto haha not in hurry , we need to know that what is mean by dark by Op first. But let me update the answer with ref. before .
Sure thing
10:00 AM
Bye for now .
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4:30 PM
@TheLittleNaruto -Partly because there are no more interesting active people remaining. So no interesting answers , debates , comments , chats etc. that makes job of moderation more boaring i think.
hi! nice to see you SwifPushkar San :)
hi Little Kitsune San :)
'SwiftPushkar' :)
Previous several days has been less activity here in the evening
hey! now we can have some real Discussion!! :D
hello Swapnil Das :)
People missing in chat (AFAIR)- Tezz , Destroyer, Keshav , yogi , Suryakant bose chowdhury , krishna shweta , sarvbhauma , rakesh joshi , Triyugi narayan mani , ect. ect.l
@MH - Hello How are you?
4:46 PM
hello :) ok, thank you :)
@MH - Have to go , will catch you all later. Bye.
very good seeing you
have a nice evening :)
4:59 PM
Is the Discussion sort of being rescheduled ?
Participants seems to be departing :)
also, even though (finally) was able to add the email address & create a password, received an email notice for this at the Original email a couple hours ago: so if unschedule The Discussion, that would hopefully only be temporary to maybe let their system reset, if it will: maybe is a glitch, was 22 screens & 4 emails to process the above, which didNot function to do so several months ago, And SU didnot connect along with the other few sites and had to be logged into separately: but: the login and psswrd worked! sort of glitchy :)
5:53 PM
@MH Sorry Im late
very sorry
6:21 PM
hi Hindu Kid :)
good to see you!
sort of few Participants this evening :)
hope your day is good :)
@MH 😄 😄
you dont sleep?..😄 😄
if You have the Verses handy we can discuss them a bit :)
am working for the next few hours; also, just misinvested an hour answering something that likely doesnot matter :)
😄 😄 Im about to go to sleep
🙂 🙂 🙂
😴 😴 😴
then quick discussion is a must :)
what are the six boxes?
We're not sleeping, we're meditating :D
@MH 😂 😂 😂
6:29 PM
cool; many excellent things donot show in the browser :)
it is Verses 11&12 maybe
about Reality and stuff
besides, just got more ghastly flavoured instant coffee at a 100yen store :D
Hindu Kid is cool :)
yes, was to be a continuation of the material from last week Discussion
विद्यां चाविद्यां च यस्तद वेदोभयम सह।

अविद्यया मृत्युं तीर्त्वा विद्ययामृतमश्नुते ॥11॥

Vidyam cavidyam ca yastad vedo-bhayagm saha,
avidyaya mrtyum tirtva vidyaya-mrtam-asnute(11)
" He,who knows at the same time both Vidya and Avidya,overcomes death by Avidya and obtains immortality by Vidya." (SwamiChinmayananda)
this browser is so slow right now it wouold take twenty minutes to find it
hmm what do you think of that: the English terms are sort of unclear maybe
Here, it is said that he,who combines in himself/herself both vidya and avidya together, would overcome 'death by avidya' and obtain 'Immortality by vidya'. They must be considered as serially connected: Selfless dedicated work(Avidya) preparesone for contemplation,and when through contemplation Vidya is fulfilled in direct apprehension ofthe Self, thereafter the Perfect One undertakes karma as as a sacred satisfying fulment of his realisation and spiritual experience.
6:37 PM
then: perceives Reality and isnot affected by illusory stuff
why are they serially connected; also, am missing whats selfless dedicated work: maybe incorrect ly understanding definition?
This Mantra says that certainly the experienced knowledge of the Self(Atma-jnana) would give us Eternal Liberation and Immortal Existence; for,thereby we shall discover that we are not the body-mind-intellect equipment to which belongs the irreparable change called death.Mortality is the tragic fate of the matter; Immortality is the blissful nature of the Spirit. possessiveness during his days of ignorance.
Besides, such great of realisation 'overcome death' that is caused by Ignorance(Avidya). Death can frighten only him who mis -understands himself to be the body, but to him, who has realised that he is the Atman, death is only one of the meaningless delusory changes in his body - zone with which he maintained a sense of
~Vidya: accurate correct perception of Reality; Avidya: illusion/misunderstanding/nonperception
@MH 👍 👍 🙂 🙂
अन्धं तमः प्रविशन्ति ये सम्भूतिमुपासते।

ततो भूय इव ते तमो य उ संभूत्या रताः ॥12॥

Andham tamah pravisantiye' sambhutu-mupsate.
tato bhuya iva te tamo ya u sambhu-tyagm ratah(12)

"They fall into blindening darkness who worship the Unmanifested (Prakkrti);
but those who devote themselves to the Manifested (Hiranyagarbha) enter into greater darkness"(Swami Chinmayananda)
6:43 PM
cool as in respectfully: cool :)
First, action(avidya) as dictated by our desires,in order to bring us out of our inertia (tamas)into an active mentality of sprightly enthusiasm(rajas), and, thereafter, through a pursuit of desireless activity,onecan gainpurification of one's mind and intellect, as a preparation for meditation. Lateron, through steady and diligent meditation, the seeker gains the fulfilment of knowledge(vidya).
ahh: so attachment to actions due to avidya results in accruance of karma ?
@MH 😅 I dont know much.. @Pandya @TheLittleNaruto for the rescue 😅
Verses 9 to 11 are Triplets, and similarly Verses 12 to 14
so, if we put 3 verses, together,
then we get clear insight
maybe you could rephrase his English re Prakriti & Hiranyagarbha
ahh you are very smart Hindu Kid San :)
but theyre sort of little :) and packed with profound observations
Good Night
6:50 PM
oh: thank you, didnot relly realise that was specified re Triplets
@MH Ok, ThankYou, for Todays Small Discussion 😄 😄
he doesnt differentiate darknesses so clearly maybe :)
Thank you for today's excellent small Discussion :)
@MH Ok,Good Night
have a great evening Hindu Kid!!
good Discussion: thank you :)
2 hours later…
8:35 PM
@HinduKid Proud of you bro. Even if no one's was there, you carried out the discussion. Very good!
3 hours later…
11:47 PM
Good morning.

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