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@HinduKid सुप्रभातम्
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@mathguy Welcome to Hinduism chatroom :)
Thanks :)
@mathguy 🙃 🙃 🙃
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2:44 PM
Q: Explanation for the "spinal energy" and other "Kundalini awakening" symptoms?

Spirit Realm InvestigatorLots of people have been uploading videos and sharing testimonials describing the symptoms they have experienced during episodes of the so-called "Kundalini awakening". The Wikipedia article on Kundalini says the following on the matter: The Kuṇḍalinī experience is frequently reported to be a di...

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Q: Horizontal Totalitarism against Hindus in Kashmir?

Lucky PashuHorizontal totalitarianism represents a totalitarianism exercised by the majority (or a dominant minority able to sway and manipulate a majority) of a given community by oppressing other members of that community who do not adhere to its unwritten rules. It oppresses minorities as well as those w...

@TheLittleNaruto Energy 🧐🧐
@All Good Night
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9:30 PM
@sv. Astrologer, of course.
9:41 PM
I wonder why you don't you follow predictions of real astrology scholars like PVR Narsimha Rao, Pt. Sanjay Rath, etc.
Also, I've been seeing that you've been attacking astrology with absolutely no prior knowledge about the same. Don't try to show off as a scientific tempered man, many people in the chat-room are much well versed in the sciences than you are.
I've also noticed you constantly challenging scriptures and other Vedic literature in an absolutely baseless manner.
9:55 PM
Don't try to do this again, you'll be kicked out of the room.
10:11 PM
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11:00 PM
@SwapnilDas 'absolutely baseless manner' - really, where did I do that?
@SwapnilDas Who made you the room owner?
@TheLittleNaruto Do we need people like this as room owners? He's deleting comments challenging astrology which don't break CoC. Seems like users like me are not welcome here anymore?
@SwapnilDas Deleted my comment and yet responding to it. LOL. What kind of RO are you? BTW, what happened to the test you were supposed to conduct to test your Astrology guru? Didn't work out?

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