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3:07 AM
Q: Avatar cycle that matches the zodiac

WilliamHas there ever been an avatar cycle that matches the zodiac? This doesn’t quite make sense except with animals crab, Scorpio, Aquarius, etc. it makes sense mostly. Another way to phrase my question do avatars have birthdays that match a specific month?

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5:24 AM
@RakeshJoshi wow! what is this one about?
@RakeshJoshi we had one more doubt - waste of virya causes downward energy flow etc. Now for women wouldn’t hey be having downward energy flow every month? How then can they maintain upward energy flow?
5:45 AM
@Archit Swami Lakshmanjoo Maharaj had performed yajna in 1991 to bring rain in Los Angeles, and it did rained after yajna completed. Read this article: amazingabilities.com/amaze4a.html
5:55 AM
@Archit we means who
@RakeshJoshi It was a discussion we were into yesterday.
I think its wrong understanding of energy.
What is correct understanding then?
Shouldn't energy flow be upwards ?
Not linking with semen
I think it's very important at least during brahmacharya
@RakeshJoshi That not linking should be a thing during grihstha aashrama
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8:50 AM
@TheLittleNaruto hi guys
@LuckyPashu Hey!
how are u doing
@LuckyPashu Yeah doing good! Yourself?
9:12 AM
@TheLittleNaruto i am ok
i was reading Buddhism Stack Exchange 😂
what do you think about this question? i think honestly can be legitimate.
Q: Why Buddhists generally uses OM if it is from the Upanishad

Doubtful MonkIn wikipedia i read: The Chandogya Upanishad is one of the oldest Upanishads of Hinduism. It opens with the recommendation that "let a man meditate on Om".It calls the syllable Om as udgitha (उद्गीथ, song, chant), and asserts that the significance of the syllable is thus: the essence of all being...

@LuckyPashu haha
Well Buddhism inherited many things from Hinduism
because Buddha was a Sanatani.
They also inherited many tantrik practices
and now many believe that Tantra was part of Buddhism
9:37 AM
I wonder how OG Buddhism accept neo- Buddhism/ navayana. As of what I've read, I concluded it's totally Anti hindu
9:59 AM
@Panibotal OG?
@LuckyPashu You may want to check this: buddhism.stackexchange.com/q/25695
10:23 AM
@TheLittleNaruto Old school Buddhism
10:40 AM
@Panibotal I see!
@Panibotal Yeah Buddhism rejects Vedas and Yajnas. Since Vedas are shastras for Sanatana followers, anything which rejects Vedas are anti-sanatana!
Welcome to Hinduism Chatroom :) @SMSheikh
@TheLittleNaruto i meant specifically anti sanatana. read this angelfire.com/ak/ambedkar/BR22vows.html
10:55 AM
@Panibotal Interesting!
@Panibotal As per their teachings too, they are anti-sanatana.
@Panibotal Read this answer: buddhism.stackexchange.com/a/34984
and comments underneath!
dont some vajryanas meditate upon shiva.ik buddhism rejected vedas tho many things were common . I see hate in22 vows of navyana buddhism but I see the shunya concept in other schools of buddhism in rejecting vedas
@Panibotal Well I wouldn't call that a hate! It was an outrage by low class against high class those days
When you're not well treated by your own people, then you would sure go all against their culture and tradition. Isn't it?
It was never the problem in Sanatana Dharma but in the people of so called high class.
Popularity of caste system over Varna System did a lot of damage too in Dharma.
@TheLittleNaruto I totally understand this point.arya samaj was already against such bigotry by so called high class. But the purpose of navayana totally seems anti hindu. I tbh found it scary too
@Panibotal It is scary! I agree! But In Dharma, we had many good saints who saved it from sinking.
Do you know about Shree Ram Sharma Acharya ji?
@TheLittleNaruto ik of this jati system and varna system. however puri shankaracharya says this youtu.be/Uks3lIJ3wR0
11:07 AM
He was the founder of Gayatri Pariwar. And his motive was to spread Vedas and make it live again in every hindu's daily home ritual.
By blessings of mother Gayatri, He succeeded too. :)
Now Gayatri Pariwar is a big organization full of volunteers to help Acharya's initiative.
@Panibotal Checking!
@TheLittleNaruto ik him by his name. the gayatri temple near my home is of his org. I visited their expecting some scholars/acharyas. however I was dissapointed(if u remember u told me that one has to hav a guru)
@Panibotal Guru will come to you, don't worry! You just do your things. :)
youtu.be/HZfTKF8KrVY lol see this puri shankaracharya ji is known to give controversial statements
Q: Who is Lord Dattatreya and Lord Dakshinamurthy? What is their relation with other avatars? When did they originate? What is their true timeline?

Suresh KumarI know many say lord dattatreya and lord dakshinamurthy are guru rupas or avatars of Vishnu and shiva, but are they really? Can someone really tell the truth? Also what were they doing in other kalpas and yuga's?

@Panibotal Many things are messed up now. I always say this; Since Pauranik era, dharma got manipulated badly!
Going away from Vedas leads to destruction of Sanatana! But It is still surviving because many are still following Vedic Dharma
@Hinduismbot Could be a duplicate question!
@Panibotal That is totally wrong! :( Varna Vyavastha is not birth based.
We have a great example of Maharshi Vishwamitra who was a Khsatriya before.
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12:43 PM
@TheLittleNaruto point is that shankaracharya claimed it. He does have some authority on hinduism.
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1:54 PM
@Panibotal what he claimed?
@Panibotal About jati vaad?
2:16 PM
Yes, many of his caste/varna comments just puzzle my mind
@Panibotal Yeah because he hails from Advaita Vedanta of Shankaracharya
Q: What are the original Sanskrit verses where astronomical and seasonal references are made in Mahabharata, and the internal chronology of the verses?

VARUN.N RAOThis is regarding the research of dating of Mahabharatha War. There are too many speculations on internet ranging from 6000 BC to 500 BC all giving their own explanations with different interpretations of astronomical verses present in Mahabharatha. I am looking for a through resource, interpreta...

3:20 PM
Welcome to Hinduism chatroom @TheMatrix
3:40 PM
@TheLittleNaruto tho I think shankara reestablished dharma. Isn't this true? I've read sankaradigvijaya
Q: Some questions on 'Dharma vs Sanatana Dharma'

Vikranth IntiAs to burn is the dharma of the fire, the dharma of a being is to be of his own nature. If dharma is 'the execution of' laws of nature, why is sanatana dharma not applied out of India? According to vedas, sanatana dharma have sets of instructions to be followed by particular person. While dharma ...

Q: Karna vs Arjuna

Mythomaster SanchitI have read and contrasted many answers,many sites but couldn't reach to a conclusion. In my opinion Karna was greater,skilled, stronger, wise and a loyal friend. But still I would like to ask for your suggestion. Don't provide me with biased answers.

4:07 PM
Q: Cycle of births and deaths

Lucky PashuWhere is the first historical reference of the cycle of existence, according to the scriptures ?

Thank you for inviting me @TheLittleNaruto
4:31 PM
@Panibotal Isn't Sanyasi thing introduced by Adi Guru same as Monk thing in Buddhism?
@TheMatrix Sure :)
@TheMatrix Which all texts have you read already?
@Archit @RakeshJoshi @RamAbloh @Panibotal @Carmensandiego Meet new user of HSE @TheMatrix , a 14 y/o Hindu from USA. :)
@Hinduismbot @LuckyPashu Good question
5:09 PM
@TheLittleNaruto Thank you @TheLittleNaruto.
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6:24 PM
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@TheMatrix So have you read any sacred texts?
6:45 PM
@TheLittleNaruto hello matrix
@TheLittleNaruto wait let’s see
@RakeshJoshi Naruto and I
Wow I’m might impressed with these Yajnas
7:03 PM
Yes, I am currently reading the Mahabharatha, know some of the main things that happen in the Ramayana.

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