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12:57 AM
@AkshayS :S
1:30 AM
@VarunChhangani first of all don't overthink too much on this path. Second, iam not correct person nor anyone to say how your mind is behaving. Karma Yoga is not working 24/7. Nor working on projects alone is Karma Yoga. For brahmin, sandhyavandanam is Nithya karma must, if your mother asks for your help you must do it for her thats karma, if someone lies hurt in road, help them. That's karma. Its based on situations. Life is not a theory nor machine. Its way of experience.
Salary earning is part of karma by which you run family for survival. Its a part of your karma...
@Zanna varun has asked me similat question like you "which work suits me"
1:46 AM
@AkshayS thanks
@VarunChhangani did u understand
@AkshayS atleast a bit
@VarunChhangani Tell me if you dont understand
2:15 AM
Q: Please help me eagle touch my bike when I am coming fel down

Sunil suniHai my friends today when I coming on my bike suddenly eagle coming in front of my bike.i was also running..but eagle fell down in my bike wheel may be..that eagle wonds or something..then flying away..any problem..this situation.. please help me.

@Hinduismbot o.O
@AkshayS is it? Which question?
I am still thinking about the treatment of work in the Bhagavad Gita. I will read it again at some point in the next 2 years I think
I am very interested in this and in how to apply
@Zanna see his chat to me
@Zanna OMG... 2 years???
@AkshayS hmm? why OMG?
@AkshayS about needing a deadline for work
I find I don't study well without a structure
but study is not usually my main work
by work I mean anything I should be attending to
2:34 AM
@Zanna 2 years so OMG
2:52 AM
@Hinduismbot LMAO yeah buddy you gave problem to that eagle.
Kalai Vanakkam @AkshayS @Zanna
@TheLittleNaruto namaskara
@Zanna ll tell this soon
One suggestion is to use Tags like Purana, Mahabharata and Ramayana for mythology/stories but I think Tag Purana should be for questions about Purana. Let me explain... It's not necessary that question citing verse of Purana would be talking about Puranas only.....
...... it may be question about particular character or deity then it should be tagged with tag of that deity or character (when such tags available), if question is about worshiping or custom/practice, it should be tagged with tag for worship and practice. If the question is about karma/dharma or yoga, it should be tagged with those appropriate tag but not with Purana, right? Similarly If question is talking about story, it deserves the tag for story. What do you say?
/cc @TheDestroyer @Zanna
3:08 AM
@TheLittleNaruto & to you
@AkshayS It had to be long.
@NogShine my eyes got pain :P
@Pandya Yes, you're right. That is what I said in my loooooong answer about way 2.
@AkshayS What to say about my hands?
@NogShine eyes r important. You could jave typed with break
The answer needs some formatting to divide paragraphs with headings.
@AkshayS I did take breaks and searched for many links and posts to adding in the answer.
3:26 AM
@Pandya agreed
@AkshayS couldn't you read with break? :)
@Zanna was joking. If I read with break I won't get flow of topic !
fair enough hahaha
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4:31 AM
Q: What are the objections raised by Radhagovinda Nath against the Gaudiya Vaishnava sect founded by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura?

commonmanPrincipal Radhagovinda Nath, D.Lit was one of the most renowned Gaudiya Vaishnava scholars respected throughout Bengal. He, in his famous book "Gaudiya Vaishnava Darshana" (1953), raised a series of objections based on scriptures and evidence that goes against the preachings of Srila Bhaktivinoda...

5:10 AM
Replace dungeon with meta.
and the mythology tag discussion is creating user conflicts. What is happening with moderation, I do not know.
thanks for the support ! even the user sv recently made a comment here : "You are trying to mix history and mythology." - clearly he does not believe the 'tag-excerpt' definition of mythology (and he's right, most folks think mythology means made up stories), yet he continues to add the tag to questions - obviously he wants the world to think these things are fake. and when I remove that tag, he calls for my ban. — ram yesterday
@Pandya What action is taken when I flagged a post? The flag is marked helpful but no fruitful result.
Do we allow joke answers?
@NogShine which flag?
Q: Can we ban users who constantly engage in edit-wars with other users over tags?

ram(Note - This is different from the other 'duplicate' question, because in that question, the user calls for my ban for removing mythology tag, but in this question, i am calling for his ban for adding mythology tag) Does the system allow for banning users who engage in disruptive behavior of the...

Under this.
People are still talking about users and sv. specifically and his beliefs. Why should personal beliefs matter to the site and tagging policies?
@NogShine Hmm. That's unworthy meta, already closed and now.... no longer exist.
@Pandya But see the above comment. The comment discussion is still happening. If tagging is done to avenge someone or to reply someone, it is dangerous. We can give up on this site.
And users are talking about beliefs of sects and persons while talking about tagging policies.
My comment under this post is deleted. Why?
So, can we tag based on our personal views? Is religion going to influence meta rather than help center?
5:39 AM
@NogShine religion not. DHARMA :P
@AkshayS Meh
Word is not my point here. I am asking whether personal views matter to the site while tagging?
6:03 AM
@NogShine No comment is deleted under that post.
@NogShine no personal views should be there in life. Follow Dharma.
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8:53 AM
Q: Is Nyāya Sūtras an authentic Hindu text to use in our main site?

hanugmIn Hinduism stack exchange, is it allowed to cite or ask or answer any thing related to Nyāya Sūtras by Akṣapāda Gautama?

1 hour later…
10:03 AM
@NogShine I can see your comment, may be browser cache issue ?
10:33 AM
@TheLittleNaruto I posted another comment after I thought is deleted. I believe I posted a short comment before but Pandya says there is no comment posted.
@NogShine "No comment is deleted under that post." - did he say somewhere no comment posted?
@AkshayS I think he says about that post only. I remember posting a small comment. Anyways, I posted a new comment now. The answer is dragging different issues out of the scope of tagging and arguing that mythology should be present.
and I smell some sarcasm in comments.
10:53 AM
@NogShine fine because he said "No comment deleted," but your statement read "no comment posted"... so clarified
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12:30 PM
Q: What are some nice stotra of Shivji and Lord Rama and Krishna?

Shashwat AsthanaWhat are some nice strotas of Shivji, Sri Rama and Krishna? I only know one, Rama Raksha Stotra which I sing and it has a very nice sound. Are there any other nice Stotras that I can sing?

1:09 PM
Q: How would dualistic schools of Vedanta (Vishistadvaitha and Dwaitha) debate with a Buddhist?

Chakrapani N RaoAs far as I know Vishistadvaitha and Dwaitha bases their arguments on Vedas. As Buddhists reject the Vedas, how would the dualistic schools of Vedanta debate with Buddhists and establish Veda pramanya? As Buddhists don't accept Vedas.

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2:48 PM
@Hinduismbot POB and too broad
2:59 PM
I've just revised my answer(s) to the featured meta question. It would looks clear now I think. @NogShine
3:24 PM
Q: How many shakas of Vedas are not extant now?

Log TranHow many shakas of vedas are extant and not extant now. Do we have any record of non extant ones from history.

Q: Side effects of Initiation by a Guru?

Just_Do_ItThe guru at the time of initiation takes on himself the sins of the disciple and suffers so much from physical maladies. My question: Is this true? Is this why many gurus suffer from various diseases? Are there any reliable sources from our scriptures that can support this, if true?

Q: Does anyone have access to these texts or manuscripts?

RAVIN BHALEKARPaarameshwara tantra ( Contains Unmatta bhairava panchanga) Vaadavaanaliya Tantra ( Contains Shweta Kaalii panchanga) Is it okay if I keep updating this list by editing the question?

3:47 PM
I saw this answer and was excellent. Whoever wins debate, his views are accepted :P So let me also create false arguments to defeat and make others accept.
This is why world is like this today. You can create n number of evidences, logics to cover the truth and make others accept. But truth is different. Truth is always truth. One who knows truth will never talk!
@Zanna Where has your academic study reached? If I am remembered correctly, you has been studying Language or Religion or Culture....
Do you use to write some concluding points?
@Pandya Do not forget Raja Yoga
4:04 PM
Q: Unicorn Meta Zoo #2: What is the role of moderators?

Jon EricsonWelcome to the second episode of Unicorn Meta Zoo, a brand new podcast by members of the Stack Exchange community team. If you want to avoid spoilers, jump straight to the audio. Participants We're talking about moderation and how it's different on Stack Exchange than on forums. Links Ou...

@AkshayS Never. Forgetting Raja Yoga means closing the door to the Absolute.
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6:02 PM
@Pandya I would wonder that
3 hours later…
8:54 PM
Q: What is Sri Chaitanya's Shiksastakam?

Krishna VarnaSri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu left only 8 verses of his instruction in his writing known as Shiksastakam. What are they?

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