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3:29 AM
@Pandya When we are asking about the story, there should be a tag for story separately. Because there are other categories like philosophy, understanding a quote, nature of texts (scripture). So, adding a tag which indicates stories will help the users to find it easily. That tag should be present. Removing it will lose audience.
@Pandya All stories are not from Puranas or texts. There is a large part of Hinduism outside of books passed through oral tradition. If the question asks for story, adding a tag for that is enough besides Mahabharata or other tags. Tags should not indicate the source. That would make another problem.
@Pandya All stories are not narrated. Using narrative would give another misleading meaning. There are stories which are not directly narrated but believed to happen. So, narrative is not applicable. scriptural mythology doesn't make sense. It hints we believe what is written only in the books.I will say mythology or sacred-mythology. Because mythology originally meant stories.
@NogShine Hmm. Keshav explained the usage of tag. If a user is interested in questions about stories (found from scripture or can be orally headed down), then we should use mythology/story tag in addition to Purana or Itihasa if stories come from scripture or just use tag mythology/story if it's not found in popular scripture - may be written in work of Acharyas or headed down traditionally. /cc @TheLittleNaruto
I think narrative is just a form - almost synonymous with "story"
@NogShine How about "stories" or "sacred-stories"? The appropriate Hindi/Sanskrit term I can think of is "Pauranika Katha"
@Pandya Okay. But we do not add itihasa tag every time even now. We add ramayana or purana tag now.
@Zanna Kaalai Namaskar!
3:44 AM
@AkshayS :) how are you?
@Pandya Pandya, how are we going to deal with mocking questions? Mocking questions to prove supermacy + purposeful questions just show view against a user like recent meta question
@Pandya The term I have always heard for pauranic katha is mythological story :|
@Zanna am excellent. Just came from temple after 40minutes of Dhyan.
very nice
@Pandya But I am against wrong usage of scripture, purana or itihasa tag when the question clearly asks for story. There should be a separate tag for stories too. The name should not be misleading like itihasa, history, narrative, legend
3:48 AM
@Zanna Gurukal in temples have said that if you do proper Dhyan in temples which were constructed long back (old temples), in a certain place, there's every chance once Kundalini can be triggered. Like 108 Divya Desa of Vishnu, Shiva temples in interior TN etc.... bcz they are constructed on specific places based on geography of planet.
It would be better if the users also concentrate on hundred more tags besides Mythology.
@NogShine Right, however according to some users of our site, it can be confusing word, especially to new users who can initially get wrong idea that mythology is connected to myth in the sense of false. and that's why we are thinking of alternative term.
@NogShine when our Pandya is here, aside tags, we should put an end to mocking, a user type questions also sects!!!
@Pandya what do you say about many other terms which do not even have a tag wiki or excerpt, written in pure Sanskrit? Who understands the term?
@NogShine "there should be separate tag" - yes.
3:50 AM
@Pandya There wouldn't be confusing. That is the point I am making all this time. Define what you mean by the word. We have that option. Tags do not indicate the factual accuracy of the question. i.e., is the question correct? If incident happened true? Is the answer right? Do they?
@AkshayS sounds similar to some traditional beliefs in UK. Some form of energy patterning called ley lines
I was also told by Gurukal in temples, that, if one has attained Bhairava Siddhi, for him any street dogs wont even bark at them even if they walk at midnight..... dogs will come and sleep on their lap especially Indian origin breed ... nowadays we find it difficult to see Indian origin things in India. Even native dogs are difficult to find nowadays...
@Zanna Visit Tiruvannamalai once
@AkshayS I don't understand what you are talking.
@NogShine Hmm. that's what said in this answer (part-1)
@NogShine recent meta question on user ban of edit wars ( 2 questions came of it), and intentional questions to degrade a sect have been more last few weeks. Time to put an end to it!
Wrong understanding is also fine but proving wrong understanding is correct is unacceptable!
3:55 AM
@AkshayS will do
We have , , without even tag wikis or excerpts. If they look at those tags, what can a new user or a regular user think? I saw many users (with good rep) asking guidance about health and s*x adding a scripture tag. What do we do about these tags? Where is the connotation here? @Pandya
@AkshayS Well, I am not asking them. There are others whom should be contacted.
> The following part is only kept for indication of supporting the Way 1 with reasons. [Don't upvote this post for Way 1, instead upvote the question]
This is a wrong approach @Pandya , upvotes to question indicate how well the question is put and also indicates someone has come for discussion. Many upvoted the question even though they are not okay with removal of the tag because it has invited a discussion which is not yet solved. Upvote to answers would be good instead of question. There are answers saying the tag should be removed. Asking to upvote them would be enough. But many posted poor argument. That indicated emotions.
I have upvoted your answer for part 1 only.
It is high time we look at all the tags and clean up unnecessary tags. mythology is not the only one to rant about.
@NogShine :(( So this will continue :(
@AkshayS I am not posting that stuff. If you have problem, you can contact users directly. If it is fruitless, contact moderators.
@NogShine I have posted that question to @Pandya . But no reply :(
@AkshayS Oh ok. I am a muggle like you. So, I can't do much in this case. :|
4:09 AM
@NogShine haha...
4:28 AM
Q: In the painting shown who is the person standing on stairs in front of the throne?

shrey In the painting shown who is the person standing on stairs in front of the throne?

4:45 AM
@NogShine Answer is now splitted
@AkshayS we obviously don't want such questions. First step is to discourage such questions by downvoting.
5:28 AM
@Pandya but they have more up votes :(. So many like questions r der
Dat ¥
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8:11 AM
@Hinduismbot Done. It should have completed an hour ago. But it took time due to some other work.
@NogShine edited :P
@AkshayS Thanks
@Hinduismbot These type of questions are my favorite. It is like solving a puzzle.
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1:02 PM
@Pandya Myth or Mythology has very bad connotation. It means fictions stories. Better we go for stories tag or something similar to it.
1:57 PM
Q: Want to know about Sri Pavhari Baba

commonmanPavhari Baba (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavhari_Baba) was a famous Sri Vaishnava sect of Gajipur, contemporary of Sri Ramakrishna.He was very respected in the Eastern Part of India. I am interested in knowing about the life and especially sayings/teachings of the saint.I have read His biog...

2:13 PM
@NogShine @KrishnaShweta - how is temperature there now? Hot? as per earlier estimation given by me?
@Zanna Fani is now a powerful cyclone in Bay of Bengal. WIND SPEED 305kmph
@TheDestroyer is it hot there?
even now?
2:36 PM
Q: How is the authority of the Vedas maintained in Vaiśeṣika?

SahadevThe school of Vaiśeṣika is said to accept the authority of the Vedas as one of the ṣaḍdarśanas (major philosophical traditions). As pramanas (valid means of knowledge), it however only accepts pratyakṣa (direct perception) and anumāna (inference). How then is the authority of the Vedas maintained...

2:48 PM
@AkshayS scary
3:00 PM
@Zanna yes. Trains cancelled. Kolkata airport to shutdown tomorrow
3:34 PM
Q: Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa's death

Just_Do_ItIn the book 'Sri Sarada Devi - Holy Mother' there are references in quite a few places of the Holy Mother preparing betel rolls for The Master, also we know that Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa died of throat cancer (as the book states), so just curious to know whether the cause of his death was chewi...

4:18 PM
A: New Community Consensus on use of Mythology Tag

SarvabhoumaThere is no answer written based on SE perspective. So, I am writing an answer. The major argument you have listed in the question is hovering the tag excerpt and wiki. 1) It's only in the desktop and laptop one should hover to get tag description. There are thousands of mobile users (l...

Don't upvote or downvote till you read completely.
4:32 PM
@NogShine tooooooooooooooooooooooo bigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Q: why has God created material system?

user30612Was He not satisfied with His Transcendental worlds ! Why He manifested His illusionary material potency "maya", a punishment based system of birth and death, heaven and hell for jivatama (Souls; part and parcel of His conscious marginal potency) when He is known to be an ocean of mercy !! The q...

4:53 PM
Q: Permanent sutak on festivals

babaIn my ancestory, no one celebrates Diwali. The reason for this is given that a long time ago a female member died on the day of Diwali. In the Garud Purana, there is description about period of Sutak for different castes, and also it is written that festivals/occassions should be avoided till one...

A good question indeed
5:28 PM
Hello all
Back after a long couple of tiring months
Had multiple evaluations and projects in between
@AkshayS I have now got a few strange questions
I seem to be dedicated to my work only when there is a bound on it. When there is no bound ( like the semester end as of now), I don't tend to do work even highly related to me

Isn't it breaking the Karma Yoga?
Q: Please explain the reasons of the different forms of Vishnu to be remembered when doing different types of work in the Vishnu Shodasanama Stotra

Varun ChhanganiPlease explain the reasons of the different forms of Vishnu to be remembered when doing different types of work in the Vishnu Shodashnaam Stotra For example: Why is action of taking medicine related with Vishnu and not Ram? Also as vishnu is himself in all the forms, how the understand different...

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