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2:29 AM
@Pandya I haven't been in any formal study recently, just trying to learn Tamil, but I haven't even been studying that as I was too busy
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6:00 AM
Q: What is difference between Trinity Vishnu, Shiva and 12 Aditya Vishnu and 11Rudra Shiva?

Log TranWe have 12 Adityas of whom one is Vishnu. And 11 Rudras of whom one is Shankara. Are they Vishnu and Shiva counted in Trinity? If not, who are they? Are they related to trinity gods?

6:19 AM
Q: Has any Vedantin criticized this teaching of the Buddha?

Lazy LubberAccording to Vedanta, a single self or jIva is the seat of consciousness. jIva as a single unit, is not further divisible. Buddhism, on the other hand, does not subscribe to the doctrine of a permanent self. And in one of the suttas of Buddhism, the Buddha classifies consciousness into eye-cons...

Q: Where do souls stay until they reincarnate?

Stewart Gilligan GriffinI'm certain that they do not reincarnate as soon as they die. So where do they stay until they reincarnate?

6:38 AM
Q: Does guru get good karma of disciple?

Log TranThe question Side effects of Initiation by a Guru?. As per the question above, guru gets bad karma of disciple. What about good karma of disciple? Does guru share good karma and enjoy as well? Logically this must be true.

7:17 AM
Q: How Vishnu is remote controlled by Devi Bhagavati?

Log TranEssence of Devi Bhagavata Purana: http://www.kamakoti.org/kamakoti/details/devibhagvatpurana2.html Maha Vishnu remote-controlled by Devi Bhagavati: In the Introductory Recitation of Devi Bhagavatam, Sage Suta quoted Narada Maharshi as having confirmed by Lord Vishnu Himself to Lord Brahma th...

7:55 AM
Q: Hindu views on biological evolution

Opi ChowdhuryNamaskara,I would like to know what are the views on evolution in Hinduism(with vedic reference)

8:18 AM
@Feeds Did anyone listen to this?
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11:49 AM
Q: Is this verse supported or contradicted by any other scripture?

Shashwat AsthanaIn chapter 8 of Sri Shiva Rahsya, Lord Shiva says- Having been put to sleep at the moment of creation, man begins his worldly life in the form of an inanimate thing made of space, air, fire, water or earth. He abides in that condition for forty-two thousand lifetimes. He then enters a state l...

Q: Is there a timeline to put him gods by year of existence?

user5722923While Jesus can be traced back to 0AD, Allah to around 700AD,

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1:25 PM
Q: Lakshmi mantra translation

Lara MaloneCan anyone please help me find the English translation for: Om Lakshmi Vigan Shri Kamala Dharigan Svaha I know the overall purpose of the mantra, but cannot find the meanings of several words

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4:11 PM
@Zanna how is it going for you?
Where is baby?
I haven't seen baby active for a long time.
@AkshayS very busy!
Was there a festival today?
I saw many people doing rituals
@Zanna It is amavasya today. New moon
The planetary configuration and tithi was auspicious today and rare. So, new moon today is a rare one
4:29 PM
Hello folks
mostly cos of me lol
hru doing?
What's the hot topic? Loads of people but all silent. Kinda Ominous :)
Before you arrived, it is amavasya
Yes, the next slot is from 10:30 to 11:54
for japam
Today is (was?) very auspicious for Japam
10:30 to 11:54 PM
to be clear
@NogShine oh thanks! I should have realised
4:40 PM
@Zanna btw, @DirghaChintayanti kuda Tamil pesukiraar
@Zanna Nee Tamizhaa?
also Hi
I guess AFK @NogShine
@NogShine He came when all were offline
@Zanna where?
5:19 PM
Q: What to do when scriptures go against conscience?

Shashwat AsthanaTL;DR WHAT TO DO WHEN SCRIPTURES GO AGAINST CONSCIENCE? What to do when Parshara Smriti go against my conscience? How can I treat a chandala (I do not even know what that means, except that it is a low caste) differently from a Vaishya? How are they different? Just because they did bad karma, d...

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7:35 PM
Q: Are Dharma sutras different from Dharma Shastra?

Shashwat AsthanaWhen one searches for Dharma Shastra, books like manu smriti, and various other smriti comes, but when one searches for dharma sutras, baudhayana sutras and the likes come. What is the difference between them, and which are considered superior.


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