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12:04 AM
@Jis12yearsold. Here's another good resource if you want to get into Linux kernel exploitation: ebpf.io/what-is-ebpf. The site isn't focused on exploitation, but it describes a component of the Linux kernel that has a very big attack surface area and is quite often a source of vulns.
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3:50 AM
I wanna clarify my understanding on a ROP challenge.
I've just finished [ROPEmporium's split 64bit](https://ropemporium.com/challenge/split.html) following [this article](https://blog.securitybits.io/2019/08/ropemporium-1-split-64-bit/) and wanna check if I understand the ROP chain correctly.
> ROP chain: [junk] + [pop rdi] + [usefulString] + [system]
My understanding:
1. Pad til RSP as usual with `junk`
2. At RSP, return/jump to the `pop rdi; ret` gadget
3. The gadget does 2 things: (1) `pop` the `usefulString` into `RDI`, and (2) returns/jumps to the `system()` call which takes `RDI` as argument
Is my understanding of the ROP chain correct?
4:27 AM
Also, for the 32 bit variant, I did it with the following payload:

payload = b"A" * 44 # EIP
payload += p32(elf.plt["system"]) # imp.system
payload += b"BBBB"
payload += p32(elf.symbols["usefulString"]) # /bin/cat flag.txt

Though the padding `BBBB` was something I tried after reading someone else's solution so I didn't know why it's necessary at the time of doing the challenge. After some reading (https://manybutfinite.com/post/journey-to-the-stack/), I'm guessing that the extra padding is in place of the "answer" block in the blog.
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8:01 AM
You too!
Well, Good after noon :p
3 hours later…
11:08 AM
205 messages moved to [Temporary Room for DMZ stuff ](chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/124304/…)
@JourneymanGeek gimme access at least
@nobody Uh, there's some issues, and I'm assisting the local mods to sort some stuff out
So... mo?
read most of it anyways
@JourneymanGeek Schroeder or Rory?
And did anyone get suspended?
@nobody We don't gossip :)
Alright. I'd argue that lately this sort of stuff has become on-topic here ;)
11:18 AM
It's really not on topic here though. Probably best to keep this room remotely on topic, not to start in on politics and antisemitism and whatnot. :-)
Heh, we talk more about politics and depression here then infosec
Also Hi! First time I've seen you here (or on-site)
One aside before I abide by my own rule.... @daya Zionism is by definition the idea that it should be safe for Jews to exist, and in particular in Israel where we have continuously existed for hundreds (thousands) of years.
I will let you do the math on what anti-zionism represents.
@nobody well I guess depression is rather ontopic....
and hi, I've been mostly silent for a long time....
Anything special that prompted you to come back?
umm.... well the issues you're not seeing :-)
never truly went away
12:06 PM
You're absolutely deluded if you think that any of our conversations came from a place of anti-semitism.
not sure who you are, but I definitely saw rabid antisemitism from some others here.
With all due respect, those messages have been moved to a place where none of us can any longer see them. So it is incredibly hard for us to verify whether it was in-fact antisemitism or not.
I fully appreciate you're a mod, but I am not going to base my entire opinion off the opinion (or belief) of someone else without any evidence of such a thing.
I didnt ask you to verify it. And not seeing it is the point.
not really going to engage with it here, although "all jews are liars and should be killed, nothing to do with antisemitism" is pretty antisemitic as well.... ¯_(ツ)_/¯
I am here almost every day, I do not recall any antisemitism going on.
heh, TIL antisemitic jews exist
12:10 PM
@AviD Well, if someone did say that then of course, I disagree with such a ridiculous statement.
But to suggest that there is a large scale issue of antisemitism going on in this chat is absolutely delusional.
@nobody its true, and its not new.
As I said, I am here every day... As for politics not being on topic, I think it's absolutely acceptable that the most frequent users of this chatroom can guide the topic of conversation.
If you disagree then what's the point of us coming here?
didnt say "large scale", we were talking about a few dozen messages.
Almost none of the mods are ever here.
So, we over time, have adapted topics some of which aren't on-topic.
Well, okay I learnt something new. But no one said "all jews are liars and should be killed" in atleast the first 90% of those messages
12:12 PM
If you disagree with us doing that then perhaps someone needs to enforce that more often, if that is what they want.
I dont need you to base your opinion on anything, but it might be a good idea for you to do some actual research. Of course, its your prerogative not to, I mean cmon this is America! ;-)
lol J I've been on the other side of that conversation a LOT here.
Firstly, I am not Amercian.
heh it was a joke, neither am I (any more).
Secondly, if you're directing that towards my views on Israel vs Palestine I am possibly the one person in this chat room that it makes absolutely zero sense to say "do you research to".
but if a topic leads to calling for a few million people, its probably a good idea to steer clear.
12:13 PM
Well, I think whoever said that is just a not good person.
I don't think we should all be punished for their words.
We very often discuss politics here and it very often is absolutely fine.
@nobody not in those words, no. but that is the ideological basis for some of it, even if they are not cognizant of it.
Hey now, I'm not coming in with a banhammer and saying you're all off limits. Do whatever you want.
I'd like to say, so I am not taken wrongly on this. I appreciate the mods of this site.
However, I do not appreciate being told we should stay clear of topics.
Topics we discuss on a regular basis.
as I said, perhaps best to steer clear of calling for extermination of a people (yes that was actually mentioned here).
Because none of the mods come here regularly.
or vilify someone's existence (also mentioned).
12:15 PM
So to come here and say we should not talk about something I just find it overly critical and quite petty.
@Jis12yearsold. as I said, I am not trying to enforce any kind of rules.
Well, except the one, which is Be Nice.
But your earlier messages didn't really align with that.
well, and the CoC, which has clearly been violated.
12:16 PM
"t's really not on topic here though. Probably best to keep this room remotely on topic, not to start in on politics and antisemitism and whatnot."
See, the "politics" part is the issue here.
Take this as a suggestion, if a discussion naturally goes into those realms it would be best to avoid it.
@Jis12yearsold. "Probably best"
Okay, well, I will continue to speak on what I think I should and we'll hit the bridge of it being wrong when we come to it.
literally a suggestion.
As of right now, I absolutely do not agree with antisemitism.
Well, when someone with power says "probably best" that usually means: "IM telling you"
thats absolutely fine @Jis12yearsold.! problem is that bridge was blown up. so going forward, you're in charge :-)
12:17 PM
@Jis12yearsold. Uh. Technically - I am a mod. I took a break cause I was uncomfortable with the topic, came in for something unrelated and... was kinda disturbed by some of the stuff that was talked about.
Again, I cannot see the messages.
So, I cannot really have an opinion on them.
@Jis12yearsold. just to be clear - you disagree with antisemitism, or you disagree with what was said here was antisemitsm?
cuz as you said you didnt see them :-)
I disagree with antisemitism, of course.
If someone said something antisemitic then I don't agree with what they said.
ok cool, it was ambiguous based on the previous context :-)
But if you're also saying this because I am pro-palestine then I am sorry but we'll never agree.
And if that means you need to ban me, you can do that.
12:19 PM
@Jis12yearsold. trust me, you're better off (knowing full well you have no real reaason to trust me ;-) )
@Jis12yearsold. Essentially - what was going on was bad enough that I asked for a second, and third opinion.
But I absolutely will not withhold things I believe are important.
If that pisses off mods, then it does.
@AviD It wasn't even that bad
If that gets me banned, then it does. I accept that.
okay heres the thing, saying "I am propalestine, so you think I'm antisemitic!" is a problem.
12:20 PM
Well, this is what I am saying.
Because I can't see the messages...
I don't know WHO this is directed at.
I am propalestine as well. Not pro-Hamas, pro-Palestinians.
But I can only assume it is me because well, I have spoken on this a lot the past few days.
@Jis12yearsold. Its not
The closest person to me in my life is seriously affected by it.
Well, that's fine then.
As I said, my main issue is that, when a mod says something like "probably best" that usually just means "do this" even if they said or intended it from a position of a suggestion.
I mean, if you had no idea what happened, and weren't involved in the conversation, you wouldn't
12:22 PM
Us (as users) we don't see the suggestion side, because, you have authority.
SEe how that works?
That is where my issue was...
really? Daaang you've had some bad runins with some sketchy mods then.
But as you said, it's a SUGGESTION.
SO it's fine. We don't disagree on anything.
@AviD I swear he mostly deals with me.
12:23 PM
"probably best" is an informed suggestion. me being a mod is not automatically me abusing power.
but isnt this just a great microcosm of the I/P conflict? ;-)
Well, I have a lot of problems with authority in general so I'm afraid the only thing I can read from that is "do this or you're getting banned".
That's not your fault. I don't blame you for the way I think, that is entirely on me.
@Jis12yearsold. on the other hand, that really takes away the "ask nicely" option from us... which sucks
@Jis12yearsold. heh. To be fair I have massive problems with authority as well. I often have to work hard at overcoming my bias.
But that is the point where I would have disagreed with you (as I did). If you were actually trying to come here and enforce rules on people that come here everyday around topics we have discussed for over a year or more, since I joined the site. I would be really not okay with that. I think that was my main point I was trying to get across.
@JourneymanGeek I thought I was literally asking nicely?
12:25 PM
@AviD Exactly!
@Jis12yearsold. cant say I'd disagree with you, up to a point.
@Jis12yearsold. well - the current crisis is a newish thing
And y'all have been dealing with me at least that long?
@JourneymanGeek knows about the battles we've had with authority (the mods vs SE) about precisely this (with completely different topics, ofc)
(and never listen)
@AviD Oh I probably have had an amazing number for a moderator in good standing.
@JourneymanGeek Again, I don't know anything about this current crisis so I can't have an opinion on whether it was justifiable from your guys' side or not. I just assumed it was related to the paragraphs on Israel vs Palestine. Perhaps wrongly. But there we go.
12:28 PM
@Jis12yearsold. eh, let me get you on the side.
@Jis12yearsold. I thin there was some mention of normalizing anti-Zionism which is what caused the problem
@JourneymanGeek thats the thing, I dont see myself as an authority here? just as the designated adult in the room, that at times needs to fight the authority for the needs of the room
@nobody literally calling for abolishing Israel, Jews living here is Nazism, Jews getting killed aint no thang, and it is justified anyway. More like that.
Like I said, I dont really want to be dealing with this here.
@nobody I see.
@AviD That's a little bit out of context, but anyways, no point in arguing
sure, but the context doesnt really make it much better.
12:34 PM
@JourneymanGeek :)
@forest Hey, thanks :D
and I mean, normalizing anti-Zionism aint great - Zionism is literally that Jews have a right to exist here. What does normalizing the anti- of that mean?
I'm glad we solved this :)
@AviD Which is what was being contested. But also the other user's definition of Zionism was a bit more like only Jews have a right to live here
Right, with that drama over.
Time for me to read the news and start some more... :D
12:38 PM
@Jis12yearsold. :)
@nobody Yes. a familiar trope to give cover. In isolation, seems like an innocent mistake, or a philosophical argument. In a history of patterns, it is quite different.
@Jis12yearsold. Also, wait, you read newspapers?
@nobody The user in question... uh... has a bit of a history
@JourneymanGeek wait, so he is 12.... and going on 60? ;-)
@AviD he was 16 for ages. Time goes by Oddly for @Jis12yearsold. :D
12:39 PM
Not quite. I do however check the UK media quite often, you know, pretty much the top 20 media companies, then I find things which make me really fucking mad and then I post them in here and make everyone else mad :D
I mean, I have to be careful though because, my girlfriend really does not like me checking the news (because it always makes me mad) so if she catches me she'll tell me off...
Which is fair, because it does make me really mad...
@JourneymanGeek lol
Yeah time moves.... Very strange for me.
Duty calls! xkcd.com/386
One of my favourite XKCDs right there...
I cannot even count how many times I've been in that situation.
Hot take but, I think those kind of people are dying out.
(The ones willing to sacrifice sleep to tell someone why they're wrong)
Most people just go "meh" and go to bed...
Also, my name is starting to annoy me now. I changed it because, well, I'm an asshat and I thought ti was funny.
Yep, I usually just go to bed
But now I realise I have to have this name for an entire month...
@Jis12yearsold Eh - there's ways around that
12:43 PM
Suddenly the joke is on me...
Meanwhile in Britain: our home secretary is involved in a £20,000,000 lobbying scandal.
@Jis12yearsold. see if you can change it on crypto, then sync it to all other sites
Meanwhile our ex prime minister is also involved in a hundreds of million pound scandal.
Our current prime minister is involved in a £50,000 flat refurbishment lobbying scandal.
I mean... Where does it end...
The entire party is involved in taking money and making money without ever declaring it. And then they have the audacity to say: "the public aren't interested in this nonsense"
Excuse me, we fucking are...
@Jis12yearsold. "Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office in Catnip scandal!"
We ABSOLUTELY are interested in this corruption...
@JourneymanGeek ooh good idea.
Didn't work.
... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humphrey_(cat) apparently one got away with possible murder. Or a very interesting dinner.
@Jis12yearsold. A mod could change it for you but... uh...
Needs to be a mod on a site you have an account on
12:47 PM
he served under the premierships of Margaret Thatcher <- I feel sorry for that cat.
Margaret Thatcher?
You want a joke about her? I got a good one. You'll like it.
Margaret Thatcher's funeral was the only time the 21 gun salute shot the coffin.
badum tsss
@JourneymanGeek Oh no it's not that big a deal, I'll wait.
Think I stole that joke from Frankie Boyle. If I recall.
Well anyway, its been fun folks. I think I'm gonna step away, be back in about 12-18 months ;-)
Take care :D
Remember, no politics while I'm gone!
Too soon....? ;-)
12:51 PM
I literally break that rule every 15 seconds...
so do I, but I try not to
Ah fuck it the worlds on fire anyways
mumbles about operation coldstore
might as well contribute to the flames!
which is why I'm leaving haha
12:53 PM
I am trying to figure out what to do today.
It's quite hard to think. I smoked last night and I think I'm still... Impaired. To use politically correct term.
In-fact, I am really impaired.
1:33 PM
Hey on-topic question:
Is the four way handshake in wpa2-psk encrypted? I thought it was only authenticated (well, part of it). Or is it just the final step of sending the GTK that is encrypted?
The handshake itself is not encrypted, no.
Once the key has been installed on both sides and the MIC has been verified, the encrypted channel begins. But the handshake itself is not encrypted.
I think that's your question?
A: Why does Windows store Wi-Fi passwords in a reversible format?

forestThe password is never sent. It is hashed, and that hash is used (indirectly) for encryption. The password can be passed through an algorithm called PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA1 with 256-bit output and a salt derived from the ESSID (network name) to generate the PSK, a raw 256-bit key. This PSK is used to en...

forest says handshake is encrypted
Where does he say that?
"This PSK is used to encrypt a handshake, called the 4-Way Handshake,"
Oh okay, so, yeah, he's right.
Sorry, for PSK it is encrypted.
But for other variations of WPA2, no.
I didn't read the "psk" part in your question, my bad.
PSK = Pre-shared key.
1:39 PM
But then this
A: How exactly does 4-way handshake cracking work?

AndreyShort answer is, 4-way handshake password "cracking" works by checking MIC in the 4th frame. That is, it only checks that KCK part of the PTK is correct. 4-way handshake doesn't contain data that would allow checking of other parts of the PTK, but that's actually not needed, for two reasons: MI...

How is the handshake "parsed" if it is encrypted?
Yeah, I think there is some confusion here with different variations of WPA2 going on.
Forest is right, when you use WPA2-PSK, the handshake itself is also encrypted.
But in other forms of WPA2, it isn't.
Yeah well the question is about cracking psk too
Now I'm confused...
So how does cracking WPA2-PSK work?
That's a good question, I am afraid, I don't know the answer.
It has been 2 years since I did any kind of network security related study.
1:43 PM
Also this
A: WPA2 Enterprise AES encryption key size?

mckiethanksYou are correct in thinking that each session uses a set of psuedo-randomly generated keys. If the network is set up to use a Pre-Shared Key (PSK) then the process works as follows: The connecting device makes itself known to the Access Point (AP). The AP sends a psuedo-randomly generated nonce...

Specifically mentions nonce is sent in plaintext
@forest halp plz
Yeah, forest probably knows a lot more about this than me :)
2 years ago I might have been able to answer...
Well, forest knows a lot more than me about a lot of things than me so ask him first :D
@Jis12yearsold. heh, forest will start talking about syscalls, and ioctls and iommus, and then I feel lost.
@AviD Your definition makes sense to me
And now I forgot the definition given by that user lol
@JourneymanGeek so now anybody who clicks on "request access" will not be given access. Right?
@daya They will be ignored
Unless you're a security.se mod
@JourneymanGeek Ah, cool
1:55 PM
@nobody heh :D Don't worry, he often makes me lost as well but he also makes me learn a lot.
@JourneymanGeek Time to spam :D
@AviD And I really don't want to know much about the history at this time. I just wanted to have a brief on the matter which I just got yesterday from some sources. That's all. Maybe later I will dig into this more ;)
You can only ignore an annoyance for so long :p
@Jis12yearsold. lol, they will be ignored automatically. I guess?
@daya I assume :D
@Jis12yearsold. Now, If someone annoyed me enough, for actually stupid reasons I'd do one of three things.
1:58 PM
Kill them?
Go to bed, and let them waste their breath, suspend them, or better yet. Both.
suspend me UwU :D
I might go to bed though

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