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12:02 AM
Random PSA: If you are running pfSense, don't. Run OPNsense. That is all.
12:15 AM
I ended up extracting the public key using a quickie Python script.
cert.public_key().public_bytes(Encoding.DER, PublicFormat.SubjectPublicKeyInfo)
@forest Interesting
This is why I'm happy that I always use Tor.
I don't need to worry about Wi-Fi (and most of the time I use Ethernet anyway).
12:32 AM
12:59 AM
Is there any research into security for sex workers (resistance to osint/humint and the like, computer security, anonymity, personal safety, etc)? Not counting webapp security for porn sites...
All I've seen is the occasional "hey look how we hacked this sex toy" article or talk.
But nothing that goes beyond exploiting badly-made IoT devices.
1:59 AM
11pm and I watching on yt why 1/0 is undefinable, and why 0 to the power of 0 is 1 and not 0...
I should get to bed...
@forest The plaintext injection and the aggregation attacks look concerning. I'm not too worried about the data leak one though. Anybody who was relying on WPA for encrypting their internet access was doing it wrong anyways.
1 hour later…
3:08 AM
@nobody Well it just goes to show how much of a clusterfuck 802.11 is in general.
Exactly. Even a noob like me can tell that 802.11 sucks. It honestly seems like the people designing it were doing this sort of stuff for the first time in their life.
It really does. Did you know in WPA2, the ESSID is used as the salt when calculating the PSK?
So the benefit of having a salt drops significantly for anyone with a common router name like "linksys", or whose router name is otherwise not unpredictable to an attacker. There are rainbow tables you can download for common router names, which is just insane.
Yup that's one obvious stupidity
And the whole "the same secret used for authentication is also used for confidentiality" thing.
That it took so many years to fix with WPA3. Ironically, the original WPA2 was going to be equivalent to EAP-TLS which provides forward secrecy, separates authentication from confidentiality, etc., but it would have required people install certs on their devices which was "too hard(tm)", so they changed it to use a key whose knowledge doesn't just allow someone to use your hotspot without your permission, but allows them to tamper with and read everything going through the network.
Also in WPA2-PSK, why the hell do you go to the length of doing a 4 step handshake, when any one observing the handshake and knowing the PSK can derive your keys too?
Like if you are already doing a handshake, is it asking too much to use something like Diffie Hellman?
3:17 AM
Yeah. And they use CCM so it's really not like they're worried about ultra-lightweight crypto...
3:56 AM
(Horrifically-ineffective attempt at mitigating ROP from GCC)
2 hours later…
6:04 AM
Oh my god.
Q: Entropy sources used by modern Windows

forestA comment on a Microsoft blog from 2005 mentions over 150 sources of entropy for the Windows CryptGenRandom function. The majority of sources come from low-level system information (precise stat counters), the process' environment block, high-precision CPU counters, exception information, process...

The comment on the Microsoft blog that I was referencing got deleted after I posted this.
It lasted from 2005 until I posted on SE. The comment that was deleted answered:
> Can you give a details on what is behind RtlGenRandom, how does it works?
And the web archive doesn't seem to have it.
I guess now that the XP source code has been leaked, it'll be possible to dig in to find the answer.
1 hour later…
7:32 AM
"and 'transverse' is not a verb. "
Jesus, grow up.
I fuckin' hate people on this site.
Over confident.
Fucking ego maniacs.
A: How FTP can be connect under SSH so it become sftp?

J is 12 years old.Before I answer, I believe you have a misunderstanding of the difference between SFTP & FTPS, because FTP doesn't just become SFTP. The link Matthew provided SFTP, FTPS and SecureFTP differences and security implications will be helpful in clearing up your misunderstandings. Alternatively, you ca...

Its like he had to fucking NIT PICK the last thing he could
out of the answer, chill out jesus
@forest Oh thanks! I'll read in a few minutes :D
I mean... it doesn't seem like a particularly bad comment.
@forest Awesome. I'll have to give it a go, I found a pretty useful blog. I'll let you know if I get stuck :D
@forest No I'm just annoyed.
So I am being unfair. I also hate people.
He's right. I corrected myself.
So I think you were right. It is a verb.
7:36 AM
> transverse (third-person singular simple present transverses, present participle transversing, simple past and past participle transversed) (transitive)
And this is why I don't correct people's grammar...
Because then you can look like a total clown when you're also wrong.
Meh. I don't even recall why I updated that answer, I did it yesterday when I was looking at my answers. Its whatever.
I update my answers fairly often.
Whenever I have something to add or improve.
Yeah, I noticed that. I think its useful to do that also.
I need to finish this format string exploit today.
Well, I've already done the first part. Just trying to work out how to get the leaked address back to my machine.
Although, I am not too sure how common format strings are in the world these days.
Most of the information I find on them is pretty outdated.
They're not super common (no one gets pwnt because of %n anymore), but it's still a classic.
7:41 AM
Yeah, that's kinda' what I figured.
Useful to know and be aware of. But not overly common that I'll be able to use it a lot.
It's like a linear buffer overflow. You need to know it, but you won't be using it.
Yeah, makes sense.
I have to build another ROP chain to bypass NX for this challenge anyways, so I am going to try and use HeapCreate, since I've not patched it yet, could be fun.
Seem's a bit more tricky than VirtualAlloc and VirtualProtect.
No idea what that is.
Is that some Windows function?
Windows call :D
Yeah, heh.
7:44 AM
How many Windows syscalls are there even?
Like, a few hundred win32k and what, a thousand NT?
Oh there's a stupid amount.
Although, I technically think that it is not a syscall, in Windows language.
From what I've heard, Windows syscalls tend to be excessive because they're simple and they have a dozen syscalls that each do a variation of one thing, whereas Unix-type systems tend to have fewer syscalls, but with a lot of flags to change behavior. True?
@Jis12yearsold. Oh a function call to some userspace library?
Yeah. A system library.
It's quite confusing actually, the design.
Ah, so more like malloc() than mmap().
7:46 AM
Yeah, pretty much.
@forest Yeah that is true. There's a lot of syscalls and they don't have flags. At least, I am yet to find one which does have flags because they're so specific.
I wonder how the syscall API complexity compares to Linux.
I know Linux has some really ugly (insecure) syscalls.
That's a good question.
And I know Linux has no equivalent distinction between types of syscalls like Windows does wrt win32k vs NT. A syscall is a syscall is a syscall (well, there's x86_64, x86_32, and x86_x32 I guess).
Here's a useful table to give you an idea... j00ru.vexillium.org/syscalls/nt/64
As you can see, there's a fair amount and they're quite specific.
> NtConvertBetweenAuxiliaryCounterAndPerformanceCounter
What is with these awful names?
7:50 AM
Yeah, not quite sure as I said, they're quite specific :D
I mean... what's so hard about using names like ioctl and prctl and ptrace?
If I am not mistaken also, they change the offsets for them on Windows 10 a bunch.
Extremely often.
Offsets? Is that like numbers in the syscall table?
7:52 AM
You know, I have no idea.
I suppose in some way they think its better security.
But I cannot find a coherent good answer...
That's dumb.
Sony tried that with the PS4, which is based on FreeBSD.
Was useless for them.
j00ru.vexillium.org/syscalls/win32k/64 holy fuck that's a lot of syscalls
Yeah, I think it's also dumb. I've tried looking for a good answer but I can't find one...
I think it might be one of those things only the developers know why they do it.
Hahahahahaa, yeah it is.
I I guess it's really not possible to compare this to Linux since they have multiple syscalls for what Linux would do with ioctl(DRM_IOCTL_BLAH123) and ioctl(DRM_IOCTL_BLAH456).
Yeah, they have a damn lot...
I am not even sure if all of them are still used.
I mean, I don't know whether they deprecate them or not.
It doesn't seem that they do, they just sit forever.
And various read()s on file descriptors in /proc...
7:55 AM
As someone mentioned on StackOverflow "the syscall numbers change whenever microsoft feels like it" but for Windows 10, they change a lot.
Like wtf is NtGdiModifyWorldTransform? These names make no sense.
@forest Windows :D
So I dumped a bunch of text with an SNMP walk but I'm not sure how I can maybe filter good info. For now I've grepd "pass", "root" and "STRING". Any ideas on what else I should grep?
I guess not all these syscalls are really all that important.
7:57 AM
Yeah, I don't think so.
I'm so used to the Unix way that I'm always surprised at how different Windows is.
All of these get exposed via one DLL so thats how you invoke them from userspace.
I don't even know how they manages processes without a parent/child hierarchy.
@Jis12yearsold. Presumably you can invoke them directly with syscall or int 0x80 instructions.
I imagine that the DLL just provides a wrapper, like glibc does.
So, so far I have not needed to use them all that much for any of this. The biggest use case so far as been for egg hunting. Since you can use the syscalls then to search for your egg.
Well, not directly search for it, But for example, checking the memory is okay you can use like NtAccessCheckAndAuditAlarm
Then you'd provide the offset to that call
But yes, you use an int to invoke it
8:13 AM
So, say you wanted to use NtAccessCheckAndAuditAlarm, one way would be to push the offset for the syscall (kiservicetable has offsets for syscalls) onto the stack , then pop that into a register then you can do an int0x2e which puts you into kernel mode (for 32-bit) and then you'd just want a simple comparison to check whether the syscall returned an access violation or not
Way over my head.
Don't even know what kiservicetable is.
Yeah it's a bit different to Linux :D
Yeah. mov eax,whatever then syscall.
Yeah, a few more steps on Windows, heh.
We get a question like this at least once a month...
Let's play, crypto buzz word bingo!
@JohnZhau private
8:16 AM
I got my first one: "Quantum Computing"
"Gelfond's constant, e^π"
@djsmiley2kStaysInside I'm guessing you mean the community string? I'm going through the output of finished SNMP walks
just "public" gave me a lot
@Jis12yearsold. haha what
@forest Yeah in that question, anytime someone posts a question like this, they always add something in about quantum.
grep-ping STRING actually got me a bunch of running processes which is nice
8:19 AM
Seemingly for no reason at all. They simply must talk about it. Like a fucking itch. Or a junkie waiting for another shot of heroin.
what a surprise.
its easy to say that when you have the american government backing you up
8:26 AM
selling you arms
selling you exploits
you know it makes me so sad
And strong arming any country that tries to stand up and say "no more".
the amount of people (non israelis) that also say things like this
they really have no idea what is happening
and they see it that israel and the west are right
And anyone who says otherwise is labeled an anti-semite.
it makes me mad, my girlfriend had to leave her own country (which she adores) because of this and then people have the audacity to say israel and the west have never done anything wrong
@forest yeah...
Hahaha, yes...
8:29 AM
that guy must feel real fuckign nice right now
in his house with 4 walls and a roof
an entire roof!!!
he is so blessed
jesus fucking christ
A house that might have been built for someone else, and taken from them.
Many settlements are composed of houses owned by others who were forced out at gunpoint.
This kind of thing makes me want to be an anti-vaxxer.
Because fuck everyone. We should all get COVID and die.
yeah it just makes me sad
she can likely never go back home..
and then i see idiots like this
i hope a bomb lands on his house :)
How cruel!
Actually probably yes.
Your hatred of humanity is refreshing, I have to say.
I don't meet many people who are smart enough to be fed up with this shit.
8:36 AM
Oh yeah i cant stand it at all...
ooh got a meeting
back soon
And I got a bed to sleep in.
heh goodnight :)
9:11 AM
I hate it when I come and read the chat, and there are a dozen messages (removed) :)
9:22 AM
@nobody tl;dr me and JJ aren't fans of Israel but don't want people to think we're racist.
@nobody Wasn't me this time
Because sometimes text can appear out of context.
Yeah I know, self deleted, but it breaks the flow of the conversation when I'm reading it :). Not saying you shouldn't delete (I would probably have deleted too if I was part of the conversation), but it still annoys me
fair enough
Imma try to find out a way to prevent the webpage from removing the messages from me once I receive them
9:29 AM
If you're really curious, I could repost them.
No no
This time, I can imagine what you said
edit the javascript of the page and change the deleteMessage function to just return true
it's just parsing data from a websocket, so you can make it ignore the delete command
@ThoriumBR That's what I'm trying to do, I'm just having a hard time finding that function
Ugh, looks like its using an external js file. How do you edit that?
let me check firefox/vivaldi/brave developer mode...
9:44 AM
I am back.
And yes, fuck israel.
Fuck the US.
oh and fuck anyone who calls me racist for saying fuck israel
i remember one idiot who called me biased for supporting palestine
like even if i were biased (as opposed to just a good person), my girlfriend literally had to leave the fucking country because of this. of course i'd be biased, fucking clown
Biased? For supporting Palestine? wtf
yeah apparently
as if that has anything to do with it being a clear injustice
fucking clown
some peoples level of support for the west and their respective governments is mind boggling
im convinced some of these fucks would openly support a genocide against their own with enough convincing
I mean they join the army because an advert told them to so... yeah
@Jis12yearsold. its what happens when people take what the media tells them at its face value. They don't even try to think if it makes sense
Also, I feel bad every time I ping @Jis12yearsold.
10:05 AM
@nobody Yeah... Sadly.
@nobody Why? :D
@Jis12yearsold. Feels like I'm insulting you for no reason
how come? :D
whats insulting bout it :D
Oh well, now that I think of it, it can be a compliment too. A 12 year old already doing binex.
hahahahahahah :D
yeah impressive right!!!
absolutely. Does the J stand for Jann?
10:08 AM
(not a dox that was my name here before)
@nobody HHAhahaha
i just noticed the edit
10:28 AM
@Jis12yearsold. if you look at the fans of some soccer clubs, you see that a genocide against their own isn't that far fetched...
when some clubs gets to the finals, you can be sure some of either club will be killed by the other just because their are fans of the "wrong" team
God damn Brazil.
me and my colleagues were talking one day about the situation in Israel and Palestine, and chatting about what could anyone do to stop the violence on both sides... one of us said that they should teach us how to behave, because even a football jersey is enough for you to be killed here
Well, football fans are probably ready to that everywhere, its just that in Brazil its easier to get away with killing
But it happens in other places too.
one of those days, a fan for a club named Treze was killed when people of the other team invaded his home, kicked him to death, shot him afterwards, dragged his body outside, put their own jersey on his body and left there "sitting" in front of his house.
they got caught because they shared the video of the entire "mission" on social networks
Over a goddamn sport?
10:40 AM
@forest You could call it a religion for some
a man killed his wife because of soccer too.. they were fans of opposing teams, and the wife's team defeat his team, she was mocking him and he killed her
the first case the police still didn't caught anyone... they know the identities of them but they are still free... wtf...
The J in J's name stands for J.
I thought it was the count variable in a nested for loop.
Aren't we all count variables in the nested for loop called life?
Hold on I need to get high real quick before I re-read that.
10:49 AM
Here, this will help:
I thought I was just an element of a multidimensional array, nothing else
I was always under the impression that nobody knew what the meaning of life was.
Y'all are just page faults.
My goal in life is to be a triple exception fault.
Maybe then I can get the entire goddamn universe to reset.
I'm that one function that, when you look at the source code, you ask yourself how the fuck someone can write code this bad and yet it seems to work for some bizarre reason.
@MechMK1 I do.
10:53 AM
I've intensified my workout recently, and I used the Hitler method for motivation.
That shit works wonders.
Hitler method? O_o
What is that, trying to look as thin as a guy coming out of Auschwitz?
Yeah, I'm imagine myself training in some secret SS facility, and above me some Nazi scientist is guiding Adolf Hitler around, pointing down at me working out and presenting him the perfect aryan Übermensch.
Trust me, that shit motivates you to work out hard
The resting days are the worst, because you can feel the muscle ache everywhere
haha, if I tried that, I'd get scared of hitler ordering me killed 'cause I'm ugly and presumably hitler wouldn't consider people as ugly as me as aryans
10:56 AM
I'm ugly too
Doesn't matter
What matters is the spirit of self-improvement
One is not born as the Übermensch - one becomes the Übermensch.
I don't believe anything can motivate me to do something I don't feel like doing. The Spirit of Self-Improvement is incompatible with nobody
I guess it just wasn't compiled for my architecture
Do you want to know something that pisses me off to no end?
I already know many. One more can't hurt
Google's japanese IME in Google Translate is keyboard-layout agnostic, but their installable version is not.
It assumes a QWERTY layout
So I am better off using the web IME to type than the installable one
Also look at this cancerous font choice in Windows 10
How kana and kanji don't have the same font weight
It looks like the kanji are bold.
How well do you know Japanese?
11:07 AM
@MechMK1 Haha :D
@ThoriumBR lol true...
Now compare it to this and tell me which one looks better
Same text
Or maybe you're not a fan of scriptured fonts and prefer a more modern, sleek style
I personally prefer the first of the two proper examples, because I generally enjoy stroke-ends thinning out instead of it cutting off
It gives a more "natural" feeling, rather than the harsh endings of just a cut-off
@nobody your chat profile about me is wonderful.
Dammit I wish I thought of that.
That is great holy shit
11:16 AM
@forest What is it?
> Warning: mysqli::__construct(): (HY000/1045): SQLServer Error: Access denied for user 'srv418_chat'@'' (using password: YES) in /public_html/chat/user_info.aspx on line 212
How do y'all feel about Adobe?
Oh yes, notice anything odd about it?
@MechMK1 Horrible company.
11:17 AM
@nobody Nothing in particular.
But I still like the fact that when you subscribe to Photoshop you get all Adobe fonts licensed for personal and commercial use.
@forest Its a php error, with file extension .aspx
Oh, wow. How did I not notice that?
Nobody knows what kind of setup was used there
@MechMK1 Just use Gimp.
11:18 AM
Besides, it's not like you couldn't do that
It's FOSS. It has a funny name. What's not to love?
I had actually put a php error then found out that stackexchange uses asp so I just changed the filename
Oh wait please don't tell me you were serious
Dead serious. I use GIMP.
@forest Huh, it works?
11:19 AM
How do you add a stroke to a text in GIMP, so it changes with the text?
No idea. I use it for very basic purposes.
Yeah, I can use GIMP for that too
But I do know it's used professionally quite often.
Photoshop is used a ton more
Well yeah, because of their aggressive advertising.
11:20 AM
And the features in Photoshop just blow GIMP out of the water
No, I used both
But you can't photoshop a photo of a dollar because they're fucking stupid.
I tried to use GIMP
I find its easier to use paint and powerpoint for editing compared to GIMP
Not my use-case :D
Photo-editing with Photoshop is a billion times quicker than with GIMP
Seriously, Photoshop is voodoo magic
"Select foreground object", tap on the picture, it automatically selects the "interesting" part of the image.
Could you do that with GIMP? Sure, you can manually trace it. But I'd rather get my job done in 20 seconds than 5 minutes
Photoshop could cure cancer and it wouldn't make me like it.
Unless it was bought out by any company that isn't Adobe.
Except perhaps Oracle. They're just as bad.
11:23 AM
Just pirate it
Then you're not supporting adobe
I hate Oracle a lot more
But do you know which company is awesome? Cockos Inc.
The guys who made WinAmp all those years ago later made Reaper, which is just an amazing DAW, and it costs 60 bucks. ProTools costs 299 per year, and reaper offers the same features.
So, enough sponsored content. Back to the regular chat.
Fun Fact: Shuten-Douji from FGO has a bob cut and is 145cm tall, because that's the haircut and height of her voice actress, Yuuki Aoi.
1 hour later…
12:55 PM
@ThoriumBR did you manage to turn off deleting messages?
bonus points if you make it turn red or something
to show someone attempted to delete it :D
NASA's OSIRIS-REx is en-route to Earth, and the capsule containing rock samples will land in Utah Sept. 24, 2023... from the unreliable V2 rockets to the ability to fly to an asteroid and back is such a nice progress!
@djsmiley2kStaysInside not yet but I am investigating the issue... but it's taking more work than predicted
I'd thought about it, but as I don't know javascript, and am lazy, never did more than a quick glance
it just occurred to me that SE have sandbox chat rooms...
no, they don't... there are sandbox posts, not chat rooms... but nothing stops me from entering looong inactive ones
rockets went from "point the payload side to England and fire away" to "we will land on an asteroid after flying autopilot for 5 years, and fly back home and land in Utah"
1:33 PM
success! now deleted messages are not deleted...
but I have no way to knowing it was tried to be deleted... yet
1:50 PM
@ThoriumBR Oh they exist
nothing special tho
@MechMK1 they also made licecap
And I think I still use a old version of protools that came with my fast track USB :D
no need to use sandbox chats... this room already have enough traffic
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