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1:18 AM
I don't remember ever seeing either in a cryptic in e.g. a newspaper. Though they aren't obviously less reasonable than e.g. "s.p." = "sine prole" = "(having died) without leaving offspring", which I have seen more than once.
1:55 AM
hmm, without = w/o, 0, no, -less are possibilities...
I'm leaning toward this being a homophone clue then
2:40 AM
could also be something like EAR around the name of an art gallery
Though ASR said it wasn't an indicator
right i missed that
3:19 AM
@oAlt also sans maybe
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4:23 AM
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@Sphinx TIL the word screed
3 hours later…
7:39 AM
ear (I hear) w/o (without) start "earworm", but I don't see any museum on Wikipedia abbreviated RM. Earworm can refer to a corn parasite and may therefore be a letdown??
7:50 AM
there's an RM art gallery in auckland, apparently
3 hours later…
10:37 AM
@oAlt I do sometimes see the Rijksmuseum abbreviated as RM (e.g. here), though not by the museum itself
but "it's a let down" would be a strange definition for a parasite (or the other kind of earworm)
2 hours later…
12:45 PM
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2:01 PM
@msh210 Yeah, there must be a better-fitting answer out there
4 hours later…
5:34 PM
Hint updated with mod magic
As far as I can tell, the only galleries mentioned were TATE, LOUVRE, MET and MOMA.
Oh, and RM / Rijksmuseum.
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7:59 PM
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11:24 PM
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