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1:25 AM
@PDT awesome, that's great to hear!
yeah moving a letter like that is pretty rare, somehow had two of them in this one hehe
2 hours later…
3:57 AM
@Jafe ahhhh! I realised I got (tori)*=roti which is wrong!
2 hours later…
6:03 AM
Q: 16 letter crossword theme

KestyI'm making a crossword puzzle to honor someone specific whose name contains 16 characters , obviously too many for a standard 15x15 grid and also an even number which can't go in the middle row of a larger grid. Anybody ideas on how to create a good grid?

5 hours later…
11:07 AM
@Sphinx I have also now solved this and agree with PDT in that it's easy compared to previous ones
2 hours later…
12:57 PM
Q: Examining Your Finger Joints

JLeePart 1 - Numbered Clues a protein filament that grows from skin follicles (4) Batman's Batcave, for example (4) MVP's M (4) better than amateurs and paid more (4) Greek region containing Olympia (4) a set period a person serves in an elected office (4) draw, scuffle, or hand, for example ...

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2:08 PM
Okay, true story... I was seconds away from completing my write-up for this unanswered question (seconds!) when my wife entered the room to talk to me about - of all things - a toilet seat. Begrudgingly, I turned my attention away from the screen to oblige, only to find when I looked back a minute or so later that you had posted this excellent answer. You might think, "You waited 23 minutes to say this?" No. No, I did not. The toilet seat conversation has genuinely only just finished. Oh, life... Congrats on a great answer, and +1 :) Now to go buy a toilet seat... — Stiv 1 min ago
Genuinely, this just happened.
Cannot describe the mix of emotions
Worst part is that I shall now remember this moment every time I enter the smallest room in my house...
2:56 PM
Life indeed
3:55 PM
Well, Olt is a river in Romania and therefore a valid word. You can't say that your wife's subject wasn't thematical here ...
(Nods in appreciation)
4:34 PM
@Stiv at least you got to that point I was still working on the clues…
And only after solving it (which took me a long time because I am dense) and checking my answer with Deusovi’s did I realize that the mere ‘anagrams’ so I thought were in fact the words slotting over one another hence the title. I felt totally stupid for not spotting that sooner and wasting time.
can relate, puzzle solving for me is mostly just feeling really stupid punctuated by rare moments of feeling really clever
5:07 PM
@PDT No need to feel stupid - I was in this exact same boat! The narrative of my answer is that I too originally thought they were just anagrams, and only upon finding the hidden word did I realise the truth, and then go back over it to be sure! This is probably what cost me in getting an answer out before Seatgate...
but blaming the wife is better for the narrative I guess
That was indeed the final straw that broke this puzzling camel's back... It was literally seconds, like I say...!
2 hours later…
6:46 PM
Q: Current record for minimally clued 7x7 Hidato (16 clues)

CrSb0001Background Back in March, I posted this question on the Puzzling Stack Exchange asking how many clues were needed to create a 4x4 Hidato puzzle with a unique solution. Sometime after this, I took a break from doing this until recently, when I decided to try to make a minimally clued 7x7 Hidato. I...

2 hours later…
8:32 PM
My deepest apologies to everyone for holding up the C4 for so long. I forgot that I had posted a solution, and was away for the holiday long weekend.
CCCC: "Spirit people from Nagaland chanted voodoo," Lily said. (6)
9:12 PM
not to be confused with spirit people from magaland
Q: Rubik's Cube with no two squares of the same color on any horizontal, vertical or diagonal line

Herbert KociembaConsider the 12 lines depicted below which all run through the centers of the 9 color squares of a single face of Rubik's Cube. Can you find a scramble such that two squares with the same color never are on the same line? And this of course simultaneously on all six faces of Rubik's Cube. What ...

10:06 PM
Q: Warning: this puzzle contains made-up words

AnkoganitWhen I started working at WordPuzzles Inc. as a substitute, I thought I'd found a path to my dream job. Getting paid to work on puzzles was all I'd ever wanted! "This is it, you've made it in life" is what I told myself. As time went on, I became a full-time employee, and gradually started to not...

@Sphinx can't believe it's been over 2 years since I posted a puzzle here
10:28 PM
Q: Can I Date This Woman?

JLeeSo, I'm 46 years old and browsing a dating site. This woman's profile has no photo, but it has me interested in a date with her. However, it just says that she is "under 100". Is she within my limit (+/- 10 years)? I pasted some of her profile below. Can you help me figure it out? About Me Say a...

11:00 PM
that's a lot of words for a 6-letter answer
I wonder if it's something like voodoo homophone + lily homophone, since it seems too long to involve only one wordplay component
Also, I just noticed that on mobile, the names of the tags have been put in boldface
(on the main and meta PSE sites, but not in mobile-format chat nor full-site-format chat)

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