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12:58 AM
bringing the "local challenge = MTC/FTC" theory back
@bobble Indeed.
PSA: All PSE moderators are currently on strike; see openletter.mousetail.nl for why.
Expect delays on handling of flags, and votes to close/delete/etc. will likely linger longer as many of those were being handled by folks currently inactive due to the strike.
1:19 AM
cool, time to create some sockpuppets and sell some ads!
working title: What Is a Coca-Cola® Word™?
@Jafe 😎 /j
i think the c4 is some italian food term meaning "simmering"
@Jafe answer: The words in the second column are invented for the occasion. The words in the first column are The Real Thing™.
Also, if you don't have an SO account but still want to sign the letter, contact @mousetail to be added meta.stackexchange.com/questions/389811/…
1:24 AM
a horde of sea creatures could be a school (of fish) or pod (of whales)
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3:37 AM
Q: Making fair dice

Will Octagon GibsonDmitry Kamenetsky asked the following two questions: Making two fair dice Making three fair dice My question is a generalization of Dmitry‘s questions. You are given N unlabelled standard 6-sided dice. For which values of N>3, if any, can you write every number from 1 to 6N on the dice, such that...

1 hour later…
4:55 AM
Q: Create a 3D object to demonstrate the pyramid volume equation

MotiUnder the assumption that every triangle area is given by the equation "S = constant X Base X height", with a simple drawing it is demonstrated that the constant is 1/2. Assuming that a pyramid volume is given by "V = constant X base X height" create an object that shows that the constant is 1/3 ...

5:21 AM
Q: Bigger number (sometimes) wins

Julian RosenTwo players play the following game: Each player writes down a whole number between 0 and 100 on a slip of paper, then the players simultaneously reveal their choices. If the difference between the two numbers is at least 60, then the player with the smaller number wins, otherwise the player with...

5:46 AM
It could also be a station name, in which you'd see a horde of people I guess but that's probably less relevant
6:29 AM
8 hours ago, by bobble
It hurts me to see posts to edit and then abstain...
^ just now realised this is related to the strike and a whole bunch of non-moderators are participating as well
slow brain day
4 hours later…
10:05 AM
Q: Who Am I Puzzle

Prim3numbahThe grid you see below is composed of unit squares. Can you figure out who I am? l=1/2 r=1/4 w=1/4

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11:23 AM
Q: Do you know where your number ranks among your peers?

EricA group of $M$ mathematicians each have a number written on their foreheads, visible to all but themself. One day, a meta-mathematician comes by and remarked, "I see all the numbers are distingct natural numbers." She then proceeds to repeatedly ask them the question: Do you know where your numbe...

12:17 PM
Mar 29, 2022 at 0:00, by juicifer
CCCC: Can of Coke is terrific selection (7)
12:50 PM
subtle, almost subliminal
1:48 PM
@GarethMcCaughan I guess you weren't planning on doing a meta announcement of the strike?
Speaking for myself at least, I hadn’t planned on it
1 hour later…
3:19 PM
Q: Think in a Odd way

Box EnthusiastYou have been captured for the crime of making a rude comment on Puzzling Stack Exchange and sent to Puzzlcatraz, a special prison for perfectly logical logicians. The warden is fair and decides to play a game with you, as is standard for this prison. Failure to win the game results in death. The...

1 hour later…
4:32 PM
I also had made no such plans. Nor had I particularly thought "we'd better not announce it on Meta", though.
5:24 PM
I only asked because I noticed Puzzling wasn't in the master list of sites with strike-related meta posts
Q: Moderation strike: a tired lunatic (4)

GlorfindelWhich four-letter word fits the clue "Moderation strike: a tired lunatic"? Disclaimer:

2 hours later…
7:39 PM
Some thoughts expressed about the C4 were in the right direction.

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