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1:54 AM
so any of "it's an italian food term meaning simmering", "a horde of sea creatures could be a school, pod, or the like", or "simmering is a place/station name", but not all of them
hmm maybe it could be simmering as in furious
more sea creature group names: a gam of whales, a shiver of sharks, a turmoil of porpoises, a blessing of narwhals, a harem of seals, a romp of otters[1]
i swear half of these terms must be the result of the dictionary people coming across the definition for the word trolling and thinking "hey, we should try that"
1 hour later…
3:26 AM
Hello Guys!
3:41 AM
@JustACoder o/
4:05 AM
4:18 AM
Hi :)
5:03 AM
@oAlt I think there may have been more than that. But anyway note that I didn't say the thoughts were correct as stated: merely that they were in the right direction.
Oh, I forgot. The possibility that "local challenge" is a (regular/common) challenge seen in PSE (like FTC, MTC, crossword, etc.)
5:38 AM
local challenge could also be CCCC, useful for cluing words like acciaccatura
a lo-cal challenge could be something like diet
3 hours later…
8:43 AM
urgh, saturday's crossword is still unfinished... any guesses who just spent a 4-week pause doing absolutely nothing
@Jafe Walt Disney?
no cigar
wasn't that guy like a notorious workaholic
used to be, but not lately
ah right, he indeed hasn't done anything of note in the last 4 weeks
@JustACoder oh heya!
2 hours later…
10:44 AM
Q: Intransitive urns

Herbert KociembaN balls with numbers 1,2,3...N are filled arbitrarily into 3 urns A,B and C - but no urn may remain empty. We write P(A,B) for the probability that a ball chosen randomly from urn A shows a higher number than a ball chosen randomly from urn B. We call the tree urns intransitive if P(A,B)>1/2, P(B,C)

10:55 AM
"ferocious" has _\C (extremely antagonistic) at I (me), the U (you) and the _\O (end of bonito). But they fit into the word incorrectly.
hmm, why doesn't the backslash work here
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12:28 PM
Q: Nuts and screws

popcornImagine that you are given a box with n nuts and n screws. Each screw have different size (diameter) and on each screw there is exactly one matching nut that fits. How many tries on average do you need to assign each nut to a particular screw? (Try to minimize tries as much as possible) The only ...

1:03 PM
it's backslash before underscore, not the other way around
1:37 PM
Ahh thanks
Q: The magic number 376

Dmitry Kamenetsky376 is a magic number! When we raise it to some integer power then the result always ends in 376: $376^2 = 141376$ $376^3 = 53157376$ $376^4 = 19987173376$ $376^5 = 7515177189376$ $376^6 = 2825706623205376$ $376^7 = 1062465690325221376$ ... Why is this so? Can you find another 3-digit number with...

4 hours later…
6:08 PM
C4 hint: The second letter is A.
6:30 PM
Q: Measure the rod

I'm NobodyYou are given three meter scales A, B, and C are shown in picture given below. The scales are however, quite unique in their properties as they have different numbers of division per meter. You are asked to measure the length of the rod using the scales given to you. What is the range of the leng...

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9:05 PM
Q: (Inappropriate content edited out while waiting for a mod)

Friendly Antitranny Bro(Inappropriate content edited out while waiting for a mod)

^ Please flag as offensive and downvote. Hoping the bot's not on strike...!
9:27 PM
Job done. Thanks all.

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