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12:04 AM
yeah but none of the questions within seem to be iq questions
feels out of place
3 hours later…
3:27 AM
I've made a first draft of an attribution FAQ (quite literally made while procrastinating on studying for a test tomorrow so probably it's not great). All feedback welcome. If you want edit access, request it and indicate who you are in the comment box. docs.google.com/document/d/…
4:20 AM
@bobble procrastinating is my trait.
4:40 AM
I don't think 'smell' is a good word to use in a 'formal' faq.
The whole thing is written in an informal tone.
@bobble thats fair.
opens grammarly
@Stiv Hehe. Well, it happens to the best of us.:)
5:04 AM
@Stevo, I'm gonna put off giving you access till I wake up, because 1) that way I can watch and we can discuss changes instead of you just editing, and 2) it rubs me exactly the wrong way to talk about "mistakes" you have to "fix". Admittedly the latter may be a sign of my immaturity but it's a reason nevertheless.
@bobble message understood.
Also, note that if you participate in that document under your personal or school account, you'd out that information to others...
@bobble uh, didn't think of that.
gonna go to my other gmail account
going to create a random email account for the sake of this :)
trying to find my phone
2 hours later…
7:39 AM
CCCC:A reciprocal hug that embraces soprano, harmonizing with ingenue actress at last! Half of returning letters from patrons, start heaping praises that spill over! (6,5)
@bobble there's a big difference in tone between collaborating and merely 'correcting' somebody inconsiderately. (Not claiming either here, FYI). The latter absolutely rubs me the wrong way, and I've definitely misread somebody's tone as often as the other party approached 'helping' in an unfriendly manner without them realising
So not lack of maturity, if you'd like my opinion, otherwise I will leave you both to working on policy
(I can't see Google docs from work, so u won't be much use unfortunately)
@AncientSwordRage I wanted this as a response to an earlier C4, partly as it was what I had guessed, and partly as a follow up to what I read into it as a story
It ended up clunky both in surface and in word okay unfortunately 😕
Oct 14 at 19:33, by AncientSwordRage
I'll try to make my next one shorter 😅
Past me, forever promising and then failing to deliver 😅
Time to go work on another reply C4 🙃
1 hour later…
9:20 AM
@AncientSwordRage I think this is GUSHES FORTH (praises that spill over) = HUG< embracing S (soprano) + _E _S + (-o)F + (-pa)TRO(-ns)< + H(-eaping), assuming that 'returning letters from patrons' here involves selecting some letters of the word in reverse...
I'm not entirely convinced that 'praises that spill over' and 'gushes forth' quite match up (the first seems to be a noun, the second a verb) but it's pretty darn close
@Stiv ccccorrect
@Stiv It is a little naughty perhaps, but I'm glad it was a quick solve
I was going by this sort of definition
lets find a better site than wordhippo
Aha, okay - I'm not sure I've ever heard 'gushes' used as a noun in that way before.
I spotted HUG< pretty quickly and got GUSHES straight from that; it was just a case then of finding an appropriate word for the second one, and thankfully there aren't that many that usually go with it!
9:35 AM
it's in merriam-webster ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
the naughty bit is that I'm using it has a verb in the surface and not in the answer/definition
Well, either way I managed to find it :)
@Stiv I intended it as 'returning(letters_from(patrons))' is pseudo code
That's equivalent to what I said, right?
Q: Double Choco: I love myself

BubblerRules of Double Choco: (copied from here) Divide the grid into regions by drawing along some of the dotted lines. Each region should have one group of gray cells and one group of white cells; both of these groups should be connected. The two groups in a region should be the same size and shape ...

Q: steganography riddle

Tomer_API have this image of Lena in BMP format, which consist a secret message: And I got this hint for this riddle: My initial thought was going over the image row by row and get the LSB of pixels in indices that are triangular numbers (1,3,6,10,...,261726 since my image is 512x512 -> 262144 pixels) b...

CCCC: Where an incontinence specialist might find themself with nothing to do? (2,1,5,3)
9:50 AM
@Stiv Yeeesss..., I don't think the order it's done it matters too much?
10:10 AM
@AncientSwordRage Bingo :)
@Stiv was his naaaame-o
10:42 AM
CCCC: How it feels to be criticised for loitering with friends, because you forgot your towel? (4, 3, 2, 3)
@AncientSwordRage Haha - HUNG OUT TO DRY (how it feels to be criticised) def + cdef
11:03 AM
@Stiv spot on
Funny visual image, that one...
@Stiv heh, I hadn't thought of it that way
1 hour later…
12:29 PM
CCCC: Simon had briefly returned before half-time; he had sixty precious seconds - time to gossip! (4,3,4)
1:14 PM
TIL that "harbor" etymologically speaking is not specific to sea vessels. So "safe harbor" is not really a metaphor.
I want to make a sudoku puzzle, I think...
I still do not get the restriction Stiv is putting on this time...
@Stiv d'iS< HT he'd _i_ _r_ t = to gossip
@Anonymus25 nor I (when last I looked, which was a coupla clues ago)
(or a few)
From the list that I made (you can search it), Stiv has added ABOMINATION, SCHOOL GIRLS, AT A LOOSE END, and now
1:31 PM
[Simon had briefly returned] -> [d'iS] ? Contracting 'Simon Had' to 'Si'd' ?
Oh and nice use of 'seconds' for second letter :D
1:42 PM
@msh210 Nicely found - over to you :)
Ummm, what is that word?
@msh210 @Anonymus25 me neither :00
"Dish the dirt"
Dish the dirt: Gossip? TIL
I do not know these out of country metaphors
My first time hearing it too lol
@AncientSwordRage @Stiv could I have more explanation on this one :P
@oAlt Try splitting the sentence into two, between 'themself' and 'with'...
1:49 PM
List has been updated
@Stiv Ahhh, I see now thx :0
I still don't see the pattern, and MOehn some time ago was claiming that there was (with the middle letters) but I'm still trying to find out... (Unless MOehm meant something else from that statement)
Not long to wait, don't worry...
Not gonna bother correcting the typo for fear of the repeated message glitch happening again
@oAlt it's possible now that Stiv has been rumbled, they're throwing in decoy clues? Or is that not how it works?
@Stiv :00000
@AncientSwordRage probably not, that would seem unfair :P
1:51 PM
> For a second I thought you were Deusovi.
I will never be that quick :P
Not as quick as Dues, but faster than me.
NLN comments?
@Stiv thanks
@AncientSwordRage yeah
CCCC: A soup (tinola) on elegant dinnerware. First of all, took a snapshot (7)
ASTOEDA #BadC4Solutions
@bobble yup
I'm quite familiar with that soup, but I'm not familiar with the wordplay :P
@oAlt astoeda soup?
2:00 PM
ASTOEDA is not Snapshot
So it is a fail
@msh210 PHOTOED = PHO + T_ O_ E_ D_ (def=took a snapshot)
@Stiv yep!
Dangit, I knew it had to end in ED because that's what the "elegant dinnerware first of all" does... But then I couldn't parse the rest lol
2:15 PM
@oAlt I was thinking it had to mean China -> China Plates -> Mates which is grossly off course
2:27 PM
I was working on china as well.
2:52 PM
@ChrisCudmore I also tried to justify something like: "a sOUp (TinoLa) on elegant dINnerwarE (OUTLINE). First of all, took a snapshot (7)" but couldn't get anywhere with it
@Stiv Oh, now I got it. Or at least part of it. I do know two letters of your next C4 answer.
Very nice.
@msh210 :)
Glad I could finally disassemble that. It was bothering me a little.
CCCC: Treat the lad badly for noise made at the end? (5,6)
3:08 PM
C4: DEATH RATTLE (anagram)
@ChrisCudmore Yup!
Give me a few minutes. I'm not prepared.
@ChrisCudmore Take your time.
3:19 PM
@oAlt I didn't say that there was a pattern in the middle letters. I said that you could reasonably guess the middle letter of the sixth clue of that series.
CCCC: Brazilian footballer takes top group twice for vitality (7)
@ChrisCudmore 'Top group' - nice! PIZZAZZ = PI(ZZ)A(ZZ), using PIA and ZZ Top :)
That's it!
Okay, time to put this one to bed...
CCCC: Mysterious location concealed (appropriately?) in recent series? (6,5)
(Many thanks to those who may have worked this one out in advance but chose to keep it to themselves to avoid spoilers for others!)
I'm very sorry to piddle on this wonderful puddle, yet . . .
Why not create a separate room for [cryptic-crosswords]?
I was banished from here for posting puzzling videos. What is the difference?
3:34 PM
@Stiv I assume we should also avoid posting now :-)
@msh210 No, no - feel free to fire away :)
@Stiv okay, then: Diagon Alley, sort-of &lit (location concealed in recent book series, and in recent series of C4s)
Q: Tipping a tetrahedron in a plane

ThomasLA regular tetrahedron with one black and three white faces is positioned with its black face at the bottom of a plane. The tetrahedron is tipped several time over an edge and finally reaches the same original position. Is it possible, that the tetrahedron ended up with a white face at the bottom ...

I'll not reveal how it's concealed in the C4s though, so others can still think about it.
@msh210 Absolutely right on the answer, of course :) Nice to make it to the end without a public exposure!
3:38 PM
CCCC: Perverted smut's title: "It Turns Red When Thrust Into Juice" (6,4)
LITMUS TEST (smut's title*)
Very nice surface.
@ChrisCudmore yes indeed
@ChrisCudmore thanks
Truly, isn't this chat room about the Puzzling site itself, though unguarded? Meta.puzzling is guarded and this room might wither without cryptic crosswords. Yet if this is for puzzling fun rather than business, let's all play.
CCCC: Cupid is after Batman in Stark continent (8)
3:53 PM
You've got the idea... keep going...
@ChrisCudmore WESTEROS ('Stark continent' from GoT) = Adam WEST + EROS (Cupid)
@DrD sure, but not really seeing the point
hi amoz
really liked that MLK solve
Q: What are these words or phrases?

DrDGiven below are clues for 4 separate words or phrases. What are those? 1 Five letter word Having not intended 4 Go inside Leland No partial answers please.

4:01 PM
not sure the OP is still around but I'd be gobsmacked if that isn't it
hi thanks
I'm not expecting a check anytime soon : )
does anyone know if there is actual benefit to retagging old puzzles? My homepage is draining away as we speak
@Amoz yes, you get to push all the good new puzzles to the bottom of the stack
so your HNQs stay hotter longer
There should be an 'edit without activate' button. It's hard enough on mobile for me to find unsolved puzzles, I'm sure its user error but there's some bug when I filter unanswered, and click next page, it resets filter to active
I had to mute Rubik's Cube tag after @Tacoタコス's last round
oh, that's unfortunate
4:04 PM
Retagging shouldn't bump.
@ChrisCudmore yeah, sorry about that.
oh that's a good idea, does that work. I don't know how to do a rubiks so that'd be convenient. I'll try it
No problem.
@ChrisCudmore maybe it should
I've trimmed myself down to 3 per day at this point.
4:05 PM
but, you should have the option to retag without bumping
@Avi I'd be all for that idea
@Amoz you can ignore tags you're not interested in by building a filter
Good point. Housekeeping retags shouldn't, Retags that provide a hint or clarity should.
Hmm they're still there but 'gray - disabled', must be user error
It might be related to javascript issues that have been plaguing the network.
does the filter work on mobile
4:06 PM
Nope! Click open the ignored list.
I can never find the one i set up
There's an option to hid or grey.
Related, isn't SE large enough that their developers should no not to "canary test in prod". Thought that was very odd
Right side, below the Featured on Meta box is your filters.
@Amoz that was super annoying
I concur entirely
4:07 PM
If I did that at my bank where I work I'd get fired
I'd click my inbox and be sent to meta >.<
@Tacoタコス And there's no link back to main from meta. Super annoying.
@ChrisCudmore on desktop yes, can't find custom filters on mobile
The back button in my browser works, but it was annoying so I gave up for a while.
Done with retagging for the day, had a few minutes to spare, so I wanted to be useful lol
Where is the option to "hide or gray" a tag
n/m found it
4:14 PM
Can't find it at all on my phone.
Q: Tool for peer-reviewed no-bump mass retagging

Mad ScientistCleaning up a bad or ambiguous tag is a very annoying and disruptive process. While there are moderator tools for renaming and merging tags, there is no tool that helps splitting a tag or removing a bad tag and replacing it with useful tags. There are two ways one can currently clean up a tag, p...

Q: Allow non-bumping minor edits, but review them on /review

Mad ScientistEvery edit, no matter how minor, bumps a question to the frontpage of an SE site. This behaviour is important to allow the community to review edits, but it also creates significant problems when a lot of edits are performed at once. What I propose is to allow minor edits that are not bumped to t...

Q: Is there a way to edit a question without bumping it to the front page?

Richie MarquezGiven that the Stack Overflow trilogy is to be a resource for googlers, I usually try to go back over my questions/answers and improve them in whatever way that I can. However, I feel this may be inappropriate if there is already an accepted answer because edits bump the (already answered) questi...

Some main meta feature requests
@Stevo, did you ever send a permissions request with a new account?
@bobble don't knock the bumps, the bumps are good
🤣 such a great answer there
How do you find those in what appears to be such a short amount of time?
I often have a hard time finding relevant posts
@Tacoタコス experience. I read all those posts before so I know which keywords will bring them up.
If you're having Javascript issues, try clearing your cache - a fix was pushed out recently but you might not have it yet. meta.stackexchange.com/a/370981/1017231
^ is directed at the chatroom in general
4:37 PM
CCCC: Fool and crew fell for ambush (5,4)
___ed dupe
dupes' prey
eatmy sh1t (5,4)
Sorry, very (5,4)
Q: Connection loss

Retudinhint: Find last word. bd be cd fh de HE fe lh pt mt bo* LE mk LA* pk ms PE* ve mt wd RG* * Changing things leads to the desired outcome. The solution will surface, but what are we using for that?

4:52 PM
@Stiv , is this a pop culture reference?
Nope, just a 'straightforward' cryptic clue this time
@Tacoタコス do feel free to ping me if you ever have trouble finding things on main or Puzzling meta, by the way.
Then - I’m voting to close this question because without defining "word" it turns into an ill-defined, open-ended puzzle (and open-ended puzzles are off-topic as of May 2019) — bobble 23 hours ago
Not entirely sure what the three LO reviewers thought for it being well-defined...
5:40 PM
Q: Math homework help

PiGuy314Thanks so much for helping me fix my grades in math, but I need your help again. I though my homework would be easy. But then my teacher gave me some sample problems, and I don't understand them. Could you help me figure it out, and then solve the last problem? 1 + 1 = 10 4 * 3 = 14 87 - 23 = 28...

@bobble not sure; I sided with open-ended there.
@bobble I appreciate the offer!
Where is that post on how to solve cryptics again? I need to bookmark it... :facepalm:
Q: Cryptic Clue Guide

Deusovi This post is not a puzzle. There is nothing puzzly hidden inside it or the self-answer, posted at the same time. What exactly is a cryptic crossword clue, and how do I write one?

I always find it by searching or then sorting by votes
5:56 PM
I tried things similar to "how to solve cryptic clues"
Thank you!
bookmarks it
6:25 PM
I'm thinking BOOBY TRAP, but I can't get TRAP out of "crew fell"
Maybe someone else can
@bobble agree with that and flagged
@ChrisCudmore party<
BOOB + (Y TRAP)< (fell as reversal)
Merriam Webster gave me BOOBY
Fool is a BOOB (closest I can get)
Photo finish!
Gah, stupid mobile chat
I will now disappear in a cloud of embarrassment
MW has BOOBY as synonym for Fool, but not boob. I should have caught that.
Give it to @AncientSwordRage for the wonderful assist.
6:29 PM
Lexico has boob for a stupid person as North American usage.
@bobble casts Gust to dismiss the cloud there you are, please come back and join us
@ChrisCudmore bobble had it fully spelled out though...
> Gah, stupid mobile chat
It flashed too fast for me to read...
I could mod abuse a look, but only if @bobble agreed
@Stiv Give it to @bobble then. Figured it out without help.
@bobble repost please!
6:47 PM
Well, you've all found the intended answer! Decide among yourselves who gets it :)
I'll pass... I'm trying to get work done.
The Great C4 Schism lies ahead: We'll have three independent chains from now on.
(Admittedly, it was the ping from @bobble, since deleted, which alerted me that the answer had been found...)
@MOehm My faction will be CCCCCC
Also known as the Six-Cee-sionists. :)
7:15 PM
that's a lot of pings !!! (was out running errands)
@AncientSwordRage I got it wrong - put the Y with the incorrect group
7:29 PM
@bobble fair enough, I think I didn't read it properly when I saw it flash up then
CCCC: PSE user starts banishing open-ended middling problem that ends up being mostly bleh (6)
I took it
B (starts banishing) + O (open ended) +B (ends up being) +BLE
I think the second B is middling proBlem.
Yeah, that's it.
and BO is starts of banishing open-ended
That's better. I wasn't happy about ended referring to the front end.
7:37 PM
If that's the intended solution, take it. You basically got it.
Oh, no one's pinged @AncientSwordRage .
it's You First I'll Hold the Door Day here at sphinx's
@msh210 that was my intention
CCCC: Accidentally careening towards PSE user (16)
Apologies for the sloppy charade masking that
@ChrisCudmore do we get enumeration?
7:43 PM
It's me again!
@AncientSwordRage Yup
I don't have time to provide an explanation atm
7:59 PM
It helped that I remembered how long my username was from the last time I was an answer, but that was literally all I went by
Sep 14 at 22:35, by msh210
CCCC: A PSE user and I agree old folks are left with their last years. (16)
I think we need to give it to @bobble for the explanation.
CCCC: "Dope" soldier married to last PSE user (7)
I really need to get started on my homework
8:17 PM
The C4 answer is clearly™ Tacoタコス, I just need to figure out the wordplay.
Wait, what? I'm a C4 answer? Score!
I was kidding. I doubt your username is the answer (though I don't yet know the answer so... shrug).
clearly™ it's Doo-Derp?
@msh210 well now I'm sad lol
8:25 PM
I didn't take it seriously though because I don't know any PSE users personally lol
@msh210 why are you apologizing? 🤔
@Tacoタコス I wasn't. I was expressing my sympathy for your sadness.
9:06 PM
"dope" is COCAINE, and a CO (commissioned officer) is a soldier, so this clue is clearly a prediction that michael CAINE will be the last person to ever use PSE
@Jafe He's 88 years old.
And he'll outlast us all.
On-site, anyway.
Has anyone else been scrolling through the user lists?
deusovi, sciborg, bubbler,...
9:11 PM
Dope could be an anagram indicator, but that makes the definition really weird.
@bobble ADOPTER: (DOPE+TA)*+(use)R
Sorry for ultra-pinging you
What's the anagrind?
And user can't be both definition and wordplay.
also indirect anagram
But nice thinking
9:13 PM
@AncientSwordRage not intended
but i think the def could well be just "user"
@Jafe I was thinking pothead but I can't find HAT
JOE + WED + E but that ignores Dope
Not that it means anything, just thinking aloud
dope soldier can be narc
9:15 PM
well, a soldier isn't a whole agency
dope could be something like RAD as well
I'm out.
@bobble drug GI _E = user
@msh210 yup!
9:31 PM
@bobble no
CCCC: Nauseating kids' book author Louis well-liked by audience (10)
9:44 PM
(Sorry to break the "PSE user" chain. I had this one ready.)
Q: Escape across the floorboards

SlowMagicA mad lexophile sits alone in his apartment obsessively rearranging his Scrabble tiles and writing words on every available surface, even filling each floorboard with a word. The Scrabble tiles have had enough. They are plotting their escape. The tiles have discovered that they can scuttle acro...

@msh210 nice hyperlink lol
@Tacoタコス :-)
10:02 PM
is it a nauseating author of kids' books, or an author of nauseating books for kids, or an author of books for nauseating kids?
@Jafe yes
@msh210 but JKROWLING is 9 letters
Oh wait....
That's the correct spelling
oops, my enumeration is off
10:29 PM
SACCHARINE: Sachar+IN(well-liked)+(audien)CE...?
I don't see how that extra C gets inside
10:47 PM
@AncientSwordRage Nor do I, sorry.
@msh210 not even close?
maybe it's a homophone of "sachar in"
@Jafe by audience being the homophone
SACCHARINE: ~(Sachar+IN(well-liked))
11:03 PM
LOUIS = LOU IS, perhaps?
@jafe you can take it as I have husband duty right now
11:45 PM
my condolences
but i suspect it'll be some time we have confirmation since it's night time for msh210
i can of course still go next if you want

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