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12:09 AM
Playing Fortnite and popping in and out of chat lol
makes pew pew noises
Arena games are pretty active tonight
Finally bumped divisions though 🙃
totally understanding
Lol sorry
I know about games but...
12:15 AM
@Stiv that's correct
@msh210 I re-read this and it's stuff I've pretty much learned by reading over the main crosswordunclued blogs and/or attempting some my self out of newspapers with work colleagues (this was sometime ago)
But then you hear about "gegs! (9, 4)" and I start to wonder else might be clued by a setter who has their own (perhaps unknown) nuances and tricks
A: gegs? (9, 4) - a british cryptic crossword clue

d'alar'copgegs? (9, 4) D R U G G E D U P? (6, 3)

^ probably wants a small tidy up
2 hours later…
2:32 AM
@Sphinx @Avi this feels more more like than (not sure if you added that tag)
2:52 AM
we don't have a hidden-image tag :s
3:20 AM
@Avi it's hidden
But my point was I thought steganography was hidden data
Not images
1 hour later…
4:45 AM
@Stiv No need to apologize! I'm just too slow for the cruel, competitive domain that is PSE. (I kid, I kid. It took me too long to see that if the card game was Uno, that would open up a lot of un- words. I still wasted some time on "unanchored", because I wanted to get an H in after a C.)
5:03 AM
I really wanna do codenames again...
(especially because i never did it)
Interesting use of "again", then.
@MOehm totally not weird
well, there is a website called codename.
5:25 AM
well... maybe... if we use the online website... we could... but we need 4 people...
2 hours later…
7:34 AM
@MOehm I was trying to both explain the wordplay of UNOBJECTED (BJ... blackjack? But that's a second game...) and justify the very loose match to free...
At least unanchored would fit with on meaning of free
1 hour later…
8:37 AM
CCCC: Awkward hug during musical leads to half of row three having a sudden urge to evacuate! (6,5)
9:00 AM
@Stiv Ca(ugh*)ts h_ o_ r_ t_
@Stevo one can be a noncompeting cluer for two guessers
9:13 AM
@Stiv thought I had that as well :/
I started planning my cryptic :'(
@msh210 Arghh. msh210'ed again ;)
9:35 AM
Q: The Facebook (a double connect wall)

JS1This is a double connect wall puzzle. The objective is to rearrange the sixteen people below in the 4x4 grid such that each row of 4 will be related by a common theme and each column of 4 will also be related a common theme. In total, there will be 8 different themes/categories. After discoveri...

@msh210 Yup :)
CCCC: An expensive trip by truck? You're not in Helsinki (6)
2 hours later…
11:49 AM
That might be a little unfair, so my first hint, if needed, will probably be a rewording. Sorry.
11:59 AM
@msh210 I had two ideas on how to do this, and this has helped me pick one
so thanks
my pleasure
12:23 PM
i don't expect it to be relevant, but just in case anyone's wondering: "not" in finnish is "ei", and "you're not" is "et ole"
(helsinki is a bilingual city but it would be pretty weird to use it to clue a translation into swedish)
FLASHY: def expensive, wordplay: FL (Finland (not in (but outside of) helsinki) two letter code) + trip(shay or shay)*
12:39 PM
@AncientSwordRage not my intention, I'm afraid. I also don't see how "by truck" can by used to indicate "anagrammed and preceded by".
@Jafe grimaces
@msh210 trip is the anagram indicator, truck is the fodder
oh got it
and the "preceded by"?
indirect though
@Jafe oh true
I was assuming things might be slightly loose based on it being 'unfair'? Not sure where I was going with that
@AncientSwordRage maybe so but I doubt I'd ever use an indirect anagram. (But I've surprised myself before.)
Okay... after Jafe's helpful but (for me) unfortunate translations, I'm going to reword the CCCC immediately: An expensive trip by truck (and in Paris!) (6)
12:49 PM
@msh210 I need to get out into the habit of stopping myself when I 'see' one:p
a junket is an expensive trip, "truck" can be a synonym of "junk"* and "et" is "and in french
1:04 PM
@Jafe yep!
And I thought et could be clued by "you're not in Helsinki", but... maybe not.
I mean, it's the second-person "not", right?
Ah I was thinking it might have been Triple def of expensive trip (i.e. expensive -> smart->metro? This one is very loose) by truck (literally) In Paris
also 'm ET ro' took up all of my brain space 😅
yeah it depends... like if the next word is "[you're not] writing" it translates to just "et"
Not getting one of these right really ~Jafes :p
but if it's like "[you're not] white" then it's "et ole" because you need a verb there
i'd probably translate just "et" alone as "you don't" in english
CCCC: Hip hop song about Arizonan cheese (8)
long story short, one-word translations are tricky
@Jafe ah thanks
2:02 PM
Made major changes to , but I'm left with a final quesiton.
CMC: write a hip-hop song about Arizonan cheese
In the usage guidance; I believe it might be worth mentioning that puzzles which are custom made using this tag, should also include .
For example this puzzle should probably include the tag since solvers needed to deduce the required path to solving (e.g. there isn't a well known and defined algorithm available so it must be determined along the way).
However, I'm unsure on how to phrase that.
In the usage guidance anyways.
KATIKI is a cheese and "about Arizonan, cheese" is thus KAZATIKI, which is almost KAZATSKI, a hip hop song (or at least a dance, to music, in which you hop your hips. I'm not sure whether it also means a song used for the dance, but it may). But it doesn't quite work, alas.
@Tacoタコス please don't copy significant amounts of wording directly from Wikipedia, and especially don't do it without citation. See meta.stackexchange.com/q/79000/1017231
@bobble I'm working on the citation currently, sorry for the delay. Multiple things at once.
Didn't think about it until after I submitted it.
2:17 PM
Anyways, the purpose of Wikipedia is different than the purpose of a tag wiki. Wikipedia is for a general description of a topic, tag wikis are for a specific description of a topic as it applies to a community.
I think it still fits and does the tag justice however.
So it would be more useful to e.g. present common examples of ways that twisty-puzzles could be incorporated into puzzles, or add warnings about common problems, etc.
I'm also creating a meta post to make a synonym of or the other way around, not sure how that works entirely yet.
@bobble I don't have enough experience with them to elaborate on that, I wanted to present more information about what twisty puzzles are and give common examples to make the tag more useful
I'll leave the rest for more experienced solvers
"twisty-puzzles" reminds me of "you are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike"
A: Admin Trogdor Needed to Burninate Many Tags

Gilles 'SO- stop being evil'The normal way to remove a tag is to edit it out of every question that has it. The tag will disappear from the list after a little while (there's an automatic cleanup job that runs daily). If a tag is present on a lot of questions, then Stack Exchange staff can burninate it, i.e. make it so tha...

> I don't think twisty-puzzles is a duplicate of rubiks-cube, it's a generalization.
Q: Should [mechanical-puzzles] and [twisty-puzzles] be synonymised?

ClickRickmechanical-puzzles has 7 questions. Its wiki says: Puzzles that are physically made and have some sort of mechanism for turning or moving them, such as Rubik's Cubes or trick boxes. twisty-puzzles has 4 questions. Its wiki says: The twisty-puzzles tag is for all questions related to so...

Some previous discussions
2:23 PM
@msh210 The existing usage guidance is focused on "puzzles similar to Rubik's cube"
Though I get your point
@bobble that's a fair point, but I don't think it's a dupe; I think it's not needed since we have twisty puzzles
@bobble thank you for the reading :)
@Tacoタコス I know. I wasn't criticizing the tag name, just commenting.
I thought about requesting that we change it to combination puzzles, but even that seems a bit misleading
I think twisty puzzles is more useful in that respect
@Tacoタコス, toilet paper math? has nothing to do with math or formation of numbers, and I'm not sure if the few intro sentences (hints) count as a story or not. Do I just remove those tags or are they supposed to be there?
2:51 PM
@Amoz If you disagree with a tag edit because it clashes with your intended puzzle mechanism you are at perfect liberty to roll back to the past version
I'm not great with tags so I am not 100% sure, I'd feel bad rolling back a change that should be there
I usually only put a tag if I am confident it is relevant
@Amoz But at this point, with the puzzle unsolved, only you actually know if it should belong there :)
K I'll go for it.
If it clashes, I'd remove it. I would especially remove it if the new tags will mislead potential solvers as to how they should be thinking to solve your puzzle. It can always be re-added later if necessary.
Should 2 lines of intro text have a story tag?
or 3 I guess
3:00 PM
I reckon that's an individual taste thing. I probably wouldn't bother unless it was a much longer piece of prose, but others might for anything that involves some form of creative writing. Gow ith your gut :)
@Stiv i.sstatic.net/nAmhB.png (from Couplehood, by Paul Reiser)
On second thoughts, go with your head :p
3:21 PM
Q: how many "mathletic" couples were having dinner at the table

FirstName LastNameonceA number of couples, each one of them happening to be composed of a mathematician and an athlete (hence 'mathletic'), wanted, in order to diversify communication, to sit down at opposite sides of a (rectangular) dinner table randomly, in such a way that mathematicians face athletes. A certain...

3:57 PM
@Amoz the secondary question appeared to have formation of numbers involved and based on categorizing (not solving per se), I put it on there. Feel free to remove it; I was just trying to help :)
4:08 PM
I think the numbers are probably arbitrary identifying codes rather than numbers, though so far I haven't been successful in finding exactly what identifying codes. There doesn't appear to be a standard one for what I think the puzzle is about. But I may be wrong in many different ways.
@Sphinx for this one, @GarethMcCaughan?
4:27 PM
@Tacoタコス I think Gareth's talking about Amoz's non-mathematics toilet paper puzzle... I've been thinking along similar lines and am equally having no luck reaching a solution.
Ah, yeah I gave up on trying to solve that one lol
(Perhaps 'luck' is the wrong word here - 'success' might be more appropriate...!)
It was taking too much time :(
@Tacoタコス Can I suggest doing the retags in smaller batches? The front page is now pretty much entirely rubiks-cube/twisty-puzzles from many months/years ago. Anything active and interesting is buried!
I'm actually stopping here for the day; probably going to just do three or four a day from here out.
Just trying to put a dent in the gap
4:32 PM
Big dent! :)
4 out of 15 pages
Almost 30% lol
Sorry about that; didn't starting thinking about the active tab until a few questions ago
5:03 PM
@Jafe I just about give up with your C4 :D at least for today
closes about 40 tabs about cheese, hip hop, and arizona
opens 60 more
fill your boots
just preferably not with cheese
the frustrating thing is I feel like I got close to one
PARMESAN: (RAP<hip hop song, reversed by about) MESAN someone from Mesa, Arizona, but I would expect a perhaps in there?
@bobble I agree
5:14 PM
@bobble agree
mesan from arizonan feels like I'm stretching
No, that sounds good. And a Mesan is an Arizonan, but an Arizonan is a "Mesan, perhaps".
(And Wikipedia tells me that people from Phoenix, Arizona, are called Phoenicians.)
5:36 PM
@MOehm I always, always get that mixed up
It's called "definition by example", so if you use an example (subset) to define a category, you need "perhaps" or something similar. The other way round, if you use a category to define an example, is fine.
You should ping Jafe about your answer. He's a geography buff, so using Mesan would be right up his alley.
5:55 PM
@AncientSwordRage @jafe mesan you need to talk
Also, @Tacoタコス if you want to do a major necro-tagging campaign, maybe don't do it all on one day? I usually aim for 3 a day at most. Less if there isn't much activity.
@bobble I concur in hindsight; @Stiv already pointed it out too :)
ah, didn't catch that on a quick scan
Yeah, I don't usually utilize the active tab, so I didn't think about it until several pages of necro-tagging was completed
My apologies
Which homepage do you use, then?
6:03 PM
Oh, home is home which is active, but I never use it
I use the newest tab under questions
That's why I didn't think about it until it was too late is all I'm trying to say :)
To what extent is this open-ended?
I kicked three old open-ended puzzles to the frontpage because why not
1 hour later…
7:24 PM
@Deusovi it was actually abomination but I didn't feel like being over specific - bombination captures the general idea well enough although abomination was the original intent
honestly both would work, though abomination fits with the title much better
not to say that excessive humming isn't annoying
but I didn't think of the word "bombination" when setting, so it became ambiguous :<
@Avi cries in the corner... I'm not annoying. :'( mutters... take it back
how do you get the bomb anyway
I paste it into photoshop... no see
@Amoz I feel like there's a pun coming
I would expect some white vs transparent pixels, but don't see them. Where else to look?
8:02 PM
Is anyone else experiencing issues with navigation or things like spoilers and comments not working? I think it might be me, but I dunno yet
I've disabled all extensions and closed and reopened my browser and I'm still having issues.
8:14 PM
Q: Review queues not working because of JavaScript error

GlorfindelFor some users, reviewing is not possible at the moment; the queues show up blank. Both active queues and completed review items are not visible, probably because of a JavaScript error: I'm using the latest macOS and can reproduce it in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. For me it seems to work fine in...

There seem to be widespread Javascript errors for a significant number of users. (See comments and duplicate)
@Tacoタコス ^
@AncientSwordRage that's right
8:41 PM
@Jafe that's a pleasant surprise
Will set when home insha'Allah
8:59 PM
no rush
9:23 PM
@MOehm Okay, given recent discussions I think you'll enjoy this... (sigh)
9:46 PM
10:21 PM
Q: What are you? Your fifth is in cookies but never in cream. -- a riddle

C. P. BoykoYour fifth is in cookies but never in cream. Your fourth is in stormclouds and also in steam. Your last's in your meaning but not in your word. Your second's in fourth, first, three-hundredth, and third. Your first's in a puddle but not in a pail. Your third and your sixth, when abroad, are in j...

10:45 PM
Hi everyone, Ill just be in the chatroom for a bit because I dont know how else should I contact.. ><
@Tacoタコス while I appreciate your enthusiasm, I'm sorry I'm actually feeling annoyed lately especially today as my front page is now full of old rubik cube's questions.
I scrolled up a bit of the chat, Stiv and bobble also pointed out about limiting the number of edits (and yes, 3 a day is fine at most for me).
Q: What is happening tomorrow?

MetamorphicI posted this question on the Cross Validated stack exchange just now, but wanted to cross-post to here as well, because it is somewhat open-ended. A solution may be provided by myself or another person, perhaps tomorrow or the next day.

another puzzle
@athin yes, my apologies; as I stated earlier, I don't typically use the active tab so I didn't even think about it until it was too late.
Some questions (and answers) are more worth it to be edited, by checking ones in review queues. Micro-tagging "twisty-puzzle" for "rubik-cube" isn't one imho. Tags are used to filter some focuses and I think "rubik-cube" tag is helpful enough for the puzzlers, and it's also applicable for other tags as well.
Remember that tags aren't used for the puzzle to be appear/advertised anywhere in many places. They are used to filter people's interests (while also avoiding which ones that are not their cup of tea).
I said much about tags, but the idea should also be generalized to other things like spoilering things (iirc note that old answers dont utilize spoilers yet, so if we do want to apply it, there will be also so many edits to be done).
That's my two cents >< thanks so much for your understanding and cheers! ^^
wait, puzzles need to be self contained... right?
10:53 PM
@athin no problem; and again apologies for the disruption.
@Jafe that's a relief
scurries away to try and make this one work
11:04 PM
Q: Comment, flag, and delete are not workingI

markvsI need to delete my answer on Mathoverflow, but the system does not let me. I also cannot add a comment, delete or flag an answer on any other SE forum. What is happening?

11:21 PM
@Tacoタコス ... you're not annoying, I'm not annoying ;(
Q: IQ test question - squares, triangles, dots

calinI have this question from a friend. We have no idea where to start. What is the correct answer and reasoning? Source: "Ghid de pregătire pentru concursul de directori/ directori adjuncți din învățământul preuniversitar", Gabriel Vrânceanu, Gabriela Bărbulescu,... Editura Scrib, București, 2016

^ with respect to this question I'm not sure that the book they list has anything to do with IQ questions
they may just be relying on the fact that nobody wants to double check to pass some IQ question into the mix
at least, it appears like a book containing bibliographies of management/managers?
or a guide to pass a certain exam
Then again, the picture they gave does look like it came from a physical book (you can faintly see the lettering behind the page), so it may be real or from a different book than the one they mentioned
@Avi the pdf online is not about iq questions.
if thats the case, then it needs to be closed...
as its still not attribution
11:46 PM
The title Google-translates to "Preparation guide for the competition of principals / deputy principals in pre-university education"
Honestly I guess it isn't too far-fetched to imagine having an IQ question in a book titled like that

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