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12:49 AM
@bobble yay
@Deusovi ahh interesting
2 hours later…
3:19 AM
@bobble this is actually the exact same mechanism by which I self-censor curse words, interestingly
2 hours later…
5:10 AM
Q: Left hand leads, Chip!

user45266 Like Baruchel, Cartwright, and Hamill Heroics and games net me clout As private as I am general In battle my pike is drawn out If I should play white on a chessboard the clock's more engulfed due to motion I find the sand cathartic, not bad, at sinister depth of the ocean! What am I? (te...

3 hours later…
7:52 AM
CCCC: Some stuff put over wood, perhaps! (5)
2 hours later…
10:17 AM
Just curious, what does it usually mean when there's a "perhaps" in a CC?
That's usually a definition by example.
Often it means the word(s) before it represent an example of something rather than a straightforward synonym of the thing itself.
Ah I see. Thanks!
Either that, or it's an anagram indicator
As far as I know
10:47 AM
Q: A young vegetarian adventurer

simonalexander2005A friend of mine wrote the following story. He always was one for using too many words though, and I think that has complicated this puzzle somewhat. Can you unravel it for me? A young vegetarian adventurer was once nearly married. After watching his bride walk down the passageway between the cha...

11:45 AM
Congratulations to @Deusovi whose team once again won the Galactic Puzzle Hunt. (The team he's in; I don't mean to imply he's running it. At least, I think he's in TSBI.)
i assume each galaxy's winner now proceeds to the Intergalactic Puzzle Hunt
12:03 PM
Q: Who am I? (a very easy visual puzzle)

Megaptera novaeangliaeIf... ...then: (post your answer as a picture)

2 hours later…
1:54 PM
@msh210 don't know if the '!' allows a full definition of 'STASH' which could be a collection of stuff stored over wood, and is also ST (some stuff) + ASH (wood, perhaps)
@Amoz that checks out to me though
2:19 PM
@Amoz That was not the intended solution. Also, I don't think I'd use "some stuff" to indicate the first two letters of "stuff". (But I've surprised myself in the past.)
2 hours later…
4:15 PM
Q: Mega-puzzle of many number puzzles: Nikoli Octathlon

swashbucklerThis puzzle has been my Moby Dick of puzzles for so long. It's from MellowMelon's old puzzle site and is a Nikoli-based megapuzzle with eight sub-puzzles. I'm copying the puzzle image from there so as to follow the rules for this site, and I don't know the answer to the puzzle (I've only gotten a...

1 hour later…
5:24 PM
Is the term "pussy" used to describe a timid person come from the word "pusillanimous"?
@Sid seems likely, but that's a question for ELU unfortunately
@Sid yes IIRC
5:56 PM
Q: Story of a hag and of a hog

BarryPoppinsJump to the image to skip the 'flavour' story I am very worried about my auntie. I have not heard from her for nearly a month now, and our last phone call was very strange: -"Hello?" -"Hi auntie, how are you?" -"Who is it?" -"Your only nephew. You always do that..." -"Oh yes. I'm good, thanks for...

6:51 PM
@Sid etymonline.com/word/pussy doesn't mention it.
7:19 PM
@GarethMcCaughan thank you! yep, that is indeed my team (and the specific TSBI subteam that won is me and the rest of the usual competitive group)
Congratulations, and good luck!
7:34 PM
@Deusovi congrats! Does that mean you set next year's, à la MIT?
7:55 PM
nope! but we do have another hunt that we're working on - tsbi.buzz
2 hours later…
9:44 PM
Q: Allegedly legible lexical ledger

SlowMagicCan you figure out what's going on here? ********** - D ------------ ********* + O ------------ ********** - W ------------ ********* + T ------------ ********** + E ------------ *********** - O ...

10:03 PM
@Sid Pretty sure not. It comes from "puss" = cat, of mysterious Germanic origin, whereas "pusillanimous" is from Latin, the first element meaning something like "weak".

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