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12:05 AM
@Sphinx some people have a pretty recognisable style around here... i read the first 4 or 5 lines of this and was like "this looks like a SlowMagic puzzle"
yep, same here
12:23 AM
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4:28 AM
@msh210 CLOTH ? Stuff is another name/synonym for cloth, so both "some stuff" and "put over wood, perhaps" (e.g. tablecloth is a cloth often over a wood table) define 'cloth', maybe a double definition?
that doesn't work - "put over wood" is a thing you do with a cloth, but it's not a definition for cloth
clues like "(something that is) xxxx" don't work in cryptics? Like 'eaten raw' for Sushi?
I am assuming they are valid in traditional crosswords, right? I do a lot of those and it feels like a natural definition in my head
Sushi is "something that is eaten raw" or maybe "It's eaten raw", but not just "eaten raw", I think. A noun must be clued by a noun phrase.
A general rule of thumb is you want to be able to replace the word with its clue in a sentence
(And I guess that kind of grammatical agreement is also required in traditional crosswords, although I don't do a lot of those in English.)
4:42 AM
I think traditional crosswords are full of vague descriptions like 'often found ticking' for clock, or 'cute and fluffy' for kitten
> The definition half of a cryptic clue must be one acceptable as a standalone clue in a standard crossword. This means it can be a single-word synonym of the answer word, or something far more complicated. It does, however, have to agree in tense, conjugation, pluralization, and other aspects with the answer word. This means "becomes taller" would not be a valid definition for "GROWING", but it would be a fine definition for "GROWS".
that's the rule from the Holy Bible, I mean Deus's Cryptic Clue Guide
I wasn't sure if maybe the ! meant the whole thing could be a definition, or that something exceptional to the rules could be going on. But I'll keep looking
Okay, I'm not really familiar with many traditional crosswords, but the Quick crossword in the Guardian seems to follow the rule that clue and answer must agree.
The exclamation mark can indicate an &lit. clue, that's right. And something special (or loose clueing) going on could be signalled by a defensive question mark. (The question mark can also indicate a def. by example, so it can take the role of "perhaps" discussed here yesterday.)
5:29 AM
@Amoz not my intention, I'm afraid
@JerryDean Sometimes it's used as fodder for wordplay, of course: e.g., taking its first letter, P. And sometimes it's part of the definition: e.g.
6:19 AM
@GarethMcCaughan hmm. That is very interesting. Two words beginning in a similar fashion, have the same meaning but are derived from two different languages
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7:27 AM
@Amoz Nope, you'd need something like "It's often found ticking". In regular crosswords, you can clue words with a description if you include the pronoun and make it into a complete sentence - for instance, "He played Bond" for DANIELCRAIG. But "Played Bond" alone doesn't work, in either UK or US crosswords
7:46 AM
@Sid iirc there are four distinct etymologies for the various meanings of the English prefix mis-.
Hm, etymonline.com/word/mis- has only two. I wonder what the OED has. (I haven't got access to it.) Or maybe I can find where online I read that there are four.
Ah, sorry, it was three, not four. The third, not listed on that^ page, is in misanthrope, e.g.
8:30 AM
Q: This is not a fish

Stewart BeckerI'm sure you know how the word 'ghoti' can be interpreted to be pronounced 'fish', by taking the sounds from the words 'cough,' 'women' and 'action.' But can you find a word in which the letters 'wo' are pronounced as a standard 'u' (as in 'hut')? The word isn't used much nowadays, but fifty year...

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10:04 AM
@Deusovi this is instructive to me...
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3:23 PM
Hmm, the remaining subpuzzle in Stiv's puzzle stumps me... the info presented is blatantly simple but I don't see a way to connect the dots yet...
Q: The Primordial Ones

Ichthys KingThe bathhouse you work at is being visited by some of the primordial beings from the pools of chaos. You have been tasked with finding out which pools they came from, so that the proper form of chaos can be made for them. Unfortunately, the primordial ones can't speak, so you can't ask where they...

3:42 PM
The question in Stiv's #6 makes me think that the bottom right icons (2 girls and a hand mirror) somehow represent "The Shining". But the other icons seem sufficiently generic that I can't get a neuron-hold on them.
4:32 PM
If #6 remains unsolved in a couple of days I will add the missing [item] from that row as a clue... A lot of people will already have the knowledge to work this one out, if they consider what things are shown in that sub-puzzle; it's not hugely obscure. In fact, I was able to back-solve this one myself with some targeted googling based on certain elements in the image. (Then again, I had the advantage of already knowing what I was looking for!)
4:44 PM
Q: Celebrity Four Square

SlowMagicWhich celebrity completes this four square? Thanks to Megaptera novaeangliae for inspiring this puzzle. See here: Who am I? (visual puzzle)

5:07 PM
Hm. When I search for "book" plus some stuff and the search engine can't make sense of that stuff, it sends me to a helpful page of the NY Public Library on how to find books when you have forgotten its title. Of course, one of the tips there is "Try Google!"
5:19 PM
Is one of the tips "Try asking in The Sphinx's Lair"?
@MOehm or try Lit SE!
No, I don't think so. But "make oblique comments to strangers, perhaps they can come up with something useful" isn't, either ... :)
(My comment about that NYPL search tip was about searching the items in the Missing Person #6 subpuzzle from Stiv's metapuzzle.)
6:26 PM
ah. I was thinking more likely movie or TV series than book. (But I am only guessing at random and there's no particular reason why I should be right.)
@MOehm both Lit and SFF do identification questions (and well!)
M&TV does not
@AncientSwordRage Thanks for the tip, but it isn't that urgent. As I said, it's not really a book that I need identified. I tried to find an answer to one of Stiv's puzzles. But I can just sit and wait until Stiv reveals it or someone else solves it.
@MOehm really it was bobble's tip
I mean, hopefully ID requests aren't urgent
"quick, I need to figure out the title of this book I read 14 years ago, or an entire building will explode!"
Yes, thanks to you both. (I'm a bit hestiant to ping bobble for fear of misspelling the name ...)
6:35 PM
@bobble If that isn't a plot yet, it should be
Isn't there autocomplete for pings?
@Mithical there are a disturbing number of Magic Tree House plots in my head, even after not having read any since the third grade
@bobble on desktop
Yes, there is. (I'm on desktop right now.) I don't seem to be making myself very clear tonight.
Hmm. What is the first image of #6 in Stiv's Puzzle? A cat and ?
Is that some animal or simply an oil spill?
6:41 PM
A water puddle? And there's the rumour that cats are afraid of water. So perhaps a theme of someone being afraid of something else. The question is "Who's been scared off?"
Or perhaps that is an ink blotch.
@MOehm Then could it be maybe Phobias??
Hydrophobia. I am guessing the mirror is somehow Spectrophobia?
Could I get a link? I couldn't find it on the front page?
But that doesn't lead to something we can fill in at the question mark.
@Sphinx @AncientSwordRage here
Question's here. Image is here.
6:46 PM
@MOehm it may be the most common phobias? Seems a bit of a stretch, I agree. So probably the wrong house to bark at.
@MOehm thanks
I thought it might be a book or perhaps a series of five books or, as Gareth suggests, a film or TV series, where a book plays an important role. Or maybe even a nursery rhyme.
The boy in the shining is called Danny, and Danny Phantom is a character associated with ghosts?
I tried to find a link to the others and a character called Danny, but I couldn't
Otherwise the two women and the mirror might be snow white and the evil queen in Snow White
I'm pretty sure he Evil Queen doesn't have pigtails.
Also, given oAlt's rather astute comment, we are probably looking for either Colin or Jodie.
@MOehm true
@MOehm ahh
7:12 PM
Q: The Hydras' Tails

Ichthys KingA quiver of hydras are approaching your bathhouse. Hydras, generally, are a rather impatient kind, and need lots of space and care for their multiple large tails. Currently, you can see 4 hydras: a five-tailed one wearing a coronet, a six-tailed one wearing a cape, a three-tailed one wearing a ti...

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9:58 PM
For @Stiv's puzzle too, I think it would be cool if somewhere in the answer the person who solved a part's name was mentioned somewhere, maybe next to the number, just so everyone gets some credit
Might not be possible for all if some where more joint solved, but someone may be able to go through the edit history and work out who did what
Since I put up the Wiki, I'll take a cut at it.
Q: Elementals and Aliens

Ichthys KingYou have been kidnapped by aliens. You have counted 5 individuals: a mercurian, venusian, martian, jovian, and saturnian. You have been lock in the maze found under the bathhouse you work at. You know the layout of the maze, and that there are 5 elemental creatures in the maze: the pyrausta, wobb...

@JeremyDover had a quick look at the edit history, theres a couple of obvious one but a lot look kinda unclear so maybe not worth it, not sure
Eh, wasn't too hard. Only one set of edits really crossed the streams. Said before flames for inaccurate attribution pour in.
10:14 PM
I like the credit for 6 too :P
10:56 PM
The two girls and the mirror in #6 remind me of the cover of the book Stranger with My Face. But the rest of the pictures don't make sense, then, I don't think, so that's probably not it.

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