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12:03 AM
@GWarner I think the image is good enough, and would reject an edit which merely added or removed alt text
@GWarner because my brain has decided that keeping this site good is important, and part of that is performing the moderation actions I deem necessary.
@GWarner I've no idea what statement you refer to
AS I expected. In which case the default 'enter image description here' should be "", so screen readers will ignore it.
Oh i was making a 'sour' joke about wine, cheese, and crackers. it was hardly important.
@GWarner Doing just that runs right shy of my "significant improvement" bar. Others could disagree, of course.
And your excellent work here compared to burnt out higher rep individuals makes them suspicious I would expect.
And not sure if someone's told you yet, but don't make the image description ALT="" - it makes the alt text alt="ALT\"\"" or similar, probably
@GWarner I've no idea what this is supposed to mean or imply
@bobble Wine tag?
@bobble no matter. you have my support in your endeavors here.
12:11 AM
@GWarner [software-installation] and the discussion of Ubuntu
I associate wine with alcohol. and cheese and crackers with appetizers to eat.
As is par for the course, I'm utterly bemused by this conversation
Okay forget that conversation about wine . About images now. There has been a lot of talk on other sites about addressing the lack of proper alt text. And I have learned that if an image has no value to a screen reader it should be double quotes, so the screen reader ignores it completely
My brother is blind. And it annoys his navigation of a page if he continously TABS through it hitting 'default image placeholder' dialogue
Any way. sorry to disturb. Have a great weekend.
12:38 AM
Q: Are there truly unwinnable Calculation decks?

FeryllCalculation is a solitaire variant known for its large skill ceiling; supposedly, the large majority of games can be won by skilled human players, whereas the games to be won by uninformed play are in a slim minority (of these two facts, I can only attest to the latter!). I imagine that, like pre...

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5:15 AM
Q: Where's the path?

102152111A person was shading several unit squares in a square grid, to create a path from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. The path stepped from each square to the next either horizontally or vertically to create the path, but not diagonally. For each row and column in that grid, the perso...

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2:23 PM
@athin: I saw this comment in your last puzzle: "This puzzle is a teaser for my upcoming small puzzle contest." Do you have any details yet? I love your puzzles and would like to set aside time.
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6:19 PM
Q: 100 blue-eyed people riddle N=4

jasThe solution of this riddle is usually given with explicit reasoning for two cases: -Case where there is only 1 blue-eyed person, -Case where there are 2 blue-eyed people. That logic is clear, and I can see how it extends to the case where there are 3 blue-eyed people. When there are only 2 blue-...

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8:00 PM
Q: Man Vs. Child {2016-2021}

Matthew Ryan Treat{Flake Fake Blake}={FFB} - {Melissa}={Juliet}+{Hotel}={2}{Adults}+{JohnMclane}+{MclaneFamily}=:){Families}-[FFB]+{Jquery}={AdolescentAdults}+{HappyHooking}={FFB+Jquery}!!&{MclaneFamily=:)>{B4}!!{Juliet}+{Returns}>{HEADS2}~^{Hotel}+(s)&{Return}~^{India}={SafeJuliet&Fam}>{FFB}+{Returns}+{FFB}<{Mr.M...

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10:08 PM
CCCC: Quickly move weight without load at sea (4)
sorry, forgot to post one, my bad :(
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11:48 PM
Q: 3 blue moons in one year, impossible? When's the next blue moon? (sooner than you think)

AndrésThree Blue Moons in One year, impossible? A few years ago, on Nov 15 '17 at 6:00 Jamal Senjaya asked "Is it true that doomsday will occur in the year with a triple 3 blue moon." Many of the answers to Jamal's question pointed to the impossibility of such an occurrence. The truth, however, is tha...

I’m voting to close this question because it isn't a puzzle or related to puzzles so much as it's a blog post touting something the poster finds interesting. — bobble 4 mins ago
this is just exceptionally weird
Agree - an interesting blog post, but the puzzle is why it is on Puzzling.

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