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3:06 AM
Q: Mid-loop: Coming Soon

athinRules of Mid-loop: Draw a single loop passing through all of the black dots. The loop may not branch off, intersect, or move diagonally. The loop cannot bend at the black dot. Each black dots denotes the mid-point of the line segment passing through it. The standard Mid-loop rules apply. This ...

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12:50 PM
Q: What's the relation between these clues?

00xxqhxx00Find the relation between these words a.k.a. clues in the sentences below: Zombies prefer to stay beside elevators. Evil country produces thousands of money. I was eating fast food in that vehicle. Just bought the pen refill with a low price. He spent some pocket money in that carpet store. Sol...

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2:56 PM
Q: Find The Number In the pattern

RasputinWe have to find the “?” in the given set of number relation. Also note that the “?” Is a single -digit positive integer. I have tried the puzzle and got the “?” as negative which is a wrong solution. How do we proceed this question?

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4:58 PM
Interesting observation: if you look at the highest reviewers in each review queue, the top three are the same in every queue (although only four different orders of the possible six appear), but #4 is the same and #5 is the same in every single queue.
I happened to go and look at it since I just got my 3rd Steward badge yesterday. Plus I'm obsessed with these kinds of stats :-P
2 hours later…
6:56 PM
@Dmihawk just making sure you saw this
1 hour later…
8:10 PM
@Randal'Thor I miss out on CV and FP/LA reviews because in the first case I tend to be starting close trains and/or running across them naturally, and in the latter case I tend to check new posts on-site before going to review queues, which disqualifies me from reviewing FP/LA tasks for those posts
Also I'm relatively new :) So there's sheer persistence of the old 'uns working against my climbing the leaderboards
2 hours later…
10:18 PM
Here's a question where the title makes you think one thing, and the body/tags another:
Q: Wine Does Not Work At All for me

Napier ThompsonI've searched and searched the internet and found a million other people having problems with installing and using wine but nearly no one seems to have the same problem as me and of those that do, the advice given them doesn't seem to do anything to fix the problem for me... In a nutshell, I inst...

10:39 PM
@bobble One of the comments there starts: "Wine is not a panacea."
> In a nutshell, I install wine.
Well, that's one way to make use of the leftovers after shelling nuts.
10:55 PM
^^^ New CCCC? :-)
11:42 PM
@bobble do you think the image in matchstick game needs describing or is the text explanation enough?
@bobble Are your motives for CV FP/LA to climb the leaderboards, or to doing the grunt work of cleaning up posts to create a better archive of Q & A?
@bobble Pure logic applied to your statement, nothing else of course.

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