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12:33 AM
How do you get it to be NANO rather than NAO or NAOO?
12:53 AM
0 => No (as in 1 => Yes?). Arguably you could use any string of digits => Number => "No." too?
@Dmihawk i'd help editing/ closing it
Yeah, it definitely doesn't "look ok" if there's still issues with it. Doing that will just cause it to drop off the queue and not actually get fixed.
1:45 AM
Q: Hand tiling puzzle demonstrating Eisenstein triple c^2 = a^2 -ab + b^2

theonetruepathAn Eisenstein triple is related to 60 degree triangles and a special case of the cosine law. But we need not worry about that except to note that a specific example of an Eisenstein triple is $7^2 = 5^2 - 5\times8 + 8^2$ which we can rewrite as $7^2 + 5\times8 = 5^2 + 8^2$ Which means we can hav...

4 hours later…
5:29 AM
@Alconja @GarethMcCaughan NO as in "there are no cookies" = "there are 0 cookies"
@Alconja But, yeah, I suppose any sting of digits can be NO = number
6:14 AM
Hm. I want the C4 to be PERIODIC. The period is there, but the whole clue is a finite rational number, not periodic or repeating, and I don't know where to take the -IC from.
. => PERIOD; 1 + 100 => I + C; 11001100 as def (by example)?
Oh, cool, I didn't think about splitting 1100 up that way.
Ah, I see now, you just take the last part of the number as def. I thought more about an &lit-tish solution.
huh? the proposed interpretation (which I think is correct, though I don't like it) is that the second and third "11001100" form the 'definition'
not if you treat the whole string "11001100" as an arbitrary example of a periodic number
@Alconja Yes, that's the intended solution, 11001100 is "periodic" in the sense that its digits repeat in a predictable pattern
Though I think it would've been better if I had added a "for example" at the end to make it clearer
6:21 AM
Or just a question mark so that you don't ruin the symbolic surface.
Yeah, I guess that could also work
'periodic' also means that the digits must go on infinitely, not just that they repeat
and I think an ", e.g." or something would be necessary
I'm not convinced a question mark is enough to paper over that
@Deusovi I actually wrote the clue earlier this year with a "..." at the end, not sure why I edited it out
So I guess it's my turn by the normal rules (though I wouldn't have got it without M Oehm)
So here's a stupid number one I cobbled together while looking at this one (expect it to be solved instantly):
Perhaps it was because the previous clues were &lits and I got really excited because I thought I could turn that clue into an &lit too, but then I realized I was dumb
6:23 AM
CCCC: 0, 100, 0, 500, 2.71828, 10001, for example (3, 4)
That was quick
Knew it would be. Pretty direct.
And yes, that's the solution.
yeah, straightforward clue, but cute
Apparently, 10001 is the zip code for a part of NYC, not sure if that was intentional or not
6:25 AM
I'm not USian, so I just googled zip code and that was the first example I happened to see.
I knew they were 5 digits but only knew 90210 off the top of my head. :P
I'll share this one, which I wrote a few days ago:
CCCC: "Sort of race" describes knight perhaps following east of hard pullers' second member (5½±½)
Geez, fractions in the enumeration, what madness is this?
I'm going to say COLO(U)R before even trying to solve :P
^ This! (But I'm a slow typist.)
@Alconja or HONO(U)R
6:30 AM
neither of those - I don't think there's anything that would work for the definition on either side
We're backsolving from the enumeration, of course.
Q: Double feature: In cold blood

jafeThis puzzle is part 5 of the Double feature series (first part here). The series will continue in "Double feature: Legal trouble". Rules of Nurikabe1 Shade some cells in the grid. Numbered cells are unshaded. Unshaded cells are divided into continuous regions, all of which...

"sort of race" could sketchily work as colour, but clearly the rest isn't working. As MO says, I just jumped on the enum.
6:43 AM
Hm. I guess thisn isn't your usual "perhaps".
Well, I think that the "perhaps" could be the cause for the unusual enumeration, i.e. an optional letter. (But I'm just thinking aloud.)
hmm... DRONE races are a thing, and there's a basketball player named RON knight... but that would require "pullers' second member" to be E
that said doesn't look like that person is a household name so probably not
"knight, perhaps" of course needs to be michael... because if david hasselhoff can be involved, he must be
1 hour later…
7:48 AM
Based on the letter count, it could also be one of those words that has oe or ae in BrE but e in AmE.
2 hours later…
10:16 AM
Q: Identify the Drink Given Other Info

ThatOneNerdyBoyThere is a smooth dance, a ball sport, a country's capital, a month, and a drink. What's the drink?

1 hour later…
11:17 AM
Q: Truth of OR - Logical puzzle

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Q: Twelve Labours - #03 Golden Hind

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12:18 PM
Q: A jazzy one-liner

jafe Standing next in turn in good mood; finished "Straight, No Chaser" with a fast tempo. What the Thelonious are we describing?

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2:15 PM
Q: Enigmatic Puzzle - Eliminate Wrong Paths

Omega KryptonI'm solving an enigmatic-puzzle, in particular, this. If I found routes that ended up in a dead-end, but which I am sure that was deliberately added in by the puzzle creator, should I post them as an answer? Thanks! The number of red herrings was significant.

2:41 PM
Q: Do I Ressemble a Cheetos?

Me myself and I Can your criticisms please stop? All you say are crap Robert, stop teasing me for my height Raphaelle, i don’t care if I ressemble a Cheetos Oh my dear lord, I’m Tearing myself apart What am I?

4 hours later…
6:46 PM
Q: Hifle White Rochade!

Rewan DemontayIt’s Black to move. What must Black do in order to help White castle queenside?

7:27 PM
Q: Message for my club members

Joshua BizleyTwo people in particular have come to my Codes and Ciphers Club almost every week. One of them is always expecting a certain message to appear in the weekly puzzles, so of course I can't include it, unless I find a really clever way of disguising it so they won't be able to read it until they wor...

8:07 PM
Q: Last Person Remaining Avoids Death

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8:48 PM
Q: 16 letter square, 1 word given, fill in with real words vertically, horizontally, and vertically

BombBurperFill in ~ with letters to create a real words vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Vertical and horizontal words have to be the same: ~ A ~ ~ A X L E ~ L ~ ~ ~ E ~ ~

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10:10 PM
Q: Identify the odd one out element

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10:51 PM
Q: What is a Spaceman Word™?

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