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12:11 AM
Q: 4x7 rectangle formed from every tetromino, tromino and domino

Dmitry KamenetskyCan you form a 4x7 rectangle from every tetromino, tromino and domino? There are 5 different tetrominoes, 2 trominoes and 1 domino. Can you find different arrangements that are not mirrors/rotations of each other?

12:54 AM
@msh210 yeah, you're right. it's wrong.
1:18 AM
@OmegaKrypton My thinking is that the clue was an &lit, as is hinted multiple times, and it probably has something to do with obfuscating a message or a word in some way. I thought of CRYPTIC (as in "cryptic clue"), ENIGMAS, and ENCRYPT as possibilities, but none of them seem to fit the wordplay part, so I'm completely stumped
@PiIsNot3 no comments on that
And then of course ENCODED was the best I could come up with that fit the theme and could kinda work as the wordplay part
Oh, I think I got it!
Well, kinda, still need confirmation on the wordplay part
@PiIsNot3 speak out
@OmegaKrypton Is it ENCRYPT? "Wrapping up nonsense" = (N_E)< and "part of a clue" = CRYPT(-ic)
nice job!
1:26 AM
It's an &lit; when you encrypt something, you wrap it up in nonsense and, in a recreational setting, provide clues as to how to decrypt it
yes nice
+1, really nice clue
"in a recreational setting" ...hmm that would explain why the W3C rejected my proposed SSL/TLS replacement. I guess cryptic clues don't make for good transport layer encryption algorithms.
:) first try on an &lit
@Alconja what's this?
@PiIsNot3 thanks btw
@Alconja not with that attitude they won't!
1:31 AM
@OmegaKrypton just goofing. suggesting that we should encrypt internet traffic with a cryptic clue structure.
@Alconja what lol XP
I guess I'll keep the trend of &lits going, this one will either be solved within 30 seconds or take a whole week
@PiIsNot3 ...!?
is it a coincidence that it's 314 (pi * 100) in base 8?
@OmegaKrypton Yes, this is a valid clue. No, I'm not giving any more hints :)
@Dmihawk I don't do jokes in base 8
1:37 AM
@PiIsNot3 "base 7 or go home"?
@Dmihawk Nah, I do all my counting in Fibonacci base
that seems like it would just spiral out of control...
(Not a hint btw, just trying to be smart)
@PiIsNot3 well, that's golden!
@Dmihawk Out of control, spiral; Over the Net, viral
@OmegaKrypton It's a recurring theme of mine :)
2:10 AM
Wait hold on, that C4 clue doesn't work...
I messed up, sorry, I got too creative and forgot how &lits actually worked
can you fix it to make it work?
Yes I can, but I'm not sure if that will provide too much of a clue to you guys
OK, I'll just update the clue to make it actually work
(can't delete my original clue though, so rip)
CCCC: .110011001100 (8)
ignoring the decimal point, binary -> hex gives CCC
CCC in Roman numerals is 300 and 300 is 3 x 100 and 100 is 10^2 which means it's 3 + 10^2 so Illuminati confirmed!
sorry, doing web dev seems to have melted my brain :|
2:27 AM
@Dmihawk heh, no worries, we're not here to judge
the . could be a compass point, like in that "0.1" clue
A: Is there a cryptic crossword clue that doesn't contain any actual word?

SidThere was such a Clue in the Independent (I think) The Clue was: The answer is: You can also slightly change the clue to make it, For this the answer is the obvious:

oh it was 0.9... well, 0.1 works too
@jafe I saw the post as well and won't comment as to whether I took inspiration from that or not
2:51 AM
@PiIsNot3 In view of all those Cs, could you confirm that you aren't being so cheeky as to have the "CCCC:" at the start be part of the clue?
@GarethMcCaughan No, I'm not that evil lol
Good! (I hope no one else will be either.)
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4:43 AM
googling what i'm fairly sure is the def certainly isn't bringing up anything useful
5:00 AM
Q: Covering an 8x8 grid with X pentominoes

Dmitry KamenetskyWhat is the minimum number of X pentominoes you need to cover every cell of an 8x8 grid? Pentominoes may overlap each other and sit outside the boundary of the grid. An X pentomino looks like this:

Q: Covering an 8x8 grid with W pentominoes

Dmitry KamenetskyWhat is the minimum number of W pentominoes you need to cover every cell of an 8x8 grid? Pentominoes may overlap each other and sit outside the boundary of the grid. They can also be rotated in any way. An W pentomino looks like this: Here is a similar puzzle with X pentominoes: Covering an 8x...

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8:03 AM
Q: Is there any pattern involved in the following sequence?

math maniac.Consider the numerical sequence $$800,1600,4800,6400,12000,6400, \cdots.$$ Is there any pattern involved in this sequence? I am very curious to know that. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

8:24 AM
Q: What is the word described in this poem?

FlanManMy beginning is a time for a leader to lead. My middle is a type of insect seed. My end is a talk that’s shorter than a screed. I increased a problem that was losing all its speed. What am I?

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9:45 AM
Q: City of thieves

G. CiardiniDuring school I studied some cryptography and creating a story about it, I was able to create this riddle! I hope you like it <3 In one country all the inhabitants are thieves. Items cannot be transported on the street without being stolen immediately. The only way, for example, ...

10:26 AM
Q: Super Secret Cookbook

npkllrYou requested the password for a super secret cookbook and received an SMS with the following content: 77733666688833 2555555 777772222337777 2663 777337555222233 84433 6688622337777777 9444844 3444444487777 8666 777766622233333 666 777 88 4 55 444 3 77 6 333 9999 99 4 333 444 888 33 8 44 777 33...

10:46 AM
Q: Question from the internet Mensa IQ Test #31

AwaaI did the Norwegian Mensa web IQ test at http://test.mensa.no/. I have tried to solve this exercise for a day, but with no luck. I'm still puzzled by this exercise.

Q: In this cylindrical tank, by how much will the level of the water rise?

Michael Maythere. In the following picture is a puzzling question from a primary school math exercise booklet for selective high school exams in Australia. I don't think enough information is provided to solve this question but there may be something I missed out. Thank you for your help.

11:21 AM
Q: Rules for Using Puzzles Created Here

ThatOneNerdyBoySo I am new here and haven't heard anything about these puzzles being used anywhere else. There are a lot of nice cryptic crosswords and similar puzzles created by people here that would do very well in other places. I am particularly thinking of a trivia site I frequent, it possibly could be a g...

Q: Carousel Seating Logic Puzzle

ThatOneNerdyBoyPuzzle from my good friend and fellow Sporcle user, AuroraIllumina! Eight children are riding the carousel: four girls (Anna, Beth, Claire, Diana), and four boys (Eric, Frank, George, Henry). It is your job to determine which position each of them is sitting in. Rules: The two people wit...

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1:50 PM
Q: A pencil in a beaker of water

Jaap ScherphuisYou have a beaker containing 100ml of water, standing on a digital scale. The scale has been calibrated to the beaker so that it shows only the weight of the water, which is exactly 100.0 grams. The beaker is perfectly cylindrical, and the depth of the water in it is exactly 5 cm. You have a pen...

Q: Can you put L trominos to fill the figure?

Culver Kwan In the above picture, there are 24 squares. Can you only use L trominos to fill the figure? If yes, give an example. Otherwise, please explain why. An L tromino is like this:

2:31 PM


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3:53 PM
Q: Can you solve it..it's very specious to me.please

Dinesh Gangavaram. important... please sovle .....................

Very specious, indeed.
4:54 PM
Q: Find the missing number (number sequence puzzle)

HeikoSFind the missing number 56784 = 4 11111 = 0 72348 = 3 88652 = 5 88811 = 6 75213 = 0 65465 = 3 62257 = ? I found this quiz in an archive of our company's internal blog. There is no solution provided, nor is there a hint who the author might be. I could not find a solution myself and I am not s...

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5:55 PM
Q: Which animal does this weird thing?

balazs.comWhich reptile eats its skin after sunbathing? This is an easier "showpiece" how (some of) my puzzles work. The others are more complex. The answer will be revealed if no correct answer arrives within 48 hours.

2 hours later…
8:13 PM
@Sphinx easier "showpiece"?
I suspect he's a non-native speaker and means something more like "demonstration".
8:39 PM
8:55 PM
quick meta-related question - in the Low Quality Posts queue, if a post requires attention (e.g. proper attribution or rewording) and someone has already left a comment informing the OP as such, is it ok to then flag it as 'Looks OK'?
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10:00 PM
Q: The Strange Abductor

CGreenSomeone, or something, has been abducting members of your community! Though no deaths are reported, recovered victims are said to have suffered from a severe, albeit temporary, case of what could best be described as "dancing fever" and little to no recollection of prior events (apparently due to...

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11:22 PM
Q: The Wee County begriddled puzzle

Nick RiceI live in Britain's smallest historic county - Clackmannanshire, in Scotland. It is often referred to locally as the "The Wee County." "The Wee County" appears in this puzzle I created, but the idea is to work out where the letters fit into the partially completed circular sequence (ignore case...

11:59 PM
I can't seem to do anything with this, but maybe it'll help someone else: element 11 is Na, so 110 (or maybe 1100) can be NANO.

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