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12:26 AM
Thanks! ^^ Ah, and if anyone interested, the puzzles from the hunt are also available online now: sgpuzzlehunt.com/puzzles.html
12:55 AM
Oh, congratulations! Hope you had a good time!
1:32 AM
Q: Price discrimination?

dan04At a local hardware store, most of the people who walk to the store to buy a particular item pay $\$3$ for it, while most of the people who drive there pay $\$4$ for the same thing. But it turns out that there is a perfectly rational reason for this trend. What product am I referring to, and wh...

2 hours later…
3:46 AM
thanks for all mods for your feedback, and i am definitely for the fact that full solutions should be posted when available. i'll try to linger on for a few more minutes next time
(but that doesnt justify rash and inconsiderate comments), just to add
and thx to anyone how contributed, not only mods :)
I’ll grant you “curt”. I don’t know that I’d say “inconsiderate”. I definitely wouldn’t say “rash”.
good thanks. curt then. learnt a new word :)
But at the end of the day I kinda think we all want the same thing, to make the site a quality and enjoyable experience for all. So if we move in that direction when all is said and done, huzzah for us :)
Uh oh. jafe’s here. hide your nonograms.
or other timezone-appropriate greeting
Good afternoon / morning / evening / night.
Roughly 30 hour C4 hints: (level 0) there’s arguably punctuation missing, but I’ve found counterexamples to counter that argument. (level 1) last letter is T
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5:33 AM
@Rubio yep
@Rubio i like that :)
2 hours later…
7:16 AM
@Rubio {initial charge (demand payment of the initial letter of) as a free attack (insult)}=nsult. Regarding followup to=c/o (as on a mail envelope). Hence consult=Check the Dungeon Master's Guide, perhaps
7:26 AM
(Again I'm not at all convinced this is correct. It'd be a better solution to Check the DMG, perhaps, with followup to initial charge of an attack)
1 hour later…
8:54 AM
Q: This is the puzzle, I have no clue as to the answer. Please help

MeggzFind all the clues in the following message: For the past few weeks I have tried to make this.. To you and the rest to find the clues and solve them.. But the next thing hopefully makes it more interesting.. If the stage set by me is too poor or too hard, I won't have anyone at all.. I wond...

2 hours later…
11:16 AM
@msh210 CONSULT is correct
Your construction is wrong though
What does that mean in cccc rules? :-)
If I had read your response fully I wouldn’t have even confirmed the answer because your solution is wrong. Hehe. You didn’t get it yet but now you know for sure what you’re trying to get to. Solve it before someone else does.
Is wrong construction different from wrong solution?
A solution is the construction and the final answer. So, not really, no.
“c/o” on an envelope means “[in] care of”
yes but it signifies that the mail is going via one person to another
11:30 AM
I am halfway through the construction btw. I think regarding is "ON". Initial charge is C. C+ON. Rest, I am yet to figure out
that leaves 'as a free attack' to = sult
@Rubio @msh210 @Sid (AS)S(A)ULT
ah there we go, nice
I think we have to give this one to @hexomino
unless 3 of us work together to make a clue :-D
11:33 AM
(Also, that type of cluing is evil, no?)
As in, specifically that "assault" thing.
Maybe a little.
Lawful evil perhaps
This is probably a weird question to ask here, but
Does anyone have a horror movie they recommend?
(@Rubio you're not actually a dog... are you? ;P)
@Rubio I thought that is allowed when the letters are in order. Like, "As a" should be continuous in ths word and not discontinuous as in assault.
(It would be a pleasant surprise if Rubio was an actual dog all this time)
Anyway, probably not the right place to ask for a movie xD
To whatever you guys are doing, I wish all the best :)
@MrPie Are you going to a theatre or watching at home?
11:45 AM
Watching at home
Okay. Try, "A Clockwork Orange". It's not horror but it's about close to a horror movie without being a horror movie
@Sid wow, it's rater very well and looks funny, funnily enough
Thanks! :P
(imaginary +1)
I'm not sure I can parse this clue even knowing the answer and seeing hexomino's explanation. So we start with CONSULT (check the DMG, perhaps). Then we take regarding (-> ON), which follows up "initial charge" (-> C), and turn it into AS (but what in the clue says to do that? "Regarding ... as" could do it, but both of those words are otherwise engaged). And then we make it a-free by removing just one of the two As we now have. And that gives us a word that means "attack".
Is that really it? It seems very unsound. (Maybe I've misunderstood and CONSULT is the final answer, and hexomino is explaining how to turn ASSAULT into CONSULT?)
@GarethMcCaughan (initial charge) C + (regarding) ON + (AS)S(A)ULT (attack free of "as a")
(But I don't see how that would work either.)
D'oh! I see.
That makes much much more sense.
11:53 AM
@MrPie On the internet, one can never really tell ...
@Sid It’s maybe a little iffy, but the “as” is given and removed as a unit, as is the “a” I guess, so I felt like it was ok
Who is setting the next C4?
Hexonimo got the biggest and toughest bits, and has my vote
@Rubio over in Mi Yodeya chat we use TZT = time zone tov. (tov=good in Hebrew, used in greetings like boker tov = good morning)
11:59 AM
I'm happy to give one if nobody minds. I feel a bit bad about swooping in at the last minute.
@hexomino fine by me
@msh210 hah, nice. we had a few folks in here using “gamen” for a while, though it seems to have fallen out of favor again. Not everyone liked it anyway hehe
@hexomino sure. Go ahead.
CCCC: Smallest American takeaway. (5)
@MrPie As well as Sid's suggestion, I would recommend "Saw" if you haven't seen it (but not the sequels).
I’d agree with that
12:09 PM
@MrPie Also one of my favourites is a movie from 2009 called "Triangle".
@hexomino I have seen Saw, but not Triangle :)
(I've seen all the Saw movies, mwa ha ha ha.... ha... ah... Ah. AAAAHHHHHH AARRGGGHH blood and gore spill everywhere)
Viewer discretion is advised.
Everything after Saw (1) is pretty awful lol.
@hexomino min+us
12:26 PM
@Rubio Don't "Nice" until we know it's right :-)
It’s right:)
12:48 PM
Well... thanks, then.
Q: Are puzzle suggestions on topic?

Martin Van der LindenI've looked at the Help Center but I am still unsure about this one: Is a question that asks for suggestions on puzzles of a specific kind on topic here? As an example, the question I have in mind is: For a game theory class I am prepping, I am looking for mathematical puzzles that c...

1:02 PM
@msh210 Correct!
CCCC: After appendix surgery, the Surgery leadership calls for attention (5)
PSSTS (PS + s_ t_ s_, def=calls for attention) @msh210
@OmegaKrypton bravo
Not part of the cccc, but here's a cryptic clue I composed years ago, didn't jot down the answer to, and can't figure out. Maybe one of you can figure it out. Doubtless once I see a solution, I'll know whether it's what I intended. Scar, for example, is rising (9)
1:23 PM
CCCC: Mysterious wail originating from Puzzling Times I see (7)
an ode to this:
Q: The Puzzling Times

Rubio$$\bbox[orange]{\begin{array}{rcl}\\\hline\huge\ \ \star\ \ \star\ \ The&\huge{Puzzling}&\huge{Times\ \ \star\ \ \star\ \ }\\\hline\\\end{array}}$$   Vol. 4, No. 1 $\raise 2pt \tt{\large{\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ MONDAY,\ JANUARY\ 9^{th},\ 2017\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ }}$ Price: One      $\raise 55pt\begin{arra...

@OmegaKrypton cry + p_ t_ i_ +c
1:54 PM
Q: How did the hit man miss?

FlanManHarry the hit man is hired to whack Vic the victim. Vic lives in the apartment complex illustrated below, and Vic always parks in the circled parking spot, and always leaves for work around 8am. At 7:50am, Harry begins walking back and forth in the driveway (gray area), waiting for Vic to walk ou...

@OmegaKrypton thanks
CCCC: Agora: a small coin: tenth of a tenth-sheqel (4)
2:10 PM
nice surface
@jafe thank you!
2:34 PM
Q: Modulus Operandi

SlowMagicThese words have a remarkable form of self-symmetry: ANDROCENTRIC CONDESCENDED EXTRATEXTUAL RESETTLEMENT SUBMERSIBLES What is it?

Q: Can you solve this puzzle?

xj-yd-zccan you solve this puzzle? Possible solution Findings over verticals "X" marks that overlap on figure 1 and figure 2 will remain as "X" mark on figure 3. First column: only one "X" overlaps in figure 1 and figure 2. So upper-right "X" will remain. Second column: no "X" overlaps. Third col...

2 hours later…
4:05 PM
I really should do another issue of the Puzzling Times hehe
4:20 PM
@msh210 Do you remember anything about the clue? E.g., whether "Scar" is a proper noun (there are e.g. various pop-culture artefacts with villains of that name) or a common noun or a mere source of letters?
@msh210 is the answer to your CCCC simply CENT, the clue being a triple definition with three very similar definitions? (An agora is in fact 1/100 of a sheqel and perhaps it can also be called a cent.)
(I'm guessing that that's not how it works, but it seems worth checking.)
Q: Rubik's Cube: Does going from one arbitrary configuration to another have same God's Number as solving it?

OrangenhainAssuming two different (valid) configurations for a Rubik's Cube - A and B - does going from A to B directly have the same complexity as solving the cube? Considering solving a cube can be done in 20 moves, we would never need more than 40 moves, considering: A -> [solved] <- B ...but what about...

4:48 PM
@msh210 Ah, no, the solution to your CCCC is presumably SOUQ though I don't remember seeing it spelt that way before: SOU (small coin) + Q (tenth letter of A TENTH-SHEQEL), making something that means roughly the same as agora in its other sense.
I'm relieved; the triple-definition I wondered about would have been very unsatisfactory.
Though ... neither OED nor Merriam-Webster recognizes SOUQ. If you spelt "shekel" thus (which I think is more common) you'd get SOUK which is the usual spelling.
5:02 PM
really? wikipedia spells it with a Q
Google recognizes wiki/souq.com
manual edit reveals that wiki/souk redirects to wiki/souq
Yup, really. SOUQ is also not a Scrabble-valid word. Haven't checked any other dictionaries.
If we consider both SOUQ and SOUK valid, then the clue works with either spelling of she[kq]el :-).
what are we doing
guys I've always been wondering, how exactly does CCCC work?
Please check the guide linked to from the star wall
5:35 PM
@PotatoLatte If you are asking about the cryptic clues chat chain, it’s an ongoing game we play here in Chat where the person who solves the latest Cryptic Clue is the one to set the next one, hence the Chain.
If you’re asking how cryptic clues work, then yes - see the Guide
5:50 PM
@GarethMcCaughan that's interesting
Q must be a real problem letter in scrabble
Q is a nuisance in Scrabble, yes. QI and QAT are useful.
QI is the usual outlet for unwanted Qs
Q: What is this geometric structure?

MotiGiven the following measures of 4 geometric object - 7,6,3, and 2, find a unique gematric object that will include the four geometric objects with the above measures. For clarification: It is obvious that you could create numerous quadrilaterals with sides 7,6,3,2 but than it is not a "unique" s...

6:15 PM
Q: How can I find riddles or puzzles to point players in one of two directions (in a maze)?

BehacadI am creating a maze for a tabletop roleplaying game. The maze will reveal itself as the players advance through it, but simply presenting a maze to them to walk through is too simple. I also don't want to present to them a very hard maze that takes an hour of them simply tracing lines, since I d...

6:37 PM
@Sphinx Is it just me or is this question poorly worded and confusing?
Yeah, I don't get it either
7:15 PM
Q: Please solve this riddle

user61372Where there are two, you see just one. But if there are thirty, you will see none. It comes in a month, but not in a year. Horror has several, but it causes no fear. It's in Wisconsin, but not New Hampshire. It's in a response, but not in an answer.

Q: Reverse dots and boxes, swastika edition

jafe Alistair and Roberta are playing a game of reverse dots and boxes. The players take turns adding one horizontal or vertical line in one free spot on the grid (marked with light gray lines in the below image). Alistair goes first. If a move completes a $1\times1$ box, the player gets ...

3 hours later…
9:53 PM
Nov 15 '16 at 3:53, by Alconja
New chat game: the person who answers the most recent chat cryptic clue has to pose a new one.
10:35 PM
Q: 3D tetromino placement

jafe The following image depicts a $5\times5\times5$ cube. Insert any number of the pictured 3D-tetromino pieces into the cube to satisfy the conditions listed below. Pieces may be rotated in any direction. (Remember, these are three-dimensional objects so use the Z-axis as well!) The resultin...

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