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12:11 AM
Q: Can you escape?

UnknownBrightnessYou have to find a passcode to escape from a kidnapper. Enter the right code or the room will be flooded with water. The kidnapper will give you hints, as he thinks, you are not smart enough. Hints: Dej q fhydsu qdocehu. The passcode is not 2971. T3Bwb3NpdGUgb2YgcGFpeC4= SXQnc...

12:25 AM
I have an idea for the C4, but I can't tell whether I'm just fixated on the wrong thing
Q: Find the common theme!

QuantumTwinkie You have to find the common theme suggested form these pictures!

I do that a lot. hehe
I originally thought: "takes over" -> "ousts" -> jousts, but that's not it
I think it's CA+R(N)IVAL, I just have to figure it out. CA is odd clan
I guess knight -> N
possibly chess notation?
Yes, okay; C[-l]A[-n] + R(N)IVAL (foe overtaking knight=N)
there ya be
12:44 AM
CCCC: Shock nurse replaces fifty liters in arrangement (13)
@EricTressler shock = CONSTE(ll->RN)ATION
I would have preferred "trauma nurse", but that's a bit of a stretch
12:59 AM
CCCC: Puzzle society's central overseer/leader! (5)
1:15 AM
@Doorknob RUB + _I_ + O_
I'm disappointed that took me so long. I'm gratified I'm the one to solve it.
(to be clear, "central overseer/leader" refers to moderators in general. it doesn't mean "most important moderator." glances furtively at deus, gareth, and GPR)
in mid raid. i kept glancing over here. and getting IO. and was all, what the heck is going to end with those.
then finally was, um, duh you idiot
I didn't even see the cryptic until it was solved
1:32 AM
gonna be a bit before i can make a new one
1 hour later…
2:35 AM
Q: Another Unorthodox Riddle

jkl3699You are in a completely wooden room with no door, windows, or cracks. The only things in the room are yourself and a mirror. How would you escape?

3:29 AM
Q: Why the 7 Apples?

jkl3699A doctor and a bus driver are both in love with the same woman, a girl named Sarah. The bus driver had to go on a long bus trip that would last a week. Before he left, he gave Sarah seven apples. Why?

4:05 AM
CCCC: Angry words exchange about me. (6)
4:19 AM
@Rubio T(I)RADE
Didn't think that'd take very long, hehe
No, I actually just rejoined the channel moments ago. But easy isn't bad, it sounds nice
I just finished my kidnapped mod cipher
I still have to post the music one later
Im rereading Harry Potter
Ugh I the second book was frustrating because Gilderoy Lockhart is a d*
4:34 AM
Q: Oh No! The Mod's Are Gone (And Rand'al Thor, Too!)

NorthI woke up just now, and for the oddest reason, I found this in my mail box: Dear Puzzling Users, Oh dear, where do I start? A couple days ago, my user account was nuked. For NO APPARENT REASON. Of course, this was done by no other than Rubio. This ticked me off. I let it go, however. But ne...

Any opinions on what can be improved for a next time? Thanks in advance.
The tone in your "playing it straight" sections sounds a lot like the guy in your "crazy" sections.
You used "ruddy" in both, and unless that's part of a clue (you're the crazy guy, and that's important to the puzzle), it's a little weird. Also, you found this in your mailbox for the "oddest reason"?
Hadn't though about that
Just sec let me just edit it
4:44 AM
I suggest a very calm, straightforward tone for your non-blockquoted sections -- but that's a matter of style and personal preference, so it's up to you.
I decided to be upfront
I kidnapped the mods, so no second voice
I think this is an improvement; I might take a look at it tomorrow if it's still standing
@EricTressler Thank you very much,that would mean a lot
@Sphinx Oh dear, what's happened to me now
CCCC: Remove Bob's heart by way of anterior transverse elbow (7)
4:57 AM
BTW It's "Mods". you don't use an apostrophe to make something plural.
And it's Rand al'Thor
Also, capitalizing every word of a title is a questionable practice
I don't know which is my anterior transverse elbow.
Say what
@Rubio it's the bendy one near the front
Can you at least distinguish it from your posterior?
5:03 AM
Well of course. It's the side closest to my snout and furthest from my tail.
Good, because I would hate for a certain crass saying to be in force for you
Do canines even have elbows?
Or are they just joints?
I think the front ones are close enough to elbows to count
So yeah, I have elbows.
fun fact: birds' "knees" are actually their ankles
5:08 AM
But still, my question remains. I have two anterior elbows to choose from. Which one is the transverse one? :)
@Rubio isn't diet coke bad for your... diet?
If you cross your arms, then presumably both of them. It's a delicate operation
@North We do not speak of such things.
Aye aye cap'in
@EricTressler Ew. I had an operation once. Ever since, I've felt like I lost something.
5:12 AM
What the heck is an anterior supposed to mean
Is an anterior transverse elbow like a double joint? Kinda sounds gross
5:47 AM
@Rubio I know that feeling..
@Sphinx Looks like the mods are kidnapped again. (I wouldn't be surprised if Deusovi some mod solves it again)
It is unfortunately one of the hazards of modship
At least they let us have internet while we're in their dastardly clutches
Rubio's status update- "Just kidnapped by someone. Kind-hearted soul allows me to use the internet. #goodkidnapper" :P
6:08 AM
Oh, I've been kidnapped again.
Yes, you've noticed!
Deusovi says it so nonchalantly
Happens all the time.
Users really don't like you, huh
Or maybe it's jealousy
Or both!
But jealously would lead to dislike anyways
Otherwise it's envy
6:13 AM
What's the difference between jealousy and envy?
Jealousy has a negative connotation
It's envy with contempt
I believe
Don't you ever watch the Simpsons? Jealousy is when you don't want others to have what you have; envy is when you covet something someone else has.
Though "jealous" is often used to mean "envious", so the distinction isn't clear anymore
That escalated quickly
@EricTressler yeah, that.
Well goodnight folks, is 11:30 pm where I'm at
6:23 AM
Q: Guess my identity

KeltariIf you think hard you can earn my name. All that thinking might raise my power over you. Dont worry, I can prevent that from showing. I am alone... Yet there are many of me. It burns you, not knowing my name. Does it make you want to kill? How far are you willing to take this game?

1 hour later…
7:33 AM
Sigh. New user needs a lot of a clue.
Q: Childhood Favorite

WafflebabyThis puzzle of mine was one that I liked quite a bit. It is posed thusly: Cheerio box?

@Sphinx ...
7:54 AM
@Rubio left a comment
And now you should be asleep.
8:14 AM
Q: A Meeting on the Beach

WafflebabyWhen I lived in Brevard County, FL, I was less than a half hour's drive away from the ocean. I arranged with someone I had talked to online to meet at the beach. I knew that she either went to my college, or that she attended a college online, but I couldn't remember which. I arrived, and after a...

8:50 AM
Q: A quick mini brain teaser

Kenneth KhoFor x positive integers, function f(x) which remains a mystery and nobody knows can be divided by all of the following five EXCEPT one number. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. Can you figure out which number cannot divide f(x)?

9:46 AM
Q: Tiling rectangles with W pentomino plus rectangles

theonetruepathInspired by Polyomino Z pentomino and rectangle packing into rectangle The goal is to tile rectangles as small as possible with the W pentomino. Of course this is impossible, so we allow the addition of copies of a rectangle. For each rectangle $a\times b$, find the smallest area larger rectangl...

3 hours later…
12:29 PM
Q: A punish-mental thing

IQ WANTERYou get punishment if you cannot do the work. You even get punishment if you can do the work. What is the work and what is the punishment?

1 hour later…
1:34 PM
@deus puzzling.stackexchange.com/users/48087/robert-sösemann is probably worth looking at - posted spam, 10k on another site, probably compromised. I'd probably clear sessions and mod message
2 hours later…
3:56 PM
@Mithrandir wait, how does that user only have 1 rep if he has 20.7 K rep in sales?
@North 6 spam or r/a flags
One dumb post and poof
My bounty on What makes a man wise? ends in 2 days!! I'd hate for it to go to waste.
4:10 PM
Thanks for letting us know! I'll take a look
You can always award it to Chowzen, since you did say he was the closest
@North I did not
I said that a comment on his answer got close.
Why do I have a feeling I have to crack opene the ASCII chart?
@WELZ have you seen the Mod kidnapped one yet?
@North Yep, Waaaay to hard for my dumb self.
@North nope.
4:14 PM
@WELZ Not thaat difficult. Just requires Deusovi's brain, that all.
I'm not wise enough yet, maybe if someone figures out what will make me wise... :P
The mod kidnap is not necessarily difficult, but it does take some different approach to thinking. Besides Rubio's. That one is actually difficult.
@North Is this a hint?
When Gareth is behind Deusovi by only 63 rep
No its not a hint
I just thought it was funny
I should've kidnapped Bass, too, since he's hogging the leaderboard....
The 63 is only for the year. Deusovi's thousands ahead of me in total rep.
4:26 PM
@GarethMcCaughan 3.7k
That's not a lot that much
I know its only for the year. But still, just seeing how close you are to Deusovi in yearly leaderboard
@WELZ 3.2k on Graphic Design
That's not that much
It isn't!!!
All these people with tons of rep.
Can't catch up to 'em.
Ah well.
Diamonds are shinier anyway :P
When you have that much rep... it means you have lots of posts - which means you have a steady stream of rep coming in daily (even if you don't post)
@Mithrandir Says the user with 51k in literature
4:34 PM
@North no 51k overall
@North only 7.3k on Lit
yeh, O-N-L-Y
Mith has 21 K in Science fiction how the flip
I think 125, 2k and 10k are the ones that matter.
I've been trying to catch my brother in network wide rep for the past three years.
I'm only... 6k off now :D
4:36 PM
Heh he
[Goes and downvotes lot's of his posts] FOR SCIENCE!
I've been trying to catch up to Rand ever since I've joined
I'm only behind by like 69 K
I dont even know who Mith's brother is
Only a few people do.
Clues, clues everywhere!
4:39 PM
@North done, good word choice
Thank you
Do other Stack Exchange sites have games rooms like Puzzling?
@North not as far as I know
Wow we special
5:06 PM
Q: I Am A Human Riley

kedargurumy prefix in your room, you don’t talk about my infix in your pants, you can’t sit still my suffix turns a perfect memory into a rare condition and though I’ve raised questions of a man’s humanity, my whole is just swell. What am I?

5:39 PM
@Sphinx Ugh. I mean the Riley riddles were creative, but I'm tired of seeing SO MANY FRIGGIN ONES
Yeah, they're getting annoying.
I kinda wish they did have a tag now, just so I could ignore them. :P
(also, the name seems weird to me)
@Deusovi What if I just write a program to generate thousands of them and post them all as a list with answers. Then you can VTC new ones as dupes.
Please don't.
@Deusovi how's your username pronounced?
Ah, that's a question for the ages.
5:49 PM
(There's no "official" pronunciation. I myself have used both three and four syllables interchangeably.)
...never mind, that's now the correct pronunciation :P
6:07 PM
dee ew or dee yew
6:35 PM
personally, I think the "eu" should be pronounced as in german, like in "euler"
(not actually, but now I'm tempted)
7:27 PM
I thought it s Doo-soe-vee
@Deusovi For the Riley tag, how about "Lexibus" i.e. "Lexi-rebus" or word-rebus
Like I said, I don't think there should be a tag for these. The trend will die out eventually.
But they should be tagged rather than .
I guess
Q: Epidemic, ahhhhhhhhhh!

WELZA great plague has hit us, we don't know it's name. This image will help us find out: Although unlikely, this may be more useful: It was headline news from @)!: 1, 2, 3 after man. What is the name of the disease?

or both
@Mithrandir I pronounce it Dyoo-SO-vi in my head. 3 syllable version of this.
@WELZ I get fairly little residual rep, actually. Most days (weeks even) it’s zero.
7:36 PM
meh. :D
I remember like it was just two months ago when I recently joined rebuses were the thing
@Deusovi they should be tagged with both, actually. The proper “Riley” riddle format is both wordplay and riddle. Also would also be appropriate for most if not all of them.
Would it be a riddle, though?
Well its structured like one
Sure. The last line for sure is riddle-ish
The sub component lines are also riddlish though arguably less so
8:01 PM
Can someone tell me what they think would be a good hint that would be helpful for my Wise man riddle, I really want someone to get it, I'm unsure where folks are stuck - where to give hints...
I'd be glad to give hints, if I knew where you were stuck.
Q: Deep in the forest... I see something:

WELZI was walking in the forest and I saw something that caught my eye, since I don't want to tell anybody unworthy of knowing, I made a clue: 34faP If you can solve this, then you may know. What did I see?

@North I looked at the Rubio puzzle part. Then I glared at it. Then I gave it a stern talking-to and sent it to bed without supper. But so far it still shows no signs of behaving.
you obviously were never a kid.
or never an adult. either works.
8:18 PM
Ha ha ha
There were the puppy years ...
@Sphinx Looks like an imgur maze...
@Rubio How many times did you bark at the puzzle?
None. I did growl repeatedly, though.
I think barking might be more effective
8:22 PM
@North Barking Rubio seldom solves.
1 min ago, by North
8:35 PM
11 mins ago, by WELZ
1 min ago, by North
20 secs ago, by Rubio
11 mins ago, by WELZ
1 min ago, by North
What have I started
....probably enough now.
8:40 PM
I half-remember Rubio(?) had some sort of program that could search for valid imgur links. That could have been helpful if I knew for sure that this puzzle is an imgur maze. But, I don't. :/
Its not an imgur maze
Its just a rebus
Well, i.stack jabkey doesn't make much sense to me unless i.stack refers to imgur...
Q: What do the letters stand for?

Napratab=81010+11000 cd=91110+21000 efg=20100+10000+31000 hij=40000+61111+81100 kl=31110+10100 mn=81000+91100 o=31000 I know ab=33 and hij=084

hard to imagine it meaning anything else
I'd just like to say, none of my last 2 puzzles are related (I didn't find those eggs in the forest).
8:50 PM
Anyone want to play Contact?
How do you play?


For playing the game Contact, where one person tries to "defend"...
That's... useful
there's a link to the rules in the room description
8:55 PM
puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/64013/… -Why was this closed as "Off-Topic" and not "too broad"?
@Sid See the close reason. We have a custom reason for puzzles like that.
@Mithrandir I don't particularly like that reason for off-topic. It seems bettervsuuted for "too broad" or "opinion-based". But ok.
Unfortunately, custom reasons aren't available for other reasons besides "off topic".
@Sid "Too broad" and "Primarily opinion based" have network-wide meanings that are slightly different from what we want to convey sometimes
Generally when we say a puzzle is too broad here, we mean that it is underspecified so that there are too many answers possible that the puzzle does not rule out. That's pretty much what the custom close reason calls out.
"Too broad" in the more general sense would be that a full answer to the question would require actually covering all those bases, and is thus far too generic to be suitable for this format. The question needs to be narrowed in scope so that a reasonable answer can be given.
"Primarily opinion based" covers questions for which there is no objective answer; the question as written solicits opinions, either implicitly or explicitly, and that's not a good way to get a definitive answer.
9:53 PM
Call to arms: Rubio is defending in Contact
1 hour later…
11:09 PM
Q: A Crozier Riddle

Mic CrozierThis is a new kind of riddle called a Crozier riddle. Here are the rules: The first letter of each of the answers must be put together and unscrambled to reveal a final word. Here are the clues: (They will start off easy and get increasingly harder) Something a horse says. The largest ...


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