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12:22 AM
@micsthepick Doing stated action, very painful.
1:20 AM
Surely speaking doubles cannot present something diffic-- dammit!
very trying speaking doubles.
Is this Sphinx's Lair 2 now?
Wecan always runwords into pairsif weneed tospeak doubles.
[insert witty statement]
1:26 AM
What about just using words having one greater or fewer syllables compared to other words beside it?
thats easy, not very complicated in any way.
Let's just switch languages
what about ascending!
That implies increasing difficulty, unfortunately.
How does this work
I don't get it
1:44 AM
This causes sentences diminutive.
1:56 AM
@Wen1now They increase every sequentially communicated syllabification.
2:07 AM
O, we can also (maybe) employ growing sentence phrasings singularly -- thenceforth backtracking, diminishing ostensible verbosity, reducing lengths before drops down low to 0.
@Deusovi Wow. I'm genuinely impressed by that one.
(except "lengths" should be "syllables")
take another look, Alconja
@MikeQ Thanks! I'm putting off finishing a programming assignment. :P
In awe, we're quite amazed Deusovi. Must've taken time for it.
@Deusovi I'm an idiot
Then I'll replace my complaint and say it should start with "O, we..." :)
2:19 AM
I considered that, but thought it'd be a bit of a hack
...then again, that's the entire point. Sure, I'll add it.
also, do the syllables work out too? that's pretty cool
...no they don't. "thenceforth" is a 2 surrounded by a 4 and a 3
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 2 3 4 4 4 3 1 2 1 1 1 1 1*
zero could be naught/nil/etc
as you've now noted
I do see that now, ok !
2:38 AM
> Does there exist a such that floor(a),floor(a^2),floor(a^3),etc. alternates between odd and even integers
Is that too maths-y for a puzzle
that sounds more like a mathematical problem than a puzzle
are you aware of a solution?
I think it's fine. It's not a rote problem or anything.
Oh, a is non-negative
I know the solution but not a proof
I'm working on it - I'll post it as a puzzle as soon as I've solved it myself
how do you know the solution,
but not have a proof?
Because the question was presented in a different way to me. I added the 'does there exist' part to it
2:53 AM
oh, was it something like, "prove that this a works"?
Yeah, something along those lines
I'm having trouble finding the initial source of the problem
Is 't alright if I just reference where I found the problem (in a book) as opposed to hunting down the actual source
I think I got one
nah, but it works for 1 - 40
Are you sure it's not floating-point errors?
unless I am running into floating point errors ^
okay then
Yeah, that works
2:59 AM
are there others like it?
looks like it actually
so I can confirm that the first one works up to 70 now
no larger because I ran into this error: InvalidOperation: quotient too large in //, % or divmod
that's a first.
3:42 AM
Q: Even I don't know the answer

prog_SAHIL(This is the question talking) Even I don't know the answer, Until I am posted. All I know is the length, 5 characters that is. Random it is, But less than the 64 base youtube id. This is what identifies me. What is he talking about? What is the answer?

4:24 AM
Ah that's a nice one @Wen
Q: The message is obvious, no need to decrypt it

Jamal SenjayaToday, I saw this strange message on my facebook's wall. I can't read what she wrote. but, I know she is struggling with her feeling. When I asked her, she said the message is obvious, no need to decrypt it. What does the message say? 1 \/\/1$!-! 1 /\/3\/312 11137 yo!_! $o 1 \/\/o!_!|_!>/\/...

2 hours later…
6:18 AM
@Sp3000 I think it's CABRIOLETS (carriages) = BRI[st>O]LE (become angry, ST replaced with O) in CATS (jazz enthusiasts)
6:28 AM
I'll just park the cabriolets near my suikinkutsu...
6:48 AM
Yes, I knew that cabriolets are convertibles, but not that they used to be horse-drawn carriages. And I didn't know the jazz enthusiasts, although that seems to be a bit of a crossword staple. But I got the capital of Oregon right away ...
This is obviously correct. New C4, then?
Yeah had to dip into some crossword-y cluing there unfortunately, but to confirm: yup
CCCC: Regime has me pushed forward before unknown god (5)
god = deity, so now to make the wordplay fit... I am hopeless at cryptics
Nice surface btw
grabs popcorn to watch wen nut it out
6:58 AM
You will need a much bigger bag of popcorn if Wen gets to set the next one. :)
@Sp3000 I notice you currently aren't testsolving :P
also, it's so nice to have a steady stream of cryptic clues to think about
That is a very good point. I'm procrastinating from work right now, but I could probably still work on a few of them without needing the sheet
pff, you have some answer sets memorized?
If you got me to name all the answers I could probably get at least 50% (definitely not 100% though)
"nut it out"...?
7:02 AM
@stacksfiller yeah, I wasn't going to mention it, but @Sp3000, you may want to change your phrasing there
oh ok yea
just looked it up
I didn't realise it was an Aus/NZ phrasing, huh
@Sp3000 still, that's pretty impressive. I don't think I could do that with most of them
7:35 AM
@MOehm DEIT+Y(=unknown) (where DEIT is DIET with I "pushed forward")
Idk if there's a less verbose way of annotating that
@Ankoganit Yes, that's it. (So Wen was right all along.)
oh man, Steins;Gate is a great anime
(@Sp3000, you may enjoy this clue)
Pretty easy clue but I needed an excuse to bring up Steins;Gate
7:42 AM
I need to rewatch it sometime
wow, random anime references
I'd never do that sort of thing
ahoy hoy
7:56 AM
@Sp3000 oh hey! speaking of australia and watching others nut it out, gay marriage is now legal there!
None having any ideas for any of my two still-unsovled puzzles? I wonder if they are too hard (and need hints) or are just "lost" in time....
Q: A half successful police raid

BmyGuest Everything in the next section is flavor text only. You may skip right over it, if you´re impatient. "So, how did it go officer? I hope there was no blunder this time!" The chief commander looks rather stern and critical at the small group of men in front of him. "We´ve spent months to g...

Q: These alien safes have no end

BmyGuest Well, I could solve the last safe, but what did it buy me? Just another instant-teleport and boom... here I am again! In a single room with very few things around me, most notably a safe, and no door out. Just great. Somehow I can't fight the feeling that I'm tested in a more and more chall...

Should have been "noone" not none :c)
I've been staring at both of them occasionally. Not had much time though - been busy preparing for finals.
@Deusovi oh, Good luck for your finals.
8:12 AM
"Final" finals? 8-| Hope we are not loosing a mod after that (?)
8:30 AM
Deus is a freshman
9:12 AM
Just so Anko's clue - hah, and very nice (I'd join in but I'm trying to tone down overt weebness for fear of alienating other users)
I already made my Steins;Gate C4 - "Girl's endless tutturu is grating (8)"
I think as long as knowing the reference is not necessary to solve the clue, it's okay, but maybe I should tone it down for a bit too
@MOehm Wait what. I was joking :(
9:24 AM
fyi the popcorn comment was meant to be a hint for wen that you were actually right :P
I'd gone to take a shower/I was playing Corrypt
(sorry I wasn't actually here to keep trying)
Every good joke has a small truth hidden inside. So you're not as hopeless as you claim to be. At least your crossword intuition is good.
Thanks! That actually makes me feel good about myself now :)
@ffao THGGHENY(rot13)
Q: Detection of gaps in binary vector through linear methods

bartSuppose I have a binary vector a = (0,1,1,1,0,0) of length $N$. I want to detect in a linear way whether a has any gaps in consecutive 1's. a as defined above has no gaps. But b = (0,1,0,1,0,0) has gaps. Quadratic solution: $$\sum_i^N a_i - \sum_i^{N-1}a_i a_{i+1} \le 1$$ Linear solution: $$?$$...

Q: Does there exist $a\geq0$ such that $\lfloor a\rfloor,\lfloor a^2\rfloor,\lfloor a^3\rfloor,\ldots$ alternate between even and odd?

Wen1nowDoes there exist $a\geq0$ such that $\lfloor a\rfloor,\lfloor a^2\rfloor,\lfloor a^3\rfloor,\ldots$ alternate between even and odd?

Q: Find this number

TweakimpWe are searching for a number. It is over 400 years old. Even longer ago there were people who said it wouldn't be so hot on your tongue. (I thought of this myself. Because English is not my mother language I would really like to see a better phrasing or even the same riddle in poem form.)

9:26 AM
@Ankoganit yep
I'd never think of using 'tutturu' in an actual clue :D
Which reminds me, I finally puzzled out that a,a^2,a^3 odd even thing. The silly thing was, I'd seen the exact technique before in a different question and I never even noticed
I thought you had already solved it?
9:28 AM
I knew the answer, but I hadn't actually solved it
1 hour later…
10:37 AM
Speaking of corrypt, does anybody have any hints
(and if you haven't played it I recommend not playing it if you don't want to get extremely frustrated)
1 hour later…
11:59 AM
Q: Can some please help figure out the sequence in the following random key i got from an app. The key is 476690617241. Thanks in advance

DerickCan someone please help figure out the sequence in the following random key i got from an app. The key is 476690617241. Thanks in advance

Yay I recognised that it was from Hunger Games before I read the text at the top
Now I can say I actually achieved something today
good job ;)
@Deusovi you owe us a C4.
12:47 PM
Q: Which letter am I?

D. MellowSoul 61.2392559 46.6729113 Thunder 41.0257551 28.9742227 Rainbow 41.6947766 44.7778411 Marsh 25.2913771 51.5345946 Cascade 15.5297874 32.5621657 Boulder 60.187195 24.9250693 Follow the path in the correct order to solve this riddle. Which letter am I?

1:11 PM
@Wen1now I think you need some attribution in that floor puzzle
@Mithrandir the car insurance things seem to be now a whole SE-wide phenomenon
it always has been
Physics.SE seems to be getting a load of it now...
it's been network wide ever since it began
Okay, someone tell me whether the thing that I have drawn in the recent answer that I gave is an "H" or a "K"?
Oh, apparently it is an H...
1:19 PM
look much more H than K to me.
4 hours later…
5:06 PM
@Wen1now That actually makes me more likely to play :P
5:58 PM
Q: Where’s my present?

micsthepicksequel of: Which of my friends has a birthday today? Hello. It's me again. Today is my birthday! So of course I met my friends today, along with a new friend that I made the other day. This new friend of mine is called Felicity. Unfortunately, they're up to it again, and it seems that they have ...

6:20 PM
@micsthepick Could you explain what you mean by "not all are telling the truth"?
never mind. Apparently, I was 1 minute too late
"The statement 'all are telling the truth' is false."
7:08 PM
@ffao Sophomore, actually. :P
@Sid Whoops, yes I do. Just a sec.
oh, that weird thing where you have years that don't match the calendar
7:23 PM
CCCC: Destroying free bong, drawing in scholars (12)
well, it isn’t sophomores.
looks promising
have you got one ready @sid?
@micsthepick nope. I will wait for confirmation, though.
I think it would be wise to prepare now, but you do what you want to.
7:35 PM
@micsthepick what I want to do is sleep right now. But, I can't...
7:46 PM
@Sid Yup!
CCCC: "King's officer" is the title given to a lawyer (7)
8:01 PM
Q: Three Right Triangles

OrayThere are three special right triangles, all of their edge lengths are positive integers. One of the triangles' longer leg, the other triangle's shorter leg and hypotenuse of the last triangle are all equal to each other. What is the least value of the shortest hypotenuse among these triang...

8:24 PM
@Sphinx a nice simple one.
8:48 PM
Anyone up for Contact?


For playing the game Contact, where one person tries to "defend"...
9:25 PM
Can't right now but maybe in the not too distant future.
Call to arms! Mithrandir is currently defending in Contact!
2 hours later…
11:01 PM
(Contact started up again)
11:49 PM
Q: Strange calculations

CtxThe question is: If 7 + 16 = 1000 what is 23 + 42? Note, that I currently do not have the solution for this riddle, which is not publicly available. I have already tried the following: Input base 14 and output base 3, which would yield 10022 Base 987 calculation: 7 + 987*1 + 6 = 1000, 2*987+...

@Sphinx wow, OP really needs to tone it down in the comments
and it is too broad

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