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12:08 AM
Q: I am a computer’s worst nightmare, but a programmer’s best friend

Steven VascellaroI am a computer’s worst nightmare, but a programmer’s best friend. I am both the cause of a problem and the source of its resolution. What am I?

12:55 AM
@Ankoganit Oh, thanks for the reminder
puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/57726/… answer is clearly satire, flag for rudeness?
1:13 AM
Yeah sorry about that @thecoder16 :D flag away
OP got on my nerves, I know its not the place for a satirical answer. I intended to remove once I had made my point anyway. sorry again
can't you delete your answer now?
it was still technically an answer xD but its deleted now
I thought it was pretty funny.. nobody got a laugh from it?
Yes, I did, hence the +1
good stuff
1 hour later…
2:28 AM
Q: How do I solve this odd puzzle?

Oompa LoompaI need help. Try to solve this puzzle. It's a blend of mathematics and words. The goal of word math problems is to assign each letter an integer value, 0-9. An example is below. Example: MAKE + KEYS = PSST In this example: E = 3, K = 1, A = 4, Y = 5, S = 7, T = 0, M = 8, and P = 9. When you us...

2 hours later…
4:40 AM
@Sid It's not ESQUIRE by any chance is it?
5:24 AM
@Ankoganit That is correct.
Hey is anybody here familiar with spiral galaxies
Familiar? Hell, I live in one!
I need somebody to point out how dumb I am. I've convinced myself this spiral galaxies puzzle is unsolvable :(
If you have convinced yourself, then the puzzle is indeed unsolvable
But... somebody else has told me that they've solved it
5:32 AM
Only experience I had was bashing my head against paramesis' (still) unsolved grid deduction puzzle
That's enough experience I guess
I can't see how that red square can be part of anything
And no, I'm not a competitor in the WPC2017 so don't worry, this isn't for a competition.
do you ignore the black squares, or do they "block"?
The black cells aren't part of the puzzle
I mean, they're not supposed to be in any region; kind of ignore them
The best I can do with the red region is this:
But the crosses can't 'go' anywhere
Again, feel free to remind me how dumb I am
5:38 AM
Well your stupidity isn't immediately apparent to me at least :)
@Wen1now what is the objective of the puzzle?
"Divide the grid into 1800
symmetrical regions along the gridlines, so that each cell is part of only one
region. Each region must contain exactly one black dot, which represents the central symmetry point of
the region. All circles are given and all white cells must be part of a region.The black cells are not part of
any regions. "
CCCC: Could be, maybe, possibly, perhaps, not having one probability? (6)
Q: When is a quarter closed door the same as a quarter open door?

SreenathPGA half open door is always the same as a half closed door. And of course it is not a door when it is a jar. Hint: We're not talking about clopen doors. All our buildings are very simply connected, thank you. What could be the answer?

@Sid I'm not too found of officer but oh well
5:47 AM
@Ankoganit Google told me it was an old def
Hmm ok
6:09 AM
@Wen1now Yeah, I'm not seeing a way to deal with that region either... Seems like it would have to go through one of the two dots immediately below the P (else it would have to extend too low into the INDIA), but which ever way you come around the top of the P, you come up a square or two short...
wait.. do the rules say that all white squares need to be part of a galaxy, or can there be "holes"?
You've got to fill the whole thing, yeah?
In fact, never mind. It wouldn't make any sense to not fill everything, since then you could just do the minimal 1 or 2 square galaxies directly around each dot.. :)
6:23 AM
@Ankoganit Could the 4C be "CHANCY"?
@EricTressler which c4 are you talking about?
@Sid "CCCC: Could be, maybe, possibly, perhaps, not having one probability? (6)"
@EricTressler Oh. I don't know how I missed that...
So... that is a quintuple def?
I mean, it seemed possible, if not likely
@EricTressler well, LIKELY is also 6 letters and sort of fits everything... :P
6:31 AM
It could be QUANTA
the clue comes in small packages and it fits the probability clue
or ATOMIC, I guess
that seems more likely
or CHANCE (since I already guessed CHANCY), though I prefer RANDOM too. The first words seem to imply two syllables, mostly
6:51 AM
I don't see how "could be" fits random, or quanta, or atomic
The game here seems to be to throw random six-letter words at the clue and see what sticks.
@MOehm That's probably because (a) All the def(if it is indeed a quintuple def) are too close to each other or (b) We are all treading down the wrong path
7:17 AM
Note: I'm not going to confirm or deny anything without explanation :)
(and it's not a n-tuple def)
I think the explanations were all n-tuple def, but that was quite weak
[per]chance is my closest thought (if per<->one, which kind of but doesn't really work), but that's way too many synonyms at the start
7:45 AM
What do we do about cross-site duplicates again
Unless they're asked by the same person
Yeah, they were asked by the same person, I think
Point 'em to this
Q: Is cross-posting a question on multiple Stack Exchange sites permitted if the question is on-topic for each site?

Colin NewellIt is possible to migrate a question from one Stack Exchange site to another by closing, but if I have a question that I think is on-topic for multiple Stack Exchange sites, is it OK to post it on both (multipost)? For example, I have a question that's earned me the tumbleweed badge on SO and I...

they even posted twice to the same site
@Mithrandir Okay, done
7:57 AM
@Ankoganit I'll try: (PERHA[-p]S)* → PHRASE
oops wrong referral, fixed
probability=P; possibly perhaps=(PERHAPS)*; "Could be, maybe" = PHRASE as def by example?
@Rubio that's correct
heh, that felt like a stretch
Guess it was :/
But I liked the surface
CCCC: Cover in rust in silence. (6)
Is that SUREST ?
I need to give an explanation ?
8:09 AM
@Skyvask yep
(As in you need to give an explanation)
Wordplay explanation, that is
RUST in S[ilenc]E, cover is the def
That would be an anagram of (RUST)* in the outer letters of silence. You'd need an indicator for both.
now that seem non sense for me
Or an anagram of RUST and SE, rather. And how does surest mean cover?
8:12 AM
@MOehm OK thanks first try to solve a 4c, need training
when you translate Surest and cover in french that make sense :D ^^
@Skyvask Basically, you figure out how to split the clue into either "[definition][wordplay]" or "[wordplay][definition]". And the indicator words in the wordplay need to match what's there.
I wonder if rust is FE or FEO.
Rubio has once used the latter but the former is more common I think
Rust is Fe? But that's iron!
@Ankoganit technically speaking rust is FE2O3.xH2O. But, no one cares about the hydrate...
Is "TINSIL" an alternative spelling of "TINSEL"?
8:22 AM
I don't think so. (I had also tried to find a hidden answer and came across the same word.)
8:40 AM
That looks like a really weird Rubik's cube.
Yeah, pretty much
8:44 AM
The layers are geared together, so each 90 degree rotation of a face makes a 45 degree rotation of the middle layer
(I feel like this might be sh(eat)h but it feels a bit loose)
Ah that might be it
@Sp3000 why is rust=eat?
In the eat away/corrosion sense, but that's the part that feels loosest
rust=corrode=eat, I think
8:46 AM
That's a good idea, but isn't it the rust that's doing the eating? I mean you could say "the knife has rusted" or "rust has eaten the knife", no?
Let's just ping @Rubio
I only bring this up as at least one source lists eat, despite me disagreeing with it
@sp has it
Rust is a verb, not just a noun
Yes, I know, but the verb to eat isn't used in the same way as the verb to rust, no?
SE Puzzling, or how to learn english vocabulary :)
8:50 AM
no, but "salt water may eat your car" and "salt water may rust your car" are used the same way
@Zyerah wow
That looks ridiculously difficult
It's.... it's a little silly.
You just need a way to switch the positions of three pieces to solve it, honestly. If you have a three-cycle, you pretty much win. It's just like, getting that three-cycle is a paain.
(My first attempt was... almost 100 moves long. Which... no.)
I kinda know nothing about cubing, though, so take my opinion with a grain of salt ;P
8:56 AM
If "salt water may rust your car" is a valid usage, I won't complain, but I thought the subject of the verb "to rust" was whatever is affected by rust, not the corrosive agent. No hard feelings. :)
i have to share that, google is weird sometimes
What on earth :o
I don't see what could possibly be wrong about that translation
I hear French speakers say that all the time
just make sure to pronounce the colons
without the colons, that does not make any sense
That's C'est++, a French version of C++, apparently. (Or C'est−−, as the example shows.)
9:02 AM
automotivespecialtiesinc.com/… "[...] road salt can rust your car" - found rather quickly via google. "<foo> can rust <bar>" is valid idiomatic usage.
I get the distinct feeling rust wasn't supposed to be used this way, but people just started abusing it
see also "literally".
and "irregardless".
Okay, point taken. My dictionary lookup didn't support that usage. "Again what learned", as they say around here.
rust is acceptable, irregardless is an abomination
@ffao I agree entirely :)
ahdictionary.com/word/search.html?q=rust lists the transitive verb usage
9:07 AM
@Rubio I was thinking, what does ffao means... I need to wake up a bit more ^^
and with that i'm off to rust. er, rest.
good night :)
I'm putting it in the "it works, but unfair cluing" folder :P
Good night.
Um.. so what's the current 4C
CCCC: Bitterly argue about right order in a Lisp statement that doesn't interpret as intended (8, 4)
9:14 AM
too long for me x) good luck everyone
yeah, my level is not high enough to know where to begin with this
9:29 AM
CCCC: Exchanged tips after losing kilo in Mediterranean diet centered on hard fruit core (12)
@Sp3000 oh wow that surface is really nice!
Yes, it is.
@Zyerah Congratulations!
10:28 AM
Q: Array-3 > fix34(What is wrong with my code what logic am missing please help)

gnanagowthaman sankar Return an array that contains exactly the same numbers as the given array, but rearranged so that every 3 is immediately followed by a 4. Do not move the 3's, but every other number may move. The array contains the same number of 3's and 4's, every 3 has a number after it that is not a 3, an...

I have flag this questions, can retract it if i'm wrong, but i think this questions has nothing to do here
10:53 AM
@Skyvask yeah, that was pretty blatantly off topic. I just cast the final close vote.
Well done to @Zyerah for solving the Weird Gear Cube, to @Sp3000 for a really nice clue surface, and to Skyvask for providing us with the best Google translation I have ever seen. (Disappointingly, if I ask Google to translate "couverts" into English it gives something much less exciting.)
But the screenshot was of translating "couverts" from English into French. I can reproduce that punctuation-fest.
oh, it was backwards. I failed to notice that.
So yeah, I can indeed reproduce it. Entering other French words into the English side of an E->F translation doesn't produce such glories, though. At least not the ones I've tried so far.
This is so frustrating. I kept trying the spiral galaxies and reached a contradiction. All my steps seem fine to me, so I don't know what could possibly have gone wrong :(
Wait no never mind. I can't count
Yay! Finished.
11:15 AM
Q: A Two-pan Non-Equal Arm Unbalanced Scale

OrayThere is a broken two-pan arm scale, consists of different weighed pans and different arm lengths. You are trying to weigh three different weights called X,Y,Z. You also know that the weights are even numbers: When you place X and Y to the right hand side of the scale, 20g is needed to the l...

3 hours later…
2:20 PM
Q: Where am I? (inspired by a classic novel)

Master YodaI am the hidden land Where man may not tread but wildlife can Here a group in full did travel By peak twilight, by horse and paddle The group spoke sin and thus went in To rule over all within Where am I?

2:30 PM
I'm glad to see my first post here went over well. :D
Q: I am a computer’s nightmare, but a programmer’s best friend

Steven VascellaroI am a computer’s nightmare, but a programmer’s best friend. I am both the cause of a problem and the source of its resolution. What am I?

I wasn't sure if I'd made my riddle too difficult or too easy.
2:52 PM
@StevenVascellaro This worked really well because the solution was "obviously better than the rest".
@StevenVascellaro yeah, it sort of happens. You will get that with practice...
@Sid I thought a meta-puzzle about SE would be neat. I was surprised nobody had done one before
3:09 PM
There have been some, like this one.
3:31 PM
And this one.
6 hours later…
9:09 PM
Q: Tricky maths problem

GY All RoundYou have digits 0 to 9. You have to find the lowest number possible for the difference of 2 5-digit numbers. e.g. 98765 - 43210 = 55555 What is the lowest number you can get? Also add a explanation please. Thx.

Q: Deadly but important?

Nuloen The SeekerI bring death to dry land, yet life would cease without me. I burn your eyes and your tongue, yet your body needs me. What am I? (It isn't heat.)

10:13 PM
Q: Is this riddle too obvious?

Nuloen The Seeker My friends hate me, my enemies love me, my leader puts a leash around my neck, my enemies reward me and beg. What am I?

1 hour later…
11:37 PM
Q: I never change my stripes

rybo111I go to great lengths for you to understand I never change my stripes, I stick to what you planned I bend and reach for you, in any given frame With no delay, on your command, I'm back to whence I came What am I?


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