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2:11 AM
Q: Crossedwords and ciphers and riddles oh joy!

n_palumNothing too special, a crossword to complete, with some layers beneath. All you'll need lies within the puzzle. Cross-words are cool aren't they? Click on it to enlarge image. Normally you'd use 4 before 7, but this time I'd suggest doing the opposite. Optpr asmz nsqg lsa siyriv gzy...

2:49 AM
Q: Clear board in Othello (Generalisation)

ghosts_in_the_codeBased on Clear board in Othello If we have an $2m\times 2n$ Othello board ($m\geq n\geq 2$), and the centre $4$ squares have the usual starting position, then for what all values of $m$ and $n$ can we clear the board (make the board entirely covered with one colour, either black or whit...

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4:00 AM
@Rubio Done and dusted :)
4:25 AM
@Sp3000 Nice crossword! I was a few words into it when M Oehm posted their answer :P
I was actually contemplating delaying the post until the exact moment you joined chat :P
Heh, that would've been funny
4:41 AM
(Welcome back,) @boboquack, question about:
Why couldn't they put diodes in?! — boboquack 19 mins ago
Want to post an alternative-take solution? Plenty of room for that.
(Meanwhile I haven't quite figured out just what diode derring-do you have in mind.)
4:58 AM
@humn One way things would have been a lot easier to conceptualise would be to have electricity only going one-way. I'm saying that because of the hints.
There's also the element of danger.
Someone pointed out that a two-headed extension cord is called a suicide cable.
(in the "hints")
@boboquack , in any case, allowing the current to flow backward allows for an interesting kind of flip-flop/latch to be made from these house-current devices.
5:19 AM
@humn, so basically a socket multiplier is just a split wire, with 1 plug and 3 sockets?
@boboquack , right, with no directionality and easy to make sure that hot and cold wires match. safety first!
(notice that the prongs/holes are symmetric. safety last....)
I'd be interested to see whether putting the switch of the timer on the positive wire (assuming blue=black) would change some fundamental property of it.
5:40 AM
I did that for during the botanical experiment and the motor went forward regardless.
But it might make for a good puzzle to have different behavior.
And, again, feel free to solve along any variation of the rules.
The strict solution is too good to abandon though.
Nagging question, @boboquack, should I get out a keyboard and really chart the chords of Mi, So, Re, Do??
At least I think i've found "B-A-D" in a place or few.
... no urgency, off to type elsewhere ...
5:57 AM
@humn No
@humn You shouldn't be looking for B-A-D, So Far and B-A-D are just examples of what you should look for. But there is another clue there that is VERY easily overlooked...
So easy to veer off course when the scenery is so attractive. Thanks for the guardrails, @boboquack.
@humn Anyway, the chord progression - the song was through-composed so it's a bit mish-mash.
It flows fine to my ears! I think classical (even jazz) structure is like grammar in that they can explain many things that work well, but are not necessary ingredients.
Look at the comments, by the way, you'll get a kind of hint at what you're looking for.
6:16 AM
7:04 AM
Q: What is a WIAWSOL™ string of letters?

Martin GonzalezYou wake up. The resplendent aglow of dayspring gleams Obsequies, vigil rites, felony- all was dreams A ramble of dawn, to cognize the senses. Rising from the d'enport, a jaunt co'ences. A trip to the meadows, dunes 'en ensues by Slick patio, niche - where the deities had a vie...

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8:40 AM
Q: WWE Fastlane 2017

Fastlane 2017Fastlane 2017 - Live, Stream, WWE, Watch, Online, Free, TV, Coverage https://fastlane2017.us/

9:26 AM
Q: 4 pics 1 word game answer explain

Ashutosh SoniHow the four pics resembles alphabet. Can anyone explain? I can only see there is just some Greek letters like omega and pi and one soup pic. ?

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12:38 PM
Q: One Morning at the Coffeehouse

TSLF The three bears are regular customers at the Goldilock's (see illustration). When Goldilock brought the cake as ordered by the Bear family, Little bear asked her if she can divide the big round cake into 3 equal pieces. So the girl marked 3 equally distanced points along the cake's perimeter...

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2:47 PM
Q: Thaw Sue's cold dog

rybo111Start with the phrase Thaw Sue's cold dog and perform the following steps in some order to find a famous question: Add one letter Change one letter Rearrange the letters of one word Rearrange the letters of one word Rearrange the words Remove one letter Remove one letter Note: adding/removing...

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5:51 PM
Q: Is there a universal algorithm that can solve any rubix cube?

MarcThe only reason I asked this is solving a rubixs cube can be frustrating and hard and for someone who just wants to be able to solve one it would be nice if there was a algorithm that could solve any rubixs cube

6:25 PM
Q: What is the next pattern?

DoleThis is taken from a certain rather popular IQ test: Which of the four figure on the right completes the series on the left, and most importantly, WHY?

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9:28 PM
Q: Are you wishful for bees?

rybo111Start with the phrase Are you wishful for bees? and perform the following steps in some order to find a famous phrase: Add a letter Add a word Break a word in two Combine two words Rearrange the words Remove two letters from one word Note: adding/removing punctuation is not included in the st...

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10:48 PM
Q: Russian roulette

RobertYou are challenged to a game of Russian roulette. Your opponent places two bullets side by side in a six chamber revolver and spins the chamber. She explains that the game is single turn-based and MUST be played through to its conclusion. She then offers that you can choose who goes first. Should...

11:07 PM
^ @3k+ Is this too mathematical?
11:30 PM
It's borderline. I think the "huh, I wouldn't expect that" factor works a bit in its favor.
@boboquack is your U rebus still unsolved? hehe
@Rubio Why? I would expect that not being the first to be shot would work in my favour
by 2:1 though?
11:49 PM
@Rubio 1/3 chance is 1 to 2 against.
i meant not going first being 2:1 in your favor ... we're saying the same thing :)

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