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4:17 AM
Q: Build your own™ Dominosa!

Wen1nowFictional story: As everybody knows I'm not good at making puzzles so I ordered a Build-your-own™ Dominosa kit! This should be good for my Dominosa building skills, I thought to myself. And today, the package finally arrived! I rushed to the door and grabbed the package. As soon as I opened it...

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8:07 AM
heh 15151 rep
8:27 AM
@BeastlyGerbil I better upvote... nah
9:05 AM
Q: Algorithm to Solve Puzzle - Advice Needed

ImpactBlueGiven the following letters arranged in a circular pattern. A B E C D Each letter can merge with any of its opposite letters to form an adjacent letter. e.g. A + C = B + B A + D = E + E B + E = A + A B + D = C + C C + A = B + B C + E = D + D D + B = C + C D + A = E + E E + ...

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10:06 AM
Trying to write a cryptic 100% by myself for the first time and... it's taking much longer than expected :P
4 hours later…
1:54 PM
Q: A crossword to appease all

Sp3000 (Click for full size) Across 1. Steal extremely experimental metal song or 26-across maybe (6) 4. "Wardrobes malfunctioned", most rang for short interval (8) 10. Future engineer edits New York, USA's voting time? (7) 11. Plain type distraction loses 26-across from the get-go (7) 12. Tuck fro...

Q: 3 guards and 3 monsters

Joey PandyYou are standing before 3 objects. You need to give the right one to the right monster or else you'll die. There are 3 people in front of you for you to question. One always lies, one always tells the truth, one varies between truth and lies, and you don't know which is which. You can only a...

@Beastly @Rubio @Alconja and other 10k-ers: let's get this deleted?
2:25 PM
@Beastly @Rubio Here's another one then.
Urgh, and this one.
And this, and probably this.
I'll shut up now :-P
But .. I'm not out of delete votes yet ;)
@Randal'Thor leave me alone! :P
2:36 PM
@Rubio How many delete votes do we get in a day anyway?
It depends on rep, IIRC.
yeah, you get some base number plus one per 1k rep, i think? something like that
so you get, like, 134, and I get like 9. :)
Well, if you really want more ... this is a dupe of a now-deleted question, so it should probably go the same way.
Uh? That's not a puzzle.
3:39 PM
This is way too broad, and the OP even says it's unsolvable. Not sure about this - it's not a very good puzzle, but does seem to be valid, so I dunno why it was closed.
Well stop suggesting ones, I have one delete vote left :P
@BeastlyGerbil Well, there are other 10k-ers around, and I have a long way to go before I run out ;-)
How many do you have?
@BeastlyGerbil 21 remaining, apparently.
3:59 PM
Uh, that took me way to long to solve....
3 hours later…
6:42 PM
Q: Eight identical spheres fit inside a cube

CasualMathematicianEight identical spheres fit inside a cube with side length of 1 unit. What is the largest possible radius for a cube which would fit between those 8 spheres (in the center)? There are no gaps between spheres as well as between each sphere and the face of the cube.

1 hour later…
7:46 PM
@Rubio I'm long overdue for sleep (have just been procrastinating/gaming for the past few hours), but I shall add a wrap-up some time tomorrow
oh, no hurry
I wasn't around to see it solved but just reading through the solution I was quite awe-struck. amazing, truly.
I can't imagine how long that took to construct.
The entire day I believe - had to gradually make the gridding easier for myself as I went because I kept getting stuck (clues of course took longer to get surfaces that semi made sense)
Q: What did the man say?

n_palumA brave explorer was once exploring a jungle in Africa when he was captured by a tribe of cannibals. The cannibals, however, were fond of problems in logic, and they said to the explorer, "We are going to allow you to make one statement. If the statement you make is true, we will burn you a...

8:08 PM
Q: Should a step by step solution be a requirement for some genres of puzzles?

Beastly GerbilFor some puzzles, such as Sudokus or nonograms, posting the answer is not enough. Doing so results in requests for a step by step solution, but this isn't actually a requirement. I'm thinking maybe it should be a requirement for grid like puzzles. Here are some reasons why: It proves you didn...

@Sp3000 That is one impressively constrained puzzle!
4 hours later…
11:53 PM
Q: Day and night of the two timers

humn            Make a non - 24 - hour day /  night cycle            with the most daylight and fewest pieces Specifically, devise schedules and an arrangement for two electromechanical 24 - hour light timers to control the flow of power from an outlet to a light bulb. The challenge is to obtain t...


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