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2:14 AM
Well... Not get started. Post a poor answer.
1 hour later…
3:21 AM
@bobble good edit on the 'how many Wordle images' question
9 hours later…
12:46 PM
Q: What loses its head in the morning / and gets it back by night?

CrazyCodingAnother strange riddle: What loses its head in the morning And gets it back by night? What is the answer?

2 hours later…
2:55 PM
Q: Yesterday, I Had Tears (return)

KonchogTotally inspired by Yesterday I had Tears by @MrPie, thinking I had an answer, it led to a poem of it's own... Riddle Me That: I am filled with tears, You won't see me cry; I've been seen for years, Yet I have no eye. Below, the light clears, My face to the sky. I'll always have tears, Fro...

3:33 PM
Strong C4 hint: It's a ddef with "of" as connector.
@msh210 BUTTS ?
@AncientSwordRage I don't see how that'd be clued by "Can" or by "nuts". Anyway, it wasn't my intention.
@msh210 as in 'head BUTTS' or a person's rear ?
no worries
maybe 'nutting somebody' is a BrE only phrase
3:52 PM
@msh210 Ah wait - this should be POTTY - slang for 'can' (toilet) and a synonym of 'nuts' (crazy)
@Stiv should be and is
@AncientSwordRage never heard of it, myself
I feel like I should have spotted that much sooner than I did...!
Yeah, I thought it'd fall much faster than it did. But shrug I guess it was more difficult than I gave it credit for.
Admittedly I spent a short while looking for an anagram of CANOF which also served as an &lit but had to give up on that front, but a ddef in a clue so short (and with an obvious connector) probably should have struck me quicker
4:33 PM
I always put a "!" at the end of an &lit clue. That's how I was brought up. :-)
4:52 PM
CCCC: Book Barcelona player (4)
How much does it cost to book a player from Barcelona?
For a referee - just a bad foul
What's a rancid bird got to do with this?
That depends if it's feeling a little Piqué...
5:05 PM
Pretty sure this is Speculative Answers, but since I previously CV'ed I can't any more
@bobble I didn't realise I already had a tab open in this mobile group, and when I opened your link it slotted it after that tab but before another one, which tripped me up
Thoughts on the one I linked?
5:25 PM
@bobble I thought I flagged it yesterday, but evidently I didn't
Just done it now, I'm in agreement with you
2 hours later…
7:15 PM
Q: I want to know the answer of this riddle

OuliliHello my friends i came across this riddle but i can't solve it The riddle is Usually they are in bed but this time it’s different” Riddle related to Sloths

3 hours later…
9:53 PM
@Stiv tome (a book) = Tomé, a Barcelona player
10:20 PM
@msh210 Not the intention, I'm afraid. I figured this 'possibly a bit too short and sweet' type clue would probably generate some false trails, but I can say that there is no accent mark clash in the intended solution.
(Also I'd say the person in your link would be a bit too obscure for one of my clues...)
@Stiv (yeah, I was worried about that)
Actually, I figured the answer is likely tome, and that there's likely a Barcelona player by that name, and then I searched for the latter.
It's a sound logic, but it's not 'tome'...
Hm. Sonia Edwards wrote a book Gavi, and there's a Barcelona player named Gavi, but that book is probably also (much) too obscure.
Anything cultural used in this clue is - arguably - well known :)
10:40 PM
This Barcelona doesn't seem to have any players whose names mean "Book". Its only four-letter player I see is Nico Segal. Don't mind me, just thinking aloud.
And I can't find any four-letter Catalan words for any meaning of "player".
Sheesh. This clue looks like it should be easy.
seems like there have been a lot of clues recently that seem easy but haven't been

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