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4:47 AM
Q: 6 Piece Wooden Puzzle

EmilyMarieI have been attempting to solve this puzzle that didn’t come with directions. I have searched everywhere and cannot find a solution. Any ideas? Thanks!

@juicifer not my intention, I'm afraid, but you're getting closer
@AncientSwordRage not sure
well I guess that's a good sign
5:36 AM
@bobble I guess not. This was a duplication of another puzzle I made, only slightly modified. I had assumed there was only one like in the normal puzzle, but the way you say it makes it seem really obvious there is not. I should have noticed it sooner. — Dopplegamer 13 mins ago
(in response to my query about the puzzle having a single solution)
4 hours later…
9:58 AM
Q: A *Problem* for you

Prim3numbah How many possibilities? The full answer is 11 letters long.

10:24 AM
Q: What is thin as night and soft as sand, will break the teeth but not the hand?

John RennieThis is a riddle posed by a dragon in the short story Maybe Just Go Up There and Talk to It by Scott Lynch. The dragon does not give the answer to the riddle and it is entirely possible that it has no answer and the author is just toying with the reader. Since the story does not give the solution...

2 hours later…
12:08 PM
Q: How many Wordle images are there?

friedemann_bachWordle (https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/) has recently become a well-known word guessing game. The rules are simple: "… a five-letter word is chosen that players aim to guess within six tries. After each guess, the letters are either marked as green, yellow, or gray; green means that the l...

5 hours later…
4:49 PM
@Sphinx Welp I know what I'm doing today
Q: Mario's Super Picross - Stage Mario 9-K

WillI'm playing through Mario's Super Picross currently and after nearly 200 puzzles this one finally has me stumped as to how it is intended to be solved. What is the next step to solving this? Notes: This is a "Mario" stage so the game penalizes mistakes and doesn't provide a mechanism for forwar...

5:35 PM
Well... I may not have time today, but I'll get a start
6:10 PM
Q: Can you fail at Wordle without making mistakes?

jay613This question assumes a knowledge of Wordle's innards including a review of its source code. This blog is useful background reading. Is it possible to fail (six unsuccessful guesses) at original Wordle without making mistakes? In other words, is there a Wordle word (from the solutions list) for...

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10:55 PM
Q: Songs by popular bands

msh210 Across 1. Gap 6. (See 81 Across) 10. Mixture 15. ___ la vista 16. For Luis, to love 17. It's negative 18. Mr. Welles 19. Give up 20. It's not their fault, but ours 21. A song by Kiss? 24. For 25. Run away from 38 Across, perhaps 26. AT&T subsidiary 29. Knowledge regulatory agcy. 32. Requests 35....


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