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12:24 AM
don juan is a book and the name of a "player", although apparently he was from seville, not barcelona
also the number of letters is wrong but i like to treat enumerations (and traffic rules) as mere suggestions
2 hours later…
1:57 AM
@Stiv I think the answer to your CCCC is EZRA, a book of the Bible and the surname of one George Ezra who wrote and performed a song called "Barcelona".
(I had never heard of him before looking up the Wikipedia disambiguation page for Barcelona, FWIW. I would not necessarily argue with "well known", because I am pretty ignorant of contemporary popular music.)
2:35 AM
The book of RUTH ?
@GarethMcCaughan seems more likely
2 hours later…
4:38 AM
Q: Bikini life – A letter from Gladys

Jafe Letters from Gladys are geography-themed standalone crosswords. Each puzzle has five thematic answers, which are places, sights or landmarks in or around a certain location (in this case, a city). Each thematic answer is notable enough to have its own article in the English Wikipedia, although n...

3 hours later…
7:46 AM
@GarethMcCaughan Yes, that's the one! I'm glad someone found it before too long :)
4 hours later…
12:14 PM
Q: A weasely reverse puzzler!

StilezI recently for no special reason at all, got the old nursery rhyme in my head: "Half a pound of tuppenny riceHalf a pound of treacle.That's the way the money goesPop goes the weasel" I found myself contemplating a puzzle set on this, but never quite found one I was happy with. So I'm presenting...

1 hour later…
1:35 PM
Drat. Now I have to set another one :-).
1:56 PM
Q: On the subject of anagrams

DrDHow many words or phrases shown below are anagrams of the phrases or the words listed here in this entire puzzle-including the answer? A dry plow Sword Where is the Lord’s, Ted? No Silted Eve sins An umber Is thin Rose shape The answer is ______ (Fill in the blank with a number spelled out )...

1 hour later…
3:12 PM
Q: Double Decay: The Fish

Ichthys KingI am a fish Remove my first, and I might be a thief Remove my second, and you will divide Remove my third, and you will see much pain Remove my fourth, and I am measured by metres Remove my fifth, and nothing is left Remove my fifth, and you see what I do Remove my fourth, and you have space to...

6 hours later…
9:32 PM
Q: Wordle Pictionary!

happystarInspired by the new game of Wordle, I have created a new type of puzzle combining Wordle and Pictionary. The left image represents a phrase of six five-letter words. Normal Wordle rules apply: Green squares indicate the correct letter in the correct position and Yellow squares indicate the correc...


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