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4:51 AM
Never mind, making a new clue from scratch
7 hours later…
11:31 AM
In the first question it is difficult for me to comprehend the things..
A slightly detailed explanation is demanded for..
I am unable to solve it..
11:57 AM
I'm sorry that you are unable to solve it, but I don't think you should be treating TSL as a private tutoring room.
I am open to discussion. I did sent you a request..
Not interested, sorry.
1 hour later…
1:20 PM
Q: Cubes, what am I?

The Jokester I am a cube Made up of cubes Twenty six cubes Colorful cubes Spinning cubes Sliding cubes But always a cube A large, cubed cube Not a ruby cube And not a phoenix cube But a bright cube With-lot's-of-colors cube What kind of cube am I?

1:48 PM
aight here's an easier one cuz gave up on making a clue of greater difficulty
Pretty much all of that poster's riddles are ... distinctly too straightforward to be good puzzles, in my view. (Maybe literally all; I haven't checked all of them.)
Oh, you weren't talking about the Sphinx posting. Apologies for the misunderstanding.
Oh, I see what u mean now. It's fully fine
CCCC: That lad and l assembled a type of protective equipment (6)
2:06 PM
That's a little bit naughty.
will not comment on that one for now hehe
2:36 PM
Q: How did the criminals escape from the jail?

F Nishat There are $72$ criminals in a jail in $8$ cells as shown in the picture above. There are $9$ criminals in each cell. There are $4$ guards. Each of them watch over the $4$ corridors. As there is a door between every two adjacent cells, the criminals of a cell can go to another cells. So, a guar...

2:47 PM
@oAlt Wait a sec - that is a lower-case 'L', not an 'I'! So it's probably HELMET - HE + L + MET ('assembled')
Sneaky! Is and Ls confuse me
By the way, @Stiv I still see Amoz's pinned chat on the starboard about your Easter Egg puzzle, do you have the power to unpin it, now that the puzzle is solved?
Wait, it's not solved yet
I'll fix that
Bounty added, still need to think about the connect-wall though
Ah, thanks Anon - let's see if that kickstarts something in someone's brain. There's really not much left to solve in the puzzle...!
@Stiv is correct :D I decided that even if I did not have the energy to create a longer clue, I was not going to let go of a shorter one without sliding in a trick.
However, it's not the first time someone has used that trick (as evidenced below):
Dec 19 '16 at 8:37, by Deusovi
CCCC: Competent? l pass (8)
3:23 PM
CCCC: Enormous dragon in bin bag let loose (14)
ooh that's an interesting word
Brobdingnagian = DRAGONINBINBAG*
oops forgot to ping: @Stiv
Yup :)
oops i have to make another one
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica And in any case, only room owners (in italics) and moderators (in blue) can remove pins / stars.
4:17 PM
Q: If O^3=DAD and (IM)^2=MOM, then what is MAID?

Unknown If $O^3=DAD$ and $(IM)^2=MOM$, then what is $MAID$?

1 hour later…
5:33 PM
Q: Finding a lock combination

gksHere is a puzzle that I recently encountered: You have a four digit lock with the following clues. When you enter 1378, one digit is correct and well-placed. When you enter 2834, nothing is correct. When you enter 7512, two numbers are correct. Both are wrongly placed. When you enter 1693, on...

5:59 PM
Q: Foul, foul! What am I?

The Jokester Despite being well-decorated, stylish, and sturdy I'm often dark inside, and When put into use, I am dark all around I am destined to carry Something (that will soon turn foul) To keep what is inside safe from what is without; Not more than One in my lifespan As It is often Something once precio...

1 hour later…
7:15 PM
Q: How old are Jim and John?

The Jokester(Disclaimer: I remember a puzzle like this I did a long time ago, but this isn't a direct copy of the puzzle, only it's formatting. If this is appears to be a copy of another riddle, I will simply say that this mimics only the format, while not the actual puzzle. Please enjoy.) Jim and John are b...

3 hours later…
9:47 PM
I've seen for CCs that substitutions are usually done with 1-2 character portions that are standard abbreviations (source); would it be unfair to use a substitution with portions that are (a) longer than 2 characters, (b) different lengths, and (c) clued by synonyms, not abbreviations?
I've got a clue with a nice surface, and the alternate clue I've come up with that doesn't use a substitution is a lot less neat, but I feel like the sub as is has too much going on that might make it unfair
it wouldn't break any rules, but the longer the substituted strings are, the harder the clue will be
For regional spelling differences (eg. colour vs color), is it valid to indicate which spelling is being used in the clue (eg. American influence = color), or would this be seen as unnecessary padding?
valid, though I'd lean more towards "unnecessary padding" if the spelling is the same one that you expect people to use in general
like, in a US cryptic, I'd be happier with "British influence" than "American influence", and vice versa for a UK cryptic. and if there's not an obvious 'default', picking either's fine as long as you're consistent
10:04 PM
In my case, I had to look up what the correct spelling was (turned out to be regional difference) and what I ended up using wasn't how I'd normally spell it (as a Canadian), so I'm thinking I'll include it
alright, that makes sense! sounds like a good decision to me

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