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3:19 AM
Q: Mix a 2x2 Rubik’s cube

GilbertWhat is the minimum number of 1/4 turns of a solved 2x2 Rubik’s cube, such that no face will have two tiles of the same color? (I do not have this puzzle’s solution.)

2 hours later…
5:37 AM
CCCC: "...initially being an [sic] supporter at heart." (9)
5:57 AM
@oAlt B_ + A + SIC + ALLY
i guess that parsing could also work since 'a' and "an" are basically (pun intended) performing the same task, but my intention was that "initially" also applied to "an". that said, @Jafe it's your turn :)
It's odd that you wrote "an" since it doesn't fit grammatically with the next word. Was that a mistake?
not a mistake, that's why the "sic" was there (for the surface) :0
Oh, I'd never heard of [sic] before today so I didn't fully understand the context...
that's fine
2 hours later…
7:42 AM
CCCC: Note: damaged organ in my fruits (5,7)
don't ask what it's doing there or how it was damaged, i'm as confused as you are
"How's your appendectomy go?"
"Fine, but the doctor put the appendix in a fruit bowl for some reason..."
2 hours later…
9:30 AM
@Jafe JAFFA ORANGES = FA ('note') + ORGAN* in JAFE'S!
Darn, why did I not remember that trick >_<
The answer being these, of course...
@Stiv correct!
Nice :)
CCCC: Bebop song remixed by boring person with rubbish character? (9,11)
10:08 AM
Is it legal to say remix as a homophone indicator?
Cuz like, it would also work with being an anagram indicator
When solving a crossword it would never occur to me to interpret "remix" as a homophone indicator, and I would be cross if it turned out to have been used that way. Not because it can also be an anagram indicator (ambiguous indicators are fine) but because I don't see how "remix" means anything to do with homophones.
@GarethMcCaughan Remixing a song
I see but it doesn't relate to the actual "hearing" unfortunately
I understand that that's the reference, but that doesn't say "homophone" to me. Nor would rerecord/rerecorded/cover/covered, for instance.
10:34 AM
Q: Deviding a square into 4 pieces

MathRCould we devide a square in to 4 pieces so that each piece has boundary with the others? Pieces need not to be the same as others

10:59 AM
@Stiv is thinking out loud, allowed/encouraged?
11:13 AM
@AncientSwordRage I am actually looking for some mentorship for English
Grammar in particular it would be great if you would accept the invitation I sent you..
@RajorshiKoyal please stop pinging users to ask for mentoring. You've been told several times now that this chat is not your personal tutoring service.
@AncientSwordRage yeah
@AncientSwordRage Yep, absolutely fine :) Sometimes the CCCC gets solved in a few minutes by one person, but fairly regularly one can be open for several days while we all put forward theories and part-formed ideas. Feel free!
It was request..:-)
11:29 AM
It's been weeks on end that you've been asking people to tutor you, including pings and chat invites. SE chat just isn't the place for that. You cannot expect people here to tutor you for free, and it's gotten to the point where the volume of pings, invites, and requests for tutoring has gotten too high.
There's nothing wrong with occasional requests for help, but constantly asking for tutoring and sending random people notifications to ask them to help you? That's a bit too much.
11:51 AM
Q: A question on a grid rectangle

MathRImagine we have a $7 \times 7$ square we want to color it the way each row and column exactly has 3 colored square

Q: What is the minimum number of helpers that an explorer need to cross the desert?

F Nishat There is a desert which can be crossed only by walking and this takes six days. The explorers of the desert can carry at most four days' water and food. If they want, they can take helpers with them. What is the minimum number of helpers that an explorer need to cross the desert? ["If the explor...

"bebop song" doesn't seem like very promising anagram fodder but i hope it is
because the other option would require me to be able to name a bebop song
@Jafe I don't think it's a direct anagram
boring person => Driller/Miner ?
song+remixed is 11 characters, so maybe bebop is the anagram indicator?
12:38 PM
@AncientSwordRage That iis not a wrong way to parse it, but it is quite the stretch
Boring prson could also be teacher (sometimes). It doesn't really fit well, lke miner
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica from my experience (which is not much) that's less of a stretch than a teacher... maybe I had better teachers growing up :D
That's why I put the (sometimes) there ;) I have good teachers too, just thinking about the poor others :/
1:20 PM
@Anonymus25-ReinstateMonica "driller" means "boring person"
i.e., just in case it isn't clear, "person who bores [holes]".
1:36 PM
my first idea for boring person was Elon Musk... but on second thought that would have to be a capital B in that case.
unfortunately ELONGARBAGE isn't a word
(in fact, the only words in OED beginning ELON are ones closely related to "elongate")
you'd want it at the start of the (11) because BEBOPSONG is 9 letters
though, as jafe says, that's not very promising anagram fodder
too bad ElonGate isn't a real scandal
@JohnDvorak it would take too long
2:05 PM
@Stiv CCCC: SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS = def: character, BEBOP SONG* + SQUARE (boring person) + PANTS (rubbish)
Nice solve and nice clue
Fantastic clue!
thanks :)
excellent work
2:08 PM
*squints* what brings the ferret here
@Mithical I love cryptics
well then I guess you found the right place
I've never really gotten into them myself, but the CCCC has been going on for quite some time now
I have at least one planned if I can solve here....
Should I wait for confirmation from @Stiv? Or should I assume I got it and post another?
Not sure what the etiquette is, and don't want to keep people waiting or jump to conclusions
I'll save you the wait - correct, nicely done :)
I was a little worried that 'character' might be too vague for some people's tastes, but the rest of it fitted so nicely I thought I'd risk it!
2:18 PM
thanks! :) Great clue once again!
@Stiv a risk well taken
If it was a more obscure character it probably would have been, but as the titular character of a super popular (and highly memeable) show, you were definitely safe XD
@AncientSwordRage I don't see you much here, usually we only talk in RPG SE
What brings you here?
@oAlt yeah
13 mins ago, by AncientSwordRage
@Mithical I love cryptics
@msh210 beat me to it!
I'm not sure why I came in exactly thought, it's more accurate to say that's why I stayed
2:25 PM
Q: Test of Pentominoes

IsaacRoan Sison These are pentominoes, with letter codes: Create 4 yes/no questions which uniquely classify each pentomino. Examples of such questions are: Does it have rotational symmetry? Does it have reflection symmetry? Is it the net of an open box? Does it have point symmetry? The idea is to create a se...

CCCC: Cartoon duo, bored by one, gets hold of new Saturday children's show (6,3,7)
(edited to change "kid's" to "children's" because I wasn't sure about the grammar and didn't want to lose my edit window before I could look it up :P)
@samm82 I probably don't have much of a chance here, due to my lack of knowledge about cartoons or children's shows :)
@bobble I don't think it's much of a spoiler to confirm this, unfortunately
@samm82 I'm initially stumped
Given the (6, 3, 7) I'd wager the middle word is "the". Do I get a prize?
2:34 PM
or "and"
@bobble it's a duo, so and seems more likely
Half prize. Kidding
@oAlt yup
darn it
@bobble you thought you had it sewn up, didn't you
2:35 PM
@AncientSwordRage stop needling me, ferret!
is there drama unfolding?
we just need to iron a few things out
This should make a good yarn
make sure you save this thread for later
(I felt we might have ended up exchanging puns)
2:37 PM
Perhaps I'm just stringing you along
I'm trying to patch together what's happening and I'm very confused
Maybe you're just not cut out for this
ok, no need to get crochety...
@AncientSwordRage there does seem to be a pattern here
@Mithical You'd think after having sat in this room for so long I would be :/
2:39 PM
Don't knit your brows at me!
This is sew amazing
a pearl of wisdom, "drop it"
I get the feeling there's an entire conversation full of puns looming over this room...
I wonder if it will get pinned
There is, is there knot?
2:42 PM
Not to cotton on, but we're no longer trying to solve the CCCC
@AncientSwordRage True, weave gone too far.
@AncientSwordRage Let me pull the wool over your eyes
this is going to warp the conversation, and weft of all I'm enjoying it too much to stop
It's not just your fault; it takes two to tangle
Anyone who has an issue just has a chiffon their shoulder
hey, lace not be rude, now
2:47 PM
It seams they're having fun. let's knot tear it away from them.
Can this go on forever? I'm a 'frayed knot
It appears my hopes were pure fabrication
3:05 PM
A weasel, woman with a mask, crown, little boy, a swirly symbol, and an eagle talking in a animal's lair, not something you see any day in the real world
But something you'll see almost definitely only in TSL
a ferret in a hat, I'll have you know!
Q: What...? Goodness... I must be slipping

The Jokester I come with time To most, if not all people Don't forget, you might get me too I am a very emotional pendulum And can cause people to go mad Remember, I'm not uncommon Tens of millions is my count I take what is precious from you Yet you won't know when I do What am I?

3:21 PM
I want it to be CA(rtoon) punctured by A or AN or I or ONE, further getting hold also of SATURDAY* to yield a children's show. But that's not enough letters.
The answer is definitely PHINEA AND FERBBBB
@oAlt it crossed my miiiiiind
or Batman and Robbing
@msh210 CARTOONDUOBORED+I is enough for (6,3,7)
I wonder if anything comes up from...
3:24 PM
@AncientSwordRage true, but I don't see how the wordplay would work
@msh210 me neither!
in case anyone wants a link:

that time the Lair got crafty

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new Saturday can be NS
it'd be interesting if a cartoon duo "___ and ___" were punctured by I and got NS (or NEWS or NSAT) to make the name of a children's show
3:39 PM
I was assuming that 'bored by one' alluded to it being pre-noon/morning
4:12 PM
I was expecting something more along the lines msh210 describes. (I also wondered whether "cartoon duo" is the OO in CARTOON, but that seems like it doesn't provide enough letters.)
Hmmm... I just realized that there's a technical error in the clue, and I'm not exactly sure how to resolve it without giving away the answer/revealing a big hint (I thought I had double-checked it before posting, but I guess I didn't...)
oh dear...
Yeah... apologies everyone :/
It aight make a new one in its stead instead ig
I think it's still solvable (if you think you have the answer but there's one super minor issue with it, it's probably the answer), but I can make a new one instead
Man, I was pretty happy with it and everything D:
4:25 PM
I don't think there's harm in setting a new one, no one seemed super close
yeah i've only really found one thing that matches the parsing and i can't pin that to anything so ??
@TakingNotes care to share?
i had BARNEY AND FRIENDS which matched "children's show" but i couldn't figure the rest out and moved on
BARNEY [Rubble] AND FRED [Flintstone] = cartoon duo
bored by one = insert I
gets hold of new = insert N
Saturday = S
damn well done deusovi
4:37 PM
thats very good
where was your perceived 'super minor issue' @samm82?
@Deusovi Yup! Thank goodness :D
@AncientSwordRage The show is actually called "Barney & Friends", which didn't match up with the letter amounts given
idk it just seemed a little off to me
@samm82 I mean, whats an ampersand between friens?
I guess so
anxiety/overthinking + puzzle setting = an interesting experience lol
seems fine to me - i would've thought it was funny if you had clued it with (6, 1, 7), but spelling it out isn't a mortal sin or anything
i've seen things like PBANDJ as regular crossword entries before, and if that's allowed, this certainly is
fair enough - still learning the nuances of what's fair/legal/disgusting lol
4:43 PM
it took me a while to see what PBANDJ actually meant...
it's pronounced /pə.bænʤ/
That'd be a super cool band name, with the built-in gimmick of performing in your pajamas
5:10 PM
@Deusovi so what's the next CCCC?
5:53 PM
Give him a chance! Composing good cryptic clues takes time.
6:52 PM
@GarethMcCaughan either I'm composing bad ones or I've got too many in my brain backed up
Both are likely 😅
7:05 PM
Or maybe you're really quick.
7:28 PM
@GarethMcCaughan I was just looking at the badges page, and last week I rooted out dozens of spammers on my mod sites. Might I suggest that a certain type of search for keywords such as "w88", "fun88", and "xbet" could enable you to exercise your spam-chewing muscles. Word to the wise.
@AncientSwordRage fancy seeing you here!
You may well be right...
wow, at least one of them has "spam account" literally there in so many words on their profile page.
in The Reading Room, May 1 at 17:54, by Tsundoku
@bobble Hypothetically, a mod may have replaced the original spammy description with the current text, instead of destroying the account.
I wondered whether that was it.
5 hours ago, by AncientSwordRage
@Mithical I love cryptics
your appearance seems to have caused quite a stir :p
3 hours later…
10:09 PM
Q: I can be caught but not liked a lot

DrDI can Go with your heart but not with your brain Mess with your head but not with your hair Flow with your blood and hang with your shoulder Stay with your feet but not with your ankle Who am I?

Q: A Knight's Journey

EnzoSansaloniYou'll need to know about: A game that has existed for over 1500 years A game that doesn't exist Answer = Xxxxxxxxx


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