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1:49 AM
CCCC hint: At least two of the speculations made so far in chat are correct.
3 hours later…
4:51 AM
OK, I'm pretty sure we're on the right track with "beau" being the def. Dunno what the other one(s) are though
Can "uncertain" be a non-anagram indicator of some sort? "Certain" could mean "some but not all," so it's a stretch, but "uncertain" could mean "only certain letters in 'un'," which would be U or N
I would think if "uncertain" was an anagrind, then it would have to be before fodder
Another thought I had: maybe it's "uncertain about" instead of just "uncertain"
But hard to see how that would be helpful
I'm gonna throw out another possible word for y'all to dissect: CAVALIER, def "beau," and contains I = "current" which is "about" a word, and ER = "uncertain"(?) or possibly "queen" as in "Elizabeth Regina"
Dunno how to get CAVAL from the other parts of the wordplay though
@bobble I don't think "uncertain" is cluing an anagram here - the word would then have to contain either an anagram of QUEEN or of ABOUT most likely, and none of the possible solutions I've come across has all those letters in them
So it's either some other tricky kind of indicator, or it's straight cluing a word
i think figuring out "uncertain" is key here, all other parts have some kind of reasonable ways they could contribute to the wp
Oh, maybe "uncertain about" could be a deletion indicator?
So the wp could be a word meaning "Haggard queen" without a word/abbreviation meaning "current"
hmm not sure i see how "uncertain about" would mean that
5:06 AM
My thinking is that if you're uncertain about something you've written, you would most likely delete it
I'm gonna troll through H. R. Haggard's wiki page again to see if I've missed anything useful
re: what speculations are correct, i'd be very surprised if "haggard queen" didn't refer to a queen in a book by haggard
it's such a nice misdirection, with "haggard" at the start to mask the fact that it's written with a capital letter and everything
also i believe the setter has been known to enjoy the occasional book
Yeah, that's possibly the other correct speculation being referred to
"queen of the dawn" apparently has a queen called Rima
turn that about and it has useful letters for a word like admirer (although that's one letter too short)
Maqueda is a queen in "queen sheba's ring"
Ayesha/She in "she" as mentioned before
5:29 AM
maybe "(i)s uncertain" is a unit and clues some short synonym for "hesitates" or something?
Unlikely, I think it would've been written as "is uncertain" if that was intended
yeah that's a good point
Uncertain about uncertain... the irony
And about "about" as well to some degree
5:43 AM
short synonyms for "uncertain": iffy, hazy, dicy, coy, shy, lost
haggard puzzlers uncertain about current c4
Nice :)
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2:18 PM
Q: Do you agree, or do you have to think about it?

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6:34 PM
Q: Tessellation with nonagons and equilateral triangles

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10:22 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Which? :-)
The correct ones, obviously
11:08 PM
I hereby confirm bobble's interpretation.

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