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5:20 AM
Q: Fetching Alchemist III

Joshua Bizley This is the third puzzle in the Fetching Alchemist series, and I am experimenting with a new format here. This time, I won't tell you in advance what the perfect score is. The first guess may be correct but mostly likely it will only be the first hint for subsequent guessers, who will then know ...

2 hours later…
7:39 AM
Q: Numbered, 3x3x3 Cube

tdserapioThis is a normal Rubik's Cube: Now, here's my new modified Rubik's Cube: So what's the difference? Well, in my special type of Rubik's Cube, it has a net so that, if you are looking directly onto the certain face of the cube, you will see the layout: So now, here is my puzzle: Make it so that...

2 hours later…
9:25 AM
I currently have a Tik Tok song stuck in my head, any suggestions to get it out?
I thought all music on Tik Tok was stolen?
4 hours later…
1:01 PM
the thief must have returned it
1 hour later…
2:12 PM
The Wellerman song is the stuck one, I don't think it was stolen
and the name of the ship was the Billy O' Tea
3:13 PM
I fail to see the problem
3:38 PM
Q: Clever or interesting or elegant or beautiful ways to write "80"

Marie HuberA wonderful friend who is a maths professor, is turning 80 next month. He's just published his 22nd math textbook! [Prof John Vince.... his books are about math for computer graphics] I would love to put some clever mathematical expression for "80" onto his cake. Could be an equation, a series, a...

4:11 PM
@Sphinx CVs requested
"Clever", "interesting", and "beautiful" are not objective qualities. This isn't a puzzle, it's an open-ended, subjective, popularity contest. Voted to close. — bobble 3 mins ago
1 hour later…
5:31 PM
I couldn't think of a better title and welcome suggestions. (The current one is a line from the song "Palisades Park".) — msh210 24 secs ago
Q: When you stop at the top of a Ferris wheel

msh210This is a Palisade puzzle. The rules are: Thicken some of the squares' sides so the thick borders outline cells of ten squares apiece. Any square with a number in it indicates how many its sides are thickened. Note that if the square is along a side of the entire diagram, then that side counts a...

6:12 PM
I'm confused why samm82's comment has so many upvotes, but the question itself only has my close-vote and one Leave Open vote. Are there arguments in favor of its topicality?
2 hours later…
7:42 PM
Of course it gets solved with a detailed explanation just minutes before I'm done just solving it. Great puzzle nevertheless.
8:35 PM
@JohnDvorak Thanks. Nicely solved, too. I did it slightly differently (in the top-right corner, where he used the yellow) but his way was more elegant.
8:47 PM
@bobble I completely forgot to vote - just did
I really like these kinds of questions, but I get that they're off-topic - if only there was another place for them
Chat, maybe?
But the proliferation of answers, where none is better than another - it's off topic
True true
@Deusovi I know you recommend composing grid puzzles as you solve them (or vice versa). For Palisade / n-Cells, would you recommend starting with a blank rectangle and filling in both walls and numbers as you solve, or starting with walls and filling in only numbers as you solve?
9:49 PM
the former - the latter is "starting with the solution" still
and the same goes for other puzzle types - don't start with a particular solution in mind unless there's some particular reason to
@Deusovi Thanks. I'll try that next time. This time I did the latter way, and I think it turned out okay (though would love to hear if you differ).
10:20 PM
it turned out *okay*, but it could have been better - a lot of the puzzle was fairly trivial. if you instead build up the solution at the same time as you build up the puzzle, you make it possible to use clue setups that are prettier:

or minimalist: https://puzz.link/p?fivecells/10/10/m0m0m0m1b0m0m0m
...and the logic will be more interesting too, because there will be a 'tighter' solve path
10:31 PM
Got it. Thanks.
@Sphinx part of the problem with this migration is it came in with a very high vote score and a bunch of answers, giving the impression that we like subjective open-ended list questions, without any time for improvement/closure. (And now people keep answering it with their One Cool Idea, further proving that it's not a puzzle, it's a random idea generator)
10:59 PM
Q: One does not belong. (But they are all wrong, aren't they?)

DrDOne of these six equations below does not belong to the group. Which one? and why? Text 10+14=23 10+15=24 10+16=25 10+17=26 10+18=27 10+19=28

@bobble agreed - modhammered, because it is very clearly not on-topic here either
that's one less broken window on the HNQ, thanks

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