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12:05 AM
and by Long™ i mean probably at least a few months
12:59 AM
Q: Restore the table runner

SlowMagicThe holidays are coming. Time to get out the beautiful table runner my grandmother quilted by hand... Oh, no! Moths got to it! Can you help me to restore it? For those who prefer text only: RGSRMVRB EOAEEAEY MTNGTLRD SOHIIOES DEMSNLER DEHEITED REPSAREP SEHEITAR DESSRNEV DEHEIVAD RECSINEB RE...

So I've been backreading the chat, and it seems something is wrong with Lypyrythm. I won't do anything more and keep the conversation because I respect privacy, but I just want to wish so that he gets better, whatever is wrong with him.
3 hours later…
4:03 AM
how's it going, @matt?
there's still time to join the PSE advent calendar if you feel like making a christmas puzzle :)
1 hour later…
5:20 AM
CCCC: Root is sort of sensational (6)
5:34 AM
Q: Light the darkness

IsaacRoan SisonThe answer is an event in Wikipedia. Find the date. 4️📅🤐⬇️🏪👀(🥘🇵🇭-S)(🎲21+A)🇺🇸

5:48 AM
6:02 AM
meanwhile i want the c4 to be an anagram of "root is" but the only thing i can find matching that is a ugandan city that does not seem sensational in the slightest
6:23 AM
Obviously the C4 answer is GARISH
Because it has six letters?
Click the link
A synonym of sensational, sort of
(Joke answer, don't take it seriously)
@Anonymus25 ok
10 days left, I could bump it up.
Wait, roots are YELLOW, right?
I know it was a joke answer, but I don't see the joke. :(
6:30 AM
@MOehm Just search "garish root"
1 hour later…
7:33 AM
11 messages moved to Trashcan
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8:35 AM
@msh210 RADISH where RAD = sensational and ISH = sort of
9:29 AM
@Stiv yep!
(Of course, whether or not it really is sensational is a matter of opinion...!)
CCCC: Objective: Smuggle operative and head of CIA into Mediterranean island (8)
10:04 AM
@Stiv C(on C_)rete. Very nice clue!
@msh210 Correct, and thanks :)
CCCC: Objective: Get ex-head of Federal Reserve into bed with head of CIA (8)
10:45 AM
@msh210 maybe this is ALAN (greenspan) with C_ inside BED for BALANCED (objective)
@Jafe it is indeed!
CCCC: Twenty-four-seven? (5)
i only know greenspan from some comedy film where a frustrated financier said "for the love of alan greenspan"
@Jafe SCORE ddef with 4-7 being an example of a game score
that's correct
11:04 AM
@Jafe a financier, or a CIA director?
film bloopers, with NSFW language warning
11:38 AM
CCCC: Massaged cardinal in bed, having morning prayers cut short ( 8 )
11:56 AM
Q: Connecting points to form triangles

Dmitry Kamenetsky$3n$ points are drawn on a flat piece of paper. Is it always possible to connect pairs of points with straight lines, such that you form $n$ triangles and no two triangles intersect or touch each other?

@AncientSwordRage BELAUDED = B(E + LAUD(-s))ED
12:12 PM
@Stiv Correct!
12:23 PM
@AncientSwordRage belauded=massaged?
As in 'praised to excess'
oh, I didn't know that meaning of "massaged"
thanks for the educamation
It's an obscure one, I grant you
I doubled checked on merriam webster, and it was one of the top synonyms
12:27 PM
I mean 'obscure' more as in 'not the meaning that first jumps to mind', which would probably be 'rubbed' or 'manipulated'
CCCC: Dead man disfigured; case for defence is turned on its head, confounded (6)
@Stiv d. amn* e_d<
@msh210 Spot on
12:50 PM
well, I'll be, um, confounded
CCCC: "What's in it for me?" is something to think about. (13)
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2:01 PM
Q: PSE Advent Calendar 2021 (Day 8): Reindeer Family Reunion

Jeremy DoverThis puzzle is part of the Puzzling StackExchange Advent Calendar 2021. The accepted answer to this question will be awarded a bounty worth 50 reputation.< Previous Door Next Door > In the style of the author's Cryptic Family Reunion puzzles, this puzzle is a list of twelve thematically related w...

2:26 PM
Q: What is a Chess Number™?

PiGuy314This is in the spirit of the [What is a Word/Phrase™][1] series started by [JLee][2] with Number version puzzles. If a number conforms to a special rule, I call it a Chess Number™. Use the following examples below to find the rule. Chess Numbers™ Not Chess Numbers™ 314 315 273 372 18...

2:50 PM
Does PSE have a puzzle hunt team?
3 hours later…
5:34 PM
@LOTGP a what-now?
A group of people that regularly participate in [puzzle hunts][en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puzzle_hunt#Puzzle_hunt_events]
(If you want direct links, the seond pair of brackets must be round ones.)
@AncientSwordRage A group of people that regularly participate in puzzle hunts
@LOTGP ahhh gotcha
5:49 PM
They certainly seem like something that people on this site might enjoy.
Deus is in a big puzzle hunt team
There's no site team, though
@LOTGP We have organized smaller groups to do puzzle hunts before, me and bobble and north did a puzzle hunt a while back. But there's no definitive site-wide group.
Could be fun if we had a document listing upcoming puzzle hunts, or a more organized puzzle-hunt-group-finder in here
6:06 PM
Yeah, it could be a useful resource for those who are interested in participating but don't have a team of their own.
Q: A Heartbroken riddle

Quark-epochSomeone broke my heart, Part of me resides in the intersection of Rand al'Thor and the 26 Sometimes I just need every way of knowing who the fourth to win a race was. Then again sometimes I just run marathons and win silvers and bronzes. But the sums of my life is the sums of all the races I ran ...

1 hour later…
7:33 PM
@Jafe i might if i come up with any puzzle ideas
3 hours later…
10:35 PM
Oh gosh, pretty sure I'm due the biggest ever serial voting recalculation. Someone's just gone through and upvoted 20 of my old posts in one fell swoop...
11:14 PM
I'm sure they all deserve it.
Well, thank you kindly - I wasn't fishing for the compliment, which I know you know :) - but rules is rules I s'pose... Second time this week too. Guess it makes a change to gripe about upvotes rather than downvotes!
11:36 PM
Q: Complete the rest of this sequence

WhatsUpUsually I don't like this kind of "guess the next terms" puzzles. But at this time of the year I wonder whether it makes sense to post such a question. So here is the starting of a sequence: $$33, 3, 33, 3, 35, 12, 3, 0, 44, 4, 43, 3, 32, \dots$$ The task is to complete the sequence. Moreover, it...


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