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1:03 AM
Too bad PROCEDURES doesn't mean chemical waste
7 hours later…
8:24 AM
learned a new word today: to con = to study
which is pretty useful since both are common words in cryptics
study is usually den (as a noun) or read (as a verb), and con is usually "criminal" or similar
8 clues left for the crossword, unfortunately none of them include "con"
1 hour later…
9:28 AM
Q: Math riddle puzzle

linokI stumble upon this math puzzle over the one android app. You need to find the unknown number in the puzzle. 92 = 725 61 = 215 74 = 327 52 = ? According the author of the app the true answer is 121. But I cannot find why? What is the logic for this answer. Would you like to help me to figure it ...

9:53 AM
Q: PSE Advent Calendar 2021 (Day 7): Don't forget the lyrics!

StivThis puzzle is part of the Puzzling StackExchange Advent Calendar 2021. The accepted answer to this question will be awarded a bounty worth 50 reputation.< Previous Door Next Door > In the following snowflake-shaped crossword puzzle, 44 words can be filled in by solving straightforward crossword ...

10:43 AM
Q: Number of unique combinations for a sequence of N bit numbers?

CuriousJoeI have a sequence of numbers of length A. Each number in the sequence can be represented by N bits (i.e. there are 2^N possible numbers at each point in the sequence). For example, N=1 gives a binary sequence. N=8 gives us a sequence of integers between 0 and 255. How many unique combinations of ...

10:55 AM
Thinking 'bout @stiv's C4.... Word for Generate, around BI + I + (NE|NW|SE|SW)?
the def being "regular chemical waste"?
@Jafe 🤷‍♂️
is 'one quarter's regular' a person who is regularly around in that quarter of the year? Or does it mean 'OnEqUaRtErS = OEURES' sort of thing?
"X's regular" could maybe mean "regular letters from X" but since the preceding word is "quarter" i kind of want to use that as a wordplay element, either as a compass quarter like you did above or as "1/4 of [another word]"
@Jafe could it also mean a regular in a city 'quarter' i.e. "merchant's quarter"
Hm. But URE (from quarter) makes a useful ending. Maculature is waste, for example, but not what one would describe as chemical waste. (It doesn't fit with anything else, either.)
4 hours later…
2:53 PM
Q: You may delete this account permanently

LypyrhythmJust do it. I will say goodbye to everyone here. I might want to change my mind. I don’t know if I will. I saved all my puzzles. My account is scheduled to be deleted soon.

@Sphinx Directing CVs here, please. I will not engage further
Oh nice, self-delete
3:06 PM
We're going to need a lock here: puzzling.stackexchange.com/a/112927/69582 - they're fighting all attempts at de-vandalism.
Even if the eventual outcome is deleting the answer, it'll need to be done by a mod so they can't unilaterally undelete
They're unhinged and on a comment rampage now...
I flagged one with a custom comment explaining the situation. Hopefully a mod checks the flag queue soon
Is actually a useless tag that has existed before or did they somehow create it? I thought that privilege came at 1000 rep?
3:18 PM
Q: What is thus puzzle?

LypyrhythmOnce upon a time, there was a king. And he lived happily ever because I am going to delete my account right now. What is strange about this sentence? Find out and comment below..

Q: The person who went out

LypyrhythmHe went out because I am going out. I am going to delete my account now. See you never again. What is so peculiar about this sentence. I'd be glad if you block me,

question answered
1k on SO, 300 here
I've done everything I can do.
I feel sorry for the moderator who sees this first. I hope there's a quick mod tool that does something along the lines of "Delete user and all comments". Otherwise there's gonna be a lot to clean up manually...
I'm honestly worried that they've had a mental break of some type. They seem to have been a positive contributor until now.
3:38 PM
Yeah, didn't they do the 5th advent puzzle?
Yeah, and I solved one of their puzzles in the last week or so.
I guess it's my fault? "@LOTGP Take a look at your question. You will find an explanation there. Forgive me. I dont know ..."
@LOTGP I think "your question" refers to your comment under that post. It's deleted now, can't remember
And I wouldn't interpret that as "what you just said did it"
Maybe? This did seem to start in my puzzle.
Yes, but it came all of a sudden. I mean, there was this long answer that didn't really lead anywhere and that was finally deleted and only defaced and re-activated half an hour ago or so.
A similar "discussion" thread appeared under Lukas's matchstick puzzle.
3:55 PM
I certainly don't believe I am in any way responsible, but it does feel sad that my puzzle seems to have triggered something and caused them to become so miserable, even if it was just the straw that broke the camel's back.
I'm also still concerned. It feels unsettling for me since that's the first time I've seen anyone act in such a way. Dunno if this is worth anything but I hope they get whatever help they need...
It would be one thing if it was just an asshole who decided to vandalize the site, but for someone who had, up until now, made frequent positive contributions to the site to start behaving like this is worrying.
4:50 PM
Hurray for human (spelled out) compassion!
OMG, I thought it was my fault. I hope they're OK.
Typing as one with decades of inaugural and intermittently continual feelings of puzzled alienation, i also hope that friend who bailed may well return after some deep thoughts and breaths.
He's still active in the Advent calendar chat. I tried to get him to take a break but it didn't help. They do seem to be feeling a bit better now I hope.
Perhaps they have a (possibly metaphorical) dog they can take for a walk.
4:53 PM
Apologies for hijacking the Advent Calendar chat, I'm just worried that trying to port them over might set them off again.
@LOTGP No problem, was thinking the same. I tried to direct them to a separate chat room in a comment but it didn't work.
@LOTGP , and @Lukas and @Helix, thank you for raising compassion above puzzling! A high bar.
And i would let it settle for a day or two.
And hello @Rand al'So!
You too know how to put puzzling into perspective.
Agreed with the humnish wisdom.
5:01 PM
ingective (n): the consumption of abuse, or ingestion of invective.
@Randal'Thor , youyou (same two you)
But, yeah, posing a puzzle is exposure on a cliff.
So many hazards, many emotional.
. . .
Guess that's all for now, here, from this puzzled puzzler. Bye for now.
Until next time!
5:48 PM
Q: Explanations for three clues in a cryptic crossword

Parcly TaxelI've just solved a cryptic by LR that was originally published on 22 June 2020. My best effort at explaining the clues is below, spoilered in case you want to try the crossword yourself: As indicated above, I'm not sure of the explanations for the following three answers; could you help me out?...

The cryptic I mention solving in the Q above was quite easier than the Guardian Quiptic I solved a month back, but maybe it's just experience
6:08 PM
For the second one, I know that for in Spanish is por, but I'm not sure how to get SCHE from "lawyer. The top comes off"
Yes, that's the one that beats me, too. I thought something like BSCHE with the first letter missing, but that's a bachelor of science in chemicl engineering, not in law. (Lawer is often DA for distric attorney.)
Aha. Richard has solved it.
I guess it was a cultural thing
Yeah. If the crossword was from an Australian source, that's okay, though.
I already figured out from Bob Jane, the Nine Network and Centrelink that LR had to be Australian
*had already
Seems that the answerer to my Q figured out that my puzzle was from Sydney Morning Herald
6:33 PM
Wait, is my question fine? I saw one close vote
It's fine and it doesn't need more focus (unless I take off my glases). It asks a concrete question and Richard didn't have any problems answering it.
7:08 PM
Someone voted to close it as "needs more focus" because it's technically three questions in one. I voted to leave open because I don't think that makes it unreasonably broad.
Heh, before clicking the link I was trying to figure out which PSE user "LR" is an abbreviation for.
7:28 PM
Is Lypyrhythm okay...? It seems you're already aware of the issue but this seems like some kind of genuine mental episode and I am worried.
I don't know
I've been chatting with him in the Advent Calendar chat, and he has improved a bit
I am genuinely worried that he may be off medication/having a psychological episode and needs mental help, but I don't know what we can do beyond just keeping him talking and semi-calm.
But then he accused me of "Invading his privacy", which he knew because "I have that instinctive feeling."
Paranoia is a common side effect of being off medications for specific disorders, that's mainly why I'm concerned.
7:32 PM
I wish we knew more about him so we could get him some real-life help.
I thought the same thing @Sciborg, but wanted to refrain from trying to diagnose anyone over the internet.
Yeah. I apologize if that's what I'm sounding like, I'm not meaning to be that way - just hoping that he is okay.
As you say, there's not much we can do :-/
I hope he manages to get the help he needs.
7:39 PM
Yeah. You're doing a good thing by talking to him, that can help somebody feel heard.
I hope so, I've backed off a bit after he accused me of invading his privacy, in case he found my presence uncomfortable, but it looks like he's moved on now.
It's easy to forget there is a living person behind every avatar sometimes, and that people can have dark moments in any space they are a part of. You are doing the right thing here.
1 hour later…
9:10 PM
What is the etiquette on "answer sniping", i.e. you see an answer that makes it halfway and then makes an error, thus getting the wrong end result? Should you add a comment correcting them, or if you get to the solution yourself, should you post it as its own answer? (giving credit of course)
If the necessary steps after correcting that error are 1) not new (i.e. the "input" was just wrong, so to speak) or 2) not very complicated, I'd just write a comment
Not sure about a consensus
CCCC hint 2: The first letter is C.
9:25 PM
Is that this: Generate around twice one quarter's regular chemical waste (10)?
@juicifer Yes! That was my intention. Def being 'regular chemical waste?'
That's a super clever C4, love it.
I'm still a bit of a scrub when it comes to CC, but how does one quarter's -> I + N?
one is I (as in roman numerals) and quarter is N (as in north)
@Stiv it's a weird definition but I don't think it's unfair haha
9:40 PM
Huh, I've never heard of compass directions being referred to as "quarters" before. Thanks for the explanation.
@Sciborg very well put
10:15 PM
CCCC: Trespasser is fashionable man wearing a mask (7)
10:28 PM
@juicifer INVADER = IN+VADER
10:49 PM
If you see a bug on the new Activity page, please direct it here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/372049/…
11:09 PM
@Stiv yup!
Very dapper dresser that Darth...
CCCC: Human bone found in burned-out van at the side of Interstate 50 (5)
Q: Hidden message - misspelled words?

not_a_thingI received a text composed of 13 paragraphs, paragraphs length in words is [14,35,32,25,35,43,19,27,13,31,31,32,15]. I have found these errors, or misspelled words: [metaphore, a -instead of are-, labrynth, relly, frivilous, it's -instead of its-, celary] in paragraphs [3,4,6,10,11,12,13]. I am n...

11:40 PM
@Stiv anv* I L
@msh210 That's correct :)
11:58 PM
hello puzzle people
i really have not done anything here in a Long™ time

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