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2:56 AM
Q: 3 snails forming a triangle approaching

nadapezThere are 3 snails at the vertices of an equilateral triangle of side L. Snail 1 crawls always toward snail 2; snail 2 towards 3 and 3 towards 1. All snails crawls at constant speed V. If they start at time=0, at what time do they meet? Have fun! ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ

2 hours later…
4:55 AM
So my answer is wrong. I commented that it is. And it's getting some upvotes.
But I think it could still possible lead to an answer.
Should I just leave it be?
you can self-delete if you like but there's no obligation to do that, leaving it be is absolutely fine
sometimes answers turn out to be incorrect, happens all the time
5:16 AM
@HelixQuar upvotes are supposed to indicate usefulness, not correctness. Now, the two are highly correlated, but if you think your incorrect answer is still useful for others to see, it's perfectly fine to leave it up, and if others think so, it's perfectly fine for them to upvote it.
3 hours later…
8:17 AM
Q: PSE Advent Calendar 2021 (Day 9): 🎄Christmas songs in emoji🎅

sarsaparillaThis puzzle is part of the Puzzling StackExchange Advent Calendar 2021. The accepted answer to this question will be awarded a bounty worth 50 reputation.< Previous DoorNext Door > Below are 40 parts of lyrics taken from well known Christmas songs. Your job is to identify 20 songs, each of which ...

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10:45 AM
Q: Cracking the Cryptic Logo

happystarThe well-known Cracking The Cryptic YouTube channel has a logo consisting of 12 circles joined by 16 straight lines running horizontally, vertically or diagonally. What is the significance of this logo? When youโ€™ve answered this question, you know what to do next ๐Ÿ˜Š NOTE: I did not invent this ...

2 hours later…
12:29 PM
@msh210 this is sort of brute forcing it, but I like the sound of: CONTEMPLATION from CONT (IT ALP ME)< ON ¦ I can't tell you where I get CONT from, or make the wordplay work exactly. I'm assuming ? is a non-standard reversal indicator (not your style however I fear)
I fear I may have the def but not the word play D:
1:13 PM
Q: Same word fills all the blanks (again)

DrDThis puzzle is linked to Same word fills all the blanks and its sequels. Some creative thinking is required. In the following sentence, fill in the blanks using the same word or its split versions (no anagrams). One blank is a homophone. In the book club meeting __ __ __ with a comment that once...

pretty close, i think it's CONSIDERATION ddef
as in "payment" and "thought process"
love the surface btw @msh210
1:30 PM
@Jafe yep!
@Jafe thanks!
CCCC: Charm Mikhail's husband (8)
2:03 PM
@Jafe Talisman = Tal (Mikhail Tal, chess player) is man (another term for husband)
@oAlt that's right
3:17 PM
@Jafe nice clue
3:41 PM
Q: Just for fun (it's fair)

Prim3numbahTry make sense of the image below. The answer is ten letters in total.

2 hours later…
5:20 PM
Q: It is said that the two are somehow related

Lukas Rotter What am I? Who exactly are my friends? To find out more about my friends, look at the 4s of them in the 2nd. Fun fact: Split the 4 and those are the only two ways it can be _____ in 2. My friend's 4s: 1010 1001 0101 0111, 1000 1100 1100 1101, 1011 0101 0111 0110, 0011 1111 1010 0011, 0100 0011...

2 hours later…
7:31 PM
Can someone look at my spoilers?
A: PSE Advent Calendar 2021 (Day 9): 🎄Christmas songs in emoji🎅

PiGuy314Some of the easier ones, but I figured out:

line break
Link to the wrong answer, but right question
I was working hard on it and then the cooperative answer started going.
8:00 PM
@ChrisCudmore (I know the feeling. I had 25 of these before the first post...) Pleasingly you've found several that I didn't, and I've got some you need, so we don't entirely overlap. I'll send you my spares if you still don't have them once I've had dinner! :)
I'm quitting. The one that's bugging me the most is Gift Girl Gift Girl Gift Boy...
I know this line! "A present for every girl and every boy..." and it just won't google!
Got 29 It's the Song that shall not be named.
8:37 PM
Q: What completes this pattern?

JamesG95 Hi Could anyone help me with what the solution is to the problem in the picture? Thanks!

9:25 PM
@ChrisCudmore Are you thinking of Happy Holiday by Andy Williams? The line's in there...
Maybe, but I can't find it's partner.
Me neither
You're also missing the partner for I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus still
I know.
So 4, 14, 18, 26 (or 3) and 34
Another similar one for your 'every girl and boy'...
9:42 PM
Again, no partner. Yeah. We're scraping the bottom. I'm not editing in 26 until I can find a replacement for 3 (/) Stop Stop
Not to Stop?
Don't stop twice?
The last few are definitely proving tricky
And 18 should be easy!
Sitting Happy by the Fire's glow or similar.
There are so many songs about sitting by the fire but I can't find the precise one!
@ChrisCudmore 3 could be "don't stop me now," assuming op is currently a stop sign
Queen's already on there.
Obvious missing songs: A Christmas Song.
9:45 PM
I feel it must be SIT BY (bye) FIRE. It must be!
I feel OP intentionally avoided religious songs.
They do all seem to be pop
@Stiv That's your Cryptic Brain taking over.
(It's always trying to get out...)
Similar skills, but not identical
I was looking at 26 as "What'll" from the Aus/NZ Wattle plant
9:52 PM
Well, I"ve got to go take the Scouts out Skating tonight. Stiv - If you get any, Post your own wrap up.... I"m don until tomorrow.
If I get any more I'll just comment on your post (you're so nearly there now). I've also got to run and get on with the boring chores end of the day...
Hi Quark-epoch - sorry to be running out on you!
Hi Stiv, its fine
Um , I just wanted to ask if
Go on
any high rep member/mod could check the meta
I had a query I'd like resolved
No hurries though its 3am here and I gotta go to sleep anyways so :)
@Sphinx Also Stiv on an unrelated note , try solving this puzzle , I made it particularly difficult
9:56 PM
@Quark-epoch Interesting. I think the edit got rejected because it was just the csv part of the question, which on the 'What is a Word' puzzles isn't really meant to be read, just copy-pasted, and adding spaces doesn't do anything for that
It looks like Rand's edit was just to remove the extraneous space rather than add spaces to all the others, which is probably more consistent with other puzzles' formatting of this type
Quite why you ended up with an edit suspension I don't know :)
And I added a space in order to make it uniform and easier to read as well
anyways thus i ended up with a suspension :(
Not sure why, sorry - hopefully someone more in the know can reply to your meta post properly to help you out
mhm I get it , Thanks anyways :)
No worries. (As for the riddle, I just don't know where to start with that. If I think of an opening I'll answer it, but I tend to need to wait for inspiration to strike...)
Relatable, Sure take your time, I'll be dropping a hint within 6-8 hours so it might strike then
10:00 PM
@Stiv Suggested edit bans are usually automatically applied based on a number of rejected its, @Quark-epoch. Each rejected edit - which you can find at puzzling.stackexchange.com/users/51989/… - should say why it was rejected. (Click the "Reject" word on each suggestion, it's a link.)
Got it, thanks
@Mithical I did see that (2 people rejected it hence I got suspended I guess)
Anyways, Thanks for the help @Mithical
It takes two people to either reject or approve any suggested edit. You had a certain number of rejected edits over a short timeframe, which is why the automatic suggested edit suspension kicked in. IIRC a moderator can manually unsuspend you, although I don't think I've ever used that tool.
Q: Suspended from suggesting edits

Quark-epochI suggested an edit to a question which was trivial in the small picture but was a grammatical punctuation mistake that I fixed. A few minutes later I find my edit rejected and a nearly identical edit made by a user with huge rep. Now I can't make any edit suggestions for 7 days for suggesting an...

@Mithical I'll talk to Deusovi once he's online I guess there's no other choice. Thanks anyways :)
10:06 PM
(thumbsup) A mod should see your meta post soon in any case.
10:59 PM
@Quark-epoch I don't know whether someone has changed things manually, but on the special super-secret moderators' page describing your account it says "Suspend user from suggesting edits: no".
And on the other super-secret moderators' page describing your account it says "blocked from suggested edits: no".
So either (1) someone else has already done what you were hoping for, or (2) the edit-suggesting block you had has timed out already, or (3) some sort of bug is (3a) telling you you're blocked when you aren't or (3b) telling me you aren't blocked when you are. [EDITED to add:] Or, the actual explanation, (4) I'm an idiot and didn't notice I was looking on meta rather than main Puzzling :-).
Q: Crack the cypher and solve the puzzle

x300nS h b i b b t k n e w o p c a a c t l r a s e r u w l t e t a o h r s u l w g t e m n u p f a c n e v e a a t o a a c n a l e d y l o s n c t e o h p e s e a l e t s l o n y e L e h n y h p r e a e t p d n e k w o s t v h y d s t d e b v Your friend is missing, the kidnappers are asking for ...

It's also highly non-obvious to me why your edits adding spoiler markup to an answer were rejected. Maybe Rand and/or bobble, who rejected them, can explain.
... Huh, but I see that on the "suggested edits" page it does say you're blocked from suggesting edits. Weird. Presumably something takes time to propagate from one database to another, or something.
Anyway, I don't see anything in your recent rejected edits to suggest that you're a danger to the community :-) so I've unblocked you.
coming up with puzzle ideas is hard
perhaps because i have Other Thingsโ„ข to do
11:16 PM
Because I saw the edits as No Improvement, as the rejection reason says - the post has been around for-ever, editing every answer to have spoilers, even when they've been doing just fine, seemed nonnecessary
ah, hadn't noticed it was an ancient post. But I can't agree that the change was no improvement.
If Quark-epoch were doing it to lots of old posts then your concern about "editing every answer to have spoilers" would be eminently reasonable, but I don't see any such pattern.
So far as I can tell, the consensus view of the PSE community is that all else being equal it is better for answers to be spoilered than unspoilered. Therefore, in the absence of reasons to the contrary, adding spoiler markup to an answer that doesn't have it is an improvement. It might be a very small improvement in some cases, but I don't see how it isn't an improvement.
It is a pity that there isn't a way to say "reject this edit, but this explicitly shouldn't be reason to suspend the user who made it from future edit suggestions".
(Not that I think that would have been the right answer in this specific case; I think the edits to the old answers should have been accepted, and the edit to the CSV should have been rejected and while it clearly wasn't malicious should have been able to contribute to an edit-suggesting suspension.)
incidentally, the reason for the apparent discrepancy I mention above is that I'm an idiot. The place where I didn't see any edit-suggesting suspension was QE's account on meta, not on main Puzzling. Duh!
My understanding is that there are a few rough categories of edits: bad edits (which no one should make, and which should be rejected), very minorly improving edits (which only non-suggesters should make), and clearly improving edits (which everyone should make, and which should be approved)
That was always the impression I got: some edits are okay, but don't make other people review them, wait until you can unilaterally edit to do so
And that suggestions were only meant for significant improvements. Thus I was very careful with edit suggestions once I realized that I couldn't just copy the edits I saw, I had to avoid minor edits
11:31 PM
(hi bobble how are the bobblies doing)
What falls into "very minor improvement" is of course up for debate, but I see spoiler-only edits as falling in there
I'm good
11:59 PM
That's a reasonable position (and does seem to be e.g. the one stated here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/76251/…). In that case, it seems to me that there should be -- though I doubt there ever will be -- an option to reject an edit, not as "no improvement" but as "not enough improvement to justify the effort of manual review". Which shouldn't count towards a block.

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