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2:51 AM
Q: Find x in this series of circle!

Marchotridyo I truly have no idea what should I do. The only relation I could find is, on circle 2, 38 is equal to 19 x 2 (from circle one), and on circle 3, 72 is equal to 18 x 4 (from circle one). It was a multiple choice about a question in series of arithmetics, and the choices were 11, 12, 13, 14, and ...

Q: The France Public Holiday's Distance Grid

JKHAFrench Public Holidays We consider the following rules that apply to the 11 French public holidays : New Year's Day : 1st of January Easter Monday : Monday following Easter Sunday which is the next Sunday after the first full moon beginning from Spring's Equinox (approximately 21 march). Lab...

3:16 AM
@msh210 that's correct
4:00 AM
Q: Could We Add a Customized Confirmation Screen for Question Posters below a Certain Reputation Threshold?

Lanny StrackDisclaimer: I am still new here, and haven't fully assimilated the PSE culture. Nor do I know how difficult it is (permission-wise or coding-wise) to make custom changes to one of the SE subsites.However, I have already noticed a frequently-occurring problem at PSE where new posters post content ...

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5:42 AM
Q: Whites capture whites and Blacks capture blacks

JKHAThis is my first Chess Puzzle! Let suppose you start a Chess game. Whites' aim will be to place all their pieces on white squares in a minimum of moves and black will do the same, but with black squares. Both players can (and should) eat other pieces and all normal chess rules are maintained...

6:13 AM
CCCC: English primate's thrown me tunas (7)
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9:28 AM
Q: Ximenes rolling in grave

jafe Across 1. Ginger received a bit of support (6) 4. Accomplished designer of new road east of Mexican city (8) 10. Readmit resort's host (6,1) 11. Friends going around star pilot's luxurious residences (7) 13. Top inspector voided standards agreements (5) 14. Bringers of salvation leave me out, l...

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10:44 AM
Q: The Seventeen Carefully Sorted Books

JKHAI will here propose you $10$ ways to sort $17$ books. Those books remain the same. For each $10$ ways you have to tell why this is a sort over this books. Meaning: There is no $Book_{left}>Book_{right}>Book_{left}$ There is no $Book_{Aleft} = Book_{Bleft}>Book_{right}$ ($Book_{left}$ is always ...

11:03 AM
Q: A farm related sport?

JensA puzzle in the spirit of the Density™ puzzle. I'll say that the overall philosophy used here is the same as in Rosetta's Stone. Also, the rainbow colors at the top are just for reference. Finally, the title holds a clue to one of the "languages" used. Enjoy! Final answer: (7, 7) Version for...

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12:56 PM
Q: Song 2 by Mr Physicson

George MenoutisTonight, My Physicson noticed his little son was down with the blues. So, he started singing: Iteratively provide power to this implement so, as predicted by the third law, you begin to propulse your vehicle on the surface Maintain an optimum ratio of power and minimization of disturb...

Q: What could be the next number in this sequence?

David JamesWhat is the next number in the sequence 0, 4, 10, 32 ... Hint: it has nothing to do with differences such as (4-0 = 4, 10-4 = 6...). Try a different pattern. Hint # 2: the 10 should be a clue. I realize there are many possible "correct" answers, however I am looking for a particular one. Goo...

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2:32 PM
Q: Again, the scientific one!

Prim3numbahI am looking for an answer that consists of two parts(____ ____). The task is to somehow make sense of this word grid below with the help of the clue.

2:51 PM
Q: Find the missing no. from the given option

Raj21Reasoning for the question please, solve with steps, and with logic or pattern. Already tried but confused with the options 62 and 60

3:07 PM
SHA-2 of the (capitalized) C4 answer is eefac2e35922f64a90521e850a45d0bd6ea562179b9a93a05d592f632159a0bc
(I'm going into my sabbath so won't be able to check here for answers but fully expect someone will get it soon. So you can use that to check whether you're right. Preferably after posting it here. :-) )
1 hour later…
4:08 PM
@msh210 it's SENTAMU*
CCCC: Murder of a relative is part of the unconscious mind in a woman (9)
5:03 PM
Q: Is Cricket Code?

Beastly GerbilNote: No cricket knowledge is needed to solve this You need to quickly pop into your local cricket club to grab some kit, but upon arrival you discover the clubhouse is locked. There is a number pad on the door and stuck to the door is the following score sheet: Text version: Over | 1 ...

5:18 PM
@Ankoganit PATRIC(ID)E
Q: What is the solution to this hard matrix Reasoning puzzle from this test

stefan samoilSo i was solving the test http://www.programaths.com/iqchallenge/index.php And one of the last items i didn't have any clue what is the solution I know the answer but the solution and the reasoning to it i can't comperhend

5:41 PM
Q: EXTREMELY tough puzzle

Ash Can anyone help me solve this puzzle?

6:38 PM
Q: Extremely difficult puzzle

Ash Hard puzzle. Coudn't solve it. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSer3_g_HTAdsaFRGZVheFXc7ZhaktYKdW2JB_ah00vy59NUng/viewform

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8:12 PM
Q: Damaged 4x4 grid

classicalMpkJohn had a great party yesterday ; but he had a very important piece of paper in his pocket, and an unidentified liquid damaged it. One third of the information is lost. It looks like this now : This is a 4x4 grid with every number from 2 to 9 assigned to a row/column. This grid is very impor...

8:50 PM
Q: New challenge for who has long boring days

perayuThe puzzle is named Kropki Sudoku. Here are the rules ! Place numbers in the grid such that each row, column and 3x3 box contain the numbers 1 to 9. If the absolute difference between two digits in neighbouring cells equals 1, then they're separated by a white dot. If the digit in a cell is half...


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