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1:30 AM
Q: The Marble Game

John S. Johnny vs. Vinny As brothers, these two are competitive in every aspect of life. Just check out some of my other puzzles, and you'll see my brothers in action. Today is a classic Marble Battle! The brother's played a series of 3 games: The Game Series Summary Note: Not a real game. Bored a...

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3:22 AM
News alert: Puzzle solvers are [weighing] in against coronavirus
4:05 AM
@hexomino thanks! that's correct, of course
4:58 AM
Q: A Multilingual Meal

DanTheManI came up with this one many moons ago but just now got around to sharing it. You're going out to brunch with your polyglot friend, and, when you ask him what he would like, he says, "I'll have the forty seven point one two four." What is it he wants?

5:31 AM
Alconja Reviews Stuff #3: I've also done three (also of over a dozen) installments in the Unlock! series and... I don't think they're as good as Exit: The Game. As with Exit, you can get them anywhere you'd normally get board games, and they're also one-shot "escape rooms in a box" experiences, but only take about an hour each (either solo, or in a small group).
Positives: A) Clever mechanism to "combine" cards, as well as multiple endings, gives the feel of progression you get from a point & click adventure. B) (Mandatory) companion app has the potential for interesting puzzles beyond what you could do with just the cards. C) You don't destroy anything, so whilst you can't replay them once you know the solutions, you at least have the option to give/sell them on.
Negatives: D) Companion app pulls you out of the physical table top puzzle experience (why am I not just playing a video game?). E) Relies on "spot the tiny letters/numbers" hidden on cards as a core mechanic. F) We hit one or two groan worthy "how were we supposed to know that?" puzzles. G) There was issues with the app for one installment, which blocked our progress completely once (had to restart) and then blocked us from getting to the correct ending.
Uniqueness/Fun: D to A+. Puzzles: Ranging from "bad" to "excellent!". Difficulty: They're rated in three levels and I've done one of each, but to be honest, they were all fairly similar difficulty-wise (easy/moderate, and there's hints via the app when you do get stuck). Overall: 6/10.
5:55 AM
Q: A Game of Grids

ViswalahiriGiven a grid of dimensions A*B with values between 1-9, find a sequence of B numbers that maximizes the minimum number of values matched when compared with A rows. Describe the certain steps you would take to maximize the minimum score. Example Grid Dimension A = 5 , B = 10 Grid Values 9 3 ...

6:39 AM
Would this be an allowed construct? Enemies dispersed within a forest (4)
7:10 AM
Q: 100 moves for a rook in a two by two board

Cedric ZoppoloA rook is in a corner of a two by two board and wants to get to the opposite corner in 100 moves. In how many ways can the rook perform this?

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8:24 AM
CCCC: Butler's a modified rail supporter. (8)
Q: Candy jars with mixed lids

Cedric Zoppolo One day Nasrudin went to a candy store where the owner had mistakenly mixed the lids of three candy jars, leaving each one wrongly labeled. One contained peppermint candies, another contained chocolate candies, and the remaining contained peppermint candies and chocolate candies mixed. All the ...

9:04 AM
Q: Song 1 by Mr Physicson

George MenoutisMr Physicson has a good day in his lab today, so he went back home a bit tired but in joy in the afternoon. His little son wanted him to sing a song, so Mr Physicson gladly started chanting: A quintet of primates, with a size less than the arbitrary reader's conception of average, were performin...

9:22 AM
Q: Give me a clue!

JenserCubeCreate a Nonogram / Picross which cannot be solved uniquely without giving at least one clue. That is, without prefilling at least one field in the puzzle there exists multiple valid solutions. The above shouldn't be too difficult for those that have already solved many nonograms. For added diff...

9:41 AM
Q: The last digit for 3^(2019)

Cedric ZoppoloWhich would be the last digit for $3^{2019}$ ? You can And afterwards

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11:16 AM
Q: HARD !! Missing number inside square with hints

AmanSharma After solving it for days i am exhausted with patterns.

11:53 AM
Q: Hidden words puzzle

SwatiThere are many words hidden inside this puzzle. Find them all.

12:31 PM
Q: Not Used By Only Three

Dannyu NDos First, beg for the most positive among the stables. Now you can do the second, beg for the independent. Now you can do the third, beg for the overlappable. Now you can do the fourth, beg for the informations. The first made you do the fifth, beg for the individual. The...

1:28 PM
Q: Series of 6 letters: F, T, S, O, _, _

Guy ThomasI am puzzling over a sequence starting F, T, S, O, _, _ I have tried Morse code, substituting numbers for letters, days of week, months of the year.

2:03 PM
@Randal'thor FYI, I tried the 3^2019 one on my 13yo daughter; she got the answer in about a minute. (With a bit of pattern-spotting involved, but I think another ~3 minutes would have sufficed for her to make it rigorous.) She's good but not supernaturally good.
(If I didn't have mod superpowers I would VTC as maths problem rather than puzzle, but I don't feel strongly enough about it to mod-hammer it. I think your argument that while it's routine for mathematicians it might be sufficiently puzzle-y for non-mathematicians is somewhat tenable, but is undermined by the fact that you, a professional mathematician, went on to post a solution.)
2:24 PM
Q: A Novel Cipher for You to Break

H FranklinThis is a novel cipher that I devised, try to break it. I'll even give you the key Key: A Blemished Orange Encrypted Phrase: 7PRLJ-dc*+:S?;:Z?pHp)n4SFR}z8Qng-< :4K:W/zf96x,tv=1Z(CS.Oq#fBm4KF9kW2fZuGMW9zqO%:6[FxV$%4Gk!F\*IR]OzA5Z|eB0Bya+M)(,q

Q: I make you turn against yourself

DaveRainbowin I make you turn against yourself From the inside out And I take your life as I slowly spread about Some are trying to beat me With this thing called "chemistry" But they haven't found the cure

3:17 PM
@GarethMcCaughan heh, "mod superpowers"
(I'm deeply sorry)
3:50 PM
@hexomino It's BALUSTER*
Q: Can you find the cipher that I used?

H FranklinI have encoded a phrase, using a cipher that I invented. But I don't want you to decode, rather I want you to figure out how my cipher works. This is the phrase that I encrypted Find the connection between this phrase and the output. You don't even have to do any solving, just figure out how...

4:18 PM
@Ankoganit Yep, well done!
CCCC: One who is suffering from restraint in heavy breathing (7)
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5:42 PM
Gallant elf beat up joyous sufferer (10)
(He enjoyed it)
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7:08 PM
Q: You Talkin' To Me?

John S. Five long time friends whose given names were Johnny, Vinny, Frankie, Mickey, and Bobby, and whose last names in one order or another were Morino, Bucci, Orsini, Palmacci, and Galino, although living in the same small town had through the years become more or less estranged until finally the fo...

8:04 PM
Q: The Lying Brothers

John S. The little town of Stackville is exactly like hundreds of other little communities in every respect but one. Its scenery, its stores, its churches all have their counterparts at every crossroads in America, but as the home of the Morino boys the town is quite different. These "remarkable" b...

8:34 PM
@jafe nice
9:11 PM
@jafe yup :)
Breaking news!! About Sun and God: they got into a fight, the defeatee has to reverse their name!
Q: It looks similar, but not the same

FIreCaseDo you know these puzzles? https://scontent-vie1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/92965814_10213218954107724_453110945124712448_n.jpg?_nc_cat=100&_nc_sid=110474&_nc_ohc=KdMuigSQJDwAX_rYdgw&_nc_ht=scontent-vie1-1.xx&oh=1b3e8868c91cdfca55bb80e7e74c1517&oe=5EB4521F Yes. You are right. It's boring. Now, th...

Q: Ernie and the Chocolate Bomb

PenguinoLast week when I visited Ernie he complained that his trousers had shrunk in the wash. I suggested an alternate possibility – he was putting on weight. So he decided to go on a diet and to support him, I agreed to diet with him. Of course, Ernie (who never does things by halves), organised most o...

10:17 PM
@Ankoganit pa(tie)nt
10:36 PM
Q: Measure nine minutes with two hourglasses

Cedric Zoppolo How can you measure 9 minutes with a 7-minute hourglass and a 4-minute hourglass?

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11:51 PM
Q: Diamond Division - Splitting up this found treasure

John S. The Discovery One day while on an adventure, a great treasure was found in the Tenretni Cave by an Adventure Group known as Tenehtfrus. The treasure chest had beautiful diamonds in it. It was a tremendous find! The Adventure Group decided to donate the diamonds to a local group of fewer than ...


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