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2:46 AM
Q: I burn what you can’t protect

Ébe Isaac My prefix is not acquitted My infix demands respect My suffix is a price I burn what you can’t protect What word am I?

1 hour later…
3:47 AM
Q: As a noun I’m complete; as a verb, I’m yet to be so

Ébe Isaac Removing my prefix Makes a familiar sound Removing my infix Helps you search all around Removing my suffix Means to make me whole As a noun I’m complete As a verb I’m yet to be so Who am I?

2 hours later…
5:31 AM
Q: I hate Valentine's Day

Don ThousandI played her my favorite song on my favorite [prefix] As I gave her a decorated Hallmark [infix] And said, "I hope I'm [suffix] to make you happy" But alas, she said no, and left me alone. Is my heart just [whole word] to you?

2 hours later…
7:53 AM
Q: My name is akin to my size

shanylong My name is akin to my size Each can be complex or concise I remain within gaze In front of your face Observable under the right eyes In multiple forms I exist In strenuous times I assist With so much potential I am quintessential Attempt to unveil me, I insist!

8:13 AM
Q: How can you get 100 using 2,4,6, and 9 by only using each of them once?

Theo DemeulemeesterPls just give me the answer if I get this then I get a pizza party.

8:53 AM
Q: Fun with Flags part 3: what used to be

sarsaparillaWe are looking for 4 countries/kingdoms/sovereign states which do not exist anymore. Other puzzles in this series: Part 1, Part 2.

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12:16 PM
Q: Specialist sudoku

jafeI know y'all want to be generalists or something, but here's a little sudoku for (geography) specialists. Enjoy. ABRAU ⋅ AGANTON ⋅ AKUSEKIJIMA ⋅ ALICE HOLT ⋅ ALTENBURG-NOBITZ ⋅ ANJEDIVA ⋅ APULIA ⋅ ASHTAMUDI ⋅ ATTU ⋅ CAMPO DEL MORO ⋅ CARLHAUSHÖHE ⋅ CASA DE CAMPO ⋅ CHAMP DE MARS ⋅ CHANY ⋅...

1 hour later…
2:00 PM
@jafe @athin I see what you're doing there. Two more to go...
2:15 PM
Apparently HTM's C4 still stands
@GarethMcCaughan Didn't HTM put up a clue? I'm not seeing it pinned
Yeah, he did. I guess it got starred but not pinned or something. Let me see if I can find it.
OK, pinned it.
It's not a super-informative hint.
Well, it does tell you that beginning modifies file rather than to concern
Yeah. (Or it modifies TO, of course, but that seems less likely.)
so, #BadC4Solutions: file beginning = F; to concern = AS; the left = T; detailed = SIC which returns to yield CIS; so we have F/AS/SIC</T making FASCIST or Nazi. Unfortunately, while "as to" = "concerning" it really isn't true that "concern" or "to concern" = AS; and, also unfortunately, SIC means something like "literally" or "exactly" or "yes, they really said that" which isn't much like "detailed".
("Fascist" and "Nazi" aren't really the same thing either but they're close enough, especially in informal usage, that that's fine.)
2:31 PM
I always feel weird writing "that that"...
Does "return" have to mean to "come back from" in the cryptic or can it be return as in yield of profit?
@dcfyj It's not that "that that" is incorrect, it's just that it feels weird...
@Mithical Do note that I didn't say it was incorrect lol
The whole message was an excuse for the triple "that"
It's for that that "that that" is used for.
2:36 PM
huh, apparently today is Presidents' day
Wait a sec... *scrolls up* Rubio didn't post a Valentine's puzzle?! What have we come to...
Was he supposed to?
He has a history of posting holiday-themed puzzles
e.g. last year
Q: What force is more potent than love?

RubioA few quotes about Love.... What force is more potent than love? True love is selfless. It is prepared to sacrifice. We are all born for love. It is the principle of existence, and its only end. Do all things with love. We are most alive when we're in love. The most power...

Would it be more likely for return to flip detailed rather than detailed cutting the end off return?
2 hours later…
4:40 PM
@Mithical Puzzling, obviously
-@Avi so if i'm not mistaken on the C4, the F in FASCIST comes from file; either that or that's where the T comes from
the t from to i mean
"File beginning" seems likely for F, and "the left" seems likely for T. But that isolates "to concern"; what would we do with that?
Don't look at me; CCs don't make sense to me until they're solved
@ThePuzzlingPlatypus what would we do with that!?
@mbingo if that's a joke, I don't get it
4:49 PM
Oh I was just blatantly disregarding your request
I won't look at you. But man this clue has been up forever 😫
OK that makes sense
do you think detailed is in its usual indicator status or do you think we need a word for detailed
in other words is it detailed or "de-tailed?"
Yeah, could be either. A curtailment of "return" and a reversal of "detailed" are both possible.
And if any of you are wondering why I haven't posted a riddle in years: lack of poetic inspiration
also I have enough rep to play the games, and that's good enough for me
@mbingo @Avi Either of you have any ideas on Deusovi's Rubik's cube puzzle?
What kind of riddles were your domain?
Mostly I did rileys, and I wrote a great one last memorial day
that wasn't a riley
but to me, riddles should rhyme
4:53 PM
I can look at it later this afternoon. I haven't given it a fair shot.
My riddles are all solved
or did you mean the rubik's cube thing
(I meant the cube, yeah.)
I haven't posted because I didn't feel I had anything to post
or I wanted to do something else
So we need synonyms for either "return" or "detailed," right?
Fair enough. I'm plotting a puzzle series, so I can fill the void you've left 🙂
Honestly, I just treat riddles like regular poems
4:57 PM
@ThePuzzlingPlatypus My only idea is to align letters of the same size together
Look in @OmegaKrypton's chat room
@HTM thought of something, but it didn't work
but Deusovi's hint seems to imply he was onto something
Yes, a synonym for "return" that starts with A(SC) or a synonym for "detailed" that ends in (CS)A... presumably.
@Avi You know, that "Butcher's Brawl" puzzle never got solved
I know that "TEAM" in the answer given should be "MEAT" but that's it
I mean
it was pretty simple
what's BEFORE F?
E, duh
highlight all the Es, and you're done
let me look
5:02 PM
alconja pretty much had it figured out
Someone should post an answer then
gravedigging meh
I was editing the grammar of old posts in December to try to get the werewolf hunter hat
I've started to use vocabulary.com quizzes to find inspiring words for CCs
it's a lot more devious than what my auto-filler comes up with
Thanks, now I know what to do if I want to post a riddle
but have no words for it
5:05 PM
what have I done
5:19 PM
Q: This new puzzle type needs a name {5}

StivI believe I have invented a new type of puzzle... What is its name? Colour-blind-friendly version available here. Begin by solving the 9x9 sudoku; each of the 9 symbols /, *, +, -, =, ^, >, v and < must appear exactly once in each row, column and thick-bordered 3x3 box. Then apply some g...

ooh, who's going to be the 200th?
time to go for gold
(or in this case silver, i suppose)
@ThePuzzlingPlatypus That's not solved?
what isn't?
The rubik's puzzle, I replied to your comment on it
(in here)
think i'm gonna leave the room for now
5:30 PM
See you later then
Fresh chip (5) - CRISP (ddef)
why are people posting so many sudoku puzzles
I haven't made my masterpiece complete yet x.x
who knows, that one's at least fairly intesersting
So is mine
but it's difficult to construct the next step
Will be in Codenames in a bit
5:57 PM
Am in Codenames now
Q: What is a Counterfeiting Word™?

melfntThis puzzle is in the spirit of the What is a Word/Phrase™ series started by JLee with a special brand of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles. If a word conforms to a special rule I call it a Counterfeiting word™. Here are some examples of Counterfeiting word™ and not Counterfeiting word™: +-----------...

@Avi Because once there are 200 of them, there will be 40 tags with >= 200 questions, and then Puzzling will be able to award the Generalist badge, and then a lot of us will get an extra badge.
Arbitrary internet points!
6:18 PM
screams in insufficiently fast puzzle creation
I only came up with link 2 so far :(
2 hours later…
8:08 PM
breaking: deusovi passes gareth for #2
oh huh seems so
this set's almost done, though -- won't have enough material to pass up Rand as well
Incentive for Gareth to actually create puzzles
At this point, he might be too committed to the "no questions asked" schtick
@Deusovi Then he just needs to answer (correctly) faster :P
Q: On The Subject of Regular Crazy Talk

Deusovi (This is part of a series of puzzles written for Timwi for a Secret Santa puzzle exchange, themed around various custom modules for the game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. No KTaNE knowledge is necessary for any of these puzzles except the final meta; each puzzle resolves to a single word or ...

8:34 PM
@HTM It may be time for another hint?
@Deusovi Maybe after he's done playing Codenames with us
I told him you wanted a hint
CCCC hints: 1. The answer is FASCIST, as many people have found. To get started with figuring out the wordplay, "beginning" does not modify "concern." 2. "Detailed" does not modify "Nazi's" or "return."
@Deusovi Your wish is my command
Hmm. I pinned that latest hint but on tthe starboard, at least for me, what's displayed stops after the first hint, with no obvious way to make it show the rest.
(And no "..." at the end or anything like that.)
I can maybe repost it and cut off all the unnecessary bits
CCCC hints: 1. "Beginning" does not modify "concern." 2. "Detailed" does not modify "return."
9:02 PM
Q: Need to solve this

David VarryI got a puzzle to solve from the guys at my stage party; and I need it solved by my wedding (next Saturday). I spent hours looking at this but I can't find the solution; can anyone help me? I got a peace of paper with this on it; 57843 32672 5891 1994 36225 87823 42553 A. 6638 B. 1624 C. 448...

Detailing lack of beating former spouse (2) - EX(-pounding)
9:15 PM
Is "detailed" somehow SIC?
With "concern" or "to concern" being AS or AS TO?
neither of those seem like they grammatically fit to me
but... maybe?
Yeah, at this point I'm being super liberal. But I could squintedly envision SIC to mean, like, "detailed as in the original source".
Definitely want "concerning" for an AS TO deal, but...
HTM did admit that there were potential inaccuracies.
So it could be something like "return detailed" = CIS, in F + AST(o).
Or CIS in F + AS + T, though "concern" = AS is even less likely.
Looks like the real in is to figure out what's up with "concern". It's not modified by "beginning", and it would be strange for it to be modified by "the left" (since the C is in the middle of the answer and "X the left" is non-standard at best).
So it sounds to me like we want some sort of synonym for "to concern" or "beginning to concern".
"to concern" could be something like AS?
Q: Continue this sequence

FritzBanWhat could be the next number in the sequence: 57, 74, 65, 61, 37, 58, ? Replace the question mark. My own puzzle.

How so? I'd love for that to be the case.
9:23 PM
"to concern" meaning "regarding", roughly
Yeah, AS TO is nearly there, but AS alone feels a bit too far, maybe.
True, but I'm not sure I have any better ideas
I'm inquiring as to / regarding my cell phone bill...
If we use "to concern" = AS TO and "the left" to mean "the left portion" / last-letter deletion, then the above works.
I was thinking "to concern" = AS [slightly sketchy], and "the left" = T_
actually, the answer to this CCCC is FA(U)ST
definition being [HTM], FAST being how he made this CCCC, and (U) being the horns of the devil
FAST though
is that a file type?
9:30 PM
Yeah, the AS version is possible too.
beginning to concern -> fascinate?
How so?
if you become fascinated with something
oops wrong message
9:30 PM
it begins to concern you
I see how, but not why
drowns in angry pudding
My first idea would be file beginning = header
@Avi The part of speech differs. But again, possible...
file beginning = header sounds eminently plausible
9:31 PM
Feb 14 at 18:53, by HTM
I’ll admit, there is one part of the clue that may not be an exact match (I wrote it at like 3 in the morning, so I wasn’t making sure that everything was clued properly)
What beginnings does a physical file have?
Hm, I have no idea if we're on the right track then
it's very possible that we've already gotten it
HTM would ding us if so, right?
The rest should be somewhat OK
9:33 PM
I like HEADER and similar, but not sure how it'd apply.
It's gotta be the F.
I think
beginning To is the T
"concern the" is leaving
oh, I misremembered the hint, thinking that "beginning does not modify file"
@JohnDvorak I thought of shebang.
That seems even further from the def
still, good interpretation
@HTM Do you feel that we'll know when we've got it?
9:39 PM
@JohnDvorak maybe the title?
@mbingo Unfortunately not, I think, judging by the sheer quantity of convincing but unintended explanations you guys have generated so far
DETAIL(-e)D* = dilated
That's good to know, though. We shouldn't disregard attempts because we're not convinced of them.
return -> FEAST?
I hope not lol
I still think beginning is modifying "to"
but that would be grammatically sketch
And as you guys probably realize by now, there's a bunch of non-standard things going on here, so if any of you all need any additional nudges, let me know
9:44 PM
We would also need some way to get "concern the left" to the other side of that T, then.
maybe put "concern the" on the "left"?
I'm but one man, but I'd happily take whatever nudges you're willing to offer.
Yeah, could be.
return -> LIST -> LIS(-t)?
as in, a summary
Detailed doesn't modify return.
Per hint 2.
9:51 PM
@Deusovi How did you and your squad enjoy the MLP hunt?
It was nice! I was kinda confused by the metas not really being metapuzzles (since they were solvable without any of the answers), but overall it was a fun hunt
@mbingo I actually decided to take a look at it after someone in this chat mentioned it
Solved four Round 1 puzzles and the meta, then ran out of time to work on the rest
Yeah, that was interesting. I tend to be pretty lenient about meta theory (e.g. I don't mind stuff like recent SUMS hunts that don't use the answers at all), so yeah, while confusing, it was still neat.
but... it's supposed to be meta :(
@HTM Awesome. Did you do it after release?
9:54 PM
I generally prefer more tightly constrained structures, and metas are one of my favorite parts of a hunt. So I was slightly disappointed by that.
Yeah... well, SUMS for example gives you something else when you solve a puzzle, and you use that. So the meta still culminates.
If you mean after the contest window was over, then no, I spent the final weekend doing them
Yeah, I meant during the window but not right away. Good that you got to solve some.
While I'm stoked for Galactic's MH, March is gonna feel real empty.
Yeah, same. Hopefully we get some other teams making hunts to fill the gap.
If it makes you feel better, I'm currently in the process of constructing hunt-style puzzles for a series I'm planning on releasing on PSE, so be on the lookout for that :)
9:58 PM
What's the difference between a hunt-style and regular-style puzzle?
"Hunt-style" is a specific category -- generally the puzzles solve to a single word or phrase, and have no instructions given.
aha now I see where Deusovi gets his devious ideas from
@HTM That does make me feel better!
I'm working on a set for the end of March as well, and I know of another inaugural larger puzzle hunt likely to happen later in the year.
Q: Why would I need a Lamborghini Rebenton?

Bass The proper word to use as the ninth symbol is in Berlin (3)

10:03 PM
@Avi I'm new here, but the "enigmatic-puzzle" tag seems to align somewhat with "hunt-style".
@Sphinx Lol, that was fast
@HTM Is your set specifically for PSE?
Yeah, that's the general usage of around here (though there are probably minor differences?)
@mbingo I mean, I'm not posting my stuff anywhere else, so technically yeah
Awesome. Stoked for it.
10:04 PM
(Although I have thought of posting stuff on Reddit or on a personal website, but ain't nobody got time fo' dat)
Who will have the honor of editing the Generalist Countdown for the last time?
Not me, you go ahead
did anybody get a generalist badge?
oh hot damn
answers not questions
You can check here
hmmm, I'm only 5/20 so far :(
It'll probably fire at the next update, whenever that is
If I had to guess... an hour and 43 minutes from now.
(Daylight Savings Time always messes me up)
1 hour later…
11:45 PM
Q: Against the Grain, Salt to the Sea: Sudoku

athin Against the Grain, Grain of Salt, Salt to the Sea, Sea...badge? What Badge? Of course, guessing is not fun, right? Anyway, congratulations to anyone who get this! :D

@Sphinx Argh, I'm sniped by @Bass ;)
Woo, I'm generic!

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