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12:30 AM
@athin Might be the first time I've ever seen a question get sniped!!
2 hours later…
2:08 AM
Q: A King's Hamiltonian Tours

Bernardo Recamán Santosa) Place the numbers 1 to 25 in the cells of a 5 x 5 board in such a way that consecutive numbers occur in adjacent cells either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, and so do cells with numbers 1 and 25. Numbers in the nine cells belonging to the board's two diagonals should all be prime. b...

1 hour later…
3:30 AM
Q: On The Subject of ​?​?​?

Deusovi (This is the last of a series of puzzles written for Timwi for a Secret Santa puzzle exchange, themed around various custom modules for the game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. KTaNE knowledge is necessary to solve this puzzle; the necessary knowledge can be found on Timwi's site.) On The S...

4:00 AM
^ argh
how is it possible to have such good pixel art skills :x
I'm jealous
4:13 AM
Q: Double Riley of Melancholy

Ébe Isaac My prefix is served Eat if you may The prefix of my prefix is a prefix, per se My infix is inside you Within, it resides The infix of my infix can be seen from outside My suffix is a number Count to address The suffix of my suffix is a suffix, just guess!

(whoops, sorry about that - my arm was resting on my laptop's numpad and apparently it was on both the . and the enter key)
1 hour later…
5:34 AM
Q: A Palindromic Puzzle

KrishnaCurious as to my writing output, one slow weekend I decided to count how many words I had written in a report of a previous case. After many hours of counting, during which I rewarded myself with many generous breaks, I finally reached the grand total of 24,942 words. I jubilantly reported this n...

5:54 AM
Q: How can you get 100 by only using 2,4,6, and 9 by only using them once

Theo Demeulemeesterpls get answer okokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokok

7 hours later…
1:24 PM
@Sphinx Apparently this got deleted, guess I'm not reading it after all lol
@dcfyj It wasn't much worth reading. It was a very routine mathematical thing that I suspect the poster found somewhere else.
(The question was, in effect: what's the next palindromic number after 24942?)
(The main reason why I suspect he found it somewhere else is that most of his puzzles look like he found them somewhere else.)
Makes sense
3 hours later…
4:52 PM
@mbingo Uhh I just saw your name as your banner was coming down
That's weird
Yeah, there was an issue with merging two Stack Exchange accounts.
Oh i see
I thought it was resolved, but if you saw my name then it might still be wonky...
@HTM What do you think about another C4 hint? :D
Well only when the banner was coming down
Now it just has your username
Good to know, thanks :)
4:56 PM
se been kind glitchy
i got like 3 mentions without being notified
*at least
Bummer though... my old Puzzling SE user id was 2^16.
what happened?
an account merge?
I had two SE accounts. I changed one of the emails so the two accounts merged, and my old account (which used my real name) ended up taking over.
4:59 PM
My newer account had ID 65536, which was awesome. SE support has reverted the name change (on my request), but deleted the newer account.
can you ask them to switch it back? I'm sure they'll understand
Anyway. I have a couple of ideas on this KTaNE meta, but not the breakthrough yet...
Ha, they probably would sympathize. But I don't mind. 61651 is beautiful too. I'm sure. In its own way.
5:16 PM
hm, according to abbreviations.com, concern (the business term) is abbreviated C
IST is also a grouping of left-leaning organizations (International Socialist Tendency)
not really a slam dunk for "the left", though
Feasible, though, given what HTM has said about the looseness.
Now if we can just get AS from "return detailed"...
I mean, ya hate to cite abbreviations.com when solving a cryptic clue.
5:46 PM
@mbingo Apparently, 61651 is the number of partitions of the number 43 which contain at least one even part.
Amazing. This was a blessing in disguise!
Did you OEIS it?
@mbingo Haha, guilty.
@hexomino Haha, no, it was a good call to do that.
slightly less catchy than 2^2^2^2, still :P
2 hours later…
8:00 PM
CCCC hints: 1. "Beginning" does not modify "concern." 2. "Detailed" does not modify "return." 3. "Concern the left" clues C_.
@mbingo I'm at your "Loser" artist and phone dial
So yeah, there's one non-standard part of the clue
Probably should've gone for something like "succeed, essentially"
But then it wouldn't sound nearly as nice, can't have one and the other :\
Okay, I think I have it.
Or at least something possibly defensible...
concern the left?
@Deusovi I summon thee
O great devourer I offer you a clue
def: Nazi
"in" = SAFE; "detailed in" = SAF, "return detailed in" to get FAS
"file" = LIST; "file, [with] beginning [changed] to concern (the left)" = CIST
8:08 PM
in = safe?
@mbingo Yes, that's it! Congrats!
I guess
file was list after all :)
@Avi That was the other iffy part of the clue
Really nice deception on "in". It reads so blatantly as a container indicator.
okay @mbingo it's your turn to clue
think of a good one
8:09 PM
How does it work? I can clue anything I want?
Yeah, once I realized I could do that I knew I had a C4 worthy clue in my hands
What's the goal? What constitutes C4-worthy?
Still kinda mad at myself about "concern the left"
I assume I'm aiming for tough?
not tough
it's tough because we don't get any letters
8:10 PM
Agreed, phew.
tricky is what you shoot for
@mbingo Well, any difficulty is accepted, but generally speaking they should be at least a bit harder than the clues you'd find in a crossword
@HTM Yeah, the non-standardness there made it tough to assume that that was it. Once you told us what it meant, it fell really quickly.
And some creators use C4s to experiment with interesting/devilish constructs
Hmm, okay.
8:11 PM
Primal groudon
@Avi more interesting
So really it's up to you what you want to do with this opportunity :)
@Mithical interesting is tricky
Not necessarily.
Why, do you think non-interesting things are tricky? Or non-tricky things are interesting?
burbles in puzzling
8:13 PM
Anagrinds are interesting but they're insanely easy to locate, so not at all tricky
Something can have an interesting gimmick or unique twist without being tricky.
It'll probably take me a few clues to get a feel for what PSEites like... and also feel comfortable experimenting, but I'll think on it and get something out soon :D
Primal Groudon detailed a stickler, of sorts (3)
gROuDo(-n) = ROD [a stickler, of sorts]
...Spyfall's been frozen.
8:15 PM
The "primal" trick was really fun, but I wouldn't necessarily want to see that in a crossword
where Elsa goes to play ball
@Mithical More like Spyfell, amirite?
Primal = from early times = leader indicator?
Primal beast = B_?
I'm ok with "primal" as a first letter indicator, but not as a prime positions one
I guess I'd be okay with it in other clues, but in my own I'd feel better using "X, primally".
8:19 PM
Kinda like "X, evenly"?
Yeah. "even X" doesn't feel right for "the even letters of X", and "primal X" feels the same way to me.
Even Steven
Odd Todd
Ooh, "squarely" also fits in that category of indicators too
what are you gonna do with 1, 4, 9, and 16?
besides making us count a lot of letters :x
Artificial computer returned with piece of snake (5)
MAC< + PY(-thon)
Breaking doors's squarely wrong (3)
BAD example, but just a proof of concept
8:25 PM
Punched squarely; he died after (3)
Yeah, that's fun.
Neato, now time to confuse the heck out of my friends who have never heard of cryptic clues before!
@Avi Not bad! "Artificial computer" is nice.
"Piece of snake" probably won't be accepted for PY
Yeah. I'd go "with couple of snakes".
Since "piece" is often a hidden word indicator or single letter indicator
Artificial computer declined a salary (5)
8:28 PM
a salary = PY?
declined a from pay
but that doesn't work, because computer = MAC, not CAM
Wait. MAC needs reversal, right?
I've never seen "declined X Y" to mean "X with Y removed".
I'm also unsure about the grammar of 'declined a salary'
In cryptics or in life.
if that's intended
(assuming from those comments that it's not)
@Avi wut
Primals are disgusting
8:30 PM
CC on Fire!
Artificial computer returns salary taken away initially (5)
Artificial computer returns with salary but no heart (5)
spooky spooky ai ai
Definitely see a possible "malevolent AI" surface reading the way this is headed
Malevolent AI invades...
that's no way to refer to @dcfyj
8:37 PM
Rebelling AI invades a command with false identity (5)
A + L(AI<)S [false identity]
not sure the "with" is kosher
I rejected troubles over rogue AI's false identity (5)
A(-i)L(AI*)S -> alias
is Spyfall referring to the song Skyfall
or is that just a future CC idea
@Avi No, defnitely not
Ah, of course, Adele got the inspiration from Skyfall
and so did the James Bond movie
8:50 PM
And so did the location for the movie
@North Who's that?
Don't know
Some like American shooter, right?
Or actually, I think he's like a nurse in WWII
And here I thought he was a chemical bond
I'm in chem class rn
We're literally going over chemical reactions
8:54 PM
My reaction to that is...
very stoich
lemme finish that pattern for you
@North Pay attention. It could save your life one day. :-)
@msh210 Nah, I can drink hydrofluoric acid, no problem!
You don't even have to calculate the reaction to see that's a bad idea
wait until you get to calculating enthalpy
or biochemistry
8:57 PM
@Avi Lol did that last year
Or sort of last year
Don't speak of enthalpy
Horrors from AP Bio
enthalpy is easy
it could save your life one day
by preventing an exothermic reaction from melting through your glass beaker
and proceeding to eat through your legs
and/or other body parts
By why would I even be in that situation
for valuable monies
Nah Imma be broke living as a music major
how skilled are you
good relative pitch? perfect relative pitch?
what instrument, too
lot more competition as a violinist than as a violist
9:01 PM
Good relative pitch, I have like dormant perfect pitch
I play trumpet, part of choir (madrigals) next year, but I'm gonna go into composition & theory
how so
composition and theory? how do you even make money as a composer nowadays
@Avi I.e. I was born with perfect pitch but never developed it, so it's the same as not having perfect pitch
I can only tell if a note is right
not if it's wrong/how it's relatively wrong
not only that, but my ears transpose everything
so something might be in G# major, but I hear it as something else (e.g. A major)
@Avi I know I have perfect pitch because I can sing certain songs on the right key
I can hear the entire soundtrack in my head
I can sing certain songs in the right key too
9:04 PM
@Avi Well pretty much any song
but I can't remember songs - I just forget notes ~3 seconds after hearing them
I can't tell you notes though, because like I said, I never developed prfect pitch
I forget most everything ~3 seconds after hearing it though
but if I remember, I can transpose it to the piano
by pressing random notes until I hit the right one
9:06 PM
@Avi Idk, my point exactly
you should try computer programming
My parents tell me that
But like
So confusing
The main problem with coding is that I can't look at screens for long periods of time, paired with the fact that I SUCK at reading text over screen
I like the problem solving aspect of coding, but I get a massive headache afterwards
I stare at a screen for like 14 hours a day
and problem solving is enjoyable
Yeah, I can't do that
I just walk around in circles until I understand
9:10 PM
Computer programming is my favorite type of problem-solving
Hard to explain why... I think it's because you know when you've fixed it
It's pretty instantaneous, and very satisfying
uhhhh no
most of the simple ones you can tell though
I've spent months trying to solve a single problem
I've only done up Python so, anything past that is gibberish to me
and still haven't figured it out :x
9:12 PM
What program do you usually use? C++?
Oh, I've also done HTML
And of course, Scratch
I can program in C, C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, Ruby
to an increasingly limited degree for Ruby though
and to an increasingly unlimited degree for Java
Scratch is the highest form of coding, FIGHT me
I'll learn C++, one day.
One day
Of all the fields in music, I'm attracted towards the least practical
Aside from music appreciation and music history
why would you learn C++
python is the best for beginning practice
Java is to weed out the weak
isn't C++ the most widely used programming?
C++ is to weed out the non-strong
9:17 PM
Skip C++!
@mbingo Funny
I gave up on java, so I guess I'm weak
JavaScript is the most widely used iirc
No seriously. It's not worth it for learning. I'd go with JS.
JS is also the most valuable
Yeah. If a job is your aim, JS. If problem solving/puzzling, probably Python was the right call :)
9:18 PM
@mbingo What exactly does JS do?
Javascript is just a super widely used web programming language.
Is HTML just for decoration
Really it's just a normal language, but it's really flexible and doesn't enforce too many rules on you, and people built a lot of frameworks on it to build web stuff.
HTML is for layout, largely.
CSS is for decoration
Bootstrap framework is probably what you want to start with
9:20 PM
I'll get better on Python first and then move onto like JS or C++
why C++
Bc Musescore is from C++
unless you can do Java, C++ sounds like an eminently good way to get confused
What do I have to know for JS?
how to be a garbage coder
9:22 PM
watch 200 internet tutorials then it still doesn't come naturally
in all seriousness, the best way to pick something up is to try it
fail and fail again
cool, I'll talk to @mbingo, you're very helpful Avi
until you succeed
that's what I do, at least
idk when I would have time to learn
I'm so busy with concerts and performances
that would put a hamper on things, yes
wait what
they make you do concerts and performances?
9:29 PM
Q: A six letter Name

DEEMCan you figure this out? It's a name And a Surname An island A code Three US states And also elements A six letter word that ends in a college, that will need some knowledge.

@Avi Well it's not like I can skip them
I'm in band
@North true
do they pay you
I have like what, six concerts next month
@Avi School band, of course not
@North do you perform out of school though
@Avi Not yet
@Avi But most places I would have to pay money to play in the outside bands lol
Only places i could make money is like competition, which I'm NOT winning
9:32 PM
@North but whai
I probably wouldn't even have time to be honest
this is your career
@Avi I'm not good enough to lol
do you practice 40 hours a day or not
But all those ling lings practice 40 hours and more
9:34 PM
that doesn't matter
get off the computer and go practice x.x
when you make 200k a year thank me for the advice
10:34 PM
Alright—I'll work my way up to some fancier stuff eventually, but to unblock the chain:
CCCC: Cheese, along with a couple of Mexican beans (7)
@mbingo Edam + a + Me(xican)
@msh210 Nailed it.
@mbingo At least I didn't cut it.
CCCC: What prevents cutting a hand? A safety worker with no gin cocktail (10)
10:53 PM
I like the surface
11:18 PM
@JohnDvorak thanks
11:31 PM
I have a feeling there's a (NO GIN)* somewhere in there
CUSHIONING fits the "What prevents cutting" part, but I don't know how to get CUSHI from "hand" or "safety worker"

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